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PricewaterhouseCoopers: No. 5 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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For a large global organization, PwC is able to make its admirable efforts to improve the diversity of its executive pipeline very personal. Through the use of video and personal stories, the firm connects the valuing of employee differences and its corporate goals.

Under the leadership of Chairman and Senior Partner Bob Moritz and Assurance Partner and Chief Diversity Officer Maria Castañón Moats, PwC has emerged as a thought leader in understanding and exploring inclusion issue.

PwC has a world-class mentoring initiative, which involves all of its managers and has a strong cross-cultural component. Its employee resource groups, which the firm calls circles, have strong talent-development components and give professionals the ability to connect with role models from underrepresented groups.

PwC has had a major focus on diversity recruitment, understanding how hard it is to find Blacks and Latinos, in particular, for the accounting and professional-services industries. The firm has had significant efforts to enhance engagement, retention and pipeline to the top for high-potentials from these groups as well as women, LGBT people and people with disabilities.

Over the years, PwC has become a world-class leader in creating a flexible workplace, and its programs for new mothers have become models for other companies.

The firm is cognizant of being a good citizen in every way. Almost half of its philanthropy goes to multicultural nonprofits, including INROADS, Ascend, the National Association of Black Accountants and ALPFA.

PwC also has enhanced its supplier-diversity efforts, including education and training for vendors owned by women, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, American Indians, LGBT people and people with disabilities.


Robert E. Moritz
Chairman and Senior Partner

“At PwC, we’re fully committed to serving our stakeholders—the capital markets, the organizations and the communities that we operate in. Diversity and inclusiveness is a critical element of that mission. Our ability to serve well and on a sustainable basis depends on attracting the best and most diverse talent and leveraging those different points of view.”

Maria Castañón Moats
Chief Diversity Officer

“PwC’s inclusion initiatives continue to evolve with the needs of our people and our business. As we grow, our goal is to leverage the rich diversity of our global network.”



U.S. Headquarters: New York City

Global Employees: 200,000

U.S. Employees: 34,196

Leader in recruitment, flexible workplaces

• In top 10 for each of last 7 years



  • No. 3 Top 10 Companies for Recruitment
  • No. 1 Top 10 Companies for Employee Resource Groups
  • No. 3 Top 10 Companies for Mentoring



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