A Post-Election Message from the CEO of Kaiser Permanente

CEO of Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson pens a message to employees.


Bernard J. Tyson

By Kaiser Permanente’s CEO Bernard J. Tyson

I’m sharing with you the message I sent to Kaiser Permanente’s (No. 1 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list) leaders, employees and physicians because it is important that we recognize that the progress we have made in health care will continue.

We are on a journey to improve health in America, key to which is making high-quality health care more affordable and more accessible to more Americans. It is our obligation and we are committed to engaging in the critical conversations to make this a reality for generations to come.

SUBJECT: Our Continued Call for Leadership

With the presidential election complete, we have seen our democracy in action. The majority of the American people have expressed their freedom of speech through voting, and as a result, we have our next President of the United States, Donald Trump. We respect this process and, as we have always done, look forward to an orderly transition of the leadership for this country.

Kaiser Permanente remains committed to advocating for a U.S. health care system that is affordable and sustainable and that delivers high-quality care for all Americans. Our mission remains as critical today as it has through the 70+ years we have been Kaiser Permanente. We will continue our dedication and commitment to high-quality, affordable and accessible health care for all Americans. We will continue to advocate for the health of our communities. And we will continue to serve our members with the compassion and service they have come to expect.

On behalf of Kaiser Permanente, I look forward to working with the next Administration in the same manner as I’ve been privileged to work with the current Administration.

Given some of the positions taken on health care during the election process, our entire industry looks forward to learning more about how the next Administration views access to health care and coverage. At Kaiser Permanente, we stand ready to participate and engage in these critical discussions. I will keep you informed about what we learn.

Thanks for all you do for our members and patients.


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  • As a prior Kaiser Permanente employee, I am proud of this message and the leadership at the top of the firm. What a great example for other CEO’s to follow. Balanced message.

  • “The majority of the American people have expressed their freedom of speech through voting, and as a result, we have our next President of the United States, Donald Trump.”

    except he lost the popular vote. by a huge amount.

  • I am eighty years old. I have had Kaiser coverage off and on since the nineteen forties. Through the years, I’ve never doubted the organization has striven for, and continues to provide quality care. But our system of health care delivery at affordable prices in this country is broken. When I see my GP, who I feel is competent and empathetic, I feel as though she is on a ” time clock” and I am on medicine’s “conveyer belt.” Why, because medical care must be delivered at a profit.
    We must have universal health care in this country. The savings in GDP % compared to those of other, “advanced countries” could go a long way toward curing some of our country’s other economic problems.

  • I agree with you 100%. Kaiser is the best in this dysfunctional system of Health Care USA. We are so advanced as a nation, on so many levels, but our advancement is wealth driven… not health driven.

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