Trump Party Throws Support and Money Behind Accused Sexual Predator Roy Moore

“Go get ‘em, Roy!” — One accused predator endorses another. McConnell caves in.


After President Donald Trump officially endorsed Alabama’s Republican candidate for Senate Roy Moore, the Republican National Committee took this as a go ahead to throw its support behind the accused sexual predator as well.

“The RNC is the political arm of the president and we support the President,” a senior official with the RNC reported to CNN.

Moore has been accused of pursuing teenage girls, one reportedly as young as 14, when he was in his 30s; local residents of Gadsden, Ala., called Moore’s predatory behavior “common knowledge” around town.

Regardless, Trump made his support for Moore public early Monday morning on Twitter.

Moore confirmed the endorsement as well, saying that the president offered “his full support.”

The GOP’s resurgence in support of Moore comes as polls show the disgraced Republican once again climbing ahead of his Democratic rival, Doug Jones, in the polls. A Nov. 28 poll by Emerson College found Moore leading Jones by 3 percentage points.

America First Action, a super PAC in support of Trump and his administration, on Monday announced it would put $1.1 million behind Moore, The Washington Post reported.

Politico reported on Nov. 14 that the RNC had withdrawn its support for Moore, citing a senior party official. Also around this time, to the surprise of many, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell had said Moore “should step aside” and that he believed the women who came forward.

McConnell has since reversed course, however. On Sunday he said on ABC News he would “let the people of Alabama make the call.” He skirted around the idea of taking any direct action himself should Moore win next week’s election, deflecting instead to the ethics committee.

“Look, they decide what to go forward,” McConnell said. He also refused to say whether or not he still believes the woman who accused Moore.

Some Republicans remained critical of Moore, but perhaps not as forcefully as they were before.

Second-ranking Republican Sen. John Cornyn (Texas) several weeks ago said he would “leave the final judgment in the hands of Alabama voters” but would “withdraw his endorsement,” according to Politico.

But on Monday Cornyn approached the topic more cautiously, according to the Post. “None of us get to vote on who’s the senator from Alabama. Just Alabama voters do. So I think we have to respect their decision — whatever it is,” he said.

Just a few Republicans remained forcefully committed against Moore even after Trump’s endorsement. Mitt Romney, the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2012, called Moore’s victims “courageous heroes” and Moore’s potential Senate career “a stain” on his party — as well as America.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) took back his endorsement of Moore last month — and this will not change, a spokesperson for Lee told the Post.

“Sen. Lee has unendorsed Judge Moore and called for him to step out of the race. Nothing has changed. Anything new on the issue would be premature at this point,” the spokesman told the publication.

The National Republican Senate Committee has also stated it would not support Moore in the race. Sen. Cory Gardner, the NRSC’s chairman, had previously said the Senate should expel Moore if he wins the election. According to CNN, an official reported that Gardner’s position had not changed.

Breitbart was the first to report the news that the RNC would once again be backing Moore. According to NBC, Breitbart’s chairman and a former adviser to Trump, Steve Bannon, will be rallying with Moore in Alabama on Tuesday evening.

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  • Yet one more example of the President’s irresponsible, inflammatory, rhetoric. One should never tell a likely pedophile to “Go get ’em.”

    • Charity Dell

      GRANNYBUNNY–Maybe the Prezzy-dint was telling Moore to go
      get all those young females he wanted to mess with….
      I guess that shopping mall that banned Moore was acting on “fake news?”

  • The crazy thing is that I read in a article that if Moore does win, it will be because of the white women without a college education voting for him . Their college educated sisters are not supporting Moore. These under-educated women are the ones who would put a pedophile who preys on young girls in the U.S.senate. I saw a picture of these Moore supporters and they all look to be dried up prunes. The state of Alabama is a place that I hope that I never have to visit. Neanderthals.

    • Alabama is 44/50 for college degree attainment, 46/50 for average income, as bad for people living below the poverty line and 45/50 for GDP per capita. Because they’re a reliable Republican state, they receive more federal dollars than they contribute.

      In other words, it’s a laggard state, holding back the rest of the country. Moore’s going to win, because the people there are profoundly less educated, less wealthy and less successful than just about anywhere else in the country – and they’re really proud of that – but I suspect it’s going to be a pyrrhic victory. The backlash to all of this old white man bullshit is going to be spectacular. And if Nancy and Chuck think they’re going to be the ones running that snap back, I’ll take their wager.

      • “The backlash to all of this old white man bullshit is going to be spectacular.”


  • How can anyone be surprised? All one has to do, is look at the behavior of the repugnantcans since 2008, and it’s clear that they prioritize getting and keeping power above all else.

    They have literally trashed every social and political norm; ignored any and all concepts of fairness and adherence to established rule and tradition; and shown themselves completely bereft of honor, decency, honesty and even shame…All in the pursuit of political power. I mean, they Just. Don’t. Care.

    It’s obvious they have become completely intoxicated by power (and the election of Trump), and have forgotten the only certainties in American politics: No one stays in power forever, and what goes around comes around.

    I’m looking forward to the reckoning.

    • The average age of the Fox audience is 67. Look at trump’s cabinet. It’s like the 70s are getting their final revenge in a remake of Crypt Keeper, on a planet of no women. I guess that’s the echo chamber these hateful geezers need to make themselves feel important.

      On my way home tonight I was behind a pickup truck with an “assault life” (with image of an AR-15) sticker covering the back window – but no MAGA sticker. I’m wondering if the deplorables are beginning to catch on that the orange inherited money con man really doesn’t give a fig about them?

      • Lol @image of the Crypt Keeper. That takes me back. :)

        I suppose it’s possible for few of the Trumpsters to peel off after coming to the realization that they’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and conned. But I truly believe that a sizable majority of them (especially those who ONLY get their news from Fox) will ride with Trump until the wheels come off because where else have they got to go? They’re pariahs, and they know it.

        I mean, the prospect has GOT to be a soul-crushing, of having to admit to themselves that they’ve been suckers all along, that not even Trump gives a fig about them, and that the rest of the electorate is counting the days til they all die. If they hadn’t fckd this country up for a generation with their hateful ignorance, and idiotic voting, you could almost feel sorry for them.

  • We are living in the last days, the bible says in the last days evil will be called good and good will be called evil. You be the judge.

  • Accusations are easy, I know a guy who was kangaroo-kourt charged in kollij a couple-two-t’ree years ago for asking a woman out one time too many, but w/ Moore’s weak, weaselly evasions in interviews, like idiot Trump’s idiotic p()ssy-grab comments to that young Bush idiot, lend some weight. As your subhead states, “One accused predator endorses another. McTurdell caves in.”

  • Saviourfromthedouches

    Your only as good as the company you keep. A R. Senate,a R. Congress,full of liars,pedophiles,racists and so forth. The corrupt vermin in the clownhouse is an embarrassment world wide.

  • A pedophile as “common knowledge” in the low-down, dirty South, but NO ONE LOCKED HIM UP, lynched or killed him. They did what Southerners are TRAINED like monkeys to do when a WHITE man commits these heinous acts: KEEP SILENT!

    That’s why it takes over 40 years for his opponent to prosecute the WHITE KKK who murdered four little Black girls, three Voting Drive volunteers, and a host of other murders and atrocities: SILENT SOUTHERNERS! Moore wouldn’t be able to run for office as a convicted pedophile rapist. Oh, I forgot that, in the so-called “Bible Belt” (it’s a below the waist belt) South, he could become governor.

    tRUMP would be a hypocrite if he didn’t endorse a fellow p*ssy-grabbing, tree-jumper [they jump from behind trees to snare little children] pedophile. Their paths probably crossed at billionaire Epstein’s (a convicted pedophile and sex-trafficker) Virgin Island retreat for other pedophiles like the perverted John Podesta, Clintonistas, and the late Scalia. tRump knows how to jump out from teen beauty pageant closets while naked little girls are getting dressed.

    He initially supported the other STRANGE (Luther) Bama candidate. tRump is Moore’s double who hides behind false “Christian” values like Catholic priests. Old child molesting birds of a feather, f@ck together. “Go get ’em Roy” has a double meaning. I’m surprised he didn’t say: “Grab that thing Roy!”

  • We we have a p_ _ _y grouping #45 in office and a pedophilell that will probably be elected what a country we live in. Good old USA.

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