White Nationalists Blame Black Lives Matter for Chicago Torture Incident

BLM and the Black community have condemned the heinous hate crime, which police have not connected to any group. Yet, #BLMKidnapping prematurely trended on social media.

Four Black people in Chicago on Thursday were charged with hate crimes after they broadcast a video of themselves live on Facebook viciously attacking a mentally ill young white man as they yelled, “F*** white people!” and “F*** Donald Trump!” Many white nationalists have blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for being behind the attack.

All four perpetrators were charged with aggravated unlawful restraint, felony aggravated kidnapping and aggravated battery while committing a hate crime.

The disturbing incident drew many responses, including from President Barack Obama, who called the incident “despicable.” Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), called the video “shocking” and said he “would not rule out race” as a motivating factor behind the crime, adding, “I’m glad the authorities have moved so quickly.”

And while the Chicago police confirmed they have not made any connection between the crime and a specific group, known members of the white nationalist alt-right movement immediately connected the video to Black Lives Matter, with #BLMKidnapping trending on social media, simply because the kidnappers were Black.

Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist group, questioned why BLM activist and former candidate for Baltimore mayor DeRay McKesson was not “on the terrorism watch list” and compared the torture video to white supremacist Dylann Roof’s murder of nine Black churchgoers in South Carolina in June 2015.

Mike Cernovich, a known conservative media personality, said BLM must disavow “every crime or else they support it.”

Black Lives Matter Chicago posted a statement on its Facebook page calling it “absolutely perplexing and twisted that people are associating this atrocity with this organization and movement.”

McKesson took to Twitter to disassociate BLM from the crime.

Another tweet that appeared to be from McKesson’s account went widespread, in which McKesson said he didn’t “see anything wrong with the Chicago Facebook video.” The tweet could not be found on his account, and he said it was “not real” and “obviously photoshopped.”

Many people used the hashtag #BLMKidnapping to draw attention to the fact that while the crime was disturbing, to connect it to BLM simply because the perpetrators were Black is wrong.

“Hate doesn’t have a color”

Dimitri Roberts, a former Chicago police officer, told CNN that he believes what happened is a hate crime but not one that can be connected to BLM.

“This is hate. And hate doesn’t have a color. So for folks to talk about this is somehow connected to Black Lives Matter is absolutely the wrong way to look at this,” he said.

“Let’s address why this happened. This happened because there was some ignorance, and there are some folks that want to sensationalize their message and become Facebook stars, all right? So let’s not start promoting hashtags or be on one side of this issue when we have a real opportunity to unify behind this.”

According to Obama, the use of cell phones and the Internet has simply highlighted “a lot of problems that have been there a long time.”

Cohen from the SPLC said that it is difficult to track specific trends in hate crimes, but he has seen what he believes is an increase in hate overall since the election.

“The FBI only tracks reported crimes that have been investigated, so it’s hard to say with any broad certainty whether hate crimes against whites have gone up or down,” he said. “But I would say the level of hate in our country — and certainly after the election— has gone up over the last decade. We’re becoming more polarized and social media allows us to amplify it.”

Hate incidents occurred in record numbers in the week after the election, with the SPLC calculating roughly seven times the weekly average according to the FBI’s 2015 hate crimes report. According to a December report tracking the first month following the election, the spike went down after the first few days.

“While the total number has surpassed the 1,000 mark, reports have slowed down significantly compared to the days immediately following the election,” the SPLC stated.

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  • White Nationalists blame Black people — including Black Lives Matter supporters (who come in all colors, by the way) — for everything. Move along; nothing to see here.

  • Jim Bob Lassiter

    We’re all waiting for Luke to lay attribution for the Chicago Love Crime that so generously benefited a young intellectually challenged Caucasian-American male.

    • I love the way the entire focus for Chicago is now on this one reprehensible crime when the police department and Mayor Emanuel should be rounded up and sent into prison for what they’ve done to that community.

  • We don’t have to blame nobody for this attack but blame these hateful young black folk who took it upon themselves to perpetrate this act upon an underserving young person.

  • Thanks Luke, for your posting the story and the good BLM response.

    So many challenges arise in the efforts to get messages shared with people like white supremacists who have minds made up, ideas of their own moral positions being supreme – they don’t consider messages such as “the system is broken”, That takes some study and reflection across time, and that is what is being protested – not “white people” or even “white cops”.

    People misinterpret across distance – and that distance can be both physical (like they never live in each other’s worlds, thus their empathy triggers are not activated when they see harm or neglect) and structural (the only info they have is from a position of being in charge – like a teacher may be so focused on her own ideas, not aware of where her own students are at. Or any other leader, even leaders in academia.

    Those with related experience need voices, and Black Lives Matter has done a great job and continues to help the country have conversations that have been needed for centuries or at least decades. The fact that the country is so big, leaves so many of us with different experiences, histories and loyalties, living daily outside of jobs, in different worlds.

    Then in today’s mobile world, the players all change regularly, so loyalty and validation of others too often get lost in such changes, even across generations, though I think often supporting prior generations is what many of us all are trying to do.

    Fringe extremists on any side cannot speak for the whole, and I it seems, and I hope it’s a good thing, that many Black groups by now, are more able to be heard because of Black Lives Matter, thus more able to highlight the important messages, while standing apart from hate of disturbed individuals.

  • Mau Mau Rising

    And “white nationalist” have a platform to blame anyone for anything because..

    Hey Diversity, Inc! Quit normalizing them.

  • Mau Mau Rising

    If #BLM is responsible for this attack, white nationalist are responsible for white football players in Idaho, sexually assaulting a black, disabled teammate with a coat hanger.

  • First, comparing the publicity of this vs Roof is idiotic. Both crimes were horrible but Roof was obviously more heinous. However, I see Trump being held responsible for every perceived and actual racist remark and action by people on this website. Why then is it not the same to say that the hate and violence perpetrated by BLM demonstrators (not all but some) could not be the motivator for this crime.

  • Something’s can just go without saying. You can put s**t in a bag all day long and tell me it’s favorably fragrant potpourri but in the end it is what it is, a hideous act. Black people need to stop defending their position and desires at the feet of White people to making it a formality toward the comfort and so called good will of making White people feel good and safe about Black people and criminal acts from our group committed against Whites. I refuse to tell a White person this is a hideous act. You can see it for yourself and walk away knowing this.

    White Americans need to focus on cleaning their house. You wanna say things in America are equal racially. Prove it to me! Work hard and audition for me proving that.

    – allow the Black accused to receive a dismissal in the midst of overwhelming video evidence proving otherwise
    – allow the Black accused to have a mistrial in the midst of overwhelming video evidence proving otherwise

    – allow the Black accused to receive preferential treatment in sentencing and dismissal based on mental illness such as affluenza.

    – multiple scenes of Whites from all walks of life to include the church, forgiving these Black people for their acts and make it a requirement for White people to do this

    If White America even pulls off one of what is listed above, I’ll eat crow and say America is equal racially.

  • No Mau Mau, White nationalists, Alt-Right, all White excrement degenerates aren’t responsible for the incident in Idaho. But White America is collectively responsible for the pre conditions set forth and maintained to allow the incident and others like it to exist. Active support of Whites doing these crimes is prevalent in American society. Apparently silence is golden as majority Whites adopt this approach like an obese kid in a candy shop.

  • Jim Bob Lassiter

    Emanuel, the Po Po, the Obamas, Wright, the Ayers, Oprah, Luis Jibaro et al. dindu nuffin to Chicago, save for let it regress to the mean, so I see no need for any kind of “round up”. As a matter of fact, I am “triggered” by your use of the racist term of “round up” Luke. You, of all people should be more mindful of your public comments.

  • James Harris

    There are racist people within every race. These four individuals should be punished for their hateful racist actions to the fullest extent of the law. It does not matter what color the perpetrator is or the victim. Hate has no color.

  • When a white commits a hate crime against people of color, especially Blacks, whites quickly generalize and blame all Blacks. When Dylan Roof committed heinous crime, we didn’t attack all white people or white affiliations randomly and ignorantly. White nationalist supremacists always scapegoat people of color. They seize every opportunity possible to smear the communities of color because they are so afraid of losing their power to continue their oppression and inflict terrors on non-whites.

  • Jim Bob Lassiter

    “If every cop in Chicago quit tomorrow (or was fired) the city could replace them with people at half pay and no retirement benefits.”

    Yep. And they wouldn’t be White cops either and then Chicago would finally be free to realize its full God given potential as a model city and the next host of The World’s Fair.

  • I’ve said this on a few other articles, but I feel the need to add this: This man was not tortured for his skin. He was tortured because he has schizophrenia. This instance is being co-opted by fragile white people who want to pretend they’re oppressed. But the real hate crime here is the attack on the disabled. We shouldn’t be removing this from the discussion.

    • You’re right. Of all the thousands of additional horrific crimes committed in Chicago since the police decided amoungst themselves to quit doing their job – and because there is no federal law making (the almost 100% white) gun manufacturers responsible for their sale chain (fascilitating straw purchasing on an epic basis) – the right wing press seized on this horrific crime specifically because the victim is white and the perpetrators are Black.

      No word, no outrage over any of the 85% of crimes committed on white people by other white people. No finger wagging about personal responsibility on the sex offender network about the epidemic of white heroin overdoses.

      No ownership for Dylann Roof, who clearly isn’t bright enough to have learned his white supremacist claptrap on his own or had the situational awareness to commit that mass murder without help.

  • Greg Thrasher

    The politics of Race remain a staple of America in every facet of life in our nation. Those seeking to indict BLM as a factor do so at their peril


  • Jim Bob Lassiter

    “Why do you assume it would be worse than the f-ed up job the white police thugocracy has done?”

    Why do you assume that I assume that, Luke?

    But since you broached the subject, tell us about some examples of wholly are almost wholly controlled and administered by Blacks cities, regions or nations either now, 50 years ago, 200 years ago or 600 years ago that would have been considered a desirable place for living (i.e. worth moving family to) by you or any of your ancestors.

    Detroit, Nairobi, Accra, Memphis, Baltimore, Oakland, Kingston, Port Au Prince, Birmingham, AL, Selma, AL, Jackson, MS, Newark, Camden, Belmopatan, New Orleans ???

    • I’m sure, prior to European colonization, that there were many wonderful places in Africa. As far as domestic cities, every Black-run city suffers from white majority state leadership’s racist parsing of state and state-managed federal dollar. Senator Sessions’ home state, for example.

      Bwana put men on the moon, built nuclear weapons, slaughtered billions in various wars. Bwana also poisoned the citizens of Flint and, for the past decade, has been building the infrastructure of the planet’s leading producer of heroin (Afghanistan) making heroin more plentiful and less expensive than ever (unfortunately, Halliburton didn’t foresee that the resulting pandemic would be focused on white people this time).

      You mean the master race can’t fix Detroit if it really wants to?

  • Its ridiculous to blame Black Lives Matter for the horrific treatment of that young boy.. This is just the unfortunate trend of violence and hate that results indirectly from the President Elect during his campaign. He stood up in front of thousands of people and made fun of the handicapped or disabled, women and immigrants to name a few. So some people feel now its alright to spew and act out such acts of hatred and intolerance. We also have to blame the parents of the perpetrators as well. Something they learned from home or their environment seemed to justify that this type of activity is ok.

  • Just a ploy to keep the blind and uninformed from seeing light. It helped get Trump elected and so it will continue.
    I would also suggest BLM work on their response.
    It came off like a victim when I read it. What they are doing is greater than that.

  • Renata is partially right…Skin color played a factor to an extent..Saying the kid “voted for Trump” or words to that effect definitely showed a bias…Also, people seem more concerned about BLM being blamed than the actual attack itself..Shame on all of you…Having said that, I don’t believe BLM is responsible

  • Tim Wise? You mean the Jewish guy that pretends to be white? LOL…I read his stuff on Facebook mainly to see his fits of rage, they tend to be quite entertaining…almost as entertaining as yours, Luke…

  • They need to go to jail!! I don’t believe they deserve anything less. What cowards…a disable person who obviously trusted them.

  • Jorge you do understand being Jewish is a religious faith? It’s not a race of people. If you’re going to accurately describe Tim Wise, he’s a White (race) European (ethnicity) Jewish (religion) American (nationality) male (gender).

    Basically you can be a Black or Asian {fill in the blank for ethnicity/nationality/gender} Jewish individual.

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