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Pfizer: No. 28 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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Company Information

U.S. Headquarters: New York City
U.S. Employees: 28,686
Last Year’s DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: DiversityInc’s 25 Noteworthy Companies

Why It’s on the List

In moving up from the 25 Noteworthy Companies list, Pfizer demonstrates strong best practices as it increases its use of diversity-management initiatives.

The global executive diversity council, chaired by Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, meets every quarter and signs off on diversity metrics and goals. Resource-group leaders have rotational positions.

The company has focused on its talent-development initiatives for women and people from other underrepresented groups. Pfizer has a variety of formal mentoring initiatives, including peer mentoring and virtual mentoring. Mentors receive cultural-awareness training, and the company has metrics and follow-up to assess the value of the pairings. The top two levels of the company are mentors. The company also has sponsorship initiatives aimed at people from underrepresented groups.

Pfizer has resource groups, in the United States and globally. Groups are used for recruitment, on-boarding of new employees, mentoring, talent development and marketplace needs, and include those aimed at Blacks, Latinos, Asians, LGBT people, women, people with disabilities, veterans and younger employees. The groups also are used to help with diversity-training initiatives.

Diversity Leadership

Ian Read
Chairman and CEO

“Bringing innovative therapies to patients that significantly improve their lives requires us to have colleagues who approach problems from different angles based on different life experiences, and challenge prevailing opinions. It is with a diverse workforce that has wide-ranging capabilities and talents that we can address the world’s most important medical needs.”

Beth McCormick
Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

“Pfizer’s D&I strategy strengthens our ability to realize a culture of confidence and trust. By building an ownership culture and driving forward-thinking strategies, we are able to unlock the total potential and engagement of our rich global network of diverse colleagues.”