Quincy Jones: It’s Good Racists Are Identifying Themselves Because ‘Now We Know’

The legendary composer and producer candidly talked about race and President Trump, among other topics, in an interview that’s circulating social media.


Music legend Quincy Jones had a lot to say in a candid interview with David Marchese, a contributing editor at Vulture magazine, which went viral this week.

Jones made several jaw-dropping allegations, including that Michael Jackson “stole a lot of songs,” that he knows the identity of President John F. Kennedy’s real killer and even that he once dated Ivanka Trump 12 years ago. But amid his claims, the prolific producer shared a perspective on race relations in America.

As Jones approaches his 85th birthday in March with a Netflix documentary and a CBS special hosted by Oprah Winfrey in the works, he is speaking his mind on his experience as a Black man, and dropping a few f-bombs along the way.

Marchese asked him, “If you could snap your fingers and fix one problem in the country, what would it be?”

“Racism,” Jones responded. “I’ve been watching it a long time — the ’30s to now.

“We’ve come a long way but we’ve got a long way to go. The South has always been f****ed up, but you know where you stand. The racism in the North is disguised. You never know where you stand. That’s why what’s happening now is good, because people are saying they are racists who didn’t used to say it. Now we know.”

Jones is inferring that currently in the U.S., racists are feeling comfortable in coming forward. For example, in August, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists carried tiki torches and marched on the campus of the University of Virginia chanting, “Blood and soil.” The following day they held a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., where counter-protester Heather Heyer was killed. White supremacists are also increasingly recruiting on college campuses.

“What’s stirred everything up?” Marchese asked Jones. “Is it all about Trumpism?”

Jones responded: “It’s Trump and uneducated rednecks. Trump is just telling them what they want to hear.”

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David Duke to Trump: 'Remember It Was White Americans Who Put You in the Presidency'

President Trump’s statements on Charlottesville were designed not to rile his most loyal base — white supremacists.

He said he knew Trump socially.

“I used to hang out with him,” Jones said. “He’s a crazy motherf***er. Limited mentally — a megalomaniac, narcissistic. I can’t stand him.”

Born Quincy Delight Jr. on March 14, 1933, in Chicago, Ill., Jones grew up in Seattle, Wash. He became the most Grammy-nominated artist in history (79), winning 27 awards. The jazz legend has been composing for film and television since the 1960s, having worked with Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin and numerous other superstars.

In the 1960s and ‘70s Jones was a social activist, supporting programs including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Operation Breadbasket in Chicago. He’s also a founder of the Institute for Black American Music.

Read the complete interview on Vulture.com.

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  • I found the article to be very well written. I completely agree with Jones in that I prefer the “racists” to make their views public, by doing so we as people of color are better equipped in “playing the game” until we can own our own.

  • Those whom claim to be “racists” – past and present – have absolutely no idea of the horrific reality of their identity. Or the consequences. In the “modern” world the human race deals with “now” – and overlook the fact Human existence is thousands of years old. In fact, the historical record bears out the truth of our existence in recordings of ancient civilizations – notably the biblical records of the relationship of the African Hebrews with God (Yahweh), echoed by the Northern continent Natives and the Mayans – civilizations existing over two thousand years ago – and it was their magnificent achievements that are responsible for human advancement today – and stolen by Europeans to create an “identity” and historical record that is a mountain of outright blatant lies. How curious a calendar created by the Mayan civilization thousands of years ago should play such a significant role in 1999 – or the fact it was the Egyptians who developed philosophical intelligence stolen by Alexander the Great during the invasion of Egypt – and credited to Greeks Aristotle and Plato who were subsequently incapable of explaining “their” works or expounding on it.

    How curious that when examined the American “historical record” is unstainable by the facts of history and the majority exposed as lies. How curious those claiming “superiority” are not only persecutors and oppressors for greed and power but corrupt Scripture to hide their true identity. Genesis 10:20 is “The Table of Nations” – and identifies those the Scriptures label “the Gentiles” as the descendants of Japheth, Gog and Maggog “the Isles of the Gentiles”. Genesis 10 also identifies the regions founded and inhabited by “Gentiles” as the continent of Europe and Eurasia. ONLY. How curious the religion of racists – and Evangelicals – is white supremacy that has been in practice since the time of Christ. Christ’s earthly mother Mary is first cousin to King David – Ethiopia’s King David. Webster’s dictionary defines Gentiles as “non-Jews” however, like much of the U.S. historical record it is a lie that excludes the majority of Gen. 10 that implicitly identifies the genealogical origins of the “Gentiles” – further identified in Scripture as “heathen”s. The savagery of near world-wide “colonialism”, Native American genocide and the enslavement of millions of kidnapped Africans by the European race – bear witness to their godless “heathenism” – an “historical” record based on the facts of history. BTW: Though I bear them no ill will – those now occupying “The State of Israel” are also “Gentiles” – their genetic roots repeatedly confirmed by scientific DNA testing to originate in Eastern Europe – specifically German Ashkenazi.

    How curious that examined “belief” is primarily a subjective thing – for many hiding behind that which ages, withers and dies – the foundation of “belief” is privilege and gain. Those who claim to be “racists” are mindless pathetic fools on treading the path of prophesy to an unimaginably horrific collision with the truth – the “plague” of 1495 Europe that wiped 1/2 the European population from the face of the earth will pale in comparison. If he could do it over again I’m sure Da Vinci would defy the Italian monarchy’s order to corrupt the image of Christ to that of Europeans because the consequence has been utter darkness and utter ignorance. Da Vinci’s “works” now sell for tens of millions but he died a broken man in abject poverty.Time to wake up from the lies.

    “The destroyer of the Gentiles (Christ) has left the thicket; he is on his way to lay waste thy cities; to make them uninhabitable”.

    • Tull-Amen, well researched and written.

      I disagree only in part wth the lie perpetuated about “KIDNAPPED” Africans. Men, women and children were kidnapped by other African males and greedily sold to Europeans for profit. African male chiefs betrayed other rival tribes for profit.

      It defies reason that “kidnapped” people are kept in large castles for weeks without resistance or rescue from other Africans who know where they are being held against their will. Men’s penchant for kidnapping, pimping and trafficking human flesh today is evidence that they are continuing a sick tradition. Most African men make all kinds of
      excuses to hide their complicity.

      By the grace of GOD, we as Africans in AmeriKKKa have defied all this oppression and odds and survived and thrived despite the Africans betrayal of our ancestors and Europeans’ maniacal genocidal savagery.

  • the reasonable people who have known Trump say the same as Quincy Jones, that Trump is mentally limited apart from being a narcissist, racist, a whore son. Only stupid people with thr brain of opossum voted for him.

    • Charles Wolff

      To be sure, I did not vote for him, could not vote for him because of what he said, how he said it, and his feelings toward women and people other than white. I do not agree those who voted for all lack brains, I have relatives and friends who are do engrained in the Republican party that they could not vote for a Democrat, let alone a female Democrat. They did not vote with their brains, they voted with pocket book and their negative feelings to social issues. On racism, being a white man brought up on rural Midwest, I had never been exposed to anyone of color, I heard peoe talk about N…r, brownie, darkie, and never what they were talk I g about. I played games like “ring around the rosey…”, daid the negative words and did not know what I was saying(No excuse). My first year in college I met, in person, my first Black person I even conversed with, and I heard the language of “token person of color”. It took me a while to know what that meant. I remember joining a protest group marching down a street in Dubuque, Iowa and experienving the rath of white folk, because we were marching for freedom of Black sisters and brothers. Since then II have been more aware of what I say and hear coming out against People of color. As a retired Ordained Lutheran pastor, I have had to correct people and try to explain why when I hear negative names given to other than.white folk. I am happy to say, that today, I try very hard to fight for the rights of all people but particularly for those who continue to have to fight so hard to actually try to receive equal rights. I still find myself with a negative feeling about other than white, but now I catch myself and try to reverse those thoughts. I am disgusted at the way our country is leaning on racism, sexism and so insensitive to the rights of all human beings. We certainly are not receiving any support from our current President who seens to want to bring us back to another civil rights invasion.

  • Speaking of betrayal, Q is betraying the legacy of deceased friends that cannot defend themselves or the veracity of truth. I will not LOVE the late James Baldwin and Marvin Gaye any less knowing they were gay. Outing them and betraying their legacy reflects Q’s low character. He failed to OUT himself because it was rumored that he attempted a sexual encounter and was REJECTED by TuPac. I don’t trust most of what he says because like most people who “kiss and tell”, they usually TELL A LIE. I have NO R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for these friendship betrayers.

    His deceased mother had dementia and at 85, maybe some of that came down the DNA pipe. He’s a musical GENIUS who should show more loyalty to Michael Jackson’s musical genius. Since he’s outing everyone, he should confirm or deny Michael’s stealing (i.e., pedophilia) the virginity of little boys, not songs. Perhaps what Michael did was sampling like cRappers do. Michael and Aretha could turn any nursery rhyme into a No.1 hit.

    With betraying “friends” like Q, they don’t need any enemies. I never liked Q or Miles Davis, and their b!tchiness and pettiness in exposing the private sexual lives of others, without revealing their own homosexuality is why I despise men like them.

    • Well said. I was wondering if maybe a little dementia was involved here. Why out your deceased friends and collaborators – they are unable to defend themselves. Punk move, Q.

  • David Mitchell

    Here is my thoughts on racism. I’m a 63 year old white male born and raised in Texas. First let me say I am not a racist. I am foremost a Christian above all else. When I was young in the late fifties and sixties my white parents use to talk about how kind and courteous the black people we new were. They were. I saw them. They treated everyone with respect more than I noticed white people doing the same. We lived on a 600 acre oil and gas lease in Panola County in the 50’s. My parents and grandparents neighbors lived next to a black man and his family named Nesby Holland. They were a class act. Super people. Bare in mind we are in the deep South. We read in the paper not long ago that Mr. Holland had died. My mother sent flowers and condolences to the family. Mr. Holland died a multi-millionaire because he owned the mineral rights to the land. My grandfather died at 76 and never lived to see them start drilling on it but he had mineral rights on it too and my grandmother inherited it. Before she died she gave it to her children. Fast forward to the year 1972. The year of intergration of public schools. I went to an all white high school named Robert E. Lee Rebels. The blacks had their own schools and their high school was named Emmet Scott. The blacks loved their school and the whites loved their school. No trouble at all between blacks and whites. Someone in Washington got the wise idea to intergrat the schools. They took all of the black kids and put them in Robert E. Lee and closed Emmet Scott down. Brilliant idea! All hell broke loose. Rioting constantly. On duty armed policeman all over the campus. Kids and teachers hospitalized. No deaths thank goodness.
    I kept my mouth shut and stayed out of trouble. Many days we went home early because of the rioting. 1972 was my senior year and I walk in the boy’s restroom one day. Didn’t notice anyone in there and out of the clear blue it felt like I had been struck hard in the back of the head with a 2×4 board. I staggered around for a moment and after my head quit spinning I noticed a black kid standing up on the command in the stall and at my feet was a Coke can full of water running out in the floor. Why did he do that?
    Him and I didn’t know each other at all. Never had said a word to each other. The only reason I can think of is his parents and peers instilled hatred toward white people in him. He certainly wasn’t born thinking that way. This event still did not change my mind about black people. I have some black male and female doctors that saved my life from leukemia and prostate cancer. I consider them my friends way above many white people. When the governor of Alabama George Wallace was running for President he kept preaching against intergration. He said it is not going to work here in the south because they have been their own bosses for too long. At the time I thought George Wallace was the biggest racist I had ever seen. Maybe the guy that started the KKK. As time went on I started to understand what he was talking about. Would you take a bunch of blacks and make them live on an Indian reservation? I don’t think neither would like it much. Would you close down an Indian reservation and make them live in a white development? You certainly wouldn’t do it with religion. Can you picture Muslims forced to go to church with Jews? Get the picture. The U.S government should have left it alone. Equality is not forcing someone out of their habitat. They might love their habitat.
    Do blacks feel they are priviledge to be just like whites? I don’t think so. Why would being white be any better than being black?
    It’s because it’s been drilled in their heads that just about all whites are white supremacists. I guess the blacks want black supremecy. There is no reason in the 21st century that both blacks and whites and any other color in the USA should not have equal rights. It’s illegal to own slaves. It’s illegal to beat, rob and kill people why is this racist subject still going on? Now as for public restrooms, public meeting places, etc. all races should be able to participate. Blocking a race from something is bull crap. Plenty of self made rich black people. Plenty of good black people that don’t see race color. Nothing to hold you back. Why did I even comment because I’m a Quincy Jones fan and a Donald Trump fan. Trump is not against races. He’s against illegally here races whatever color they are and I am too.
    President Trump carries black people with him everywhere he goes. I’m a huge fan of Ben Carson and Pres.Trump is too. Trump may be an egotistical turd head but most people consider bosses turd heads anyway so that’s part for the course. He’s making changes that we wanted.
    Dumb Redneck

    • One test of your assertions is to think about trading places with any Black man you can think of. You would not be better off.

      I don’t think you are a hateful person which makes your support of Trump baffling to me. He is a hateful narcissist liar. He would shoot you on Fifth Avenue if it benefited him in any way. He cheated thousands of business partners and customers – he’s been sued by more people than anyone I’ve ever heard of. He’s a draft dodger ( which means somebody else went in his place to Vietnam). He cheated on his first wife with the woman who became his second wife, then he had to take the Fifth Amendment 97 times in his second divorce and had to pay a porn star for silence after a dalliance on his third wife. He has openly courted the support of Nazis and white supremacists. He is slurring the good people of the FBI to cover up for his dealings with the Russians. He’s a horrible, filthy human being. You took the time to comment on this website, please take the time to think about this.

  • tricastriszar

    Adding to this is Marchese’s dynamic layers of acoustic, clean, and distorted guitars, all coalescing into a veritable wall of melodic glory that gives each song a strikingly lyrical quality even in the absence of vocals. The same can be said of Ben Johnson’s keyboards, his crystalline tones of synth and piano providing a fluid complement to Marchese’s guitars, ensuring that each track is a wondrously orchestrated spectacle for The Kahless Clone’s collective talents.

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