Pro-Trump Radio Host’s Rumor Blacks Bused to Alabama to Vote Slammed on Twitter

“I rode in a multicolor WV Bus and voted 34 times (30 for Jones, 3 Michelle Obama, 1 for myself of course),” a Twitter user mocked.

The 30 percent Black-voter turnout in Alabama’s special senate election resulting in Democratic candidate Doug Jones’ victory is unfathomable to some, like Republican candidate Roy Moore, who lost but refuses to concede, and pro-Donald Trump online radio host Bill Mitchell who has decided to spread rumors.

In a current environment where about half of people age 49 and under say they get their news online, according to a 2016 Pew Research Center survey, rumors can be easily believed. Mitchell is using his platform to say that Blacks were brought from Mississippi to Alabama to vote in Tuesday’s election.

He tweeted the following to his more than 300,000 followers, and the tweet received more than 10,000 likes:

Mitchell’s YourVoice America is an alternative right-wing online radio show, which resides in “a new-media ecosystem” that “exists outside of traditional newspapers and cable news networks,” according to Media Matters.

On the evening of the 2016 presidential election, Mitchell “claims to have received thankful direct messages from Trump’s two sons, Eric and Donald Jr., as well as campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, thanking him for his enthusiasm and analysis over Twitter. ‘I won’t tell you what they said, but it was very nice and appreciative,’ he said,” according to BuzzFeed.

Voter suppression efforts took place during Tuesday’s election. Civil rights organizations received hundreds of complaints of voter suppression, and “residents and reporters took to social media to report tactics used to intimidate minority voters or force them to cast provisional ballots,” according to Mother JonesDue to restrictive voter ID laws, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)  had to intervene Tuesday on behalf of a Black man in Mobile prohibited from voting. He had both a driver’s license and passport

Despite voter suppression efforts, Blacks in Alabama supported Jones across the board: 98 percent of Black women, 93 percent of Black men, and as a whole, 96 percent of Blacks voted for him.

Twitter users are overwhelmingly slamming Mitchell’s rumor in clever ways.

Here are a few responses:

Grassroots Movements in Alabama

Mitchell knows about the power of grassroots movements in elections. On Nov. 8, 2016, he tweeted in support of Trump:

So the rumor he’s spreading is to bait his followers. Blacks in Alabama overwhelmingly came to the polls due to grassroots organizing.

Alabama State Rep. Laura Hall told DiversityInc that Blacks in her district were inspired by last month’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey, when Black voters helped Democrats win in special elections.

“I said, we ought to do that in Alabama and certainly there were other people thinking the same way,” Hall said. “That election night probably just increased the motivation for what had already started.”

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'We Can't Let This Man Win': Alabama State Rep. Says Black Voters Had Enough of Roy Moore

Laura Hall (D-Huntsville) talked with DiversityInc about Madison County's grassroots efforts to support Doug Jones in the senate race.

The hashtag #WeVote was used to encourage people to get to the polls to vote for Jones. The Democratic Party, local chapters of the NAACP and voting rights organizations fought against structures in place that keep Black voters away from the polls by actions such as targeting awareness campaigns at people who might not have had proper identification.

According to The Atlantic, the grassroots efforts used “immediately become a case study in how to do so in a region that has, since the Supreme Court’s 2013 Shelby County v. Holder decision curtailing the 1965 Voting Rights Act, become a bastion of new voter-suppression laws, including new voter-ID laws.”

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  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    I’ll give this ignorant rumor-monger a hint
    Blacks were brought into Alabama..
    as captives….
    And they’ve been there ever since.

    • Charity Dell


      You know Bill ain’t re’d no HISTORY books!
      You are having an “LL”–Logic Lapse.
      Bill don’t know nuttin’ bout when the Black Peepuls
      got to Alabammy.
      Maybe Bill cain’t reed!

  • Now that Net Neutrality has been Trumped, it’s going to be even harder to get the truth — that is, objective reality, as opposed to “alternative facts” — out to those 49% of young people who get their news online. Thank God for sources like DiversityInc!

  • Now they come up with all kind of claims because they lost the election. And how does anyone get away with crossing state lines to throw and elections? We have show proof of being a resident of the state, count (parish) or city you reside in.

    • You would think the dummies still supporting trump would wake up. It’s nothing more than hate propaganda. Fascists always need an enemy. Watch Fox, they’re consuming their hate filled audience with the Clintons, as if they’re relevant.

      Meanwhile Goldman Sachs is passing its billionaire tax cut.

      It would be laughable if it weren’t for the most dangerous man on earth being the orange pied piper for the GS nihlists.

  • Hmmm, seems to me that people that believe cheating is the easiest way to win, always see it happening, even when it’s not. They can’t fathom that they lost. It’s like they never watched an episode of any child’s show. Or Scooby Doo. Maybe that’s what they need, an entire binge session of all episodes of Scooby Doo, but with commentary. (Listen closely kids… here’s where the bad guy went wrong…)

    • Charity Dell


      Scooby Doo, where ARE you?
      Bill be needin’ Scooby Doo and his friends, too!
      Bill ain’t had enuf edu-ma-kashun.
      That’s what it IZ.

    • Wouldn’t work, Trish. Cuz when you pull the hoods off these kkkowards in real life, they get to keep lying, cheating, and stealing their scary racist selves away. They built/are building the system to work for them, even when it shouldn’t. Repugnant liers, racists, and hypocrites.

    • “Moore would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for those meddling black people!”


  • This idiot is trying to divert attention away from T-rump backing the wrong candidate twice in Alabama. And, to top it all, 98% of Black Women voted for Jones, and Black Men voted at 96% for Jones. The tide is turning away from the T-rump, “break or destroy everything Barak Obama did in office in his 8-years”.

  • What? Alabama ain’t got enough Negros?

    They got to bus in the Negros now?

    Can we get paid for that?

    Negros, available for hire. Will do anything to make white folks feel safe and keep the conspiracy theories going so they’ll feel better about theyselfs. Everyone knows white folks need they safe places.

    Negros, we here to serve white folks since the 1600’s.

    BTW, Omarosa (aka Felicia) will be free to apply to serve as some random white folk’s best Negro friend after January 20, 2018.

    • Charity Dell


      Bill be thankin’ they gotz to Bus Da Black Folks In because
      he ain’t figgered out that Black Peepuls in Alabammy
      already dun organized theyselves to get to them Public Polls.

      Bill ain’t no Intekchull G’ant, yo!

      • Lol…Not only do some whites have no respect for people of color. They have zero respect for their own people.

  • Charity Dell

    Bill Mitchell suffers from:

    1. FOBSS–Fear of Black Success Syndrome;
    2. SOBWOS–Scared of Blacks Who Organize Syndrome;
    3. TOTVBS–Terror of Them Voting Blacks Syndrome.

    He dun got skirred evah since he dun fount out that
    Them Black Folks Got Brain Cells in “Sweet Home Alabama!”
    Babblin’ Bill is AFEARD of them Uppity Black Folks who
    be knowin’ how to READ ‘n’ VOTE ‘n’ sich.

    He ain’t the brite bulb in the socket, y’all….

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