‘Racist’ Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Struck Down

A judge has struck down the restrictive Pennsylvania voter ID law, which most impacted Blacks, Latinos and elderly voters.

Racist Voter ID Laws in Pennsylvania Struck DownA judge has stopped Pennsylvania’s voter identification law, one of the most restrictive in the country, from going into effect on Election Day. Are voter ID laws racist? These laws disproportionately impact Blacks and Latinos, as well as elderly Americans and people with disabilities.

Many observers have said these laws are the 21st century version of Jim Crow. There is a likelihood the Supreme Court eventually will rule on the legality of these laws, which now exist in some form in 30 states and have become more prevalent in the last two years in states with Republican-dominated legislatures.

“Fortunately, the Justice Department, courts, and voters have blocked or blunted many of these laws. Many, but not all. And those who would curb the franchise are fiercely fighting in court, going so far as to insist that the Voting Rights Act is in fact unconstitutional,” writes voter-ID-law expert and Brennan Center President Michael Waldman in a comprehensive study done. Read more about the impact and racial targeting of voter ID laws.

Particularly restrictive voter ID laws, which require all registered voters to produce a government-issued form of photo identification like a driver’s license or other state-issued ID in order to cast a ballot, have been established in these 11 states.

Watch the video below for more information or see the original clip on NBCNews.com.

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  • Why is that racist? Are Blacks and Legal Latinos too stupid to have kids? Cash checks? Get check cards? Welfare?

    It seems shameful that the Unions/Democrats believe they are so helpless and incapable.

    • No ,we are not to stupid to have kids ,cash checks or get check cards. I do not recive public aide (WELFARE).Why are you lumping all people together.I will never understand a narrow mind set suach as your self.Im sure your belive system derives from your judo christian back ground huh.

      • Dexter, Dale is on your side. He said what he did because the people who oppose voter I.D. laws say minorities aren’t capable of getting a valid I.D. Blame them, not the people who say everyone should have an I.D. to vote. Minorities should feel insulted by the people who call Voter I.D. laws racist. Those who support them say minorities are capable of doing all those things.

    • I notice that you and “Jose” (who sounds an awful lot like you, interestingly) aren’t even bothering to address the fact that these laws are horribly expensive to implement, don’t stop fraud, and create lots of the sort of bureaucracy Republicans and their ALEC puppeteers claim to hate.

  • Setting aside the fact that these laws disenfranchise tens of thousands of legitimate voters for every alleged fraudster caught, they are also ruinously expensive unfunded mandates — and the public’s starting to figure this out.

  • I am insulted that Democrats think I am not smart enough or capable of getting an ID to vote because of my race. What do they think I am? Stop trying to “help” me. It’s not working for me! OR are you just trying to reach your own agenda?

    • Jose. Youi have it exactly right. It’s an insult that those who oppose voter I.D> laws claim minorities are not capable of getting them. They just want to score political points and will stoop to any level to get it.

    • Jonscott Williams

      Obviously you are unaware (either by choice or circumstance) that voter ID laws nationwide, disproportionately impact minority voters. You also seem unaware that obtaining photo ID can be costly and burdensome, with even free state issued identification often require documents (like a birth certificate) that can cost up to $25 in some places. A study from NYU’s Brennan Center ascertained that 11 percent of voting-age citizens lack necessary photo ID while many people in rural areas have trouble accessing offices where identification documents are prepared and distributed. Interestingly, during closing arguments in a recent case over Texas’s voter ID law, the state’s lawyer, in a classic example of Texas “logic”, called these obstacles the “reality to life of choosing to live in that part of Texas.” Whatever. The larger point is that these laws – enacted in over thirty sates by largely Republican legislatures – are virtually a punishment in search of a crime.

      Since 2007 – and before you get it twisted that means under the Obama AND Bush administrations – there have been 120 cases pursued by the Justice Department. Many turned out to often be due to improper registrations or not understanding one’s eligibility … there were 86 convictions. The estimate is that voter fraud occurs about once for every 15 million votes. Said another way, voter fraud is real … not quite as rare as unicorns, but almost.

      So one might ask why, in these fiscally demanding times, are voter ID laws that disproportionately impact minority voters (i.e. traditional supporters of Democrats) being enacted(largely by Republican dominated legislatures) when the incidence of the crime to be addressed is so low? Could it be to suppress the vote of a certain racial group?

      It is unfortunate that your emotions prevent you from dealing with facts. Like so many people, you confuse conviction with confirmation. Of course, it is clearly too much to ask that you keep anything that resembles facts in your head when one considers how much mental effort it must have taken to construct the sentence that comprises your whole comment on this issue. But assuming that what I have posited here may be beyond your comprehension, let me respond in a way you can understand … YOUR MOMMA!

  • THis statement is laughable:Many observers have said these laws are the 21st century version of Jim Crow.

    Luke Visconti is the racist. He makes a living with Diversity Inc, by promoting hate. Without that perception he has no job. That’s why he asks questions like: Do we still need affirmative action and then answers it with YES! If we didn’t, I, Luke Visconti, couldn’t make a killing being a poverty pimp.

    • Luke Visconti

      Have you ever noticed that people who think like you consistently make angry-sounding comments? Doing what I do isn’t easy—but I’m passionate about it and I’m also a capitalist. Indeed, I make a living from creating, running and owning DiversityInc. But I’m hardly a “poverty pimp”—almost all of my revenue comes at the direction of very wealthy capitalists who run publicly traded companies. That’s because our work benefits their bottom line. Together, we are creating a better America. And unlike some people, I pay more than 50 percent of my income in taxes, employ a group of very hard-working professionals, donate roughly 20 percent of my take-home pay to charity, and sit on five not-for-profit boards—all while you sit on the sidelines and regurgitate nonsense from the likes of Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh, people who wouldn’t wipe their feet on your back. Wake up. This subject is about being a human being. Think more largely about the world and come on board. Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc

  • I see nothing wrong with voter ID. It will eliminate voter fraud. We have to have ID if we cash a check, fly on airplane, get SS or anything else so why is this decrimination? I think the Democrates are are just looking for excuses because I read another article that said they have found that in the past voters are dead or are infants so this is another way of coming up with more votes. We need voter ID to keep things in check at the ballots.

  • How can anyone one really be upset that they are required to show a valid ID when electing the next leader of the free world? This issue is so absurd, and to call it Racist brings it to a whole new level of rediculous. You have to show ID to do prettying anything on this country and they are not hard to come by unless you are an illegal that shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

  • If Republicans really cared about “election integrity”, they would be backing relatively cheap, easy to implement solutions like the one Mark Ritchie proposed in 2009 for Minnesota. Instead, Tim Pawlenty and Mary Kiffmeyer — who by the way is ALEC’s big cheese in Minnesota — made sure Ritchie’s plan was shot down

  • The law is not racist in itself as to targeting individuals directly to people of color. The racism comes when he implies that the majority of the people taking government handouts are people of color. The bottom line is that there are also many white people in poverty levels, but the reality is that many of those would not be voting democratic except the elderly and disabled, who this also targets for exclusion. More so than racist, his ploy is to keep the peoples who would struggle to have the means (income and transportation – not mental capacity) to get the ID required (in such a short time) out of the polls, as they would for a good percentage represent democratic voters. His supporters are pushing large amounts of money into swing states and laws such as these only help meet their goals. I am proud to have petitioned against the voter ID law in PA and very happy it was turned down for now. Yes, it may be something that needs to be analyzed for future elections, but not a few months before an election. That is absurd. It also needs to be adopted across all states and not just those that win an election from electoral votes, if they keep voters down in those specific areas. I believe the entire voting process needs an overhaul to make it fair for all peoples. I don’t want to see Romney in there as his concern for America is not humanity based; he has made that very clear. 4 years with his party would result in rolling back twenty plus years in rights for people of lower income, color, women, elderly, and our veterans. It also fares badly for anyone who does not make the high middle income tax bracket. Instead of concentrating on whether or not his comments were racist, let’s delve into what he stands for and almost always that answer will be big business and high wealth individuals with privilege and opportunity to make high profits for the top income brackets, leaving the rest behind.

  • Why is anyone defending these laws. I don’t have the time now, but search yourself: use words like “republicans admit new voting laws are to exclude women and minorities” and you will find several conservatives admitting it. One on tape (I have got to find that video link to post!) blatantly said it was to keep lazy n!ggers and women from voting while grinning the entire time.

    Doesn’t anyone find suspect that *suddenly* there is this vast concern about voter fraud??? Where’s the proof of this wide-spread (yet another) conspiracy? Where was it in the news or studies cited before this move to erect these new laws by conservatives who claim they are all for less government, but want to pass new laws that we the taxpayers have to pay for? Does anyone on either side actually believe this is all for some altruistic purpose??

    You do? Then I have a bridge.

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