Radio Personality Patrick Connor’s Perverted Comments on Chloe Kim Shock Neanderthals Working With Him.

Connor apologizes to Kim, calling himself “a total idiot.”


One of the 2018 Olympics feel-good stories has been dragged into the ongoing national conversation surrounding sexual harassment. On Wednesday morning, popular sports media outlet Barstool Sports was recapping 17-year-old Chloe Kim’s historic gold medal victory when it suddenly turned sexual.

Radio personality Patrick Connor, who was co-hosting “Dialed-In with Dallas Braden” mentioned his attraction to the minor. “Her 18th birthday is April 23, and the countdown is on, baby. That’s what I like about them high school girls,” he said, echoing the famous Matthew McConaughey line from cult classic “Dazed and Confused.”

He didn’t stop there.

“She’s fine as hell! If she was 18, you wouldn’t be ashamed to say that she’s a little hot piece of ass. And she is. She is adorable. I’m a huge Chloe Kim fan.”

He was let go Wednesday morning by KNBR, a San Francisco based radio station — the day after Connor made his second appearance on Barstool Sports, where his co-host, who originally chuckled at the comments, scolded his guest, “This is not me asking. This is not a suggestion-based forum. This is a one-way conversation. You will clean it the f*ck up or day three will be the last day here. This is not how we do sh*t.”

He added that both he and Connor did not hold up their professional, ethical standards. Connor also apologized to his co-workers, his significant other, Kim and her father. “I just want to quickly address my behavior yesterday,” he said. “I’m super embarrassed. If I were to just slice up the pie chart of my comments they were, one slice was dumb, another slice was super insensitive and disrespectful. Kinda needy. It was pretty needy, and that’s not a good look. And I’ve taken a pretty good beating and I effing deserve it. Don’t feel sorry for me.”

This was the second incident concerning Barstool Sports. Two months ago, their editor-in-chief took down a post on Twitter, where he described a teenager as a “hot Texas cheerleader.” The girl’s mother commented telling him he just objectified a 16-year-old. Dave Portnoy, president of Barstool Sports, announced the company will not have live programming on Friday to undergo mandatory sensitivity training. Portnoy took to Twitter, “Nothing is more important @barstoolsports than trying to bring humor to our fans lives. Occasionally we miss the mark. Most of the time we don’t. Regardless we won’t let advertisers, crybabies and jealous people dictate what we do. You don’t like us? Don’t listen, watch or read.”

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    • O- I agree. Chloe Kim is an awesome Olympian, wholesome young woman, a great role model representing the U.S. She’s wearing a bulky ski suit, not Daisy Duke shorts, but Connor, an old white geezer with prison tattoos on his fingers sexually objectifies her by calling her a “hot piece of ass.” Sexual PERVERTS like Connor is why 85-year old women in tattered, floral house dresses get raped.

      Most men are disrespectful to women, but white men, with all the privileges and entitlements are the most lecherous and harassing toward women of color even if she was a one-eyed, obese midget with a Ph.D. in Physics–they’d still see a hot piece of ass. Men like Connor have a white, colonizing rapist slave master’s mentality. Looking at his lecherous face–he’s definitely in the same child molesting league with Roy Moore. Since he lost his job, he could go to Bama and easily be selected to hold a prominent government position.

      We’re VERY PROUD of Chloe Kim’s Olympic achievements. Connor should be banished to Bama or to any position in tRump’s cabinet with the wife beaters or to North Korea. Kim Jong-un will torture him until he’s so hot, he wouldn’t be able to feel his ass.

  • Glad to hear the reprimand and attention brought to this – it is SO normal !! Has been going on for so long. It’s a neediness, I appreciated Connor calling it that – following from a distance, with ones’ own needs leading the comments. Views from a distance have been distorted forever! – or since distance interpretation were enabled by writing and media, and different power perspectives.

    • If you think it’s acceptable to refer to a woman — much less an underage girl — as a “hot piece of ass,” you’re a total ass, and not just a hot piece of one.

    • And you’re an ass. How would you feel if this were your daughter or any other female in your circle of friends and family and some lecherous man referred to her as a “hot piece of ass”. I mean really. No class, no talent, no moral compass.

  • AmeriKKKa is as SEXIST as it is RACIST. Most men are pigs as most whites are prejudiced. He calls his STUPIDITY and IMMATURITY “neediness.” What he really NEEDS is to think with his big head instead of his very, very little head!

    Kudos to the bold, sensitive man who sternly and firmly opposed and rebuked him. If more men (and women) would do that when they hear others saying or doing something really STUPID and HARASSING (especially toward children), men might clean up their acts. Very DISRESPECTFUL to her proud father too; men with daughters chaff at these types of sexually lewd and lascivious comments about their little girls.

    Racist Southern KKK hillbillies in Alabama would be quick to beat up or “git mah gun” to shoot a Black person for a minor slight, but none broke Roy Moore’s knees or tried to shoot him for harassing and raping young girls. His stalking jail bait at the mall was “common knowledge”, but none of those Black church bombing rednecKKKs tried to bomb this pedophiles house. Black children trying to desegregate schools and having government-sponsored Obamacare is more offensive to rednecKKK Alabamians than a child molester like Moore.

  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    Notice, though, that the showrunner rushes to assure his fanbase that he-man sports guys like him will not be pushed into acting too much like decent human beings by “crybabies and jealous people”. Jock and wannabe-jock culture rules!

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