Yale Fraternity Party: ‘White Girls Only’

Ivy League frat boy to women at door: "No, we're only looking for white girls."

By Sheryl Estrada


Yale University. Photo by Shutterstock.

Sofia Petros-Gouin, a Columbia University freshman, visited friends at Yale University over the weekend. She attended a Halloween party at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity house on Friday and saw a white SAE member standing at the crowded entrance, telling a group of Black and Latino women they couldn’t come in.

“He held his hand up to their faces and said, ‘No, we’re only looking for white girls,’” Petros-Gouin said.

“No one seemed particularly outraged,” she told Mic. “I was shocked.”

She said none of the other fraternity brothers “censored him or anything.”

In a Facebook post the following day, Yale student Neema Githere agreed with Petros-Gouin’s claim that non-white females were denied entrance to the party, as she and her friends had a similar experience last year:

I’d just like to take a moment to give a shoutout to the member of Yale’s SAE chapter who turned away a group of girls from their party last night, explaining that admittance was on a “White Girls Only” basis; and a belated shoutout to the SAE member who turned me and my friends away for the same reason last year. God Bless the USA.

 Additional students at Yale, an Ivy League school, shared similar experiences in the comments section. A Latina student wrote:

Reminds me of the time they asked me and a group of other Latino, predominantly Mexican, friends for our passports when we tried to go to their shi–y party a little over a year ago… So sorry this sh-t is still happening! Can’t stand those rich, spoiled and rude brats. 

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An SAE member spoke anonymously to the Washington Post. He said members of the house let everyone in until a party gets crowded, and they always ask for Yale IDs. He added that no one with a Yale ID was turned away before 11:15 p.m., and after a noise complaint from Yale and New Haven police, they stopped letting people in. He said the SAE member working the door at the time was Black and that a Black woman denied entry yelled at him and accused him of barring her because of her race.

However, Petros-Gouin told the Post a white SAE member denied the Black and Latino women entrance between 10:30 and 11 p.m.

“He pulled a blonde girl up from the bottom of the stairs — over some people — pushed her inside and said, ‘We are looking for white girls only, white girls only,’” she recalled.

A male student, who asked to remain anonymous, said around midnight he arrived at the party with a group of female friends. He was “pushed away” by a SAE member who said, “‘Who the (expletive) do you think you are — you’re clearly gay.’” But the fraternity brother let his friends in. The student said he also heard members saying, “white girls only.”

The fraternity denies the allegations. SAE’s national spokesperson Brandon Weghorst said the fraternity is investigating and that SAE leadership “has zero tolerance for any behaviors or actions that deviate from our values, mission and creed.”

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SAE, founded in 1856, has previously been accused of having racist traditions. In March, a video went viral of members of the chapter at the University of Oklahoma taking part in a racist chant, using a slur for Black people and referencing lynching. Two SAE students identified as leaders in the racist chanting video were expelled. Following the incident, the national chapter announced initiatives to deter racist behavior.

Other predominantly white colleges around the country, including SUNY Plattsburgh (71 percent) and the University of Louisville (77 percent), have also recently made headlines for racial discrimination on campus.

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  • Sounds kinda like the congressional; BLACK Caucus.
    Whites and Latinos not welcome here.

    • What an ignorant and dishonest comment. Black people and groups are welcoming to one and all. unlike your groups where you mean what you say regardless of who you need to insult.

      You’re seeking an excuse out of embarrassment and exposure.

    • Yes your very ignorant to say the least. You exemplify the worse is the USA. African American People help build this country. The CBC cares about all people, so don’t get it twisted! Have you ever thought about asking God to change your heart, so he can change your condition!

  • Georgia . McDade

    Sometimes I think we should let these frat persons wallow in their ignorance and stay away from their parties and clubs. How much fun can you black and Latina girls have in the midst of persons who do not want you present or–and no one said this on this occasion–you are seen as a deposit place for their penises? As much as I want to demolish racism, I’d rather pushback on gerrymandering, closing voting polls, having too few voting machines, unequal funding of schools, providing education at its best with qualified persons who want to teach us, genuine opportunity for jobs. I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. We can’t teach common sense. We can’t legislate away this kind of racism. When our elite universities have students such as these, we must admit there is trouble in the land. But there will be some students, some members of the public who think the frat’s actions were despicable. Perhaps they will comment, make others see the despicableness of the situation. This is a slower process than demonstrators in the 60s ever imagined, but too often this really is the best. I’m glad you’re getting a Yale education; although it may not get you in the same doors as the frat brothers, you will most likely get in doors that many of us who could not go to such schools will never see. God bless you.

  • Michael Tierney

    I know racism in anything is something we all should fight to eliminate – but one wonders – who are the losers in this instance?

  • ProudAmerican

    Their private party, their rules. I think it’s kind of silly, but it’s their right, and we can’t dictate differently to them.

  • Looks like a whole bunch of non-black women complaining to the media about this, which makes me wonder if incidents like this help racial and ethnic minorities who are non-black see the truth about being non-white in the US. They, not white people, are usually the main ones claiming that anyone can come here and be successful and if you don’t “make it” you’re lazy/not trying hard enough, which is usually stated as an indirect dig at black Americans. Turns out, if you’re Latina, you can’t even get into stupid frat parties at “elite” white universities. Well, if you can’t do THAT in Amerikkka, what CAN you do?

  • Luke,

    What exactly did I say in my last comment that would make you remove it?

    • You questioned the truth of the women who reported the story despite the fact the fraternity apologized. Then you brought up some other incident which has nothing to do with this one as justification to call these women liars. Your comment was not worth publishing. It added nothing substantial to the conversation.

      • I asked if there was any video because there were conflicting accounts. The Frat apologized because there was nothing else they could do. I’m sorry if I questioned them but I can’t recall a situation like this where someone didn’t have video. It makes me wonder if it was embellished. I used the other example because it was a similar situation where an account was given of what haapened but was completely different than what the dash cam video and audio provided.

    • I read the story from the link you posted and it certainly casts some doubt on the incident. But it doesn’t prove that it didn’t happen and apparently it was possible to hundreds, maybe thousands,of students there.

      That’s the problem with the history that you trail behind you. People will cast judgment based on past behavior.

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