Sean Hannity’s Roy Moore Coverage Causes Advertisers to Flee

"I don't remember ever dating any girl without the permission of her mother,” Roy Moore on Sean Hannity's radio show.


UPDATE Nov. 13 at 12:39 p.m. ET: 

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Monday that Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore “should step aside” from his U.S. Senate bid amid allegations he initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32.

“I believe the women, yes,” he told reporters in Kentucky.

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Over the weekend, at least six companies have pulled advertising from Sean Hannity’s Fox News show following his defense of Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, 70, who at age 32, allegedly had a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl, Leigh Corfman.

A Washington Post article published Thursday suggested Moore had a sexual relationship with Corfman in 1979. She said he took her in his house and touched her sexually. Her mother and an ex-boyfriend who she told about the incident have confirmed her account. The article also said that Moore pursued at least three other teenage girls while in his 30s. The candidate has denied the accusations.

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Roy Moore Accused of Sexual Encounter with Minor, Pursuing Teenage Girls

“I wasn’t ready for that — I had never put my hand on a man’s penis, much less an erect one,” Corfman says.

The same day, on his radio show, Hannity came to Moore’s defense, suggesting the allegations were political in nature. In an exchange with the show’s executive producer Lynda McLaughlin, who inferred that sex with a 14-year-old could be consensual, Hannity appeared to agree with her.

“So the two other girls were older in this case,” Hannity said. “He was apparently, like, 32, and he dated — one girl was 18, one girl was 17. They never said he did — there was no sexual — there was kissing involved, and then they’re saying this one encounter with a 14-year-old …”

“And it was consensual,” McLaughlin said.

“And consensual, that’s true. And there’s — I just — I don’t know how you find out the truth.”

Hannity, who said in 2016 on his radio show that he’d send the Obamas back to Africa if Donald Trump won the presidential election, blamed “people on the left” for the taking his comments about Moore out of context. On his Fox News program Thursday night, he said “If what people are accused of is true, it is beyond reprehensible. Beyond disgusting. Beyond shameful. In the case of Judge Moore, if it’s true, he should step aside and leave the senate race.”

But, he went on to say.

“Every person in this country deserves the right of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

“With the allegations against Judge Moore, none of us knows the truth of what happened 38 years ago,” he said. “The only people that would know that are the people involved in this incident.”

Keurig, along with E*Trade,, Eloquii, 23andme, and Nature’s Bounty will no longer advertise their products during Hannity’s TV show on the embattled network. All of the companies responded on Twitter.

Hannity supporters are now using social media to call for a Keurig boycott. Some are sharing videos on Twitter of smashing Keurig coffee machines.

On Twitter, the hashtags #BoycottKeurig, along with #standwithannity, #istandwithhannity and #keurig are among the top trending hashtags promoted by Russian-linked influence networks, according to The Alliance for Securing Democracy, a bipartisan, transatlantic initiative housed at The German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Moore on Allegations

Hannity had Moore as a guest on his radio show Friday. Before beginning the interview, Hannity said, “I’ll remind you what it says now the allegations come from 38 years ago” then, again, mentioned there should be a “presumption of innocence.”

When questioned, Moore denied any wrongdoing. He said he didn’t know the then 14-year-old Corfman.

“I’ve never known this woman or anything with regard to the other girls,” he said. “You understand this is 40 years ago, and after my return from the military, I dated a lot of young ladies.”

But he said he recognized the names of Debbie Wesson, 17 at the time, and Gloria Thacker, 18. Thacker said Moore gave her wine when the legal drinking age in Alabama was 19.

He said he didn’t recall dating the women, but referred to them both as “good girls.”

Moore also didn’t deny dating teenagers when he was in his 30s.

When Hannity asked him if he had ever dated 16-, 17- or 18-year-olds, Moore replied “not generally, no” and added that dating a girl in her late teens “would have been out of my customary behavior.”

“I don’t remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother,” he added.

Senators Steve Daines (R-Montana), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana) have rescinded their support of Moore criticizing his response to the sexual allegations, CBS News reported Monday morning. The four women mentioned in the Post article have also told CBS News that Moore pursued them when they were teens.

On Thursday, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was the first Republican to call for Moore to step aside. Mitt Romney following on Friday, stating in a tweet that “Moore is unfit for office and should step aside.” Ohio Gov. John Kasich also tweeted, “The GOP must not support him. He should step aside.”

The controversial former judge said he would remain in the Dec. 12 special election against Democrat Doug Jones.

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  • Not all but some of these Republicans don’t really care what their candidates do as long as they say “WE LOVE AMERICA”. And they show all the time they really don’t. To do that you have to love AMERICANS. They seem to have no problem with Russia meddling in an election or candidates talking about grabbing women without their consent, or having relations with under age girls. What is this world coming to????????????

  • In addition to hypocritical whites pretending to be “Christians” like Moore, Republicans pretending to be the arbiters of morality have been caught with their pants down in men’s bathrooms and other gay scandals. Moore’s excuses and lying about his child rapes are as stupendous as former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray who got caught when his own cousin told reporters that he raped him as a teen. The words “molest” and “pedophile” are too mild for such heinous acts.

    As a joke, Moore forgot one of the 10 Commandments that says “thou should not covet thy neighbor’s ass”, especially when it’s jailbait! He’s following in the well-established tradition of his white Southern pedophile, rapist presidents Washington, Jeff Davis, and Jefferson (Sally Hemings was only about 12-13 years old and was the mulatto, half-sister of his wife)!

    A constant refrain is another perverted white female b!tch, McLaughlin, supporting and defending a white male pedophile (even when 3-4 white girls’ accounts against Moore). This is clear and convincing evidence that the same type of lying, perverted white b!tches defended white male rapes of Black slave girls. These white she devils haven’t evolved in over 400 years– they will defend their white male rapists even over young girls! This is the reason the young girls didn’t report it over 30 years ago to their white mothers in denial.

    Insanity Hammity, hailing from Atlanta, with the largest sex-trafficking of young girls in the nation (including 28 missing and murdered Black children), probably dipped his pen in jailbait if he can defend Moore.

    When white women accused a Black man, Bill Cosby, of drugging and raping GROWN white women, InsHannity and other hypocritical racist Republicans believed every one of them and he was automatically adjudged GUILTY; these white racists like Mc [Laughlin] and Mac[insHannity] lynched him on FOX and in the media.

  • Obviously, the judge forgot about the doctrine of self-incrimination or an “admission against interest”: He inadvertently ADMITS GUILT (of pedophilia and statutory rape) by stating that he allegedly ASKED HER MOTHER’S PERMISSION! Which clearly reflects that he KNEW he was WRONG and that the girls WERE NOT OF LEGAL AGE FOR SEX!

    As I’d stated many times before, a WHITE CHRISTIAN is an oxymoron (a contadiction of terms; like a purple unicorn–non-existent anywhere in the world). InsHannity and McLaughlin is doing what popes, bishops, nuns, deacons, and other church leaders do for pedophiles in the pulpits and pews: Defend, lie, cover up, hide, and help them escape justice. Real justice would involve castration and emasculation, but with rapist judges like Moore in higher places, that won’t happen.

    • Exactly why I selected that quote for the headline tease. Unbelievable.

      This West Point graduate – attorney – assistant prosecutor- knew exactly where to hunt. Where the vulnerable mothers and daughters were waiting for divorce proceedings. It took McConjob a few days to “come to Jesus”. A 14 year old girl. I can just imagine the tortured path to the right decision- all the slide rule calculations, wet finger searching for the direction of the wind, pouring over polls.

      Can you imagine the reek of scared old men in that closed door meeting?

  • Everybody shuns this guy (as they should) – but they support a President who has admitted that he is guilty of sexual assault??? Unbelievable!!!

    • That’s because Moore only TALKS about God, while many, many Drumpf supporters look to him AS GOD.

  • Mr. Moore used the phrase of having parental consent to “date” these minors; why would a 32 year old man (a lawyer) “date” minors. Mr. Moore needs to stop blaming everyone and have a hard look at the man in the mirror, or is he afraid he may see a Dorian Gray, the real Ray Moore.

    • Good points. And, he didn’t have the permission of Leigh Corfman’s Mother to “date” her, only to wait with Leigh outside the Courthouse while the Mother was inside participating in a child custody hearing. While “waiting,” Moore got Corfman’s phone number and later called her to arrange the “dates.” He picked Corfman up AROUND THE CORNER FROM HER HOME, suggesting that he not only did not have her Mother’s permission, but was attempting to conceal the fact that he was picking up her Daughter from the Mother. This guy was every parent’s nightmare.

      • And what do you do if you Leigh’s mom and you find out? The man is a senior member of local law enforcement. He can ruin your life in a small rural town.

        That’s why it’s doubly disgusting to hear the republican spokesmen on cable news ask “why are these women coming out now”?

        Because it’s the Christian thing to do.
        Because they see a snug perpetrator running for Senate, wearing a Ten Commandments pin on his lapel…and it’s too much to bear.

  • I saw a cute tweet that said that — instead of attacking their Keurig machines — these defenders of pedophilia need to smash the devices on which they are tweeting out their phony outrage.

  • Roy Moore is a predator, plain & simple. I cannot fathom why anyone would think he’s suitable for any office let alone the Senate. Wouldn’t surprise me if, any moment now, he’ll announce that he’s going away for “treatment” for his sex addiction. Yeah. Right.

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