Video Shows Aftermath of Police Shooting of Black Man in Minnesota

In a live-stream video, the girlfriend of Philando Castile, who was killed at a traffic stop, detailed the incident and showed what followed.

Philando Castile

In a live-stream video, the girlfriend of Philando Castile, who was killed at a traffic stop, detailed the incident and showed what followed.

UPDATE: 5:37 p.m. ET July 7, 2016

At a press conference in St. Paul on Thursday afternoon, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said he thinks Philando Castile would be alive if he were white.

“Would this have happened if the driver and the passengers had been white?” Dayton asked. “I don’t think so.” He also said the police response during the traffic stop was “way over” what was called for.

“No one should be shot in Minnesota for a taillight being out of function. No one should be killed in Minnesota while seated in their car,” he said.

In a written statement Thursday morning the governor said that he contacted the White House to urge the U.S. Department of Justice to begin an independent federal investigation into the death of Castile.


Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, the girlfriend of Philando Castile, a Black man shot and killed on Wednesday in Minnesota by a police officer during a traffic stop, used her cellphone to tell her version of the incident, while Castile sat bleeding to death in the driver’s seat beside her.

Similar to the police-related death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which just happened on Tuesday, the video captured a chilling perspective of the scene.

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Castile, 32, was identified as the man killed by a St. Anthony Police Department officer in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul. The police department, which is contracted by Falcon Heights, issued a press release Wednesday stating that at 9 p.m. an adult male was pulled over by an officer on Larpenteur and Fry, shots were fired, and a handgun recovered. The adult male was taken to the hospital where he died.

Castile’s mother, Valerie, confirmed he died at Hennepin County Medical Center after 11 p.m.

“He lived by the law and died by the law,” Castile said to WCCO.

On Thursday morning, St. Anthony Police interim police chief Jon Mangseth said two officers were present at the scene Wednesday night and the primary responding officer has been placed on standard paid administrative leave. He also said the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has taken over the investigation.

Reynolds actually live-streamed the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook Live for almost 10 minutes. She was in the passenger seat and their 4-year-old daughter, in the backseat of the vehicle. The video seems to be shot from the cellphone’s front-facing camera, therefore it appears as if Reynolds is in the driver’s seat.

She calmly claims in the video that a police officer pulled over Castile for a broken taillight and he was shot four times. Reynolds also said that her boyfriend told the officer he was carrying a firearm, with a permit. And, as he was reaching for his wallet to get his identification the cop began shooting.

As Reynolds continues to document the incident, you can see Castile’s bloody torso and hear him writhing in pain. The officer remains standing at the driver’s side window with his weapon pointed at his victim.

The officer screams, “I told him not to reach for it. I told him to get his hands up.”

“Oh, my God, please don’t tell me he’s dead,” Reynolds said. “Please don’t tell me my boyfriend went out like that.”

The officer, while still pointing the gun, then says, “Keep your hands where they are.”

Additional officers then arrive on the scene and tell Reynolds to exit the car, and then get on her knees. You can hear their daughter screaming in the background

An officer said, “You are being detained right now until we get this all sorted out.”

Reynolds then says, “They threw my phone, Facebook.”

Toward the end, Reynolds, who is handcuffed in the back of a police car, is distraught. Her daughter tries to comfort her, “It’s OK, mommy. It’s OK, I’m right here with you. ”

View the video (WARNING: It contains graphic content.):

A Facebook spokesperson told the Star Tribune the video was temporarily down due to a technical glitch and was restored to Reynolds’ page as soon as the company was able to investigate.

Castile’s family and friends held a prayer circle outside Hennepin County Medical Center about 2 a.m. Thursday. At 3 a.m., approximately 200 people protesting the fatal shooting of Castile gathered outside the Minnesota Governor’s Residence in St. Paul.

“No justice, no sleep,” they chanted. “Mark Dayton, do you care?”

Clarence Castile, an uncle of the deceased, said Philando left his home about two hours before the shooting occurred.  He said he worked at J.J. Hill school cafeteria in St. Paul for 12 to 15 years.

“My nephew has a (concealed carry) permit, and still got killed for carrying a gun … this needs to stop. This happens so often,” Castile said in an interview on CNN.

Castile’s mother, also interviewed, said, “Everybody that knows my son knows that he is a laid back, quiet individual that works hard every day, pays taxes and comes home and plays video games. That’s it,” she said. “He’s not a gang banger. He’s not a thug. He’s very respectable. And I know he didn’t antagonize that officer in any way to make him feel like his life was threatened.”

His mother said she has always told her son to “comply, comply, comply,” with police officers.

Over the past year and a half, traffic stops have resulted in the deaths of Black men including Walter Scott and Samuel DuBose, which were also caught on video.

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On April 4, 2015, Scott was pulled over in North Charleston, S.C. by then Police Officer Michael Slager for having a broken taillight. A bystander recorded video footage, which shows Scott fleeing before Slager draws his weapon. He fired eight shots, hitting the unarmed 50-year-old with several bullets. Scott died at the scene.

Another Black Motorist Murdered, Officer Indicted

University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing stopped DuBose, an unarmed Black man, off campus on July 19, 2015 because his front license plate was missing. The encounter ended with DuBose being shot in the head. He died at the scene. The university will pay $4.85 million to the family of DuBose.

As the video of the aftermath of Castile’s death circulated social media, so did the hashtag #PhilandoCastile.

A video clip was tweeted of Reynolds speaking out on Thursday morning:

Others tweeted their thoughts on the incident:

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    • It looks to me that there are a lot of police officers who shouldn’t be police. Both yesterday and today’s stories are about cops who mismanaged a routine, non-threatening situation to get completely out of hand. In both cases the cops were not in control of the situation or their weapon.

      Both appeared to me to be scared. Emotionally out of control. Incapable of doing the job.

      There needs to be better screening for current police. I know from my time as a naval aviator that there are people who may have passed their initial qualifications and schools, but in real life need to be removed from the job.

      The “once on the job set for life” mentality needs to be discarded. The “thin blue line” stickers need to be illegal. We are ALL behind that line.

      CLEAN UP YOUR ACT LEOs. STOP WITH THE HERO NONSENCE. The per capita death rate for police is one tenth that of infant mortality. In other words, it’s far more dangerous to be a baby than to be a cop. It’s a job, with great perks and great responsibility.

      • Charity Dell

        You brought up many good points. Part of the problem is the totally inadequate education of police personnel. Too many police departments only require officers to attend police academies.Typical police academy training concentrates on certain practical skills. But it does not seem to prepare officers or sensitize them to the realities of policing multi-ethnic and multicultural American populations.

        1. Police officers should all be required to have bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice, and a large part of their curriculum should include extensive coursework in sociology and the history of ethnic minorities in the New World.This would weed
        out many “I-just-want-to-beat-up-somebody” police candidates who simply want
        to express their “thugality” through a badge and a gun.

        2. The study of Spanish–which is the second major language of the United States–should also be required. There are a multitude of “Spanish for Law Enforcement”
        books and courses available for law enforcement personnel.

        3. Just as doctors in training are required to complete clinical rotations in several fields of medicine, police officer candidates should be required to “intern” in all the different types of municipalities–rural, small town, urban, suburban, ex-urban–in which these officers will be employed following graduation. This would expose these officer candidates to a wider cross-section of American society, and help to cut down on this “fear of the other” that often spurs to outrageous behaviors of many
        police officers.

        4. The internship periods would also tend to weed out unsuitable police personnel, who could then opt to pursue other aspects of law enforcement–such as
        community public relations, forensics, corrections, etc.

        Officers with higher levels of education and completed internships would probably
        be older and more “seasoned” than many of the “police academy graduates”; these better-educated officers would probably perform at higher levels of excellence
        and would not be so afraid of someone who “does not look like me.”

    • M.M

      DOJ came out with a report. I don’t remember when. White supremacist groups infiltrated police departments here in the United States. This came from the US Department of Justice.

      White supremacist groups infiltrated police departments in the US = Domestic terrorist organizations infiltrated police departments in the US. The threat can’t get realer than that. But yet we’re concentrated on ISIS and Al Qaeda, willing to donate billions of dollars investing in foreign militaries and our own military arsenal.

  • The police officers are not 100% biased killers amped up to shoot (from military duty?). When the percent of those police who are normal and righteous stop being cowards do speak up and speak out, band together for what is right, then we will see change. The police unions are useful for harboring criminals (mafia?) so they definitely can be useful in changjng those within their ranks. But the courts have to do what is right to criminalize these cirizen killers. The judges are also guilty of upholding lawlessness. Legislators, change the laws that protect the perpetrators. What does it take to get justice and protect the rights of Black people? Apparently an act of God because nof upholding the law seems to have the power. But I am preaching to the choir here. Those who don’t give a_____ get their updates by watching Fox news.

  • I have bern a life long resident of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Police brutality and incompetence is common in the police force, especially in the suburbs. Police forces are predominantly white and it’s not unusual to hear officers discuss dealing with minorities in traffic stops like they are presumed guilty before all else. The KKK is alive and well in the land of 10,000 lakes.
    For people of color living outside this area, forget about coming here to see the “Minnesota Nice” myth and go somewhere safe like Chicago.

  • This department seems to have scared police officers and I mean chicken s!&*s. When is our black president and black attorney generals (2 in the last eight years) going to do something about this? They are all talk and no action!

  • How sad that this happened in Baton Rouge and Minnesota. Just compare and contrast how the white murderer of nine African Americans was apprehended. He wasn’t even thrown to the ground and then think about how a black man selling cigarettes, a child with a toy and a black man running away after a traffic stop was gunned down.

    Hell, the Charleston murderer even got treated to lunch at Burger King because he was hungry. And people want to know why Black people don’t have faith in the police. Look at how our children have been treated. Remember the teenage girl who was thrown to the ground in Texas by the over zealous policeman? There haven’t been videos of the police man-handling blonde, blue eyed teenage girls.

    If a person is so afraid of black people that he shoots within 2 seconds of getting out of the car (Tamir Rice) or fires 4 shots at someone who has informed the police that they are licensed to carry a weapon., then they should NOT be on the police force.

    What? is this office going to say that because he knew Mr. Castile he had a gun, he feared for his life? Would the officer have had the same fear with a white person? I think not. Also, if Mr Castile had intended to do something so out of character as ambush the officer and start firing for no reason, do you really think that he would have told the officer that he had a gun?

    i am a former prosecutor, I have friends who were cops, good cops. I know that they do a tough job and I am grateful that there are men and women willing to do the job. However, it is clear that black and brown women, men, and children are not treated the same as Caucasians and the sad truth is that it results in senseless deaths and precious little accountability.

    I have heard more than one police official state that police are not being as strident in their policing because they fear being charged with brutality. At this point black family members might even long for the day of good old fashion brutality; a beating was better than an execution.

    If a person enters is so afraid of black people that he shoots within 2 seconds of getting out of the car (Tamir Rice) or fires 4 shots at someone who has informed the police that they are licensed to carry a weapon., then they should NOT be on the police force.
    What, is this office going to say that because he knew he had a gun, he feared for his life? Would the officer have had the same fear with a white person? I think not. Also, if Mr Castile had intended to do something so out of character as ambush the officer and start firing for no reason, do you really think that he would have told him that he had a gun?

    i am a former prosecutor, I have friends who were cops, good cops. I know that they do a tough job and I am grateful that there are men and women willing to do the job. However, it it clear that black and brown women, men and children are not treated the same as Caucasians and the sad truth is that it results in senseless deaths and precious little accountability.

    I have heard more than one police official state that police are not being as strident in their policing because they fear being charged with brutality. At this point black family members might even long for the day of good old fashion brutality. A beating was better than an execution.

  • Gov. Dayton should be praised for acknowledging that this unjust police murder would not have occurred if he was a WHITE MAN! These KKKops EXCLUSIVELY stop BLACK MEN (and women) for minor infractions like a “broken tail lights” or unnecessary “missing front plates!”
    . A WisconsiNazi KKKop stopped me once for turning right on an upward-facing green arrow, instead of a right-facing green arrow!! Fortunately, I was in a good mood and didn’t fail the “attitude test” and LIVED to talk about it. These psychopathic, sociopathic ex-military KKKiller KKKops slither in the shadows in black and Latino neighborhoods waiting for an ambush and kill. As a former Army lieutenant, I didn’t re-enlist because being around these rapists, KKKillers, and psychos was hazardous to my health! I survived “friendly fire” only because I had a higher IQ (and ghetto survival skills honed in MilwauKKKee’s ghetto) which made me more strategically adept.
    . KKKops are ex-military racist morons who could ONLY get jobs in police dept’s. that require an IQ below 60. They’ve gone from hunting deer and other endangered species to hunting BLACK MEN. It’s past time that BLACK MEN be placed on the ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST so that they will have the same protection as AmeriKKKa’s baked eagle! All states recruit KKKops from the Nazi Party and the KKK! tRUMP could successfully bring his “KEEP AMERIKKKA WHITE” campaign to MINNESOTA, WISCONSIN, and WASHINGTON. There are more interracial couples, but sleeping “white” won’t keep you from getting KKKilled

  • The second amendment is for whites. They can walk down the street, walk through the airport, go to a restaurant, even into a kiddie park strapped down (later that week her husband shot her to death, NYT) openly carrying a weapon.

    Not, you, black people.

    Black people, the constitution does not apply to you. Understand you have no rights.

    Understand the law is not and will not be applied to you equally.

    Understand that everyday and every time you leave your home you are in danger.

    Understand compliance and politeness will not protect nor shield you.

    Understand that having a job, paying your taxes, a college degree, and wealth will not protect you.

    Understand being a lawabiding citizen will not protect you.

    Understand your age will not protect you, whether you are 12 years old or someone’s grandmother when the police bust through your door or even an infant in it’s crib or strapped in a baby seat in the back of your parents’ car.

    Understand your sex will not protect you.

    Understand you are not Dylan Roof.

    Understand you cannot buy a gun at Walmart, play cops and robbers with a toy gun, drive a car, walk down a street, walk across a college campus, ride the BART train, walk down the darkened stairs of your building, stand on you’re stoop, or any mundane ordinary activity without endangering your life.

    Understand that a traffic stop may be your death warrant.

    Understand that even though the cop asked you to get your ID and you reach to get it, it may get you shot and dead.

    Understand that lying down on your face, handcuffed by the cops may get you shot and dead.

    Understand you cannot legally own a gun. You cannot legally conceal a gun. You cannot legally open carry a gun.

    Understand that white people, including armed cops are afraid of you, no matter your size, age, sex, social status, level of education, nor articulation.

    You are not living in 2016.

    You are living in 1816.

    Know that.

    • Charity Dell

      DEAR MEH—


      Understand that all of the above applies to:

      1. Native/Indigenous/First Nations Americans.
      2. Anyone of Hispanic/Latino descent.
      3. Anyone of Asian descent.
      4. Any kind of Muslim of any ethnic descent.
      5. Anyone who has sizeable concentrations of melanin in their skin.
      6. Anyone overheard speaking any variety of ARABIC, LEBANESE, SPANISH or

      This is America. And now we have Dallas….


    • Meh, You are absolutely right. I know as an educated realistic white person, this is true. I see it, I know the statistics, and I see and hear despairing and racists comments and acts constantly. Other whites assume because I am white, that I feel the same way, I am privy to remarks that I would rather not hear, and I do speak up. As the mother of a Black son and daughter, I have seen this discrimination by police officers. I also have a white daughter who I am know will never know the scrutiny her siblings face every day.

      I believe until ALL of us speak out against these atrocity’s, that it will continue. I want to do more, I would love it if I knew more of what to do! Children learn what they live, and if all they hear is negativity about differing races, they will usually feel the same. How do we get these issues taught in school? Our children are where this can end, and I believe every parent has the duty to speak out and teach their children the difference between right and wrong!

      Please, suggestions?

    • This is an amazing video. The cops wrestled with this teenager for six full minutes, the kid pulled a gun out of one of the cop’s holster and squeezed off a shot – but was arrested without being shot himself. You have to see this video!

      • Mr. Visconte, thank you so very much for all the EXCEPTIONAL news coverage you provide at Diversity. MEH’s videos reflect that racist police target blacks exclusively.
        . I have to take exception to how Ms. Estrada’s slant attempted to cast Mr. Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond “LAVISH” Reynolds in a bad, negative light. Including her “stripper-sounding” nickname, “LAVISH,” was UNNECESSARY to the story’s RELEVANCE and to her eyewitness account/commentary! It’s a dirty, low-down trick lawyers and journalists use all the time to cast aspersions on a person’s character. Including Ms. Reynolds nickname was a VEILED ATTACK on her CREDIBILITY. White racist media outlets like FOX specialize in stereotyping blacks–Ms. Estrada, if she’s Latina, should know better. How would she respond if someone quoted a nickname for her as Sheryl “Enchilada” or “Hot Mamasita” Estrada? I would have edited out the “Lavish” nickname.

        • Sheryl Estrada

          Dear reader,

          In this comment and in previous comments, you have demonstrated your passion for social justice and equality. Since you have personally addressed me in this comment, I’d like to explain.

          As in the headline of a Washington Post story, and in an NPR story, putting Ms. Reynolds’ nickname in quotes is called Associated Press style, which is used by newspapers and most publications. Per the AP style guide: “If the person prefers a nickname, it may be included in quotation marks between the first and last names (e.g., William “Bill” Doe).”

          If you look at the name on Ms. Reynolds’ Facebook video, it says Lavish. Putting the nickname in quotes clarifies that for the reader. There was no hidden agenda in doing so. I also do not think Ms. Reynolds is ashamed of the name Lavish, as its actual meaning is extravagant.

          Yes, my last name is Estrada, and I’m proud of it. Since you have inquired, my father has a Hispanic heritage, and my mother’s heritage is African American. I understand that sometimes when passionate on a particular topic, one can make judgmental comments. I’d like to clarify that as a journalist for many years, having written for several publications, and also a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, I am well versed in producing content that does not perpetuate Latino or African American stereotypes.

          Let’s uplift one another.

    • White lives are viewed as being more valuable than the lives of people of color. If these 2 were people of color, they may not have survived their encounters with the police. Stark differences in the way police de-escalate or handle a situation when the suspect is not of color.

  • This makes me so angry! This man had a permit to carry, wasn’t a doing anything wrong, and essentially get murdered, yes murdered for absolutely no justifiable reason! In front of his daughter??? I don’t wish harm on anyone, but I hope those 2 coward cops face karma soon!


    The only problem I have with this serious matter on ground is that I hope this won’t just die down like it never happen. How will you shot a man 4/5 times even if he I trying to reach for hi weapon? I thought there is something called warming shots? I am in Africa. White people are treated like mini gods here. Our police protect them even more than they protect us. Why can’t blacks get the same protection from a white police? WHY?

  • Luke, you are the problem with what happened in Dallas last night. People like you that love to race bait and divide Americans are to blame for 5 police officers being shot. You are creating a hostile, angry group of people that want to blame innocent cops. Yes, there are some racist cops but most are not. Most go out and risk their lives every day to protect you and your family and to make sure our freedoms are protected.

    • Then is it true that you and all white people “are the problem” for Black people unjustly killed by police?

      No, of course not. But, Michael Eric Dyson said it well in a column that is in today’s New York Times “The problem is you do not want to know anything different from what you think you know.”

      President Obama has it right “…yesterday I spoke about our need to be concerned as all Americans about racial discrimination in our criminal justice system. I also said our police have an extremely difficult job and the vast majority do their job in outstanding fashion.”

    • Julie, Not so at all. If there is a wrong being done, bringing attention to that wrong does not cause this wrong. The wrong is already there to begin with. I can believe that most cops are doing their job, but to ignore the murder of anyone, is foolish. It happens that Blacks are targeted in much higher numbers by far than other groups. The murdering of the police officers is wrong. In both instances, the murderers should be held accountable. We can’t afford to ignore the blatant murder of our Black citizens!

    • Julie, please tell me, what is it called what Donald Trump is doing or has done? Isn’t that race baiting? His tactics sure hasn’t closed the gap between races. Oh, and you can find a lot of racist comments on Pinterest also. What Luke is doing is nothing remotely close or even similar to what Trump has done. I have to disagree with your comment respectfully.

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