Diversity Web Seminar on Resource Groups: Connect With Customers for Top Sales Results

Resource groups that leverage cultural competence provide the innovative marketplace solutions companies need to increase sales and workplace diversity. Learn best practices from American Express and Procter & Gamble in this diversity web seminar.

Resource Groups Web SeminarResource groups can provide companies with much-needed insight into the needs and cultures of traditionally underrepresented groups. But how can companies leverage their resource groups to not only improve workplace diversity but to connect to customers and achieve significant sales results? By using resource groups to create go-to market campaigns that capture the cultural nuances of targeted demographics.

Over the last 10 years, resource groups have evolved from being social networks to goal-oriented drivers of innovative solutions. They are key business resources that can be leveraged to deliver recruitment, engagement, talent development, and marketplace solutions.

In DiversityInc’s Resource Groups diversity web seminar, DiversityInc Senior Vice President and Executive Editor Barbara Frankel discusses the best practices of these groups, including common types and membership structures, and their potential impact for organizations.

Jennifer Christie, chief diversity officer and vice president, executive recruitment, American Express (No. 14 in the 2012 DiversityInc Top 50), and Jeffery Smith, associate director, global diversity, Procter & Gamble (No. 5), both share case study insights from their organizations’ successful employee-resource group programs. American Express was DiversityInc’s 2011 Top Company for Resource Groups.

Takeaways from this web seminar include:

  • How to increase membership throughout the workforce
  • How American Express used its Latino group to increase pre-paid card sales
  • How Procter & Gamble’s resource groups —such as its LGBT group and its group for people with disabilities—were able to enhance market relations

Watch Diversity Web Seminar on Resource Groups: Connect With Customers for Top Sales Results.

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