Presidential Hopefuls Huckabee and Paul Star in New Anti-LGBT Documentary

Potential 2016 GOP Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Senator Rand Paul appear in an ultrareligious and uberconservative anti-gay documentary. Watch not one, but two trailers for it here.

By Julissa Catalan

Paul and HuckabeePer Right Wing Watch, the first trailer for a new anti-LGBT documentary has just been released, and it features numerous Republican politicians, including two likely Presidential candidates.

Light Wins: How to Overcome the Criminalization of Christianity features commentary from former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and current Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Both have left little doubt that they intend to make a run at the GOP Presidential nomination, with Paul even selecting a campaign manager.

“What kind of freedom of speech do we have if a person who expresses a biblical viewpoint about marriage is told they can’t open their businesses in a location?” asks Huckabee in the trailer.

But Huckabee’s freedom of speech comments ignore the fact that discrimination is illegal. Businesses are prohibited from discriminating against potential customers.

Take, for example, the case against Elane Photographers in New Mexico. In June 2014, a same-gender couple sued the business for refusing to shoot their wedding because it only photographed “traditional weddings.” The photographers attempted to appeal to the Supreme Court, but the court declined to review the case, saying it considered the action a violation “in the same way as if it had refused to photograph a wedding between people of different races.”

Though the law provides an exception for religious organizations and schools, private business cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation.

Meanwhile, another person in the documentary trailer proclaims, “If homosexual activists get everything they want, it will be nothing less than the criminalization of Christianity.”

But criminalization—never mind the LGBT community—doesn’t threaten Christianity. Rather, a drastic increase in the number of Americans who are turning away from Christianity, and religion in general, is the issue. While a majority of United States residents still identify as Christian, that percentage (73 percent in 2008) has dropped significantly (83 percent identified as Christian in 1990). Today, 20 percent of Americans do not have any religious affiliation.

“Hate is not an American value, and we urge Senator Paul and Governor Huckabee to renounce their affiliation with this film as well and categorically reject Scott Lively’s horrendous exportation of anti-LGBT bigotry abroad,” said JoDee Winterhof, Vice President for Policy and Political Affairs for the Human Rights Campaign.

“It would be unconscionable for any American, let alone one who seeks the Presidency, to affiliate with such venomous and dangerous extremism.”

The documentary also features four GOP congressmen: Iowa’s Steve King,  Arizona’s Trent Franks, Texas’ Louie Gohmert and Kansas’ Tim Huelskamp.

The trailer is reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project, with shots of dark wooded areas and eerie music—as if being gay could be compared to ghosts or aliens—punctuated by politicians and Christian leaders condemning homosexuality.

The trailer is ridiculous, but more ridiculous are the views the documentary perpetuates.

Watch the Light Wins trailer here:

A second preview says the Boy Scouts of America “needlessly caved to a dark sexual agenda that violates the safety [and] innocence of our children” for allowing gay scouts to join, and also compares the organization’s inevitable future to the Catholic church and the Penn State football child-abuse scandal.

Watch the additional trailer here:

Faith 2 Action’s Janet Porter—a radical religious activist, former radio show host, and author of The Criminalization of Christianity—is behind the documentary, which explains Huckabee’s participation. The two are long-time friends: Porter co-chaired Huckabee’s Faith and Values Coalition during his 2008 Presidential campaign.

In 2009, Huckabee introduced Porter at the How to Take Back America Conference, which she co-organized. He told the audience: “There are two Janets that I answer to: my wife Janet and Janet Porter.”

Huckabee made headlines recently for his own comments about the LGBT community in an interview with CNN, in which he said that for Christians to accept same-gender marriage would be “like asking someone who’s Jewish to start serving bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli.”

Of the film, Huckabee said, “Light Wins reveals the frightening trend not to simply ignore Christian believers, but to rid society of us altogether.

“This groundbreaking, eye-opening film will awaken viewers to the fact that being a spectator is no longer an option,” he added. “One will be part of the solution or part of the problem, and I hope this riveting documentary will cause believers to take notice.”

The anti-LGBT documentary is set to premiere at next month’s National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville.

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