Tina Campbell Says Trump’s Christianity Earned Her Vote, Angela Rye to Boycott Her Show

The “Mary Mary” gospel singer received backlash for an open letter in which she said not to “discredit that potential and greatness inside of Mr. Donald Trump.”

Tina Campbell (left) and Angela Rye

Last week, while promoting the new season of her reality TV show “Mary Mary,” gospel singer Tina Campbell addressed backlash she received for an open letter asking the public not to bash President Donald Trump and pray for him. Campbell said she voted for Trump because of his views on Christianity. In response, Angela Rye, an attorney and political commentator on CNN, posted on Instagram that she would boycott her show.

Campbell and her sister, Erica, are members of the award-winning contemporary gospel group “Mary Mary.” In an open letter posted on Facebook in January, Campbell expressed that it was her duty as a Christian to support Trump.

The lengthy letter states, in part:

“Although I don’t always understand or agree with Mr. Donald Trump’s politics, perspective, and approach, I believe that the same God that created all of us has deposited greatness inside of him that goes far beyond what many of us have seen and what many of us could imagine.

“I choose to believe that that same power that comes from Almighty God is at work in Mr. Donald Trump, and it will be used for the greater good of this nation and its people.

“I choose not to discredit that potential and greatness inside of Mr. Donald Trump simply because my previous perception of him has not been as great as the God who masterminded his existence.

“President Donald Trump is the elected leader of this nation so, as a citizen, I choose to be for him.”

The letter went viral, and Campbell received backlash due to Trump’s checkered history in relation to the Black community.

In an interview with The Root published on Sept. 29, the singer said she believed Trump shares her views on Christianity.

“I was faced with two presidential candidates that I really did not approve of,” Campbell said. “And so I had to find something, a commonality with one of them, that would make me feel like if I have to vote, I should utilize my right to vote. Since I don’t prefer either of them, what can I find that would make me vote? And some of Donald Trump’s views on Christianity, honestly, is what caused me to vote for him.”

Campbell also explained why she wrote the letter in a Sept. 26 interview with ABC News.

“So what prompted me to write this open letter is I’m going to churches and I’m seeing people so faithless, so scared, so shaken that we are going to hell in a handbag because Donald Trump is going to become the president.

“I don’t know if the other person was going to be our god or whatever, but it was almost like we picked the wrong god, and I was like, first of all the president is not your god, so don’t put that much faith in them.”

Campbell said she didn’t agree with “everything he’s doing.”

“I am greatly appalled by his choices, many things he has been saying, what he has been giving his attention to,” she said. “My position was that I was going to pray for him.”

Campbell then inferred that there was no basis for the fear that many Blacks and Latinos have about Trump disrupting their lives.

“Like even with the Black Lives Matter issue, because that is a lot of where this fear was coming from,” she said. “Everybody Black is like, ‘We’re all going to be slaves again, we’ll all be shipped back from somewhere.’

“Everybody that is Mexican, ‘We’re all going to be shipped somewhere.’”

She said not to bash Trump.

“[Thinking that] this man is gonna to take your house from you, he’s gonna take your car from you, he’s gonna take your job from you. In my opinion, he shouldn’t be that much of a part of your everyday existence. Thinking about every tweet that he makes and every decision.”

Rye, who is also an NPR political analyst, is known for her poignant criticism of Trump’s rhetoric and policies. On CNN in July, Rye refused to call him her president during a panel discussion related to Russia interfering in the U.S. presidential election.

“There are a lot of things that your president has done to defy logic. Let’s at least acknowledge that,” Rye, who is the CEO of IMPACT Strategies, said.

“Your president, too, Angela,” Trump campaign adviser and former GOP congressman Jack Kingston responded. “Your president, too.”

Rye replied, “Well, he’s your president.”

CNN host John Berman ended the dispute by saying Trump is “the president of the United States.”

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Rye responded to Campbell’s comments:

“It is truly the last and evil days, saints. I ain’t gonna tell you that the man isn’t a Christian.

“BUT I AM TELLING YOU WE KNOW A TREE BY THE FRUIT IT BEARS. Do you really believe his behavior is Christ like? Well, anyway … I am now boycotting ‘Mary Mary’ until Tina comes through with the GOSPEL TRUTH.

“What in the FIERY hell is going on?! Jesus!!!!!! And yes, I’m calling on Him because I need wisdom and understanding. I am trying REALLY hard not to cuss … on a Sunday. Let me log off.”

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  • I’m a Christian and am amazed at the actions of a lot of other Christians, particularly Evangelical one, regarding President Trump. Jesus said to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s. I’m a patriotic American who supports our Government and the office of the President of the United States of America. However, I do not believe that it is appropriate to cloak the actions of Government with the mantel of Christianity. Many of the actions of this Administration are purely political — not religious — and, frankly, some of them are unabashedly non-Christian. And yet, so-called “Christian” leaders — Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffus, et al — have whole-heartedly supported President Trump and, falsely, labeled him a good Christian. We are taught that God judges us more by our deeds than by our words, but — under either standard — Donald Trump can hardly be adjudged a Christian leader.

  • SMH……….Angela I totally understand your position and I too struggle not to use colorful language when discussing “lost” individuals. Goes to show some are stuck in the slave mentality.

  • I really respect Angela Rye so proud of all you do and all of your courage. Keep up the great work you are an inspiration to all of us especially our young sisters. Be blessed.

  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    By their fruits shall you know them. The fruits of a Trump regime have been “beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor”. The Lord has been know to express Himself rather forcefully on how unacceptable that is.

  • Ms. Campbell is entitled to her opinion but I just have one question for her: where’s the Christianity in bragging about grabbing women by their genitals. Ms. Campbell is correct in one thing, though, she does indeed need wisdom and understanding. Just saying.

  • Hmm, so much bashing on Campbell. The ladies have expressed their views……everyone is entitled to their opinions. I guess that’s what so fantastic about the ‘greatest nation on earth’- the ability to share disparate views and still eat/drink together. If Tina Campbell chooses to find commonality with the President on a religious basis; so be it. Like President Obama said, ‘we must stand so that freedoms can be expressed without let or hindrance’. We can only pray that the Good Lord will manifest in President Trump so that his plans will be made clear to us all.

    • Nonsense. If you believe in a vengeful God, you better stand 500 feet away from war monger, wife cheater, business swindler, pussy grabbing trump at all times. I cringe every time he says God bless America. Be careful who invokes God in your name.

      • You are simply unbelievable and vile. I have copies that I hand out of all of your outrage comments about our President and hand these out to Participants in my race relations dialogues saying these are comments from a person who gives out diversity awards. You would not believe the reactions against you but know it does not matter to you.

          • But John was referring to you, Luke, not to Trump, and he does have a valid point. You don’t seem to be too vengeful and judgmental to be a legit diversity and inclusion leader, you are too vengeful and judgmental to be a legit diversity and inclusion leader.

          • Yes, I know he was referring to me and not 45. No, he doesn’t have a valid point. He’s a bigot who doesn’t have the intellectual honesty to just be a bigot. He has to be a bigot who claims he conducts race relations dialogues – I’d imagine involving gags and a lot of duct tape.

            You are at least honest about how you feel and do not try to pretty it up. I respect you, I also respect ZJ. I may not agree, but I appreciate intelligent dissent. John isn’t smart enough for this. Here’s one example why:

            There’s no possible way to admire this president unless you’re a bigot. He’s a racist white supremacist and a gay bashing misogynist. He’s even rolled back support for people with disabilities. He is a serial philanderer who has said some pretty disgusting things about his own daughter. He’s been sued by more people than anyone I’ve ever heard of. His cabinet is less diverse than any in decades. The Black people and women around him are cartoon-like.

            As far as my temperament, you can criticize me all you wish, but you’re doing it on my website, I’m not on yours, because I’m successful doing this.

            Race relations dialogues from a trump supporter. Hahahaha. Seriously, that’s like cherry-flavored Drano or throwing rolls of paper towels to people who have to suck up to you for their survival. Tina Campbell is just sad.

        • LOL, and I suppose to you think #45 is the epitome of …..of….never mind. I’ll ask Ivana!

  • One thing certain two things for sure 45 does not represent me as president of the US when his walk and talk shows otherwise. 45 is a con man, and since Ms Campbell believes in his madness, the Word also says to render unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s and all I owe Cesar is to continue to pay my taxes. I can’t stand Christians who use their faith for madness and disrespect regarding the plight of their people – they’re looking to help themselves. 45 had his blessing from the Evangelical Christian Male community when they visibly pretended to pray and lay hands on 45 encouraging his divisive, racist, white supremacist state of mind and actions. You cannot convince me that God chose this man who with the help of the Russian government to dictate allegiance. That attitude is what has made us a selfish people toward one another and it also continues to keep Black people enslaved mentally and physically and emotionally. Black People Wake Up – this woman speaks destruction. Seek your personal relationship with the Creator, remember the works of your Ancestors and forget these false prophets men, women, black, white, latina, asian. The Creator is seeking you and he will direct you to the right people to share your faith and build relationships. IJS

    • whatever happened to separation of church and state??? does it exist any longer??? Christian …….then talk is cheap ……walk the walk. Tina is a lost person, could easily be convinced to join a cult. Obviously she has drunk some Kool-Aid. I judge no person on their relationship with a supreme being……..but I do observe an based on that………he worships anything but a good God.

  • Wow, what can you say? So there was no other candidate that matched up to Donald Trump’s Christianity? Are there many people who even connect him much with church? If you voted for him, fine, but because of his Christianity? You lost me with that.

  • Tina Cam0bell is a clown..she is but yet another black person in america who thinks just because someone yelled..hey, i.m christian so vote for me..then they must do it. What will it take before stupid black people like her come to realize that just because someone screams christian doesnt make it so..First off all the candidates have been saying they are christian for years now. Just name one that hasnt..u cant. Most of this country thinks its christian..Now if u ask Trump what makes him christian he wouldnt have an answer for it because he has no clue of the basics..acceptong christ as lord and savior is suppose to be at the basic core..then it follows with living it out in your lifestyle..thats the evidence. ..thats whats in the bible anyway..all these candidates can really say is that they have a home church..but thats it..Trump is no more of a christiian than the next candidate and if him saying that he was one with out trully being able to define it ..is the reason Tina Campbell and so many others voted for him..she.s as as big a fool as the rest..Its stupid to use this as criteria for selecting a political leader as though he.s a spirirual leader which he isnt..because no one can prove anything.

    • Cecil Bacon Jr.

      Vev were blacks practicing Christianity when they were kidnapped from their homeland?

  • I also identify as a Christian, but not the Uncle Ben Carson, Clarence ThomAss, O’Bamma or Tina Campbell hypocrite type. I don’t see anything that resembles true Christianity in tRump.

    Unlike perverted O’Bama, I applaud his stance against same sex marriage, transgenders in the military, abortion as healthcare and other conservative issues. As the O’Bamma’s were classic Uncle Tom’s who assimilated into European culture to a fault, tRUMP is a classic AmeriKKKan-bred racist.

    Dim-witted Black entertainers like Tina Campbell, Steve Harvey, and Kanye need to stick to what they do best: Skinnin’, grinnin’, shufflin’, jivin’, and sangin’ to appease white folKKKs.

    She didn’t read the verse in Isaiah 5:20 which says: Don’t call EVIL [tRump] good, or GOOD evil…” This is all about these Black entertainers (including gay Paris Dennard), sucking up to protect their bottom line [for Paris and Don Lemon, it’s has a double meaning].

    • So in your world any black person that is successful and does not believe in blaming others for their failures is a sell out Uncle Tom?!

  • We are all created in the image of God. God even created lucifer. There is a measure of goodness in most but Tina, God also talks about a reprobate mind and situations even when God allows a person to be turned over to their own doings. A person has a right to their opinion and the right to feel horrible when that opinion comes back to bite them. We should pray for 45 and all others of that mind set but the bible says “I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” You need to be wise as a serpent especially when you seem to have decided to be with them. Cant listen to your show any more, sorry

  • Well good for her, she didn’t buy into the doom and gloom mentality. People need to grow up, did they feel the same way about Bush???

    • Bush II has too much class to be placed in the same paragraph with the name of #45.

  • Charity Dell

    Trump’s mother was a devout Presbyterian woman who attempted to give him a Christian upbringing.
    Trump’s father was a racist.
    Guess what side the Dumpy Donmeister chose to follow?
    Hint–Jesus Christ was not consulted when Trump committed serial adultery, or at any other
    point in his godless adult life.

  • I believe that everyone is entitled to free speech in the greatest country in the world. So, when someone expresses what they feel, who gives anyone the right to attack them. I see hate and bigotry all over the place and it is sad. The thing that gets me is why Black people attack each other and then expect other races not to attack black people. Freedom of speech is a right every american is blessed to have, so if you don’t like what someone says or believes or even tries different approaches to change something, who gives anyone the right to judge. I think our efforts should be better spent supporting our black businesses because what good does it do to use our energies attacking each other.

    • Angela, and others who do not agree with Tina, are expressing their opinions, just like Tina has expressed hers. How is that attacking?

  • Personally she can say what she likes. Speaking for myself, Tina Campbell is very insecure, no brains at all. Chasing behind a man that clearly doesn’t want her. She say she’s Christian so she should know what God put together nothing can come between so if she was equally yoke with her husband vice versa cheating would not happen because he will turn it down, Yes he will be tempted but not act on it. Just like her views on Trump is the same way she view that so call non marriage.

  • To be a citizen and say Trump is not your President, is to be in a state of denial. It’s silly.

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