Trump at GOP Rally: Maxine Waters Has ‘Very Low IQ’

More racism for his base. He also said of Oprah, “I’d love to beat her.”

When President Donald Trump attends GOP rallies, he implements the sexist and racist rhetoric he used during his presidential campaign trail to rile up supporters. Trump mocked Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) during a speech at a rally for congressional hopeful Rick Saccone on Saturday night in Moon Township, Pa.

He brought into question the intellect of Waters, a Black female politician.

“And Maxine Waters, a very low IQ individual. Did you ever see her?” Trump said.

Trump went on to stir up the audience in a township that is 86 percent white and 4 percent Black. He talked about Waters’ call for him to be impeached.

“‘We will impeach him. We will impeach the president. But he hasn’t done anything wrong. It doesn’t matter, we will impeach him.’ She’s a low IQ individual. She can’t help it. She really is. ‘We will impeach him.’ But we have Maxine Waters and plenty of others,” he continued.

This isn’t the first time Trump has insulted Waters’ intelligence. During the annual Gridiron Club dinner on March 3, Trump said of the congresswoman, “She has to immediately take an IQ test.”

Waters, elected in November 2014 to her 13th term in the U.S. House of Representatives, serves as the ranking member of the House Committee on Financial Services. The congresswoman, using her intelligence, defeated the odds and earned her current position.

She was born in St. Louis, Mo., the fifth of 13 children reared by a single mother. Waters began working at age 13 in factories and segregated restaurants. After moving to Los Angeles, she worked in garment factories and at the telephone company.

Waters then attended California State University at Los Angeles, where she earned a bachelor’s degree. Before her election to Congress, she was a leader in the movement to end Apartheid and establish democracy in South Africa.

As a national Democratic Party leader, Waters has served on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) since 1980. She was a key leader in five presidential campaigns: Sen. Edward Kennedy (1980), Rev. Jesse Jackson (1984 and 1988), and President Bill Clinton (1992 and 1996). In 2001, she was instrumental in the DNC’s creation of the National Development and Voting Rights Institute and the appointment of Mayor Maynard Jackson as its chair.

Meanwhile, Trump brags about graduating from Wharton, the University of Pennsylvania’s school of business. Yet, he used family connections to gain admission. Trump transferred from Fordham University to Penn in his junior year, so he only spent two years at the school. He never made the dean’s list.

“Trump did not go to Wharton’s prestigious MBA program,” according to “Rather, he received an undergraduate degree offered by Wharton to University of Pennsylvania students.”

Trump dodged the draft, claiming he had bone spurs in his heels. He bankrupted his Atlantic City casinos and failed in the steak/wine business and as a university operator.

In Trump’s lengthy speech on Saturday, he also made reference to media mogul Oprah Winfrey. Although Winfrey last month put to rest any lingering questions about a potential 2020 bid for the presidency by declaring on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that she was “definitely not running,” Trump said he’d like to beat her in a presidential race.

“I’d love Oprah to win,” Trump said, seemingly referring to winning the Democratic nomination for president.

“I’d love to beat Oprah. I know her weakness.”

In a tweet last month, Trump called her “very insecure.”

‘He is an expert at name-calling’

Waters fired back at Trump on Sunday in a telephone interview with MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid.

“This is typical of him,” Waters said. “He is an expert at name-calling. I understand that in addition to continuing his name-calling … that he continued to attack Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi, made some reference to Oprah Winfrey … and it seems that he’s identifying and picking up more women that he’s attacking.

“Again, I expected this, though. This is not only typical of him; this is what this con man does. He diverts attention from himself by attacking others, but this business about Stormy [Daniels] is not going to go away,” Waters said, referring to Trump’s alleged affair with the adult-film star.

“He can call us all the names that he wants to call us, but you know our special counsel, [Robert] Mueller, is connecting the dots, and last night in a speech I said that if for some reason Mueller does not get him, Stormy will,” she said.

“We know that this is going to go on, and I’m not going to run from it. I’m not intimidated by him. And so he can keep calling names. I’ve got plenty for him.”

Waters has been outspoken about her belief that Trump is unfit for the presidency. In her rebuttal last month to Trump’s State of the Union address, she said his TV appearances should be censored for children.

“This president with his vulgarity and his disrespect for women and people of color is a terrible role model for our children,” Waters said in a taped response that aired on BET’s “Angela Rye’s State of the Union.” “Whenever he appears on TV, there should be a disclaimer that says, ‘This may not be acceptable for children.’”

For her criticism of Trump, Waters has received death threats. In November, a federal grand jury charged Anthony Scott Lloyd of San Pedro, Calif., with threatening to murder Waters in a phone call to her Capitol Hill office.

Using the n-word to refer to the congresswoman, he said she would “wind up dead” for voicing her objections to Trump.

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          • Lee Bellinger

            “Offensive?” LOL!!! It was completely FACTUAL. I didn’t realize you only allow comments on this forum if they AGREE WITH YOU. I thought you were inviting an actual discussion. My mistake.

          • Facts are often offensive. The facts of trump’s serial philandering are offensive to Melania (can you imagine the laughter behind her back at shithole-a-lago?). Not that she didn’t know she was marrying a creepy, combed over, spray tanned liar, but still.

            No, I’m not inviting a conversation with gadflies.

          • Lee Bellinger

            Facts are not “offensive.” Facts are facts. Donald Trump is an equal opportunity insulter. That’s a fact. Donald Trump, in terms of real numbers, has insulted more men than women. That’s a fact. Insulting a Black woman does not, in and of itself, make you a racist.

      • Oh,the irony. The article recited all of Rep. Waters’ accomplishments throughout her career as she is a multimillionaire and lives in mansion in California yet she is a “victim”. Why? Because she is black and a woman and called names by a white man? She actively attacks Trump (as well as 90% of commenters here) so is Trump a victim then? There’s no response you can give without being a hypocrite.

        • She’s highly accomplished and the President of the United States called her “low IQ” to delight his troglodyte base of knuckle dragging ignoramouses.

          Unlike the turd box in the White House, Rep. Waters EARNED everything she has and doesn’t have to justify it to reprobates like you.

          Trump dodged the draft, so someone else had to go to Vietnam in his place. Draftees were 30% of combat deaths in that war. Did the man trump cheated come back? In one piece?

          Trump inherited his money and failed at running casinos, selling steaks, water, bad wine and a bogus university. Thousands of customers, contractors and business partners had to sue him to get their money back. Investors in his failed casinos were burned. Banks lost money and the rest of the taxpayers had to make up the deductions he took.

          He cheated on his first wife with the second wife, had to take the fifth amendment 97 times in his second divorce and his “Einstein” visa third wife and her chain immigration family was dishonored by his cheating on her with a porn star! Five children by three women-all of whom he cheated on.

          He’s a lying sack of garbage that whips up dopes by retweeting nazi tweets and sending racist messages like his birther nonsense and calling Representative Waters “low IQ”. He’s should count himself lucky that reincarnation doesn’t work properly, because Washington would horsewhip his flabby ass on Pennsylvania Avenue if he could see what was going on.

          • I can’t believe your actually a ceo and holds any sort of position of influence, you are a cretin.

  • Hmmm, who was speaking at that low level intellect rally? Was it David Dennison or Donald Trump? I’ll text Stormie’s lawyer and ask.


  • How is it remotely possible for Trump to make such disparaging, disrespectful and misogynistic comments with zero accountability? When will he be held accountable for his actions?

    • Because this is what his base wants to hear. They love this kind of trash talking and it boosts his bruised ego to have them clap and cheer at him. He’s a disgrace and he has forever disgraced the office of the Presidency. Other nations must be laughing their asses off at our expense.

  • Treste Loving

    It’s a shame Rep. Waters has to give her resume to prove something!!!!! I’ve had to do that numerous time. I’m sure there are many others of us who have done this. When will it stop?

  • I’ve always thought that something like that would happen , simply because they can’t control his filthy, racist mouth . If not her , it will be another person of color . Both he and the media would be responsible for this type of tragedy. Although they will be found to have no responsibility at all . This is America ! No turnin back , No turning back .

  • Opraha is a real billionaire with the tax returns to prove it.

    It doesn’t take much in the way of brain cells to see trump’s a fraud. Which didn’t day much for his base.

    We all know that whatever trump says about anyone, is true about him.

    He attacked Ms. Waters hair and he doesn’t have any.

    He’s attacked women.

    Disabled people.


    War heroes.

    And last week, law enforcement.

    Everyone, except Putin.


    Because he’s Putin’s bytch.

    That’s why.

  • T-rumps only qualification to be president after Obama is that he’s white. He is the chief representative of people with a low IQ’s…see how they flock to protect him no matter what he does.

  • Why hasn’t anyone filed a lawsuit yet? Grief, this clown is not a doctor. Yes, I’m not a lawyer, but this sure looks like public defamation of character. If my 3rd grader was name-calling like Donnie Bonespur does, I’d wash out his mouth and stand him in a corner. I really don’t want someone like this ‘representing’ me.

  • (Excuse typos in my previous post.) I had to come skidding back here after listening to that idiot, Betsy DeVos’, (trump’s Secretary of “Education”) 60 Minutes interview.

    What a know-nothing buffoon! Does that moron know *anything* about anything?

    Instead of worrying about Maxine, trump needs to concern himself with his staff, of not at all funny, swamp clown show of bozos, buffoons, thieves, morons, wife beaters, sexual predators, liars, and idiots.

    JHC!!! She actually said she has made no intentional effort to visit under performing schools.

    Duh…Don’t ya think you should, secretary of edumacashun?

    And to Sarah Hock-a-lie, policies don’t matter if they don’t actually do or improve anything.

    Now trump’s diversion to the intelligence quotient of everyone but himself makes sense. Every time trump blurts something (I was going to say, idiotic, but that’s a given), one must look to see what huge gaffe was just farted out of the white house the day before.

  • Donald can divide people with low iq’s , Maxine Walters does not fall into that category. She doesn’t want to be in the same sh–thole as him!!

  • Bellinger and Kevin, and others are the types of white bigots tRump shows his az to in Moon Township. Add his paid-for by pappy degree from Wharton and you have a “wart on” tRump’s az.

    IQ tests have proven to be quack science created by dumb Nazist white folKKKs like tRump to make themselves appear intellectually superior to Blacks. Ms. Waters, like most Black women had to work 10 times harder to get half as far as any white dummy like tRump. If all things were equal, she would be president and tRump would be washing dishes at a small Mexican restaurant.

    Jealousy by whites about high Black achievers is a reality in AmeriKKKa. The idiot who talked about her living in a “multi-million dollar home in California” lives under a rock because even the most modest homes in CA are multi-million dollar homes.

    A president who has “LIDDLE” hands and brain matter calling someone dumb is laughable. Just as IQ tests are overrated, so is tRump’s business acumen. If Stormy doesn’t get him impeached, then all that money he borrowed from Putin’s AmeriKKKan-based Russian mafia will cause his downfall. tRump couldn’t get a payday loan in AmeriKKKa, but low-class, low IQ, and low-down tRump will steal from the US Treasury before he leaves office. The ReBubbaCan’ts cut social programs so that they can steal and divvy up the money that feeds the poorest. To use two words that your low IQ president can spell: WOW and SAD!

  • tRump’s comment [about Oprah] has a double meaning. “I’d like to BEAT HER” used by him is literal. He’s saying that he’d like to BEAT her butt. Knowing how ignorant and verbally challenged he is, he should have said [if he had a higher IQ]: I’d like to beat her in a presidential race. In reality, he should have said: “I’d like to TRY to beat her!” Oprah’s hands are bigger than his small hands and I think she would BEAT his butt into a another comatose (i.e., brain dead) state.

    Bullies, misogynist men like him, with multiple divorces, are usually wife-beaters. But beating miserable, angry-looking Melania is not enough– he wants to become like a modern-day slavemaster and BEAT DOWN two powerful Black women with IQ’s higher than his and more class.

  • It amazing as the world can see that people in this country supports a man who has no dignity or sense of integrity. I always knew America was a very racist country, but it sometimes surprises me of how blatant these racist people can become and feel that they are completely right. Remember racist folks, and Trump, your children and grandchildren still have to live in a country that you have architected into a racist environment for them to live in peace and harmony. So racist white folks be proud of your disgusting diseased attitudes and remember that your personal craziness will last until you leave this earth, sooner the better, or your off springs will have a much harder time navigating the mess you have created.

  • Just proves yet again Donald Trump has no capacity for original thought or idea. His insult is a vacuous, tired, racist, and cultural one. So much so that to direct it at African Americans now is to betray your appallingly low IQ. For example, African Americans have been to the moon and back, and had successfully been President of of the US and Leader of the free world for eight peaceful and prosperous years. Whereas Donald Trump is simply bluffing and bullying his way throw the presidency.

  • Wow, politics aside. While I’m not a fan of the person, I do like most of what Trump is doing for our country. Many are things the left used to want to accomplish but because of the disgust for one man, the left is an embarrassment to our country. The flat out lies and hipocrisy is astounding. Oh, so Stormy is now an intelligent women, she is a slut who slept with a pig and now is looking to cash in and the left continues to prostitute their own beliefs just for the sake of politics. Absolutely disgusting.

    • You cannot separate trump’s racism, sexism and bigotry from his crazy good-people-on-both-sides-endorsed-by David Duke “politics”.

      Stormy is a porn star, who the president had an affair with while married to his third wife.

      Shall we review: He cheated on his first wife with his second wife, took the fifth amendment 97 times in his second divorce and started cheating on his third wife before the ink was dry on his marriage license. Five children with three women, draft dodger, sued by thousands of customers, contractors and business partners.

      And the “left is an embarrassment to our country”?


      • Your talking about a man. I’m talking about many, many people that are paid with my tax dollars. So because Trump is a bad person, that excuses the absolute hypocrisy and lies from the left. The far left and the msm do not care about the people, or should I say sheeple, but that’s ultimately what they want, thus the sanctuary bs.

        • “You’re” is the contraction for you are, not “your”.

          Sanctuary states have higher GDP per capita than non-sanctuary states. Treating people like human beings is rewarded by higher education, lifespan and wealth. It’s the Christian thing to do, but as Mark Twain reportedly said, “Christianity is a great religion, someday we should try it.”

          • Well you keep deleting my response. Hmm, might it be because your too weak to respond with a credible intelligent response, you like your friends can only resort to name calling and a refusal to discuss the real issues. Sad that you are in any type of position of power. Your website is a sham, diversity is something I embrace in all aspects of my life, you are just another cretin that probably got lucky along the way and just spouts bs to encourage the sheeple. Can you say pathetic!!

          • Let’s hope Rich does like he says and doesn’t visit this site again….. but I doubt it. He won’t keep his word either. Bless you Luke for the patience you had in dealing with this man and others like him, in responding to his ridiculous posts. I would counter that your website is not a sham – he is – and I seriously doubt that “diversity is something I embrace in all aspects of my life”. Bullshit. It was reprehensible that Trump insults Maxine Waters the way that he has. Whether he likes her or not, if she is white or black or poka dotted… or even if he is the President or not – she deserves much more respect than that. So does Oprah. They both earned their reputations and their bank accounts the honest, intellectual, and reputable way. Trump couldn’t even honor his own vows… 3 times over. Please never stop doing your “review” of Trump. It is spot on. And please ignore the ignorant, racists morons such as Rich. You do a wonderful job and provide a wonderful forum and do it justice. No one is ever going to agree on everything. I don’t. But Trump is a despicable racist bully making us the laughing stock of the world. Please…. never, ever stop reporting on all matters of diversity.

          • Rich used “your” instead of “you’re”, enough said.

            I delete far more hate comments then I let through.

            And I think Representative Waters deserves far more respect for her accomplishments than the average person of her credentials – she did them being a woman and black and in the time far less hospitable to Black women than today.

            President Twitter Muscles, the guy who got everything handed to him, wouldn’t know the difference.

        • In other words, he is flawed and doesn’t hide it well. So what. The last guy was a brilliant orator, yet a sneaky get nothing done lier, but yes he played the game well, not. Just look at foreign policy, etc. but let’s not talk about actual things that matter, lets just stick to the debauchery discussion that seems to be the flavor of discussion. History and time will be the true test, oh wait, we’re going to change history based on a bunch of hypocritical bs. Hmm, Hollywood and Weinstein, Hillary and her defense of only certain women, oh and let’s not forget another great orator/trumplike character,, Bill.
          I would laugh but I’m too disgusted by the rhetoric from the left, oh let’s not forget Adam Schiff, it only keeps getting better.

    • And what exactly has Trump done for this country? Definitely nothing good! And you just publicly called a woman, whom I seriously doubt you know, a slut. Does that make you feel superior? Sounds like you have some similar qualities like your president.

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