Woman Who Made Up Story About Black Men Raping Her Will Not Serve Jail Time

At best, she will serve probation.

A Texas woman who lied to authorities about being kidnapped, beaten and raped by three Black men will not serve jail time for her fabrication.

Breana Rachelle Harmon was reported missing in March 2017 by her then-fiancé, Sam Hollingsworth, who told police her vehicle was abandoned “with the driver door open, her phone, keys and a shoe nearby,” according to a statement from the Denison Texas Police Department.

Harmon was later found in a church wearing nothing except her underwear and covered in blood and bruises. She claimed that three Black men abducted her and took her to the woods, where two of the men raped her while the third held her down.

The story prompted outrage on social media. According to the Washington Post, a headline on Reddit read, “Three black man kidnapped and gang raped an engaged 18 year old white girl yesterday. IF THE RACES WERE REVERSED, THIS WOULD BE NATIONAL NEWS. THESE MEN DESERVE TO BE HANGED.”

“The message board Stormfront, which promotes white-nationalist ideologies, posted a 19-page thread titled, ‘Beautiful 18 year old White girl (who happened to be race traitor) kidnapped and raped by 3 negroes.’ It is unclear why she’s labeled a ‘race traitor,’” the Post reported.

But authorities stated that Harmon’s story quickly fell apart. And the medical personnel who saw Harmon after the incident could not confirm that she had been assaulted at all.

“According to Talbott’s confession, we believe the crime scene — from the initial ‘kidnapping’ scene at the apartment complex to the point of Talbott’s condition when she walked into the church — were staged. Talbott also admitted the injuries to her body were self-inflicted,” police said at the time of the “attack.”

Denison Police Chief Jay Burch told Fox 4 News at the time that not only was Harmon’s tall tale detrimental to the community as a whole, it was “especially offensive to the African American community due to her description of the so-called suspects in her hoax. The anger and hurts caused from such a hoax are difficult and all so unnecessary.”

Harmon pleaded guilty to tampering with physical evidence and government documents.

“The cap is either regular probation or deferred adjudication,” Bob Jarvis, Harmon’s attorney, said to the Herald Democrat. “Of course, we’ll be asking for deferred and they’ll be asking for regular probation.”

According to the Texas-based Law Office of Daniel Lazarine, “the major difference between probation and deferred adjudication, is that there is no conviction of guilt when deferred adjudication is given, whereas probation is generally ordered after a guilty conviction.”

In other words, no time behind bars either way.

Bishop Charles Brown Sr. of New Birth Cathedral of Praise told the Herald Democrat that Harmon’s lie could have proven deadly for the Black community. Stories such as Harmon’s embolden white supremacists to promote their hateful agenda.

“The history of it is a long history; I’m 75 years old and this happened when I was kid when I was growing up — as a teenager,” Brown told the publication. “There were a lot of Blacks accused of a lot of things. The repercussion is that it could ruin anyone of our lives as a minority or as Black people — it could really ruin our lives.”

Hollingsworth, Harmon’s former fiancé, told Fox 4 News after Harmon’s confession that the two are no longer together. They had had a fight earlier on the day of the staged attack but he did not understand why she would fabricate such a story.

“I was hurt. It was hard to take in whenever I found out about everything,” he told the news outlet. “Somebody that I actually trusted and was planning on spending the rest of my life with could do something like this to me and everybody else in this community.”

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  • Why would anyone fake a rape? She should go to jail! Not only is this one more reason people will not believe actual rape victims, she potentially put the lives of innocent black men at risk! I was the victim of rape as a teen. People automatically at the time didn’t believe me, it was a terribly traumatic time of my life that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Shame on her!

    • Lauri Sue Robertson

      You are right, Dawn, and anyone, male or female, of any race, who lies about being raped is denigrating the truth for the people who experience the horror. It’s disgusting that she would perpetrate this lie, and put the lives of innocent blacks in danger.

  • These are the kind of WHITE LIES by WHITE WOMEN that got not only 14-year old Emmitt Till butchered and killed by racists in Money, Mississippi, but thousands of other Black men. Getting laid by a Black man is almost every white woman’s fantasy, but most “real” Black men don’t like flat asses and lips. That’s the reason many white women are getting botox injections in those two places. But, on them, they look like duck lipped freaks.

    REDDIT? Didn’t Serena Williams marry that white racist and have a baby by the owner of that rag? This is proof that interracial marriage is more about sex than changing race relations. Further proof is that the white plantation slave master slept Black every day and night, but he didn’t free any of his slaves, including any of the raped or willing Black slaves. You would think that the BLACKKK WIFE of the owner of Reddit could influence her husband not to put this inflammatory piece in his rag.

    Why was she called a “RACE TRAITOR” should have been investigated and obvious! Not only do white supremacists call people who date interracially TRAITORS like Benedict Arnold, but Pan Africans consider BlacKKKs lime Serena, Whoopie, LaToya, Clarence ThomAss, Tiger Woods and Quincy Jones etc., who date WHITE OPPRESSORS (including WHITE WOMEN), some of the most psychotically deranged, sociopathic, brainwashed Uncle Tom/Aunt Jemima RACE TRAITORS and the best examples of real ni@@ers and SOB’s. BLACK PRIDE and PREFERENCE for your OWN men and women should rule out interracial dating and marriage.

    Black people especially are mentally deranged when they can date or marry any semblance of a descendant of their white slave owners. The same goes for any Jewish person who marries a German or an Armenian who marries a Turk–all victims of our 250-year AmeriKKKan slave holocaust and their respective European holocausts by other diabolical, genocidal white Nazis.

    Two kinds of JUSTICE still exist in AmeriKKKa: [1] White People’s Justice (what that white, slutty whore received, including Zimmerman and KKKiller KKKops who KKKill Black people); [2] Black JUST US which ALWAYS LEAD TO JAIL TIME, even for a bald-faced LIE. This is the kind Uncle Clarence ThomAss helps to perpetuate when this psychotic RACE TRAITOR lies next to his white wife.

    • There is a lot going on in this comment (as usual), but let’s get one thing straight: there was no such thing as a willing Black slave. They were under bondage, and thus all victims, no matter the circumstance.

    • A really, really bad thing that this young woman did–horrifying for us and our communities, and more common than many realize. We are still the scapegoats–easy targets–for many whites and, considering how young she is, no doubt, it carries from generation to generation. I, personally, do not believe that all whites are bad. In this country, if they were, where on earth would we, as a people, be?

      ZaziJams, seriously…? I can totally understand your disdain for white people–remember, we have white supremacists on the extreme opposite spectrum. You are intelligent, make some interesting points and, no offense, as an older African American woman and educator who grew up during the civil rights movement, you lose me in your comments. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear I was reading a white supremacist’s hate rant.

      Many of us are mixed blood from the bondage of slavery, through no choice of our own. But we did not escape bondage on our own, do you agree? Some of us are mixed race as the result of our parents’ choices whether they were attracted to each other sexually or otherwise–our mixed heritages and that kind of connection to whites won’t go away. We do want to recognize those who don’t hate our mere existence and that do advocate for us, no matter what race they may be and, yet, we still have to watch our backs.

      Some of my grandchildren, great grands, in-laws, and many of my students are white and/or of mixed race, but I don’t want to lose site of their heritage–their parents, grandparents, etc., before them–they chose. I choose to love all of them–they are family.

      I acknowledge that this young woman did a horrible thing, and I hate that as much as any black person, but I resist being drawn into the same rhetoric that white haters have for us as a people, although your views make coming to this site extremely stimulating.

    • Honestly, ZaziJams, you need to get over yourself slamming interracial marriages and relationships. First of all, it takes a hell of a lot more than sex to maintain a relationship, or even a marriage,for that matter. There have been a number of interracial relationships in my family (I’m black, btw) and while I know that some self-hating black folks put getting a white partner on a pedestal, that wasn’t the case in my family. I have a biracial sister, and she was taught to be proud of being black, along with her other heritages. And every black person who gets in an interracial relationship is not self-hating—-some of them actually got with white people who are, for lack of a better term, “woke” and are very aware of what it means to be with,dating, or married to a black person, and are prepared to deal with that. So generalizing and claiming that all interracial relationships/marriages are this or that is ridiculous, one-sided and just plain lazy. If you’e never been in one, how the hell would you know what being in one is like? All black people don’t think the same and neither do all white people. So enough with the lazy generalities, and find some new meds to take,please.

    • Ya know, Jesus says he’s coming back…I hope the hell he hurries up..cuz this planet is about to implode. Sooooooo much hate. Vicious, foaming at the mouth hate, scary…Very sad.

  • A dumb, stupid yet cunning 18-year old who knows nothing of life or the struggles of the African-American people. Blaming innocent Black people for crimes they didn’t commit has been done before and sadly will be done again. At any rate, in my opinion, part of her probation should be that she has to learn about African-American culture. Really learn to the point where she can recite specifics. Look at her – didn’t even have the courage to look straight into the camera because she knew she was lying. I’m so glad there were no arrests or, worse, deaths behind her stupidity.

    • Her unwillingness to look directly into the camera during the taking of a mug shot is another possible sign of privilege: you are supposed to look straight ahead so that your face can be properly recorded. The photographer should have forced her to do so, like so many others.

    • For real—thank goodness no one was hurt because of her stupidity, immaturity, and just plain damn selfishness. She should have been locked up with a bunch of black folks in jail, just so she could be terrified all night while they laughed and cursed her out for being such a liar—and a racist one,too. I mean, why specify these nonexistent assailants she made up as black? I guess she figured just saying they were just regular redneck white dudes wouldn’t get her the sympathy she wanted? Either way, what she did was disgusting as hell. The ironic thing is, if she ever actually has to call the police for something, they won’t take her lying a** seriously because of what she did here.

  • Just the title of this piece made my heart cry for the injustice of this whole thing. Think of the humiliation and the ostracizing that will be felt by the poor man. My God, people! Get ahold of yourselves! I hate this for his entire family.

  • this is exactly why white people do the things they do to black people, because they know they will get away with any kind of criminal act including murder & not be held accountable by the law or society

  • Happens too much. She should have definitely been given some time behind bars. This makes it bad for women who are really victims of rape. And also makes it bad for black men as a whole. It is too easy for people to use us as scapegoats. Look at what happened to Emmet TIll. And not even just that, it is just too easy to do.

    • It certainly would have been handled! People should not get it twisted, there really are some wonderful white people in this world and certainly some are rejects, trying to be consistent with the past. Trying to make the past work in this day and time just simply won’t work. Could it be this lie was her mental wishes? However the situation is viewed, it was dangerously wrong, black, white, brown, yellow. Many people could have lost their lives over this lie. This is a great opportunity to let the example be made will not be tolorated. JAIL TIME.

  • PamperedHousecat

    Remember the white girl who said a “black man” carjacked her with her 2 little boys in car seats, and the children were later found dead in the car after it was driven into a pond? Remember she was on tv crying and begging that her children be returned? And remember it was found that she killed her children herself, because her new boyfriend didn’t want to be bothered with them? The more things change….they don’t.

    • Oh, I remember Susan Smith—who is still sitting in jail to this day, convicted of murder,btw. I recall that back in the day, when my mother first saw Smith on TV asking for her kids to be found, she said that there wasn’t something right about Smith–that she seemed so unemotional, even with her pleas. And around two weeks after that, Smith was charged with the murder of her kids.

      As for this girl, I don’t know what the hell her problem was, but she should have been locked the hell up for that big fat dangerous lie of hers. I don’t blame her fiance for leaving her—if she lied about something that serious, and was willing to go to that extreme to maintain the lie, what else would she have lied about that was just as serious? She sounds like a little spoiled, stupid, immature brat who wanted some attention, and didn’t give a damn who she hurt to get it. She got a slap on the wrist simply because she’s a white blonde chick, that’s all If she was anybody but that, she would have been sitting in a jail cell right about now—which is where the hell she belongs.

  • Remember Rosewood, FL.?? The white lady lied and said that a black man raped her and it was really another white man that she was having an affair with. Before the truth came out, white people killed many black people in the town looking for the “black rapist”. She needs jail time. This could have gotten really ugly because of her lie.

  • if it was a black girl… they would’ve made up crime for her… put the the lil white bitch in jail… so she just gets a slap on the hand huh…bullshit

  • One of my brothers revealed that the chief reason he would have NEVER, EVER!! consider dating a white woman when he wad single was because it was to damned easy for them to cry rape.

    I have a friend, a white woman, who actually raped and she had to practically jump through hoops to be taken halfway seriously by the police…she was even accused of having an affair and used her “rape” as a cover.

    NOBOBY!! should be allowed to get away with a false rape allegation fer shits ‘n giggles…it’s a bitch-slap to ALL legitimate rape victims and Breana Harmon should has her ass punished.

  • The police should send her a bill for the amount they spent on man hours they put investigating her fake rape,hours that could be used to help real victims.Definitely some time in jail will do her good

  • What do u peopl expect will come out from white lady? Hatred towards the black innocence men…it Americans way of lives…I’m really proud being an African were there is no such a things our ladies fabricate that white men gang rapped her…. millions of black men are locked up due to white lie…only God can judge rights.

  • Paul Blackburn

    When they say it was a black man or two black men. If they haven’t got video or a clear picture; you can bet they are lieing.

  • I wonder if she knows how many black men have met their death because of bitches like her who decades ago flat out lied for some reason or wanted sex with black men and when exposed told this same lie.

  • Emmett Till? Even in Texas there was nothing that came close to that which Mr. Till went through. All that happened is that the real racists on Stormfront aired out their beliefs and tried to recruit by use of the first report. Kobe Bryant like most male athletes are womanizing man whores(aka DOGS). Again, justice was served and KB is still married to a black chick that is likely bidding her time so she can get half his shit. No racists did a damn thing that time either.Most Racists(white ones in this case) have the common sense to wait out until all evidence is presented. It’s the irrational ones from a lower economic backgrounds you have to really worry about. Especially, if the are young. Anyway horrible examples.

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