Trump Won More Latino Votes than Romney in 2012

Unexpectedly, Latino voters in Florida, a critical state to win the election, favored Trump in a greater margin than in other states.

Donald Trump secured more Latino votes than Republican candidate Mitt Romney did in his 2012 presidential bid, reports show.

According to a CNN exit poll, Trump won 29 percent of the Latino vote, compared to Romney’s 27 percent in 2012. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton failed to win as much support from Latinos as President Barack Obama. Sixty-five percent of Latinos voted for Clinton, compared to 71 percent who voted for Obama when he won his second election.

Hispanic voters represented 11 percent of the electorate this year, up from 10 percent in 2012. The white electorate dropped slightly since the last presidential election, from 72 percent to 70 percent.

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While Latinos voted for Clinton over Trump, Latinos in Florida showed more support for Trump than in other states, FiveThirtyEight reported:

Arizona — 84-12

California — 80-16

Colorado — 81-16

Florida — 67-31

Illinois — 86-10

Nevada — 81-16

North Carolina — 82-15

New York — 88-10

Ohio — 80-17

Texas — 80-16

Virginia — 81-15

Wisconsin — 87-10

More than half of Latino voters have voted Democratic since at least 1980, according to Pew Research Center. But the percent that vote Republican has shifted back and forth. Although Romney in 2012 and Sen. John McCain in 2008 both failed to secure nearly as much Latino support as Obama, President George W. Bush performed somewhat better both times he ran for president. In 2000 he had 35 percent of the Latino vote (compared to Al Gore’s 62 percent) and in 2004 that went up to 40 percent (compared to 58 percent for John Kerry).

Many Latino groups held largely unfavorable views of Trump throughout his candidacy amid his frequent attacks against the Latino community. A poll of Latinos in Florida conducted by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), a nonprofit group with a 91.36 score on Charity Navigator, had seemed to indicate a Clinton victory for this demographic when asked opinions about specific issues.

The survey asked respondents from Florida and Texas questions regarding Medicaid; which 80 percent of Floridians and 81 percent of Texans said states should expand:

If one candidate supported [state] accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid, while the other candidate opposed expanding Medicaid and prefers that [state] rejects the federal funds, which candidate would you be more likely to support?

State Candidate who Wants to Expand Medicaid Candidate who Opposes Medicaid Expansion Don’t Know
Florida 78% 15% 7%

Trump’s plan states that the federal government should not be involved with Medicaid in individual states.

In contrast, on Clinton’s website, her healthcare platform stated she would “fight for health insurance for the lowest-income Americans in every state by incentivizing states to expand Medicaid — and make enrollment through Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act easier.”

Other Demographics

Despite Trump’s repeated attacks against minorities and women, Clinton did not garner as much support from these groups as Obama did during his second bid for the presidency. Ninety-three percent of Blacks voted for Obama in 2012, versus 88 percent for Clinton this year.

For women, Obama had slightly more support — 55 percent — than Clinton — 54 percent. More women still voted for Clinton than Trump, though, who earned just 42 percent of the women vote.

Asian voters made up a small portion of the electorate at just 4 percent. However, they did not favor Clinton as much as Obama in 2012. Sixty-five percent of Asians voted for Clinton, compared to 73 percent for Obama four years ago.

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  • Florida? Anti-Castro older Cubans
    They forget which country they are living in.

    • Charity Dell

      MIGUEL–As an African-American, I was very PROUD of the LATINO PUSH in:

      A. Voter registration.
      B. Early voting.
      C. Voter turn-out on election day.

      The “Sleeping Giant” awoke and flexed its muscle so much, it PUSHED NEVADA INTO
      BLUE. Latinos ROCKED THE VOTE IN SOUTH FLORIDA and many of those cities and
      counties TURNED BLUE. Arizona edged closer to BLUE because Mexican-Americans
      were fed up with Sheriff Arpaio.

      So there is PLENTY to celebrate and I SALUTE THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF ALL THOSE
      TO THE POLLS. And Latinos ALSO had to fight VOTER REPRESSION, just like African-Americans did in various communities!

      I know that SOME Blacks and SOME Latinos voted for The Dumpy Donmeister, for
      several reasons. But these voters were the MINORITY among voters of color. Most of
      the Latino vote was DEMOCRAT, and Latinos now can build upon their gains.

      Muchissimas gracias* and VIVA LA LUCHA! :-)

      *I am BLACK; I vote BLUE and HABLO ESPANOL!

      • Latinos ROCKED THE VOTE IN SOUTH FLORIDA and many of those cities and
        counties TURNED BLUE. Arizona edged closer to BLUE because Mexican-Americans were fed up with Sheriff Arpaio.

        So if we can keep up record, or near-record levels of legal and illegal immigration into South Florida and Arizona, then Democrats’ll eventually win? Sorta like the way our Federal government can continue to meet its payrolls and financial obligations as long as enough foreign nations keep loaning us money?

        And as for Trump getting more Latino/a votes than Romeny, Romney ever have a (scripted?) reality television that made him look cool, tough, and decisive? A little thing like that’ll make a big difference in some peoples’ minds.

          • Luke – she lost the election because the GOP tampered with our voting system, and that should infuriate you and every American. It is not the GOP’s place to decide what is best for us. It is OUR DECISION.

            Fact 1: Kellyanne Conway’s husband was instrumental in getting Bill Clinton impeached.
            Fact 2: Allegations against FBI Director Comey have increased in credibility in light of the news that Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates objected to Comey’s decision to send a letter to Congress about emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s computer *which misleadingly* characterized those emails as being potentially relevant to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server. Comey failed to note in his letter that the emails were not on Clinton’s server and not sent or received by Clinton.
            Fact 3: That is tampering with our election system and that is a crime. NO Party gets to steer an election in their direction.
            Fact 4: The GOP has a history of criminal activity related to elections – specifically, Richard Nixon and the Watergate break-in.
            Fact 5: Kellyanne Conway was unusually sure of a Trump win – one could argue way too confident. Coincidence? A lot of people are thinking it’s not.

            You should be outraged at this outcome.

    • I heard that exact same thing from a friend in Miami. She works with a rather large number of Cuban women who said they voted for Trump because of Obama’s decision to restore relations with Cuba. Never mind that he’s unqualified – a grudge got this guy elected.

  • Hi Charity,
    We celebrate that more Latinos turned out to vote, and that is a good sign. We need to continue to work so that more people (everybody included) gets registered and actually goes out to vote. Definitely latinos have improved, but we need to continue to improve in participation. Me da gusto que hables espanyol (sorry about the spelling).

    • 10% fewer democrats voted than ten years ago. A lot of people weren’t impressed with Clinton. The leadership of that party needs to be purged.

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