Taye Diggs Says It’s Black Women’s Fault He’s Now Hesitant to Date White Women

Diggs claims Black women have traumatized him for his dating choices. “I don’t know if I can mess with a white girl now,” he said.

A recent interview in which actor Taye Diggs talks about his resentment toward Black women is causing a stir on social media.

Diggs, who starred in the TV show “Private Practice” and “The Best Man” films and currently has a recurring role on “Empire,” was married to actress Idina Menzel, who is white, for 11 years. Shortly after their split, in 2014, actress and model Amanza Smith and Diggs began a relationship. Smith, who identifies herself as biracial, is a mother of two who was previously married to former NFL player Ralph Brown.

In about an hour-long conversation on The Red Pill Podcast with host Van Lathan, Diggs reflected on his experience in Hollywood beginning in the late 1990s and his personal life.

“When [the film] ‘Stella [Got Her Groove Back]’ first hit, you were the big, hot thing at that point,” Lathan said. “What was that feeling like for you? … What was it like to be a Michael B. Jordan?”

Diggs responded, “It’s different now because way more white people know who Michael B. Jordan is, than who knew who Taye Diggs was.”

“So you didn’t get the crossover appeal?” Lathan asked.

“No, they gave that to Will Smith at the time,” Diggs said.

About midway into the podcast, Lathan and Diggs begin their banter regarding Black women.

“To this day, I still get, ‘I thought you only like white girls?’” Diggs said. “It’s been a life lesson. It doesn’t matter how many times I explain myself, there’s always going to be someone talking.”

Lathan said that Black male celebrities now dating or married to white women aren’t receiving backlash.

“You’ve got Kanye West, you’ve got Donald Glover,” Lathan said. “It’s almost like you took a bullet for those guys? Because they’re not getting any of that.”

Diggs said that there’s still Black male celebrities being ridiculed by Black women for dating white women, but it’s not upsetting them.

“It’s like family,” Diggs said, referring to Black women. “You love them, more than anything, but you’ve also got to deal with all the bull.”

Lathan asked, “Ever any resentment towards Black women because of some of those attitudes?”

“Yeah, deep down inside,” Diggs responded. “I don’t wanna say I suppress it, but I just watch it … when it happens to you, personally, even though you understand the logic, there’s trauma there.”

He continued, “I don’t know if I can mess with a white girl now. I don’t like that, I feel that like goes against who I am as a person.”

He added, “I feel like I’ve had [to] deal with that so long it’s changed what I think I like, what I’m attracted to… It’s not where my eyes gravitate to naturally and a lot of people would say, ‘Oh I should feel relieved.’ It might be racist and I don’t wanna be racist. I’m not racist.

“I wasn’t raised to look at someone’s race and be attracted to one race more than another. But I think any psychiatrist or therapist would probably say, it’s probably textbook.”

Many Black women are responding to Diggs’ claims on social media, basically saying that no one cares who he dates:

Diggs’ first children’s book, “Chocolate Me,” was based on his experiences growing up in a predominately white neighborhood. He and Menzel’s son, Walker, inspired his second book, “Mixed Me.”

In 2015, in an interview about the book, Diggs also made waves when he said that it should be emphasized that former President Barack Obama is “mixed” rather than only referring to him as a Black man.

“As African Americans we were so quick to say okay he’s Black he’s Black, and then there were the white people who were afraid to say he was biracial because who knows,” he said.

“Everybody refers to him as the first Black president, I’m not saying it’s wrong, I’m just saying that it’s interesting. It would be great if it didn’t matter and that people could call him mixed. We’re still choosing to make that decision, and that’s when I think you get into some dangerous waters.”

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  • Diggs is a coon to the highest degree. He has a problem with being black and has forgotten that he exited a black woman’s womb. No one cares about him.

  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    The long history of “one drop” laws and the like, means that Obama will always be black in some profound parts of the American psyche, for good or ill. He never had a choice in the matter.

    • Taye, O’Bama or any other so-called biracial can’t change the historical “One Drop Rule.” This rule is so asinine that even most whites would be considered Black once they receive their DNA results.

      Taye, like O’Bama and most “biracials” are Uncle Toms/Aunt Jemimas who crave “honorary WHITE status” because they have over 50% Caucasian blood. They’re no different from most Blacks who are BIRACIAL. My mother who identified exclusively as African American (and who could have “passed” as white) would make O’Bama look like a darkey, but he lost my respect when he insisted that he “was NOT all Black! This is something that tragic, brainwashed, confused Mulattos do when they want to appease whites and claim SUPERIORITY over Blacks. They’re sickening and only inferior lackies like Taye seek out what they are called in California: MIXED NUTS! Among most intelligent, educated and Africentric Blacks they are despised because they will sell us out [down river] to appease whites. Like O’Bama, they despise their own 50% BLACK blood and wish they could be 100% Caucasian.

      They are tragic because they are brainwashed by their racist white parent to feel SUPERIOR to Blacks and indoctrinated by their Uncle Tom/Aunt Jemima parent to feel INFERIOR to whites. Blacks with INFERIORITY COMPLEXES like Taye and Uncle Clarence ThomAss believe that they are MOVING UP the food chain when they date white people. Most Africentric PanAfricanist like me despise Taye/ThomAss clones and exclusively practice dating/marrying OUR OWN AFRICAN brothers and/or sisters to build up each other psychologically, socially, and culturally and to increase economic wealth within our own community.

  • Someone needs to tell this fool to shut up, and he’s lucky Hollywood hasn’t discarded him yet. Oh yeah, the year is still young.

  • Like his made up name “TAYE” , he’s as ignorant as his mother who gave it to him. As an intelligent, educated African American woman who studies history, what dumb-assed Taye doesn’t acknowledge is that the white plantation slave master LOVED Black women more than Taye and made 99.9% of us MIXED! Most DNA tests will reveal that like me, while I loathe the 19% Bri-Itch blood, Taye is glad his son isn’t as blacKKK as he is outwardly and inwardly. As a light-skinned woman, it’s sickening how dark-skinned men like Taye with MASSIVE INFERIORITY COMPLEXES fall all over themselves trying to date or marry me. While I prefer dark-skinned Black men, I can attest that the ones I’ve dated and many I’m acquainted with have latent INFERIORITY COMPLEXES. I never married one because I’m not a drama queen or psychiatrist who could deal with psychotically deranged “darkies” like Taye. Taye’s the kind of ni@@er with a plantation mentality in the 21st Century that keeps Black progress in the dark ages [pun intended].

    INFERIOR-ACTING dark-skinned Blacks like Taye everywhere in the world have made SKIN-BLEACHING a billion-dollar industry. Dark-skinned men like Taye always wished they could look like what most IGNORANT Blacks consider half-breed “pretty boys” like Terrence Howard. Since they know it’s impossible for them, they impregnate white women so they their sons would not be “darkies,” but would what they wished they desired: Half-breed, light-skinned “pretty boys.”

    Most astute Black women see through his WHITE LIES. Since he can’t fool us, he knows that he can easily fool white people– they eat up these “smokescreen” lies.

    What Black women secretly know about Black men like Taye [and our blood brothers, nephews, etc.] who date/ marry white women is that they’re closeted gays who prefer oral and anal sex. Unless they’re prostitutes or nymphomaniacs, this type sodomy is NORMAL with white women and Asians, but ABNORMAL in African culture. Real Black women prefer that you STICK IT, rather than LICK IT (except those perverted nympho Blacks like Taye who are closeted gays/lesbians that have adopted European sexual/cultural abnormalities). Taye is what most Black men consider a SEXUAL FREAK because they would rather STICK IT than LICK IT! It’s well- known that a Black who dates whites MUST practice oral or anal sodomy.

    My brothers, cousins, and nephews that date/marry white women exclusively brag, like Taye and cRapper Ice T, that there are FOUR major advantages: (1) They will suck “it” on demand and everywhere ’til it pops [i.e., fellatio]; (2) once you “WEAR OUT” the p***y, you can FLIP THEM OVER and tap that az; (3) you NEVER have to pay for anything because they, unlike Black women, won’t hassle you about getting a JOB! White women will financially support you.(4) If you beat them up, unlike Black women, you don’t have to sleep with one eye open. A white woman will allow them to beat them without any consequences. My older brother from Memphis married a super-rich white woman because he was lazy, didn’t have to get a job, and she has withstood over 40 years of his adulterous relationships and beatings.

    That’s the underbelly of interracial relationships that lying Black men like Taye don’t reveal, but we as Black women KNOW AS FACT. As mothers, babysitters, etc. to Black boys, we also know that the ones with smaller penises have NO CHOICE but to date white women who are accustomed to less endowed white men. Black men like Taye, Tiger and Ice T more than likely suffer from an abnormality within the African race called “little man’s disease” (i.e., penis size about 4-5 inches fully erect) which cause Black women to REJECT them. This repeated REJECTION over time by Black women causes them to HATE us because they couldn’t get laid; they couldn’t get a chance to bat, much less get to first base!

    This is the hidden TRUTH that lying dark-skinned Black men like Taye don’t tell because it exposes their sexual perversion, inferiority complexes, and abnormal need to compete with white men by snatching one of their white female “trophies” even if most of these trophies were thrown in the trash bin as undesirables by white men. Inferior, plantation slave type Black men like Taye, Tiger, Ice T, Clarence ThomAss, and Dennis Rodman who date white women will gladly “dumpster dive” to get the trash that makes decent white men throw up and then throw out. The same applies to Black women (usually lesbians who would rather have a man to lick it rather than stick it) who date white men. They NEVER get the “cream of the crop,” but usually uneducated, worthless, illiterate, toothless, ugly, financially-impaired hillbillies that no decent white woman would date, much less marry into that man’s family.

    • Aw, Jesus, ZaziJams, give us all a break! Luke, is there any way we could set up your girl ZaziJams into a Twitter war with Trump? Maybe they could wear each other out a little, and provide the rest of us some kind of respite. Just a thought…

    • Oh, good grief, ZaziJams—give it a rest. As usual, at least 70% of what you’re saying has its basis in fact, and then you jump straight off into the deep end with the other 30%. “Inferior, plantation slave type black men”—um, that’s really taking it way too far—methinks somebody is projecting way too much of their personal issues onto what is not really even an issue here. I suggest you take a deep breath, calm the hell down, and look into getting some serious counseling for yourself. Then come back with some less insane posts,lol.

    • “What Black women secretly know about Black men like Taye [and our blood brothers, nephews, etc.] who date/ marry white women is that they’re closeted gays who prefer oral and anal sex.”

      That one statement solidifies the immutable fact that you are not normal.

      You do not speak for me! Men and women of any race are free to marry the person they fall in love with.

      My son’s wife is White and he isn’t closeted gay.

      Thank God he didn’t bring someone like you home!

    • Freshonehundred

      With all that crap you just blurted out I see why some black men marry out of their race Jesus

  • Diggs is a has-been, he should just deal with that. Enjoy his money in peace and stop begging for publicity. The only time I hear about him is when he is throwing black women under the bus. If you take a look at the full interview, he even threw his own black mother under the bus by saying she told him that he would grow up to marry a white woman. I agree with the black women who say that in general, they never cared who he dated/married, because they didn’t want him. If he now “settles” for a black or mixed race woman, woe is her.

    The only thing that I agree with him about is that Obama is not black, he is mixed race with one black parent. As a poster said below, the One Drop Rule has always been a big problem in America, and I think that it needs to die. Elsewhere in the world, people are referred to as mixed-race, a person of color, etc. and not the one race. When I moved out of the USA, it helped change my perception because I realized that I was not regarded as black, but mixed race with black heritage.

    Americans (white and black) continue to embrace this toxic rule that treats blackness as radioactivity; one “drop” and you are contaminated. I understand that this creates a sense of community among people with recent black ancestry, but it was a racist rule made up by racist white people. I’ve tried to have this discussion with mixed race people and the few I’ve talked to became unhinged, claiming that I am policing blackness. Really, I think it comes down to finally accepting in our hearts that there is nothing WRONG or BAD with having two black parents or one black parent, just as there is nothing GOOD about either or being white. These are things that just ARE, and none of us made the choice.

    This is not to say that people of color, black or otherwise, should ignore how they are treated in the USA or racial inequality. This doesn’t mean that they should ignore that anti-blackness is global, pretend that the police are their friends or not teach their children to be leery of cops. Shoot, even white people should be leery of the cops. But continuing to accept this ignorant rule that diminishes blackness well into the 21st century is stupid as hell. My two cents.

    • We haven’t embraced or accepted the one-drop rule it handed to us by white society because that’s the way the thought at the time and probably still do. Ignorant rule considering ALL raced came from Black people so everyone has at least a drop.

  • Oh Taye,
    Black women got over Taye Digg a loooong time ago, now it’s time for him to get over his self-hating self. Don’t blame black women, just love who love and be man enough to be ok with it.

    And as for his thoughts on Obama – ever heard of the “one-drop” rule? Ugh, this article annoyed me a little. LOL

    • Bri:
      Like Alex said, the “one-drop” rule is nothing but a bunch of racist BS thought up by white slavemasters during slavery to keep track of who was black (by their own backwards, racist definitions) and who wasn’t. The “one-drop” has virtually no scientific basis in fact, and honestly, we should’ve kicked it to the curb a hell of a long time ago.

      Also, it seems like people are jumping all over Taye Diggs for what they think he said, not what he actually said. He never said he hated black women, he just said that he’s tired of them constantly giving him grief over dating white women,and that this has been the case for years now. I’ve always liked him as an actor, so it’s been cool to see him on the popular Fox drama Empire,lol. Seriously, what he’s saying is not that big of a deal. He can date whoever the hell he wants,it’s his life.

    • I agree with you Bri..this article annoyed me a bit as well. I don’t care what that man’s preference is but he should not look at black women as the reason why he chose it. Be who you are and stop finding reasons for your choices

  • I am an older black woman and this has really pissed me off. Normally I don’t jump into the mix when brothers or sisters date out of their color race. For me as long as it’s the human race I’m fine. As an older black woman I do have my opinion which I mainly keep to myself, because I have many family members who are married to people of another color race. But for this black man to blame us for his dam issue is not right. This man did what he did for himself. To blame us for his problems is not the way to move anyone towards feeling like this brother truly cares about his people. Perhaps he needs to sit down with some black woman and try to understand just how we feel. If you look the other way and expect the problem to resolve itself then you are thinking with a fools mind. The only way he will know how we feel is to speak to us in a forum void of name calling and hate. If black men would just treat us with as much respect as they treat women of other cultures, perhaps we would not feel the necessity to say that we think they are just trying to be UN-black, or denying who they are which I guess is the same thing, really. Some men have told me that white women know how to treat a black man and we don’t. Going so far as to say we as black women are bossy, loud nasty people. Who just want to bring the black man down. Well, who did their black mother bring down, I want to know? Unless your Mom is white. Love is love I get that. What I don’t get is shame blaming the black woman for every thing that has happened to them. What about our communities, families, children. Don’t our children deserve to have a strong loving black father in their life. Some say that they don’t want their children to go through what they went through as a black child, so they are marring up then their child will be mixed. Okay, but does that mean that you just up and walk out on your people. NO it doesn’t. Most just walk, never looking back. Come back to give back. We need black men who are real brothers that know and care about the whole group, their people. Standing for us, crying with us, loving us and our children. Older people like me need to know that younger people are carrying on and doing what makes us continue to be a great people. We need to watch the love, feel the love of our people, now through the words, actions of our black men. We need them to help build strong black communities that are safe for all of our people. So how can we have made this brother feel as though he can’t do what he wants. Which is still date white women, If he didn’t want to still do it he wouldn’t be blaming us for his inability to do it. Mr. Diggs just get on with the business of living and leave us out of your game, just like you’ve done. We aren’t stopping you for doing squat. Perhaps the white women have just realized that you aren’t all that after all. It happens. Find a place to be. You can always come home. There are many shades of black strong, loving women that would stand beside you and be your help mate. Peace out.

  • What’s happening here is that white women (probably his ex wife) hurt po Taye so badly, that he had to blame black women for his decision not to date white women again. What he doesn’t know is that black women don’t want his ass either….Don’t come crawling back home Taye. I’m sure that black women are doing fine without you. It’s pathetic that some black men will go to any length to bring a sistah down. They justify their desire for becky by denigrating black women for everything that they can think of. Now he’s blaming black women because he’s not interested in white women anymore. Can the sistahs get a break???

  • Taye Diggs sounds envious that “Barack Obama” had the option of claiming something other than black & resentful that he didn’t exercise his option! Well, he probably really doesn’t understand why he married a black woman & treats her like the Queen she is & made her 1st. Lady of the “WORLD” lol. Honey go for it & get you another white woman & don’t give a care what we (Back Women) think about you, cause it ain’t much. This attitude of ours about you is engendered more by your self absorption than your obvious self hate. We are all right with you cause we know it’s none of our business how you feel about you. You’re handsome without being attractive. For that there has to be something in common. Self esteem, respect & psychological intelligence as opposed to just cognitive. None of which you possess. God bless you son. For all the daughters & grandaughters of black woman “hood” lol.

  • Taye Diggs most Black men that date White women do so because they hate their Blackness. You are confusing your child. Hat the hell is Mixed Race, you may as well say Mullato. And isn’t it Black women that support your career, you remind me of Stacy Dash not Will Smith. That brother knows who he is. You don’t. Just another Black man running to milk to hide. Instead of proudly embracing your Blackness. Black women are always the problem, no they speak up and call you all out. White women don’t mind being used especially when you have $

    • “most Black men that date White women do so because they hate their Blackness”
      “White women don’t mind being used especially when you have $”

      Since you want to be an “armchair” psychiatrist, I’m going to let you know you are completely wrong. You don’t know what someone else hates unless they decide to tell you so; you don’t know what someone else mind doing unless they tell you.

      Stop projecting.

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