State Official who Called Michelle Obama ‘Ape in heels’ Gets Job Back

Pamela Taylor, who called First Lady Michelle Obama an "ape in heels" on Facebook, will return to her position on December 23.

Pamela Taylor (l) called the first lady an "ape in heels."

By Kaitlyn D’Onofrio

The woman who called First Lady Michelle Obama an “ape in heels” on Facebook and subsequently lost her job will return to work later this month, the Charleston-Gazette Mail reported.

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Pamela Taylor served as the director at the Clay County Development Corporation in Clay, a non-profit organization located in West Virginia that is funded by state and federal funds. After the election she posted on Facebook, “It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

State Official who Called Michelle Obama 'Ape in heels' Gets Job Back

Pamela Taylor (l) called the first lady an “ape in heels.”

Taylor was removed from her job after the posting went viral, but the corporation announced that she will be returning to her position on December 23.

The Charleston-Gazette Mail reported that, according to a letter from Leslie McGlothin, the organization’s acting director, to the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services, Taylor is currently on suspension but will return to work.

In a letter dated November 14 — around when the post became widespread on social media — Robert Roswall, the state bureau’s commissioner, cautioned the organization that “any discrimination of staff or the customers [they] serve” could cost it its funding.

At the time, Taylor said the incident had become a “hate crime against me.” She had been working on a lawsuit against the people who were slandering her. New reports have not indicated the status of the lawsuit.

On the original Facebook post, which has since been deleted, Clay County Mayor Beverly Whaling commented and said, “Just made my day, Pam.” Not long after the post became widespread, Whaling resigned as mayor.

Whaling initially reported to The Washington Post that her comment had been misconstrued.

“I was referring to my day being made for change in the White House! I am truly sorry for any hard feeling this may have caused!” she said.

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As the Obamas prepare to exit the White House after eight years, the first lady and president cannot escape racism, particularly over social media. About a week after news of Taylor’s post broke, a Tennessee deputy director resigned after posting disturbing racist and violent messages on his Facebook, including one calling for the deaths of President Barack Obama and the first lady.

David Barber, former deputy director of the Shelby County Corrections Center, wrote numerous hateful posts, including, “The KKK is more American than the illegal president!”

In another post Barber shared an article in which Obama talked about being discriminated against while serving in the White House. The Free Patriot wrote on the post, “Hit LIKE if you’re ready to see this smug loser out of the White House!”

Barber wrote his own comment: “Arrest convict hang and confiscate all assets.”

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  • Of course she gets her job back. Probably will get a bonus as well. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone!

  • It can’t be easy for people to live in this world carrying around all that hatred wherever they go. It will eventually consume them, no doubt. How sad.

    • It already has ruined the lives of the president elect’s core constituency. Heroin addicted children, downward mobility, lower HHI, increasing single parent households, failing communities.

      Just track tattoo ink and vape consumption, it’s a contraindication for success.

      • Wow Luke! Basically you are stereo typing every person that voted for Trump into being drug addicted, poor, stupid and irresponsible. How is that any different that what you accuse whites of doing to blacks. Racism and hate go both ways. I would expect these types of comments from fringe morons but not from you.

        • I described bad things that are happening to a significant and readily identifiable segment of our society, who disproportionately supported Donald Trump as a response to his messages addressing their pain. He did a great job so far, we shall see what will happen. Facts are facts.

  • So, as an unabashed conservative, I’d have to say that the First Lady has more grace in her pinky finger than this woman could muster.

    • Craig Perkins

      I agree with you Dan. The first lady would never make such degrading remarks about anyone and that is what you call CLASS….

  • I’m not the least bit surprised. That’s what freedom of speech is all about. Oh…why don’t they go ahead and reinstate the mayor. If she has to run for her office again, she’ll win hands down. She already has the popular vote.

  • It is unacceptable that she is getting her job back. We were led to believe that she had been fired, not just suspended. It was probably a paid suspension. I imagine its easy letting her return to work as the Obama’s have less than 38 days left in the White House and in Trump’s world anything goes.

    Luke, it is not enough that Trump’s core constituency has the challenges they have. I believe in free speech, however, I believe one has to be prepared for the consequences of their free speech. In order to curtail this nonsense that will not end when the Obama’s leave on 1/20/17. In Trump’s world it will only get worst and I feel people need to write, call, do whatever, to prevent her from getting her job back. The only way to make these people crawl back to where they came from and stop the hate speech, is for them to lose their jobs! If they know they will lose their jobs then maybe that will help curtail some of these people. We have to be proactive and let them know that their behavior is not acceptable and we are going to go after your livelihood when appropriate. Thoughts?

    • My thought is that I deeply resent Red welfare states like West Virginia endlessly taking welfare money off Blue states.

      Pamela may want to look in the mirror, too.

      • I agree Luke, if you’re going to call someone an “ape in heels”, make sure you don’t look like a pig in heels. Use your mirror Pamela.

  • Why is this news? There is no surprise here. People that are less attractive and less intelligent discriminate. It makes them feel big.

    • So only ugly dumb people discriminate? I see hateful comments coming from most of the posters here directed at Trump and white people in general. When you call Trump a Nazi or fascist, how is that any different than what this silly person did?

  • Our soon to be first lady is classy!!!!! The pictures of her on the internet with her perky @zz in the air wasn’t classy to me. ROTFLMAO!!! Must be because she’s white.

  • Pamela Taylor is one of the most ugliest women to ever grace the cover of Facebook. Every time she looks in the mirror it breaks.

  • Beatrice Watson

    All I can say is that I am very sorry for people making hateful comments about the most impeccable first lady and President in the white house. I am sure many were expecting them to fail and when they did not and lived up to the American standard of family life, and they had nothing of substance to complaint about they started attacking the person which only reveals their own pitiful state of their lives. I am so sorry for those people and may God help them because they really need help. Irrational Hate is a mental illness and all hate are irrational. Michelle O is more popular than any other first lady in the USA, she’s fun, she’s gorgeous, she’s bright and she’s one classy First lady. And so it is

  • I feel sorry for her, with a face like that and I am positive way less educated than Michelle Obama, it no wonder she is resentful and has to be a haters. Most haters are jealous inadequate people who feel they have to hit out…

  • I have to wonder if there’s a labor union at work here making Taylor’s firing an impossibility. She had been on administrative leave and now she’s being allowed back…..

  • Jim Bob Lassiter

    There’s certainly a certain “Animal Farmesque” flavor to the remarks of our preeners and pontificators today, isn’t there?

  • Yeah because a college dropout, liar, whose p**** I could Google on the internet, who snagged a rich old goat so she can sit around on her botoxed butt all day ordering goldplated crap off the home shopping channel is so much classier than Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, and Michelle Obama.

    Hey, but she’s white!!!

  • The real story is, who are the people telling Pamzilla she’s good looking??? That should be the headlines!

  • It amazes me that although it was apparent she was wrong and was pulled from her job, she was allowed to return to work and for what reason? Does anyone really know? Racist behavior just doesn’t go away. A person believes what they believe. They may try and cover it up in some form or fashion whether through an apology or something else, but the true intent of the heart still holds true. People that have such hatred for people of another color should not be allowed in any type of position, especially one of authority.

  • although I am a follower of Diversity Inc. I normally do not respond to others response.
    But this time I must come to the defense of Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy is a Pig with grace, charm and class. Now “Pamela” would not even be let in the same “Pen” as Miss Piggy.

    Also the current Mrs. Trump has not insulted or attacked anyone – she did what she had to do.

  • Luke, as a single parent I find it incredibly narrow minded of you to compare single parent families to heroin addicted children as a social problem. I usually agree with your comments, however, making personal attacks against women’s looks, no matter how offensive their remarks sounds disgustingly like Trump. Shame on you!

  • Fern Granoff

    Michelle Obama graduated from the best Ivy league law school in the country (Harvard) I wonder what graduate school Ms. Taylor attended? It is a disgrace that she is getting her job back for being so openly bigoted in this day and age. What is she basing her hate on? what others have taught her or her worldly travels and people she actually knows?

  • This woman, Pamela, looks like numerous odd and weird animals in heels, that is if she can wear them. She has the nerves to talk about another woman when she looks like a drag queen, or something. Lady look into a good mirror and pay close attention to what you are looking at before you make a comment about even a real ape. Believe me, an ape is more appealing then you are. You are not at all pretty, have limited lady qualities, and you look like you could use Jenny Craig. Now post that and see how much attention you get. Ms. homely queen.

  • I googled Clay, WV, to see what was happening there or if some product or service comes from there that I need to boycott. I found Clay, WV is a town with a population of less than 500 and +98% white. Strengthens the argument for diversity. What a way to use your 15 minutes of fame. She is already forgotten.

  • Wow, as a black woman you, a white man, telling me I agree with the disgusting remarks made by Pam Taylor is reprehensible and an example of why I have concerns about your comments. Using someone’s looks as justification for dissagreeing with them is something we are trying to tell others not to do. I was in no way “bashing” you or anyone else. Merely trying to keep the discussion civil and intelligent, nor stooping to the nasty rhetoric used by the racists we are discussing. Don’t cast off criticism as just another racist – I’m certainly not.

    • I don’t know who or what you are. I can only evaluate you by what you wrote.

      You wrote that I was “narrow minded”, that I sound like Trump and “shame on you”. That’s not bashing me? That’s keeping the conversation “civil and intelligent”?

      You misconstrued my original comment, I pointed out where your poor reading comprehension caused you to miss the point and gave you references to underscore my assertions. I stand by my initial comments, and I’ll add this: Pam Taylor is about the last person on earth who should comment on Michelle Obama’s (or anyone else’s) physical appearance. I’ll bet she has to sneak up on a glass of water.

  • This woman must NOT be rehired after her racist rant against Michelle Obama, a credit to the
    office of First Lady of the United States. Federal funds flow to the non-profit that employees her, and there is no evidence that this woman is equipped to clean toilets, let alone handle a responsible position of judgment and trust. Let her find her natural level in the bottom feeders
    pile of right wingers. Give this job to someone who has the ability to reason and who will advance the society in which we ALL live.

  • Janice Harper

    This woman should not be returning to work with her hateful and racist views.
    I’m so disappointed in our system.

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