Trump Appointee Resigns After Slew of Racist Rants Come to Light

According to Carl Higbie, Black Americans have no morals and “think that breeding is a form of employment.”


An appointee of President Donald Trump is out following the discovery of numerous derogatory comments he made on the radio.

Carl Higbie, who served as head of external affairs for the Corporation for National and Community Service and a spokesman for the Great America PAC, attacked Blacks, LGBTs, veterans suffering from mental illness, Muslims and women in a variety of radio interviews made public by CNN.

On a radio appearance in 2013 on Internet radio show “Sound of Freedom,” the president’s pal recalled a time he was giving away free firewood and said “the Black race” has “lax morals.”

“Of the 25 or so white people that came by, not a single one asked me to help load the firewood in their car, to do anything for them, to split it for them or anything,” Higbie said.

“Only one [Black] person was actually cordial to me. Every other Black person was rude. They wanted me to either load the wood, completely split it for them or some sort of you know assistance in labor. Now, mind you the ad was for free firewood, come take it all you want. And I believe that this translates directly into the culture that is breeding this welfare and the high percentage of people on welfare in the Black race. It’s a lax of morality.”

He went on to say: “We’re promoting birth control to a Black woman because of the incredibly high rate of children born out of wedlock that are under-cared for or not cared for at all. The taxpayers are tired of supporting government checks going to these people who think that breeding is a form of employment. I’m sorry if Black people are the majority of the targeted audience. They are, statistically they are.”

Higbie’s implication that only minorities benefit from government assistance is inaccurate. According to a study from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, government assistance is most beneficial to working-age adults without a college degree — whites in particular:

“People of all races and ethnic groups who lack a bachelor’s degree receive significant help from the safety net, but on two significant metrics, the results for white working-age adults stand out. Among working-age adults without a college degree, 6.2 million whites are lifted above the poverty line by the safety net — more than any other racial or ethnic group.”

This is not only because white people make up the majority of the population, the study adds:

“Poverty reduction programs provide substantial benefits to all demographic groups within the working class. But they reduce poverty proportionately more among working-age white adults without a college degree than among other adults lacking a college degree. Among otherwise-poor adults, these programs reduced poverty by 44 percent for white adults and by 35 percent for all other adults.”

Notably, in June 2016, Higbie said that anyone who has received government assistance during the election cycle should not be allowed to vote, despite voting being a constitutional right.

In a different “Sound of Freedom” show, Higbie referred to “urban areas” as “the ghetto.”

The word “ghetto” is widely considered an outdated term and is no longer used in mainstream media discussions.

Higbie also on a different airing said Blacks should not call themselves “African Americans”:

“The whole African-American thing gets me whipped up because it’s like 99 percent —and I’m paraphrasing here — of people who write down African American have never been to Africa,” he said. “So barring dual citizenship, you’re American or you’re African, but you’re not both. I don’t care what you think. That’s another thing that just sets me off.”

It is unclear what he is “paraphrasing.”

Higbie also made numerous attacks on former President Barack Obama and questioned the authenticity of his birth certificate. He once referred to Obama as “the Muslim who was born in Kenya.”

Obama was born in Hawaii and is a Christian.

In another show he called Obama’s birth certificate “pixelated” and called the birther movement “legitimate.”

“This birth certificate thing. Sure, absolutely legitimate claim. You want to know if this, where was this guy born. That’s a legitimate question.”

In addition to Black people, Higbie made derogatory comments about LGBT people, Muslims, veterans suffering from mental illness and women. A few more of his sound-offs from various interviews include:

“Go back to your Muslim shithole and go crap in your hands and bang little boys on Thursday night. I just don’t like Muslim people. People always rip me a new one for that. Carl, you’re racist, you can’t, you’re sexist. I’m like Jesus Christ. I just don’t like Muslim people because their ideology sucks.”

“But severe PTSD, where guys are bugging out and doing violent acts, is a trait of a weak mind. Now things like [military member] Brandon, where he was legitimately blown up and a loud noise makes him on edge — completely understandable, but when someone performs an act of violence that is a, it is a weak mind. That is a crazy person, and the fact that they’re trying to hide it behind PTSD makes me want to vomit.”

“You cross my border, I will shoot you in the face. I will go down there. I’ll volunteer to go down there and stand on that border for, I don’t know, a week or so at a time and that’ll be my civil duty. I’ll volunteer to do it.”

(in reference to Rhode Island legalizing gay marriage) “Congratuf’in’lations, you suck, Rhode Island. Why would you do that? Go ahead and twist the knife a little, little bit more. I mean, you are breaking the morals, the moral fiber of our country. You know, I don’t like gay people. I just don’t.” 

“Nothing gets me going like Ted Cruz, when he went off on that [Sen. Dianne] Feinstein Bitch about the Second Amendment, and oh, he put her in her place. That was just fantastic. I can’t stand that woman. She’s another one. Her and Pelosi. I’d love to just take both their heads and smack them together a couple of times.”

In November 2016 Higbie also suggested taking away immigrants’ constitutional rights and said there is “precedent” for enforcing a registry of all Muslim Americans: the internment camps Japanese Americans were held in during the World War II era.

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  • Wow. He has very interesting views to say the least. Very uninformed, but interesting.

    • Charity Dell

      “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Trumpsters…
      They be lookin’ for their LAX OF MORALITY!….”

  • Just as a reminder—-none of this is a surprise to the government who hired this person. They have a vetting process so they were aware and went with him anyway.

    • Charity Dell


      Carl just mad because he ain’t as PRETTY AS ME, because I be–wait for it–

      1. Carl don’t want me to say that I’m AFRICAN-AMERICAN, so I’ll keep on SAYING IT
      until Carl GOES BACK TO EUROPE.

      2. Carl ain’t Black or Mexican, and he ain’t cute.
      That’s why Carl is JEALOUS of Me and All Other People of Color.

      3. Carl be like MELANIN-CHALLENGED and CORTEX-CHALLENGED–ain’t no “there” there.
      That’s why Carl be FROWNING all the time. Dust devils be swirlin’ in his little head. Ain’t no
      edu-ma-kashun up in there, just the Dust of Dumbness in the Vortex of Vapidity.

      4. Carl never found his little LAX OF MORALITY and he still lookin’ for it. :-) LOL

  • another country heard from, a frightened, mall-minded, insular individual who still wouldn’t be satisfied if everybody looked like & behaved as he does

    • Charity Dell

      VERONICA–Have you seen Carl’s “LAX OF MORALITY?”
      He’s still out there looking for it…

  • He sounds psychotic and paranoid. People like him aren’t even smart enough to keep their racist homophobic thoughts to themselves? They should realize it isn’t how the majority of the world feels. I am tired of listening to these crazy rants, and I, like many others am tired of my tax dollars going to people like this! We need a government that is for all the people equally, and will govern justly.

  • When does hate-supporting speech become a crime and not protected by the constitution? He’s espousing personally shooting people and bodily harm. I also am shocked by this idiot’s poor grasp of history, geography and inhumanity.

    • Charity Dell

      M–It’s not against the law to have: AN EMPTY SILO for a brain.
      Maybe you can help Carl find his precious:


      Carl’s been lookin’ for it for YEARS! :-) LOL

  • LuisRodriguez

    Just another racist who feels superior. He is a fiercesom warrior due to his training, but is a sicko. I bet he has never been in a erlfare office. He would be shocked at all the white people in here. They are there for assistance they need. Is he going to condemm them both. Also, Idoubt a ra ist would give and load free wood to Blacks.

    • Charity Dell

      LUKE–What’s a “lax of morality?”
      Does that have any “bigly” meaning?

    • Charity Dell


      You know good and well El Grande Blanquito Carl don’t be likin’ your SPANISH NAME!

      1. Carl don’t know no SPANISH, becuz he soooooo AMURRIKIN.

      2. Carl don’t know no ANGLISH either, let alone them Spanish words like:
      patio, cafeteria, taco, enchilada, pasteles, guineo, salsa, picante, aprender,
      cerebro, estacionamento, blanquito, rodeo, bodega, tienda, Boricua, Mexicano.

      3. Carl thinks arrybody who don’t look like His Pitiful Pastiness ain’t Amurrikin.
      He got that special AMURRIKCAN “LAX OF MORALITY.”

      4. Carl need a RE-CONQUISTA about now…! LOL ;-)

  • He’s regurgitating everything tRump believes and that’s why he was in his sh#thole cabinet. After over 250 years of slavery where we had to pick, chop and tote cotton for lazy whites, I’d tell that rednecKKK cracKKKer not only to chop my firewood, put it in my car, but to chauffeur me to my house!

    As an AFRICAN female in AmeriKKKa [I hate calling myself an AMERICAN], I have two college degrees and with white racism, sexism, and discrimination against Blacks entrenched in AmeriKKKa’s employment practices, it’s like having only a GED. It’s been statistically proven that a dumb, white, rednecKKK with a prison record could get hired before any college-educated person of African descent in racist white AmeriKKKa.

    During slavery, white racist plantation owners thought it was OK for Blacks to be UNWED and BREEDERS of that white savage’s half-breeds and other designated stud’s babies. Marriage and learning to read and write among slaves was against the white devil’s law. UNWED Black women BREEDING meant more cotton pickers, field hands and white wealth.

    Higbee is ignorant trash dumped from the UK [United Killers] and other parts of euROPEn lynching countries to AmeriKKKa. Too bad the Indians couldn’t build a WALL to keep all the TRASH from Europe out of their country; we wouldn’t have the tRumps, Limbaughs, Sessions, Bannions, Palins, Higbees or other dumb az Huckabillies.


      ZAZIJAMS–You so funny and stuff! :-) You shouldna been usin’ words like “regurgitatin'” when you be
      conversatin’, and writin’ on this-here DYE-VERS-ITEE listserv thang, cause L’il Cracked Carl DON’T BE

      1. You KNOW L’il Cracked Carl kain’t find his LAX OF MORALITY he been lookin’ fur.
      Carl SAY he handed out some firewood to Black Peepuls, but L’il Crazy Carl so JEALOUS
      of Peepuls of Kullah (dat’ how Carl spel it) he kain’t see strate out them Narra Eyeballs he done got.
      Maybe what L’il Crazy Carl ben handin’ out wuz bits and pieces of his LAX OF MORALITY. :-)

      2. Carl mad cuz he kain’t git no wimminz, coz Carl ain’t cute. He kinda MELANIN-CHALLENGED,
      and Da Pretty African, Asian, Indigenous, Latina and Pale Euro Wimminz ain’t givin’ L’il Crazy Carl the time of day
      in Amurrikka.

      3. That’s why Kooky Cracked Carl thawt he’d git a job wif’ da PORCELAIN POTTY POLICY POSSE.
      Kooky Crazy Cracked L’il Carl STILL be lookin’ fir hiz:


  • Charity Dell

    So who employed Carl’s parents to give birth to HIM?
    Q. Where Car’s BRAIN CELLS BE AT?
    A. Behind the preposition “at”, THE NULL SET, the VACUUM OF EMPTY SPACE.

    Carl’s just mad ‘coz he don’t look so good!
    He need a MAKEOVER! :-) LOL

  • What a moron.

    He’ll get old and find out what life is *really* about.

    Getting up to pee 5 times a night and standing there with his swollen prostate for 10 minutes waiting for something to happen.

    Sitting on the toilet for half an hour and…waiting for something, anything, to happen.

    Getting his adult diaper changed by some African American or maybe a Mexican, possibly someone from a shithole country. I bet he won’t care what they call themselves.

    Another idiot with opinions.

    Like a**holes – a dime a dozen.

    Sometime in the not too distant future, his biggest concern will be can he fart that day.

    I used to sell insurance in the deep south and go around collecting premiums. Here’s my story:
    Every single one of the white people lied when they asked me to come back to collect. Every single (and they were very poor) black person was good on his or her word and paid me when I returned.

    See? Everyone has a story to tell. I’ve been working with white people everyday for decades. They make an art of pretending to work hard and looking busy, while getting promoted on “merit’.

    People, who literally imported people to pick their cotton, nurse their babies on someone else’s tit, and raise their children are always trying to convince themselves they work harder then anyone else on the planet. Ask any nanny from a shithole country with a baby stroller in Central Park. That’s not her kid. An immigrant just off the boat works hard. Not some clueless loud mouth pissant.

    Meanwhile the biggest beneficiaries of pensions, workers compensation, unemployment, disability, SSD, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, GI bill, and social security disability is…guess who?

    But he knows that. That’s why he throws shade.

    I’ll give him this…he has been working really hard – to convince himself of alternative facts.

    • I am very visably disabled from a stroke 3 1/2 years ago. My mobility is not great (it’s not terrible, I fully understand how many people would love to trade places with me).

      It is humbling to receive quiet and subtle kindnesses from the least wealthy non-white people, done in a way that is empathetic, not sympathetic.

  • His micro way of thinking is a result of how he was taught to process and share information, along with a white supremacist ideology. I respect the fact that he served however, donning a uniform doesn’t necessarily make someone a warrior. If the truth were to ever be exposed, and blacks were given credit for all the stolen ideas, inventions, contributions, America would go bankrupt rewriting her history. Also he should look at the historical policies put in place to create ongoing disparities for minorities.

  • Mau Mau Rising

    Firstly Luke, use my name in full. Any exclusion or change is censorship and suspect as to your reason for the omission.

    Secondly, his wood story is suspect. I pity this man. It’s sad that he was taught and imbues hatred at this level.

  • These are the kinds of people attracted to tRump (and he to them) so he rewards them by appointing them to various positions within his administration. I hope is that more and more of these card-carrying KKKers are exposed for who they are and what they represent. And, I fervently hope that we’re able to toss all of these bastards out come next election.

  • The largest welfare sponges are huge corporations … we pay most of our taxpayer dollars to corporate welfare- not that they need or deserve it -trickle down Hoovernomics/ Reaganomics (aka flow up, away and out) never ever works

  • How is it that this guy made all these statements and still somehow got appointed by Trump! I thought he only picked all the ‘best people’. Is this his definition of a great person? What ever happened to an in depth vetting process?

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