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Northrop Grumman: No. 28 in the DiversityInc Top 50

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The defense contractor has strong accountability factors for diversity and inclusion. The diversity focus is included in a suite of metrics for which executives are accountable. Diversity is one of six non-financial metrics that impact compensation. The diversity metrics are designed to “raise the bar” on targets, focusing on demographics and measuring against the available talent pool. The goals are increased annually.

Northrop Grumman has been actively working on talent-development initiatives for women, Blacks, Latinos and Asians, as well as LGBT people and people with disabilities. The company hires a significant number of veterans and has a program called Operation IMPACT to help them transition to civilian life. The company also has a variety of initiatives to recruit people with disabilities, including at the college level. The USBLN (US Business Leadership Network) last year named Northrop Grumman its Supplier Diversity Company of the Year.

Supplier diversity is very important at this company, with the CEO’s office providing strategic direction and overseeing efforts. Vendors must be certified by third-party organizations, including USBLN and the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. The company provides training, mentoring and scholarships as part of its supplier-diversity initiative.


Wes Bush
Chairman, CEO and President

“At Northrop Grumman, diversity and inclusion defines our business and our people. We have employees in all 50 states and 25 countries. Our employees are diverse in their cultures, backgrounds, skills and experiences. It is this diversity and how we leverage it that makes us great. With an inclusive environment where diversity can flourish, creativity and innovation are fostered, enabling us to create some of the most technically sophisticated products in the world.

“We are committed to establishing a gold standard work environment, where all employees feel welcomed, challenged and rewarded for their contributions to the organization’s success. Only when we are successful in that pursuit can we meet our goals to achieve superior financial performance, delight our customers and reward our shareholders.”

Sandra Evers-Manly
Vice President, Global Corporate Responsibility

“We are truly committed to building, sustaining and leveraging the diversity each of us brings to Northrop Grumman. We are dedicated to ensuring we have an inclusive workplace where everyone is valued for his/her ideas, experiences and contributions. We do this through our many diversity programs and initiatives, community involvement, alliances and the recruitment of diverse talent.”



U.S. Headquarters: Falls Church, Va.

Global Employees: 68,239

U.S. Employees: 65,293


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