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In the Top 10 for the eighth year in a row, PricewaterhouseCoopers moves up two spots. The firm is a world-class leader in diversity recruitment and talent management.

The firm’s diversity efforts are led by Chairman and Senior Partner Bob Moritz and Chief Diversity Officer Maria Castañón Moats, both of whom are visible, committed leaders who link D&I directly to PwC’s success.

Career development is key at PricewaterhouseCoopers, with the emphasis starting with recruitment. The firm has had strong success recruiting and developing Black, Latino and American Indian interns through its Start program, aimed at college freshmen, sophomores and juniors, and its Explore program, a one-day introduction to the accounting profession.

When it comes to the talent pipeline for professionals, PwC is one of the best, as its data demonstrates.

PwC is a long-time leader in mentoring and sponsorship, as well as outreach to white men to get them to understand that diversity and inclusion is not a zero-sum game.The firm is known for its flexible workplace culture and its ability to help new parents adapt to the needs of both home and work successfully.

The firm has placed a strong emphasis on diversity in its succession planning, with talent reviews discussed by the Chief Diversity Officer and the Line of Service diversity champion.
PwC is also a leader at communicating, internally and externally, the importance of diversity and inclusion to its workplace and to its success in the marketplace.

Firm-wide town-hall meetings on diversity and inclusion are held periodically, and targeted diversity messages are frequent and come from all levels of leadership, especially the top.
PwC has been a leader in workplace openness for the LGBT community, and 10 years ago started an advisory board for openly gay and lesbian partners.



Robert E. Moritz
Chairman and Senior Partner

“We have a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion. A diverse organization generates diverse ideas, and that’s important to our clients, our broader stakeholder group, and to our ability to help solve the important problems facing the organizations we serve, the communities we operate in, and society as a whole.”
Maria Castañón Moats
Chief Diversity Officer

“Our diversity initiatives at PwC evolve with the needs of our people, business and environment. My goal is to continue to increase the representation of women and professionals of diverse backgrounds into senior roles, through leadership development opportunities, sponsorship and mentoring.”


U.S. Headquarters: New York City

Global Employees: 195,433

U.S. Employees: 41,432


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