Sheriff David Clarke Calls for Imprisonment of Sanctuary City Mayors

“You charge one mayor, one governor, one council president … this stuff is going to end right away.”


Polarizing Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has proposed yet another controversial idea — this time with regard to immigration — saying mayors and politicians who represent sanctuary cities should be prosecuted.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference late last month, Clarke called for the enforcement of an existing federal statute that says anyone who harbors undocumented immigrants can be jailed for up to 10 years. In the wake of the Trump administration’s more aggressive deportation stance, several mayors have promised to protect undocumented immigrants in their cities. Clarke emphasized specifically holding those mayors accountable as a way to deter others: “I’m telling you right now folks: You charge one mayor, one governor, one council president … this stuff is going to end right away.”

Clarke also touched on the rift many conservatives say exists between local and federal governments with regard immigration enforcement, saying cities, counties and states should not hinder local law enforcement from assisting federal law enforcement.

A day after delivering this speech, Clarke won a victory in the Wisconsin Supreme Court in a dispute over the release of federal detention records. Clarke was sued by an immigrants rights group in 2015 after denying their public records request for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) forms, which are requests to hold prisoners an extra 48 hours after their release date to check for immigration violations. The Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed with Clarke’s position that federal law put into effect after the September 11 attacks overrode state law regarding public records.

“It is time for this pro-illegal immigration group to embrace the rule of law in this country as it relates to immigration,” Clarke wrote on Facebook following the decision. “Criminal illegal aliens make Milwaukee County a dangerous place to live, work and play.”

The case and Clarke’s statements on immigration come on the heels of a tumultuous month in Wisconsin regarding undocumented immigrants, when nearly 20,000 people across 25 cities in Wisconsin marched in opposition to Clarke’s call to enroll local police officers in a program allowing them to enforce and partake in some federal immigration enforcement duties. Citizens fear this could cause an even bigger wedge between community members and local police.

Clarke again used Facebook as his platform to respond to the march, posting: “Please accept my regrets. I will be working with agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement helping them identify criminal illegal aliens and therefore cannot attend your rally being held for me.”

As Clarke attempts to brand himself as a potential formidable 2018 Senate candidate, will he push to make these comments a reality?

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  • Someone help me understand the position of Republicans and conservatives. They want separation of state powers from the central government for civil rights, abortion, gun control, police reform, environmental, health care (e.g. ObamaCare) and scores of other issues. But for undocumented people in this country, this is the issue they choose to draw the line in the line in the sand; going after undocumented people and sanctuary cities.

    I would say I don’t get it. But as Sista Souljah once said, this country is nothing more than a plantation.

    I won’t elaborate. I’ll just leave it there.

    • So the Philadelphia police did the right thing when they knowingly released a an illegal immigrant felon who then raped a young girl. Guess it’s OK since she’s just a white American citizen, a child and not a criminal deserving of protection.

        • That begs the question.
          Should the Philadelphia police have turned the known felon over to ICE as requested or was it better to have released him to roam the streets.

      • Known felons who are undocumented immigrants don’t as a rule get released. You have cited an example without proof. It is much more likely that he was not a known felon when he was released even if he later committed a felony. There are around 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country. Several studies, over many years, have concluded that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than people born in the United States. Try again.

      • That’s not what my comment was saying.

        But since we’re playing the pivot game:

        Why aren’t you and I’m assuming “your political team (red dogs)” vested in expending this much energy into White undocumented immigrants in this country as much time and effort is devoted toward non White people with non WASP sounding names?

        Could it be because they’re not White? Assuming you’re Caucasian, I love it when White people try to play the reverse discrimination game. Buffoonery at its best.

  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    On behalf of the citizens of Milwaukee County, I apologize for the continued visibility of this egotistical clown, a moron in the shameful tradition of Joe McCarthy and Scott Walker. His ongoing presence in office is the product of some very savvy manipulation of the voters here by his shadowy backers, who find him the proverbial “useful idiot” to serve as their African-American front man.

    • We are with this guy send all wetbacks back where they belong, in illinois we catch them screwing the horses at the race track stables these people are animals get out dogs…oh sorry you probably screw them too

  • Sheriff Clarke is a dishonest embarrassment to the city of Milwaukee. He does not represent the feelings in this city at all. He runs as a democrat to get elected, then pulls these authoritarian, “Nazi”-like actions. He’s lobbying his hero to let him use his sheriff’s deputies as ICE agents. This is not the Milwaukee, or for that matter the US, I grew up in and that I love. He is as bad as Trump with his love for publicity and showboating. Meanwhile, four prisoners die in HIS jail because he’s too busy trying to be a star. He is despicable.

    • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

      He’s an embarrassment to Milwaukee County, not the City. He’s the ONLY Black politician who gets strong votes in this county’s white-flight suburbs, where Republicans take advantage of Wisconsin’s open primary law to vote in the Democratic local primaries just to keep Clarke as the “Democratic” nominee.

  • Clark resides in the same field as Trump. I don’t understand why either of them got to where they are. Losers, bigots…..there aren’t enough negative words to describe either of them.

  • Charity Dell


    Sheriff Clarke has whitewashed his own brain into believing that his anti-black, anti-immigrant stance
    and Patented Cowboy Hats will somehow endear him to the Trumpites and assorted Icicles in the Kingdom of Arctic Whiteness. He really believes that Frosty the Snowman and the Alt-Right Cabinet love and respect him as a “patriotic
    American on the side of Our Boys in Blue who do a Fine Job in Law Enforcement.”


    I can guarantee that all his “law-and-order” bravado will evaporate under the harsh Sun of Racist Reality,
    should he travel in another state where his face and “Precious Amerrikan Cowboy Hat” are unknown and
    unrecognized. He cannot show his White Card to other Law Enforcement Officials–he has only the
    RACE CARD he inherited at birth, from his failure to choose his parents carefully enough.

    He’d be Pulled Over–and not necessarily read his Miranda Rights–Profiled, Patted-Up-and-Down, and Pushed into the nearest waiting Ethnic Cleansing Conveyor…errrr…”police car”… and hauled off by the Local Genocide Squad–AKA
    Police Folks–to be unceremoniously dumped into the local Pipeline-To-Prison.

    Sheriff Clarke will discover that joining the Republican Party and hating populations of color will not
    help him, no matter how many ways he channels John Wayne. White Cowboy Hats will never

    A White Coyboy Hat is just an accessory for a costume.

  • dandi philkastel

    What is he? A black cow boy or dictator wanna be? He and Trump seem to forget that this country is not Russia. This is not a communist country, and if you are looking to become a dictator kindly go and live in Russia or somewhere else. Just do not believe that people are not going to rise up against your arrogance and rubbish. You cannot over ride the will of the people here. Trump’s popularity have nosedived because many people who voted for this bigot, did not realize they have made a grave mistake until his first 2 weeks in office. America does not look like a nation of respectability anymore but with a clown as POTUS, looks more like a clown colony.

  • What would you charge these mayors with? Is there a criminal statute that would be violated? Or is Clarke just a jack-booted thug hiding behind a badge.

  • Time to get the pitch forks and torches and run this sheriff out of town. What a “DOUCHE BAG”!!

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