Racist Tweet About Meghan Markle and Cheddar Man Gets GOP Contender Banned

Paul Nehlen is a “defiant mouthpiece for the racist ‘alt-right,’” says the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Britain's Prince Harry poses with Meghan Markle in Kensington Palace, London, Britain, Nov. 27, 2017. / REUTERS

A scientific report on Britons originating from Africans pushed GOP contender Paul Nehlen’s buttons so much that he took to Twitter to decry the use of “‘junk science’ to prove whites never existed,” he said. In his quest to defend whiteness, Nehlen mocked American actress Meghan Markle, the fiancée of British Royal Prince Harry. Now, he’s permanently suspended from Twitter.

The Natural History Museum in London recently released images of Cheddar Man, a human hunter-gatherer who lived in Britain about 10,000 years ago. DNA analysis found he had a very dark to Black complexion, dark hair and blue eyes.

Cheddar Man (Twitter)

Nehlen, a Wisconsin businessman, is a Republican challenging House Speaker Paul Ryan for a congressional seat. He posted Markle and Prince Harry’s official engagement photo with Cheddar Man’s face superimposed on Markle’s face.

Nehlen included the caption:

“Honey does this tie make my face look pale?”

Nehlen tweet


“My dad is Caucasian and my mom is African American. I’m half black and half white,” Markle wrote in a column for ELLE magazine in 2015.

Patrick J. Adams, who starred with Markle on the legal TV drama “Suits,” came to her defense on Twitter, sparking public outrage against Nehlen’s posting:

Nehlen defended his Twitter post as a rebuttal to an article that he said uses science against whites. He tweeted:

“Publishing an article disappearing whites or dispossessing whites of their homelands is wrong; made worse when claiming ‘science’ to ‘prove’ whites never existed. I made a joke of it. It’s not a laughing matter, so I chose to laugh about it.”

Paul Nehlen

But Twitter execs weren’t laughing and he’s been banned from the platform.

“While we normally do not comment on individual accounts, I can confirm that we have permanently suspended this account for repeated violations of our terms of service,” a Twitter spokesperson said on Monday.

Nehlen, a man who President Donald Trump once praised on Twitter, has also posted racist and anti-Semitic tweets in the past. His latest racist posting was apparently the final straw for Twitter execs.

Following in the footsteps of Trump, Nehlen’s posting was seemingly pandering to his alt-right fan base.

“In recent months, Nehlen has become a defiant mouthpiece for the racist ‘alt-right,’ whose members see in the Wisconsin businessman a chance to further a foothold in culture and politics,” the Southern Poverty Law Center reported in January.

Nehlen is using his campaign’s Facebook page to defend his Cheddar Man tweet and to accuse Twitter of censorship:

“A deliberately inflammatory article (that I’d argue is pure junk science) was published indicating Brits, and by extension, Americans, came from this Cheddar Man character. In response, I lampooned the article. If you like your free speech, you can keep your free speech (in my condescending Obama voice). Now are you paying attention to my #ShallNotCensor proposal?”

He said in a statement that Twitter banning him is “the epitome of interfering with a federal election.”

“The whole Cheddar Man hoax was about one thing and one thing only, a ‘scientific’ justification for the morality behind the mass dispossession of whites,” Nehlen posted Monday on Facebook.  “It’s the ‘see bigot, Albion was always home to Blacks, now sit down and be replaced, because science.’ I refuse to play along with this game.”

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  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    alt-right folks are always claiming their opponents are “snowflakes”. It seems to me that Nehlen (not a representative Wisconsinite, I assure you) and his ilk are the true snowflakes, always melting in terror at the non-existent prospect of “replacement”. How fragile do they think whites are, that the presence of people of color is going to make us die off like the effete eloi in H.G. Well’s TIME MACHINE?

    I suggest Nehlen’s gang would run shrieking in horror if they started reading the many fine pieces at http://medievalpoc.tumblr.com/

    • ORANGE MIKE–It’s always amusing for me to see people get all in a TITHER when “Dana” (DNA) starts talking.
      I’ve been doing DNA testing on my family as an ongoing project since 2013. We have enjoyed seeing all the
      “surprises” we just did not know about. Most of these Ice-Bright Alt-Right folks are scared to death of DNA tests,
      because any time you start looking at all those gene sequences, you see your family across millenia and across the
      continents. I suspect that, as genetic testing protocols become more refined, and gene databases fill with more
      data, it will be possible for people to trace multitudes of maternal (mitochondrial) and Y-DNA lines of inheritance.
      “Dana” does not care what you think: WHAT IS THERE IS THERE.

  • So, this is where we are? DNA is used as irrefutable proof in crimes and ancestry, yet, when it proves something that whites, with a superiority complex, can’t accept, it’s ‘junk science’.
    This is a sad commentary in that a man like this can be taken seriously and generate a near mainstream following. It’s just more fallout from the election of the most racist and ignorant person to lead this country.
    The next time any of you Bernie supporters comment on there was no difference between Hillary and Trump, if I don’t flip out, I will point you to the headlines of this publication over the last year. Any publication over the last year. Or, any organization that tracks racism.
    Oh, and the more than 50% of white women who voted for Trump, now protesting over him, his policies and his actions.

  • Many white people are losing their minds over both Cheddar Man and Markle, and I am definitely here for the salty tears and exploding heads!

    Racists always want to call something “junk science” when they don’t agree with or understand the results. The Twitter feed under the Cheddar Man story was filled with so many ridiculous declarations and questions, it became crystal clear that the USA is not the only country that needs to work on its educational system.

    For example of great ignorance, take Neander-Nehlen above. How can scientists “prove whites never existed”, when white people exist now? When everyone with a working brain knows that contemporary humans originated from Africa? He saw Cheddar Man’s photo, and was so overcome with rage, he historically erased himself, bahahahah. If the simple fool had read, he’d realize that Cheddar Man finding identifies that genetic mutations responsible for white skin arose later than originally thought.

  • This needs to happen every single time someone publicly flaunts their racist stupidity on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Ban them!

  • I wonder how Nehlen will feel about “Your hatred is irrelevant, now sit down and be replaced.” What an ignorant man. He and all his science-denying, racist alt-right followers. Dear Evolution, you’re not working fast enough. Please hurry. Love, Me.

  • Orange Mike-While I almost always agree with your keen, assiduous assessments, ask any African American like me (or Jew) who was born and reared in Wisconsin, and they will adamantly disagree that Nehlan isn’t the typical Wisconsinite. I escaped that WI Nazi Concentration Camp as soon as I turned 18. Since I was already conditioned to flagrant WisconSIN racism, I headed to Houston, TexAss. Dr. Terrence Roberts, one of the Arkansas Nine wisely quipped: “South is anywhere below Canada–all of AmeriKKKa is inescapably racist!” Anyone who perceives me or any Black person to be “radical” or “militant” needs to remember Mike Wallace’s segment and his [erroneous] assessment of Malcolm X: “The HATE that HATE Produced.” In fighting and combating AmeriKKKa’s false ASSumptions about its good intentions, democrazy, and other lies, Blacks are righteously exposing its underbelly of racism along with its WALL of exclusion.

    Nehlan is the flip side of racist Paul Ryan. How could a Wisconsin CHEESEHEAD object to CHEDDAR man, except for racism [this is black Wisconsinite humor]. If Nehlan was a good businessman, he would use CHEDDAR man to promote WI cheese to other Cheeseheads.

    As Blacks, we are like most oppressed people who have to “Laugh to keep from crying” at white racist pictures of Markle (as Cheddar Man) and Prince Harry. As a Black woman, I don’t believe in interracial dating or marriage to racist whites, especially someone like Harry who dressed up in a Nazi uniform. She’s marrying into one of THE MOST RACIST, diabolical, genocidal, and Nazist families claiming to be “royalty”. At risk of sounding as prejudiced as Nehlan, I would hate to think that devilish whites descended from any Black or Cheddar man. Just as Nehlan took the Black Cheddar Man as an insult to his whiteness, as a Jamaican, Marcus Garvey-inspired Pan-Africanist, I’m insulted that whites are now trying to claim TRUE ROYALTY and HUMANITY by boldly asserting that they originated from Africans– this is offensive to Africans. Unlike most half-breeds like Markle and O’Bama who praise their white heritage and despise their African heritage, but use blackness conveniently to appease simple-minded Blacks by singing Al Green songs, but only denigrate Black people. Whites need to know that there are Blacks who don’t want to claim any WHITENESS in their ancestry or DNA if they could hide it. My Ancestry.com DNA revealed that I have 19% British ancestry, but I would still NEVER marry a Brit or any white man, unless he was as black as Cheddar Man. Markle needs to make a quick exit before she ends up in a contrived car accident like Princess Diana. The so-called “royal” family is as racist as crazy Wisconsinites: Joe McCarthy, Tommy Thompson, Scott Walker, Ryan and Nehlan. The white side of her is happily marrying into a murderous, genocidal slave trafficking and slaveholding family; the blacKKK side of her (what’s left after being brainwashed like most Mulattos) should hear chains rattling in soft white cotton.

    I think this new discovery about Cheddar Man has as much cheese in it than Goldfish snacks. The only credence I would give to it is the fact that it is purported that King James (who authorized the Bible to be translated into English for the common people to read) was a Black man. I hope that white supremacist Nazis: Queen Victoria, Elizabeth I and II, Prince Charles don’t have ANY BlacKKK ancestry. Instead of Markle, Mick Jagger, with his thick lips, blue eyes and long, stringy hair should be depicted next to Cheddar Man–that would make a believer out of me!

    • Wow. I often don’t read comments from ZaziJams because they are so full of hatred and prejudice. Curious at the length of today’s comments, I began reading….and just skimmed much of the comments. Zazi, you make statements similar to those from some of the racists addressed on this web site. Not everybody everywhere is racist, but you seem to state everybody in America is racist. You “don’t believe in interracial dating or marriage” – really? Aren’t most of us past that kind of attitude? And you refer to the products of those relationships as “half-breeds.” Maybe you should compare your own words to those from folks we read about in these articles.

    • ZAZIJAMS–Maybe Nehlen is in denial about the CHEDDAR MAN, because he WANNABE:

      1. Bleu Cheese Man.
      2. Roquefort Man.
      3. White Cheddar Man.
      4. Asiago Man.

    • Race is an artificial construct, except as applied to the Human Race. Like it or not, Homo Sapiens — the only surviving human species — originated in Africa.

    • Why don’t you just get some guns and go on a rampage, take out the pasty-faces you loathe so much?

  • I read the title of the article and thought Cheddar Man was just one more name for President Trump! lol

  • Haters gonna hate.

    Aholes gonna be aholes.

    Twitter is privately owned. They can ban you if you don’t follow their terms of service. Has nothing to do with the constitution. Their playing field.

    Apparently he doesn’t understand evolution. But then he’s not evolved.

    What an overreacting drama queen. Erasing whites? Try being annililated or hung from a tree for a sport.


    • MEH 227–

      Pass the Cheetos! :-)
      Oh wait…they’re already at:

      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
      Washington, District of Cheddar

  • Stephen El-Mansura

    Whites come from Blacks who are the ABORIGINAL people of this Earth. This isn’t racism, this is scientific, biological, & genetic FACTS.
    Whites aren’t ‘native’ to ANY part of the Earth.

  • You refuse by the civil rule and human decency. You’re out bitch. Your cult leader also should be banned from Twitter, unfortunately they don’t have the balls.

  • Melvin Nelson

    It always amazes me of white people not really knowing where they really came from, so they put other races down. Just here to tell you you come from the preson you hate the most in the whole wide world the black man. And it seems to drive yall crazy knowing that you’ll never be first in that. Sorry get over it.

  • Both Shapiro and Nehlen remind me of a saying that my brilliant Mother used to use…”best not to argue with a fool, ‘lest someone passing by be unable to tell who’s who!…though in this case, I think the depth of their shallowness and the idiocy of their arrogance is sufficiently clear that those who are sight impaired could discern their “stupid” with clarity and precision. What do we call the phenomena of a group of idiots who co-sign on each other’s idiocy? Group Stupid, and it’s not pretty, nor apparently, rare!

  • So what exactly does Ms. Markel have to do with Cheddar Man or the Scientific Article. Did she complete the DNA sequencing? Did she write the article? Did she even consult on this project? Or perhaps this was just an opportunity used by a snowflake white racist to attack someone whom he obviously has some disdain for because of her brown skin and pending position….

    White Racist Americans are the worst of the worst.

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