Trump, Conservatives Silent After Latest Cop Killer ID’d as White Man

While the Black community was blamed when a Black man killed police officers last summer, the tone is different when the suspect is a white, Confederate flag-waving Trump supporter.

When three police officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge last July, there was understandable national outrage — but there was increased fervor from many conservatives, led by Trump, who demanded “law and order,” immediately blamed President Barack Obama and pointed to the Black Lives Matter movement. The “cop killer” in this incident was a Black man.

Meanwhile, following the coldblooded killing of two police officers in Iowa this week in what investigators have called an “ambush-style” attack by a white, Confederate flag-waving man with a Trump-Pence sign on his front lawn, the outrage by Trump and his surrogates and supporters has been considerably more subdued.

After the Baton Rouge shootings, Rush Limbaugh on his radio show said BLM was “quickly becoming a terrorist group committing hate crimes.” Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and staunch Trump mouthpiece said on CBS: “[Black people] sing rap songs about killing police officers and they talk about killing police officers, and they yell it out at their rallies and the police officers hear it.”

This week, Trump tweeted that he was praying for the families of those killed in Iowa and offered words of support for police. Giuliani, who was stumping for Trump in Iowa hours after the shooting, said, “I’m not going to politicize this, but let me give a politicized take on a previous police killing. Just, you know, coincidentally.” He added, “This is not an isolated incident. This is happening all over the country.”

Both made their comments before the shooter’s identity was known. After the world learned the man was 46-year-old Scott Michael Greene, a white man with a history of carrying around the Confederate flag and harassing African Americans, Trump, Giuliani and others have remained deafeningly silent.

According to police, the two officers, Urbandale Officer Justin Martin and Des Moines Police Sgt. Anthony Beminio, were shot and killed in their patrol cars, taken by surprise with no opportunity to defend themselves.

It appears Greene was mad at police for not arresting Black teens who did not stand for the national anthem during a high school football game and kicking Greene out instead for waving a Confederate flag — violating school policy.

Greene video recorded his confrontation with police two weeks prior to the shootings, when police escorted him out of the Urbandale High School football game after he waved a Confederate flag in front of several Black people during the national anthem. He later wrote online that he “was offended by the blacks sitting through our anthem. Thousands more whites fought and died for their freedom. However this is not about the Armed forces, they are cop haters.”

During the video, Greene can be heard talking with police and a school representative who told him he must leave.

“The flag you are holding is actually in violation of school code,” the school representative said.

Greene insisted it was his “constitutional right” to wave the flag.

One of the police officers then said, “You came just to fly the flag and possibly cause a disruption tonight. You have got to understand in the current social climate that we’re in, when you fly a Confederate flag in front of several African American people, that is going to cause a disturbance.”

Greene again insisted, “It is my constitutional right,” to which the officer added, “That is going to cause a disturbance whether you intend to or not, whether it is your right or not.”

Greene also posted a 10-second still image on his YouTube page showing himself waving the Confederate flag in front of Black spectators at the game.

Two years ago, Greene was accused of approaching a man in a parking lot, shining a flashlight in his eyes and calling him the N-word, before threatening to kill him. “I will kill you, (expletive) kill you,” Greene reportedly said. He was charged with first-degree harassment but pleaded guilty to a lesser harassment charge and was sentenced to one year of probation.

When Greene finally turned himself in this week for killing the police officers, he was apprehended without violence. Police did not shoot him, and he was treated respectfully, not unlike the way Dylann Roof (also a Confederate flag-waving white supremacist) was apprehended following his murderous rampage at the South Carolina church last year.

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  • No surprise at all. When an offender is Black, the hardcore conservative white mob is deafeningly loud and outspoken using the usual code words such as “lawless”, “animals”, “thugs”, and these days just going right for the N-bombs. Now that the offender is a white male…..crickets!! The reality of the situation is that there will ALWAYS be racial tension, and to expect unity on a large scale is futile. We see tolerance and coexistence on a much smaller scale in certain instances, but that will be the extent of the progress that we can expect going forward. The American experience and the Black American experience will always tell two stories.

  • The first shooting took place several blocks from my granddaughter’s school, and the second just blocks from my daughter’s house. Shootings are not “typical” in these neighborhoods – this is a “good part of town.” This man went to the game and tried to cause a “race” issue. The killings were not race-related or justified in any way, shape, or form. This guy had a Trump sign in his lawn. I just wonder if all of Trump’s garbage – racism, prejudice, hate, intolerance, encouraging violence – helped drive this guy’s actions? Did he feel justified or encouraged to go to the game and act like that, and then shoot those men? Did Trump’s actions and attitudes somehow contribute to this guy’s actions? People all over the country are acting horrible because Trump acts horrible. Trump will continue to act horrible if he is President. I pray he loses this race.
    I’m very saddened by these shootings, and I pray for the families of the victims and this man’s family. Life is forever changed for all of them.

  • Greene may well be mentally ill. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have realized the extreme contradiction between being offended by someone’s conduct during the National Anthem and his waving the flag of those who sought to destroy the Union represented by Old Glory?

    • I am sure he thinks it is somehow the fault of the Black teens who provoked him by not standing for the national anthem. The man is clearly nuts!

      • No, he thought about what he did and executed. May have not been graceful but welcome to trash people overall. They do what they want, to the destruction of our values and community. If you know people like this, keep them off the streets, they aren’t crazy just assholes masquerading as a madman.

    • Petey Greene

      Naturally, when it’s a white killer, there is the rush to try to understand or give the mentally unstable defense.

      When it’s a black killer. … just “Thug” comes to mind.


  • This guy is filled with hate and is sick. He obviously went to the football game to pick a fight….. I’m glad the crowd didn’t take the bait.

    I am a “conservative” and I don’t much care if he is Black or White, he is a vile and disgusting character. I suspect that most conservatives feel the same way.

    • Except that most conservatives stay quiet when it’s a white committing this vile crime.

  • I don’t get it, what are they supposed to say, aside from condolences? Are we supposed to ignore BLM when they call for violence against the police? Criminals are not homogeneous, they have different motivations. And when a lot of them are motivated by a group calling for violence against law enforcement, that is a problem. Statistics not manipulated don’t lie.

    • Maybe they get a little concerned when “militia” extremists like the Bundys get away with lawlessness, more thugs are motivated to kill.

    • BLM has NEVER called for violence against police. Check their website for what they actually support. Some individuals have called for violence, and may have been at BLM protests, but that doesn’t mean that it should be blamed on BLM.

      The disconnect is that if it’s a black person doing the shooting, the Trumpists go racial. If it’s a white dude, it’s a “lone nut” or someone that is mentally ill. An even bigger disconnect is that they don’t see their racist actions as being proof of what BLM is complaining about. (That and the justice department calling out police departments all across the country for having institutionally racist polices and actions.)

      In reality, if you shoot a cop, you’re mentally ill, no matter what color you are. It NEVER goes well for you. You’re going to end up in prison for the rest of your life or dead.

      47yo white guy that lives in Baltimore here, btw. I see all the time that my neighbors (all black) are treated worse by the cops than I am. I’ve been living in black neighborhoods in Baltimore for the last 15 years.

      • Although i cant connect on a residential level, i can on an intellectual one. You’re right, why they label us as lone nuts when someone goes off is dangerously ignorant. They are there for their own selfish ideals. They aim to veer the eye of race to light and dark and not to help and compassion of all. It hurts as a young man to see people i know affected by this madness.

        When will everyone realize that we as a country, we focus so much on labels, taking away from the summation of this bitter mans history.


    I’ve seen plenty of conservatives talking about this case, and showing their support of Blue Lives Matter. Perhaps you’re intentionally ignoring it in order to sell your cheap agenda?

  • Was this shooting racially driven? By that I mean, were the officers non-white? The silence on the part of conservatives would be doubly troubling in that case.

  • And some say the FBI has parellel information to blackmail Congress members to keep a loose leash on theFBI so information the FBI collects illegaly and has access to can be used . Rudy has a file, but he likes the FBI.

  • One little problem with your dumb and ignorant article: Mike Pence went to Iowa to visit the family of the slain officers. Liberal narrative BTFO again.

  • Kathlyn Layne

    The problem is that we, as a nation, are less educated overall. We score near the bottom on NAEP scores in reading and math and we have more ignorant in leadership who don’t care about anyone but themselves. We are very selfish and self centered and would rather kill someone than be respectful of a human life. We no longer value education. It’s all about power and bullying people rather than loving our neighbor and respecting everyone no matter their race, color, culture, or beliefs.

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