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Sodexo: No. 2 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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Sodexo, with strong CEO commitment and a refocused diversity initiative, remains a world-class leader in diversity and inclusion.

Sodexo is the only company to have been in the top two of the DiversityInc Top 50 for five years in a row. It has become the model for other companies through its use of diversity dashboards and scorecards to accurately measure and improve initiatives. The company’s streamlined and valuable metrics enable its top leadership to move the needle and are used to show other organizations, including its clients, how to grow and assess diversity initiatives.

Both President and CEO George Chavel and Senior Vice President and Global Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Rohini Anand are world-renowned diversity leaders. A hallmark of their efforts is strong accountability factors, with 25 percent of top executives’ and up to 15 percent of senior management’s bonus compensation directly tied to diversity goals—and paid regardless of the financial performance of the company.

This year, a realignment has focused both on workplace diversity efforts, including strong emphasis on recruitment and talent development, and on marketplace connections and supplier diversity. External efforts include its Diversity & Inclusion Business Advisory Board, which includes leaders of multicultural nonprofits, the private sector and former government leaders.

Sodexo continues to improve its best-in-class IMPACT mentoring program and uses its talent-development efforts to bolster the diversity of its talent pipeline in all its business units.

Sodexo’s global focus is also inclusive, with Global CEO Michel Landel pledging that the company will have 25 percent women in its top 300 employees by 2015 and the organization having a strong global focus on hiring women, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities.


George Chavel
President and CEO

“For Sodexo, diversity and inclusion is part of our brand promise. It represents an integral part of the way we do business and what we value. Tapping into diverse perspectives based on identity and life experiences creates innovative solutions and ensures our business performance.”

Dr. Rohini Anand
Senior Vice President & Global Chief Diversity Officer

“A richly diverse and multi-faceted workforce compels us to engage in dialogue, collaborate on new ideas, and build successful partnerships. With 428,000 employees coming from 134 nationalities working in 80 countries, Sodexo represents the diversity of today’s world.”



U.S. Headquarters: Gaithersburg, Md.

Global Employees: 428,000

U.S. Employees: 119,907

• Only company to be in top 2 for 5 years in a row



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