Trump Denies ‘Grab them by the p—y’ is Sexual Assault

"He's talking about women as if they don't have a right to consent to the way someone touches them. This is how sexual violence becomes accepted in our culture."

Trump speaks during the presidential debate. REUTERS

During Sunday’s presidential debate, Trump denied that his leaked comments from 2005 indicated sexual assault and insisted they were nothing more than “locker room talk.”

“You called what you said ‘locker room banter,’” CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who moderated the debate, said to Trump. “You described kissing women without their consent, grabbing their genitals. That is sexual assault. You bragged that you have sexually assaulted women. Do you understand that?”

Trump denied Cooper’s accusation and insisted Cooper simply didn’t understand. He said he was “embarrassed” by the comments but repeatedly called them “locker room talk” and “one of those things.”

According to the Department of Justice’s definition of sexual assault, however, what Trump described is exactly that: “Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.”

Cooper pressed on, “Just for the record though, are you saying what you said on that bus 11 years ago, that you did not actually kiss women or grope women without consent?”

As Trump continued to deflect the question Cooper asked, “So for the record you’re saying that you never did that?” and “Have you ever done those things?”

Trump eventually responded, “No I did not” before insisting that he has “tremendous respect” for women and they respect him back.

In the leaked audio, Trump demonstrates what many people — including a number of fellow Republicans — have found as not portraying “tremendous respect” for women.

“You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful [women] — I just start kissing them,” Trump said. “It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”

He attributed his ability to touch and kiss women without their consent to his celebrity status. “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” he said. “You can do anything.”

[Warning: attached transcript contains graphic language.]

“Grab them by the p—y,” Trump said. “You can do anything.”

Trump insisted that his comments do not reflect who he is as a person. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, however, said his comments should be taken exactly the way they were stated.

“What we all saw and heard on Friday was Donald talking about women, what he thinks about women, what he does to women,” she said. “And he has said that the video doesn’t represent who he is, but I think it’s clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is.”

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Trump has previously made comments displaying a lack of understanding when it comes to sexual assault. When former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes was accused of sexually assaulting numerous women, including former Fox employee Gretchen Carlson, Trump called it “sad” for Ailes.

“He’s such a great guy. Roger is — I mean, what he’s done on television, is in the history of television, he’s gotta be placed in the top three, or four or five,” he told Bloomberg Politics’ Co-Managing Editor Mark Halperin. “And that includes the founding of the major networks. So, it’s too bad. I’m sure it was friendly.”

Trump’s insistence that his own comments were “locker room talk” and that Ailes’ conduct was “friendly” perpetuates a dangerous culture of accepting sexual assault.

“That’s nothing less than someone talking about committing sexual violence — the kissing, the grabbing,” Bridgette Stumpf, co-executive director of Network for Victim Recovery of D.C., told The Washington Post. “He’s talking about women as if they’re objects, as if they don’t have a right to consent to the way someone touches them. This is how sexual violence becomes accepted in our culture.”

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one out of five women will be raped at some point in their lives. In eight out of 10 cases, the victim knows the person who assaulted them. And an estimated 63 percent of sexual assaults go unreported. The prevalence of false reporting is between 2 percent and 10 percent.

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  • The insane part if the number of women defending him… the hatred of anyone different from their, based on their own preconceived notion of who they are, is so strong with some people that they will vote against their own interests in an effort to hurt or hold back others who are different from them. His rabid base have doubled down on their delusional belief that he’s being unfairly targeted by the media, rather than admit that this idiot is a hugely flawed individual. (I refuse to call him a man.)

    • Thank you for mentioning the women that defend these actions and attitudes. I was curious about that too until it hit me..if these women are defending Trump, it may be because they do not recognize this as abhorrent behavior in men. This brings a needed conversation to the discussion. While many women know the difference, there are still many…that do not. They may see this as women being too ‘liberal’ and ‘feminist’ and those are two ideals that aren’t ‘attractive’ for a woman, especially if their rearing was to ‘be pretty, be available and be married’. Again, it begs to question, what are women adapting to, and why has it been permissible for so long?

      • What in the world are you guys talking about? You are not making sense and jumping to a lot of conclusions. First off, I am a woman who supports Trump. And unlike some of you, I can tell the difference between crude words, and an actual sexual attack. What Trump said was bad and I’m sure not appreciated by anyone, however, there is a BIG difference between words and actions. He did not actually grab anyone’s private parts, he was just talking stuff, which is what he meant by locker room talk. When Cooper pressed him on the issue, he did reply, that no, he did not actually do that.
        So, my rearing was just fine, I can fully comprehend the difference between someone saying something stupid and someone that would actually walk up and grab my private parts, that person would be guilty of sexual assault, and the person who just talked about it, would not be. Thank God, we are not yet guilty of a crime for stupid thoughts and words.
        Oh, and I do not hate anyone either, just because I am a Trump supporter does not make me a racist, thank you very much. My children look just like Obama and I could never hate or be biased against my own kids, and husband, whom I love. My husband is also a Trump supporter. We are supporting him because we are conservative, which is also not a dirty or foul word. We used to have a right to believe in what we wanted in this country without being judged for that. I don’t hate any race of people, I love everyone, I don’t hate LBGTs, I have family and friends that are gay and I love them too. I don’t hate Muslims or any other religion or group, I believe everyone should be free to practice whatever religion, or be atheist, as they choose. I just personally have conservative values, which means I love the constitution and freedom, and economic policies of conservatives. Right now I still have a right to my opinion, but the way our country is headed, I am fearful that we are headed in a direction where we are going to lose our precious freedoms in the name of political correctness.

        • You believe him when he now says he hasn’t grabbed someone’s pu$$y? He was pretty clear on the bus.

          And what exactly is lost when we behave in a way that isn’t offensive? Which “precious freedoms”?

          None. The pinch many older white, less educated and less affluent people feel is the loss of ability to be offensive without repercussions. Also the loss of opportunity to earn a middle-class income doing barely skilled labor. Those things are gone forever. The orange fraud can’t bring them back.

          Here’s one more thing to think about: trump has cheated thousands of customers and contractors, business partners, banks, three wives and the guy who went in his place when he dodged the draft. Why do you think you’re so special that he’s not going to cheat you as well?

        • Trump is the embodiment of everything conservative values stand against! Is there nothing more precious on this earth than our mothers, sisters and daughters? As a father of a beautiful, young daughter I can tell you if he, or anyone who feels as empowered as he apparently does because of his status, without thinking for a second I would (justified, but edited out). I’ve been in many a locker room and never heard anything like he said with the level of empowerment with which he delivered it. It is not acceptable on any level and definitely not in a free society of which you speak. And in all fairness, he’s right about Bill Clinton who is equally a pig of a man who used his power in a similar fashion.

        • Yvonne:
          I am curious as to why you support Trump. While I agree that it is a leap to assume that just because of his comments, he would actually commit assault, I think that you would have to admit that his comments show a true lack of respect for women, and at the very least poor judgement. Things that I don’t want to see in the leader of my country. Also, while I am conservative myself, I cannot overlook the overwhelming negatives associated with Donald Trump in order to hopefully gain ground around some conservative agendas. For instance, I think that it is impossible to ignore that Donald Trump is a racist. He has made numerous negative comments about hispanics. He has been sued for refusing to allow Blacks to rent in his properties. His defense around that fact is that he settled out of court with no admission of guilt. That is not a defense, it is simply a matter of being able to buy your way out of a wrong. I think you need to be concerned about electing a President who would have a problem with your children living in one of his properties.
          In addition to his racism, Donald Trump is a hypocrite. He suggests that he will bring back jobs from overseas, while continuing to operate his business there. He also has provided no realistic plan around how he would bring these jobs back. I work for a company that does its manufacturing in Mexico. I can guarantee you that we will not be bringing those processes back to the states. It is a sad reality in our Global economy that we just could not be competitive with the signifcantly higher labour rates that we have in our country. If companies are taxed that produce overseas, then they will just be forced to pass those costs on to the consumers, through higher product costs. He is offering up false promises
          He says that he will push Tax Reform and Tax Cuts, but let’s be real here. He is a rich businesman, who doen’t pay his fair share of taxes. What makes people believe that he would ever push for reform that would hurt his businesses or affect his wealth. He will always manipulate the laws to benefit himself and those like him. At the end of the day, we will only see additional pressure on the Middle Class to shoulder the tax burden in Trump gets into office. This would be the ultimate case of the fox guarding the hen house!
          I have not heard one tangible plan expressed by this man to improve our country. He has expressed attitudes that are devisive and dangerous. I am just curious why someone who seems inteligent like yourself would consider voting for such a person.

        • Lauri Sue Robertson

          If you are truly a conservative, please think back in history over previous presidents who were also conservative – Eisenhower, Truman, etc. Do you see ANY similarity between these highly respected men and trump? I surely dont. They were conservative, but were never guilty of saying abusive things about women, bragging about sexual conquests, or pitching one race against another, or calling people from other countries ‘rapists and drug dealers’. Think about what you are saying! Trump will tear America apart if he wins. He will make a laughing stock of the US on the world stage, and NO leader of any other nation will be willing to be seen with him.

        • I encourage you to take a closer look at your candidate. He has no use for anyone who “look like Obama” nor any respect and use for anyone who’s Muslim. He does not recognize women as human beings worthy of respect. Words matter, that’s why we use them to convey our thoughts and beliefs. Examine your words, if you vote for Trump (which is your right to do so), you are voting against yourself and your children. You may love all people but your candidate does not. You are entitled to your opinion for sure. Here’s my opinion: Donald Trump is not fit nor qualified to be Presidend of the United States. Never has been, never will be.

  • He is a self-centered jerk who thinks he can get away with any and everything. He is a disgrace to the human race and an arrogant, selfish vulgar individual who belittles women.

    I’ve always taught my sons to treat women the way you want someone to treat your mother, your sister and your daughters. donald trump does not deserve to even be any where near women let alone in the Oval Office.


    • Well said. Although there are men, who for what ever reason, (because of what they saw & learned as a child?) that do not respect their mothers, sisters and daughters. Obviously Trump has no respect for his wife, his daughters, or any woman. What man talks like that and thinks it’s okay? Locker room banter? It is not acceptable in anyway. Trump is a nasty despicable man is so many ways.

    • I agree with you Jeff and he still gets votes and or endorsements?? I can’t believe a man can think and behave this way. any common person would be arrest and sued.

  • As a man, I’ve been to many locker room at my age. I can’t remember once ever engaged in that kind the talk. Specially, talking about these explicit references. The person in question stated that his celebrity allows him to do this. That’s wrong. You can be a nice person to some and a criminal to others.

    • I’m no choirboy, but that language is foreign to me as well.

      I can imagine this coming from spoiled boys with overbearing mysogenist fathers. However, even a boy who is hearing that kind of language at home directed at his mother and who wants a relationship with a girl in teenage years learns very quickly that that kind of language is anathema. Unless of course, you reject other peoples’ feelings in favor of the obsequious groveling of people who are attracted by money. One cannot underestimate the allure of money and power, there were people still saluting Hitler in April 1945 as 2.5 million Russian soldiers closed in on Berlin.

      In the trump family, you can see the “grab them by the pu%%y” disfunction in the current generation as his two sons are “big game hunters” and pose with animals that they destroyed for their own entertainment. What kind of monster is proud of posing holding an elephant tail hacked off of the elephant and a knife with the dead elephant as a backdrop? I hope that reincarnation is a reality and that trump returns as a beautiful big game animal for his sons to slaughter.

      • C’mon guys. That kind of talk is in every locker room I have been in. That is just guy talk. Particularly for a male that age. You want to crucify him but Bill Clinton is your hero. I don’t advocate grabbing or forcing your self on any person. However, if you don’t think people are attracted to, and allow celebrities opportunities ordinary people don’t have, you are naïve. Luke, you are a marine. I think you are being disingenuous if you try to tell me you have never engaged in “baudy” talk with your male friends.

        • The small-handed orange fraud was 59 years old when he said he could “grab them by the pussy”. 59! And married for 15 minutes or so to his current wife!

          I was a naval aviator, on active duty for over eight years, I also spent 3 1/2 years in a fraternity. Lots of locker room time. There was banter around and about women, no doubt. But “grab them by the pussy”? No, that’s the talk of a “man” who is not emotionally progressed past the age of 13.

          Let’s not forget, the conversation took place on a bus with a person he barely knew (now the leading candidate for the least successful Bush) – not in the locker room amongst teammates. Let’s also not forget that after his boasts, he took his TicTac’s and left the bus to get into that poor actress’ personal space – because he’s a star! And rich!

          And a jerk.

          Billy was fired, making the standards for being a jester on Good Morning America’s third hour higher than the Republican Party standards for presidential candidate.

          Peter, you’re a nicer guy than to defend this nonsense. After this election is over, we need you to continue to post comments so we have well-rounded dialogue. With credibility.

        • He advocated molestation because of status. Period. This has nothing to do with “baudy” talk. And it’s not just the advocation, he pretty much admitted to doing it. We’re talking about HIS behavior and because it is now in the same public discussion, Bill Clinton’s. No one else’s. They are criminals and creeps and need to be held accountable.

  • He lives in his own reality. I’m not wasting my brain cells trying to understand his logic.

  • I wonder if this will be the thing that FINALLY derails him…..

    I can’t stand the thought of people being OK with his behavior on a multitude of fronts.

    Of course, I also can’t stand the thought of people e OK with Hillery’s behavior on a multitude of fronts, so I’m still a man without a candidate……

  • There has always been a history of hypocritical white men calling themselves conservative “Christians” with [false] “family” values! Other white male Republican sexual predators and tRUMP clones who got caught grabbing genitals include:
    1. ARNOLD SCHWARZEN*GGER-Married maid molester and impregnator of his Guatemalan house servant
    2. The late STROM THURMOND-Impregnated his Black house maid while supporting segregation and poll taxes
    3. “Rev” TED HAGGERT-Molested young boys in his New Life Church in CO
    4. ROBT. ALLEN-FL Rep. who solicited an undercover cop for oral sex; openly proclaimed he was “afraid of black people”, but not afraid of a stranger’s c*ck in his willing Republican mouth!
    5. ED SCHROCK (rhymes with c*ck), VA congressman caught on tape soliciting sex from a gay prostitute. Like tRUMP, he begged like a b*tch!
    6. MARK FOLEY-While serving on the House Caucas for Missing & Exploited Children, he was caught having sexually explicit internet (IM) conversations with a former 16-yr. old page!
    7. ROY ASHBURN-Conservative CA Senator caught leaving a gay bar with a man. Even with DUI’s, his fellow predator friend, Schwarzen*gger appointed him in his [sex] cabinet
    8. LARRY CRAIG-Idaho (emphasis on ‘ho) Senator caught in a men’s bathroom at a MN airport tapping his feet to get a blow job from an undercover cop!
    . Most of these KKKhristian Coalition ” family values” child molesters and sexual predators were like tRUMP: White married men with children! Yet people still don’t believe that their ancestors and “Fondling Fathers” never raped and molested their African slaves and house servants (female and males)! Rape and sexually predatory behavior is in their white KKKhristian DNA. Instead of white hypocritical KKKhristians “Focus on the Family”, looks like they prefer focusing on the crotch of the vulnerable!

    • Wow. ZaziJams, your comments generally sound like you have hateful things to say about just about everybody – but especially white men. I agree that Trump is a piece of garbage who has no business running for president, and I believe that he’s done the things he described. I agree that there are a lot of Christians who are hypocrites, acting in ways that conflict with the values and morals they should have as a Christian. If all those men did the things you said they did, I agree they’re scum. But this is a discussion of Trump – not a history of horrible things done by white men.

      I truly hope that this is the thing that knocks some sense into Republicans, and they really truly recognize that they’ve made a mistake by allowing Trump to go on this long. He has no business being in the White House. Hillary isn’t perfect, but she is SO much better than Trump.

  • I’m female, so have never been in a male locker room. However, my son and grandsons have; in addition, my younger Grandson is currently on active duty in our military. They have all assured me that — while plenty of salty, sexually-explicit, language occurs in locker rooms — they have never heard anyone in any locker room confess to committing actual sexual offenses. Our society suffers when we normalize — categorize and accept as normal — behavior that is abnormal, and we should never accept the sentiments and actions captured on this tape as “normal” or otherwise socially acceptable.

  • And yet there is no article about the 33,000 deleted e-mails while under subpoena. Trump is all talk but Hillary’s actions should land her in prison.

    How can the democrats really support this serial liar and criminal.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton was allowed to order 10 cattle futures contracts, normally a $12,000 investment, in her first commodity trade in 1978 although she had only $1,000 in her account at the time.

    The computerized records of her trades, which the White House obtained from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, show for the first time how she was able to turn her initial investment into $6,300 overnight. In about 10 months of trading, she made nearly $100,000 off if her initial $1,000.
    Hillary will make sure that Trump doesn’t get her IRS agent.

    • She’s the most investigated woman in the United States. Nothing stuck. I know it’s difficult to clear your head of the programming of the sex offender network, but you must try.

      • OJ lied, got a great defense team and got off…that doesn’t make him any less of a killer.
        Hillary is a serial liar and will be the least trusted president since Nixon. How does the democratic party live with themselves?

        • No, the district attorney failed to make their case and the police did incredibly sloppy work, OJ’s attorneys took advantage of the state’s sloppy work and got their client off. Like it or not that’s justice and how our country is supposed to work.

        • I don’t know how OJ Simpson ended up in this conversation but he got the best defense his money could buy. Something white folks do everyday of every week. By the way, Trump is also a serial liar even when there’s video tape of what he’s said – he still denies saying it! How does the Republican party live with that?

  • I can’t even fathom how we got to this point-all the egregious comments made by Trump did not prevent him from getting the presidential nomination for one of the only two major political parties. He kept pushing all the boundaries and it didn’t stop him. Muslims, Mexicans, Black people, immigrants, women, his opponents-he never stopped insulting them. But describing sexual assault as just talk, threatening to throw his opponent into prison if he gets elected-if these two don’t move the Americans toward thinking straight I don’t know what else will. Not enough if the media and establishment denounce him, everyone should. Hope to see that day.

      • It’s the hate that really hurts. I can’t understand why any of my friends think that it is okay for a racist, sexist bully to be president of this great country. Diversity makes us great! Respect for each other makes us great! Love and togetherness will keep us strong! There is no way a wall and laws like stop and frisk will help anything. Trump’s behavior is nothing to admire or model. Our kids should not be taught that this is acceptable behavior.

  • Let me get this straight – he talks about kissing and grabbing women without their consent and that’s locker room talk. Does not mean he was lying when he made those comments? Does that mean that he is OK with just saying that he did or does those things, and because it is lock room talk it is somehow OK to lie about sexually assaulting someone?

    If this was a Black candidate, folk would be up in arms! If the Black candidate were to simply say, this was locker room talk – what would white Americans say? If you are not just as disgusted as you would be if a black man would have made these comments – guess what – you are one of the people that is apart of America’s racism problems!

    • Picture a Black woman with five children from three fathers. I can’t even imagine the comments.

      But it’s ok for the orange fraud and his charlatan “religious” right followers.

    • Exactly. If a black candidate for any office, let alone POTUS, were to have said the things DT said, they would have had to take the first plane out of the country. They would’ve automatically been disqualified from running for office. Yet, DT is still running. Clearly this shows that there are rules for some and rules for others.

  • On the bright side we are less than 30 days away from the general election. Both candidates are flawed. Some morally, some legally and ethically. Both sides are scratching their heads in amazement that the opposite candidate is still being supported. Hypocrisy and double standards is now the accepted norm, just so long as it is for ‘your side.’ No matter who wins this election it seems our country will be further divided. That being said it would be interesting if the election ended in a delegate tie and the House picked the President and the Senate picked the Vice-President.

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