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DiversityInc's 2016 Top 50 Announcement Dinner & Learning Sessions


April 19 | Cipriani Wall Street | New York City


No.5 | Sodexo | DiversityInc Top 50


In the 13th year of its metrics driven diversity efforts, Sodexo says its journey has “resulted in systemic culture change for Sodexo and its employees, clients and customers. Diversity and Inclusion has been successfully integrated into the fabric of the organization, becoming a key business driver, increasing employee engagement, and expanding business development opportunities.”

Sodexo earns a spot in the Top 5 for the sixth year in a row. Over the years, this company has demonstrated a metrics-focused nimbleness in developing its diversity-management initiatives. Sodexo often serves as a leader in helping its client companies develop their diversity programs.

Its human-capital numbers demonstrate its progress over the years. Diversity and inclusion has proven to be a key driver of engagement, with the highest score globally on the most recent engagement survey. Additionally, the company has seen an increase in female management representation of 7%, and a corresponding 10% for Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans since FY2007. Female representation in executive levels has increased by 26%. A significant effort has been made in recruitment, where in the last fiscal year the percentage of women candidates was 34% and the percentage of Black, Latino, Asian and Native American candidates was 32%.

Sodexo’s mentoring effort has been used as a role model for other companies. All senior executives are required to participate in the program, and more than 60 percent of the pairings are cross-cultural. Sodexo measures engagement, retention and promotion of mentees and assesses pairings every three months to ensure their success.

Sodexo received our Special Award last year as Top Company for Mentoring. The award was accepted by North America’s President and CEO George Chavel, who has been a leader in pushing diversity and inclusion throughout the organization as a business imperative.

He works closely with Dr. Rohini Anand, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer, on creating a diversity plan that impacts both employees and the marketplace. Key to the plan is its scorecard, which is reviewed and revised annually and as business goals change. It includes quantitative and qualitative factors.


George Chavel
President and CEO

“Diversity and Inclusion is key to our success at Sodexo. It is part of our culture and commitment to providing the quality of life services that our employees, clients and partners have come to expect. At Sodexo, diversity and inclusion represents how we do business and remains an integral part of our core values and brand promise.”
Dr. Rohini Anand
Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer

“In a global organization, attracting, developing, and retaining top talent is critical to business success. Building and leveraging a diverse workforce that is fully engaged sparks new ideas and innovation. At Sodexo, diversity and inclusion has proven to be the highest indicator of engagement among our 400,000+ employees in over 80 countries. For these reasons and more, we continue to make diversity and inclusion a strategic business priority in serving our 75 million customers worldwide.”


U.S. Headquarters: Gaithersburg, Md.
Global Employees: 419,000
U.S. Employees: 120,013
Last Year’s DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: No. 2


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