7 Ways to Increase Employee-Resource-Group Participation

What's the most important step to maximize your diversity management? Hint: You can't do it if you have low employee-resource-group participation.

6397Why is participation in employee-resource groups crucial to your diversity-management success? DiversityInc Top 50 data, coupled with results from individual corporate research, finds that companies with high employee-resource-group participation report higher overall job performance and engagement as well as enhanced results in recruiting, retaining and promoting people from traditionally underrepresented groups. There also are increasing marketplace benefits.

Participation in employee-resource groups is on the rise: The percentage of employees belonging to these groups in the DiversityInc Top 50 has grown to 23 percent from 11 percent in 2005.

In the 1,414-word article Increasing Participation in Employee-Resource Groups, diversity leaders share their strategies to increase ERG participation and executive involvement.

Readers will learn:

  1. Why you should link participation to career growth
  2. How to be clear about expectations and define your measurement metrics
  3. How to ensure group members and leaders understand the time commitment
  4. The crucial role of recognition for employee-resource-group achievement
  5. Which employee groups need extra attention to feel included
  6. How to get buy-in from the CEO, executives and even middle managers
  7. Ways to defuse resistance to the formation of groups and create a supportive environment

Read Increasing Participation in Employee-Resource Groups.

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  • Any successful organization truly understands the benefit of inclusion. From HR to Security, there must be a common theme regarding cultural education and fair treatment. I am very fortunate to versee a division of recruitment that has the foundation and sincere understanding of the value of inclusion.

  • I’m a Full Time employee at Siemens and proud to say an active event organizer/ member of the Women’s Network and the African American Employee Community “AAEC” in 2011 we have seem increase in membership and participation from VP and Sr. Management team. Our goal is to provide professional development and training also to make all employees see how they fit into the vision, when you know that you are a part of the vision that will lead to retention. The Diversity Team at Siemens is very supportive of the group and are easy to communicate with looking forward to working closer with the Diversity Group. And I’m hope that I can attenthd the Event on Nov. 9th and 10th.

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