Sessions’ DACA Announcement Fueled with Myths

U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a longtime proponent of deporting undocumented young immigrants.

The Trump administration’s wave of anti-immigration action now includes overturning the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, leaving the lives of about 800,000 young immigrants in limbo.

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, the exact date top Republican officials in 10 states threated to sue for the removal of DACA, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, a staunch opponent of the policy, announced its demise. The Trump administration apparently disregarded 19 state attorneys general and Washington, D.C.’s attorney general’s plea to keep the program in place.

“I am here today to announce that the program known as DACA that was effectuated under the Obama administration is being rescinded,” Sessions said at the Justice Department.

The DACA policy will end in March 2018, Sessions said. This gives Congress six months to decide the fate of the young immigrants. But Congress hasn’t been able to pass the DREAM Act in 16 years.

What Are the DREAM Act, DACA and DREAMers?

The bipartisan Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act was first introduced in Congress in 2001, and several versions of the bill have repeatedly failed to pass. The act would grant legal status to certain undocumented immigrants, often referred to as “DREAMers,” who were brought to the U.S. before the age of 16, had passed a background check, had graduated from an American high school or had obtained a GED and had lived continuously in the U.S. for at least five years. In 2010, Sessions penned a letter saying the act rewarded illegal behavior.

“[The DREAM Act] says that if your parents brought you here as a child, if you’ve been here for five years, and you’re willing to go to college or serve in our military, you can one day earn your citizenship,” former President Barack Obama said in 2012.

Because Congress failed to pass the immigration legislation, the Obama administration introduced DACA, a Department of Homeland Security policy program, in 2012 to allow DREAMers to have their deportations delayed and obtain a temporary work permit.

Sessions’ DACA Myths

In his announcement on Tuesday, Sessions made several statements about DACA:

1) DACA recipients are provided legal status

DACA “essentially provided a legal status for recipients for a renewable two-year term, work authorization and other benefits, including participation in the social security program, to 800,000 mostly-adult illegal aliens.”

According to the nonprofit Define American, a DACA recipient cannot:

– vote

– receive any federal benefits, like social security, food stamps or college financial aid

– receive amnesty, a path to legalization or citizenship

What DREAMers receive is a temporary stay against their deportation for two years at a time. They can also apply for a driver’s license in some states, but it is marked to indicate it cannot be used for federal purposes like voting. And, DACA recipients are required to pay federal income taxes.

Undocumented immigrants born after June 15, 1981, who were brought to the U.S. before their 16th birthday and have been in the country since June 15, 2007, are eligible for the program. They must be enrolled in or graduated from school and not have a felony conviction.

There’s a process, including a $495 fee, where applicants are vetted for criminal history or threat to national security. DACA lasts for two years, and each renewal is not guaranteed.

2) DACA is Unconstitutional

“The executive branch, through DACA, deliberately sought to achieve what the legislative branch specifically refused to authorize on multiple occasions. Such an open-ended circumvention of immigration laws was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the Executive Branch.”

According to the American Immigration Council, Obama’s actions follow “a long line of presidents who relied on their executive branch authority to address immigration challenges.”

It is only Session’s interpretation of a court case that led him to say DACA is unconstitutional. On June 23, 2016, the Supreme Court’s deadlock in Texas v. United States, a 4-4 split decision, resulted in the staying of a federal ruling against the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) and expanded actions on DACA. However, the Court has yet to make a ruling on whether DACA is unconstitutional.

The Trump administration eliminated the DAPA program on June 16.

3) DACA has caused terrible humanitarian consequences and prevented Americans from getting jobs

“The effect of this unilateral executive amnesty, among other things, contributed to a surge of unaccompanied minors on the southern border that yielded terrible humanitarian consequences. It also denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans by allowing those same jobs to go to illegal aliens.”

The cause of the surge in unaccompanied minors on the southern border has been debated. But, according to a study by San Diego State researchers, “DACA and the Surge in Unaccompanied Alien Children,” an increase in the apprehension of unaccompanied minors has been increasing since 2008.

“We find that DACA did not significantly impact those apprehensions,” researchers stated. “Rather, the 2008 Williams Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPA), along with violence in the originating countries and economic conditions both in the origin countries and the United States, emerge as some of the key determinants of the recent surge in unaccompanied minors apprehended along the southwest U.S.-Mexico border.”

The TVPA was a provision added to ensure unaccompanied children from noncontiguous countries (countries other than Mexico or Canada) who were apprehended at the U.S. border have access to fundamental human rights, including legal representation and child-appropriate services.

In regard to jobs being “denied to hundreds and thousands of Americans” due to undocumented immigrants, Trump actually said in 2012 that isn’t the case.

A 2015 study by the Urban Institute suggests that immigrants and native workers with low levels of education may be competing for different jobs:

“The top three occupations with the largest number of immigrants without high school diploma are maids and house cleaners, cooks, and miscellaneous agricultural workers.

“In contrast, the occupations with the largest number of native workers without high school degrees are cashiers, truck drivers, and janitors and building cleaners.”

DACA recipients contribute $1.2 billion annually in federal, state, and local tax revenue.

A Morning Consult and Politico survey taken in April actually found that 73 percent of Trump voters believe DREAMers should be able to remain in the U.S.

And, on Tuesday, Trump fluctuated on Twitter regarding the announcement to rescind DACA.

8:04 a.m.:

4:45 p.m.:

8:38 p.m.:

Regarding Sessions’ DACA announcement, Obama said in a statement Tuesday, “To target hopeful young strivers who grew up here is wrong, because they’ve done nothing wrong.”

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  • I hope this ends up being a good thing by providing stability in the long run.

    The problem with Executive Actions by presidents is that they can be wiped out as easily as they can be signed.

    I think that the Congress is the right place to deal with this…….. And I hope that they deal with it now that this pressure is on them.

    I’m hopeful, because I think that almost everyone should agree that a child brought here, and raised here, that identifies only as an American should be allowed to stay.

    This is our opportunity to do the right thing.

  • One thought…Attorney General Sessions said that allowing DREAMers a path to citizenship would be rewarding illegal behavior. So what’ a child to do? Tell his or her parents that they want to stay in their country because that’s the right thing to. Really?

    • Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III may find he can’t wash his hands, now that he’s done condemning 800,000 people to an uncertain future.

      I’d like to know what his great-grandfather was doing during the failure of reconstruction. If you read the book “Slavery by Another Name”, you will find the history of black men re-enslaved in a corrupt criminal justice system and worked to death. If we are going to be held responsible for the sins of our parents, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III may have to start writing some checks for restitution.

      It’s interesting to see who gets all self-righteous when it comes to brown people (who the president was very careful to villainize/dehumanize by calling them rapists).

  • RE: “2) DACA is Unconstitutional”

    March 2011: Remarks by president Obama, Univision Townhall

    “America is a nation of laws, which means I, as the President, am obligated to enforce the law. I don’t have a choice about that. That’s part of my job. But I can advocate for changes in the law so that we have a country that is both respectful of the law but also continues to be a great nation of immigrants. … With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed ….

  • trump is a coward. He deferred to Congress to do his dirty work. And, this way if Congress does the right thing for the DREAMers trump can blame Congress for not allowing him to make good on his campaign promise to get rid of them. What they seems to ignore though, is that not all undocumented immigrants are Mexican. They are here from all over the world but some how he has his followers believing it’s those Mexicans that are the problem.

  • AmeriKKKa has a long-standing, wicked, diabolical history of separating children from parents (i.e., breaking up families) since the enslavement of Blacks in this country. Separating a child from its mother is common practice of racist, plantation-minded Southerners like Sessions. These illegal immigrant children committed as much “wrongdoing” as African slave children that were forcibly brought to AmeriKKKa on slave ships. The fear by tRump, Sessions, and other dumb-az white AmeriKKKans (like those in Charlottesville) is that these Mexican children will become more successful [based on their work ethic] than their dumb-az, lazy, spoiled, entitled white children. They will “take jobs away” from lazy whites who won’t even get off their azzes to try to get the job because they want silver-tongued tRump to feed them with a silver spoon.

    As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. realized later in his life before the CIA and FBI murdered him, having a DREAM in AmeriKKKa soon becomes a NIGHTMARE filled with hooded white KKK racists and Neo-Nazis. AmeriKKKa will need Mexican workers to boost their economy because most AmeriKKKans are so heroin/marijuana/crack/meth-addicted, they only know how to steal, not WORK for a living. As I have previously stated many times, if a white person like tRump or Sessions call themselves “Christians,” run away from them as fast as you can! Ending DACA is as un-Christian, immoral, wicked, evil and hate-filled as you can get. My Holy Bible tells me that we are supposed to welcome strangers and foreigners–feed and nourish them until they can become self-sufficient. We did it for all of England’s, Germany’s, France’s, Italy’s, Russian’s, Ireland’s poor white uneducated riff-raff, debtors, and unskilled laborers, including gangsters like Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone, James “Whitey” Bulger and other white thugs (who became KKKops). All these white immigrant thugs terrorized AmeriKKKan business causing more white-on-white crime than any black-on-black crime.

    • “Separating a child from its mother is common practice of racist, plantation-minded Southerners like Sessions,”
      you claim, but where’s the separation in deporting the illegal immigrant children along with the illegal immigrant parents? Send ’em all back together, ain’t that what Sessions and most of working America wants? We’re for keeping the illegal immigrant family unit intact! I think your train of thought might have jumped its tracks here.

      And, if I may, AmeriKKKa’s bad, bad, bad, The worst, surely. So have you checked out KKKanada, KKKolumbia, KKKazaKKKhstan, or KKKologne, Germany? There must be some place on Earth better’n the place you’re at now, ZJ, somewhere you could be a little happier. And, who knows, you could maybe brighten up some other lives by leaving, too. My old Dad once said everyone improves the planet, some by what they do and say, and some by eventually going silent. I’m probably one of the latter.
      And you?

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