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KEY RESULTSNovartis Pharmaceuticals

• Promotions for Women into Management: 37.8% higher than the Top 10 and 52.2% higher than the Top 50

• Supplier Diversity: Double the Top 10 average and triple the Top 50 average on subcontractors who are minority owned

• SupplierDiversity: Four times higher than the Top10 average and nine times higher than the Top 50 average of subcontractors who are women owned


Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) continues to maintain an impressive track record on the Top 50 list. Under the leadership of U.S. Country Head, President of Novartis Corporation and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Christi Shaw, NPC maintains a proven commitment to promoting women into management positions.

D&I strategy places an emphasis on influencing the diversity of patients, customers and suppliers, as well as recruitment, on-boarding and talent development. In 2015, the company increased enterprise engagement and accountability for diversity and inclusion by transitioning ownership of the D&I Strategy to the NPC Pharmaceutical Executive Committee (PEC), an intra-divisional leadership team. The PEC is now directly responsible for setting the strategy and measuring progress/ outcomes aligned with NPC’s business objectives. In addition, NPC is forming new divisional councils that will implement the D&I strategy and key PEC decisions.

The company is also continuing to enhance the level of D&I competencies for human resources professionals and leaders through learning focused on unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, disabilities/accommodations and compensation/pay equity.


Christi Shaw
Novartis U.S. Country Head, President of Novartis Corporation & President Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

“At Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, we are inspired by patients and focused on discovering new ways to improve and extend people’s lives. We believe that valuing diverse perspectives and experiences — and creating an inclusive culture where all voices are heard — makes us a stronger, better company and motivates our associates to work harder to make a difference for patients.”
Rhonda Crichlow
Vice President and Head of U.S. Diversity & Inclusion

“NPC associates are motivated by the company’s focus on improving the health outcomes of patients through the development of innovative medicines. Diversity and inclusion are essential to achieving this goal, and we are committed to creating a patient-centered culture that celebrates diversity and values inclusion, enabling associates to channel their energy and talent on enhancing the quality of life of patients and caregivers.”



U.S. HEADQUARTERS: East Hanover, N.J.


Last Year’s DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking • No. 1

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