Post-Election Hate Crimes Roughly Seven Times Higher than Average

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released its newest report, revealing nearly 900 incidents of harassment and hate in the 10 days following Donald Trump’s election.

Hate incidents have occurred in record numbers since Election Day, with a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) calculating roughly seven times the weekly average according to the FBI’s 2015 hate crimes report.

Earlier this month, the FBI released its annual hate crimes report, revealing that 5,818 single-bias incidents occurred in 2015. This averages about 112 incidents per week — a fraction of the average seen since the election.

In 2015, on average, 115 racially motivated hate incidents targeting people of all races occurred every 10 days. In the 10 days following the election, there were more anti-Black incidents alone — 187. Anti-immigrant incidents were more than double the average for all races.

The FBI estimated that 38 anti-religious crimes targeting all faiths occurred every 10 days. During the 10-day period following the election, more than double that amount of anti-Semitic incidents took place, and 49 anti-Muslim incidents alone occurred.

Every 10 days, in 2015, there were about 38 crimes against people due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Ninety-five anti-LGBT incidents alone have occurred since the election.

Anti-women crimes occurred at a rate of less than two per month in 2015. Post-election, there were 40 hate incidents against women.

The real number of incidents may even be greater, as the Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that two-thirds of hate crimes go unreported.

According to the SPLC’s newest report, “Ten Days After: Harassment and Intimidation in the Aftermath of the Election,” while hate incidents have always occurred in the United States, “the targets of post-election hate incidents report that they are experiencing something quite new.”

“What we’re seeing is something quite unusual. People are reporting seeing swastikas painted in neighborhoods that they’ve lived in for 20 years,” said Richard Cohen, president of the SPLC. “We’ve never seen anything like it.”

The SPLC uses media reports and submissions to its own #ReportHate page. The report does not include online harassment or incidents that have been determined by authorities to be hoaxes.

The majority of incidents have been anti-immigrant, the data shows.

Hate Incident by Type Number of Incidents (Nov. 8 – Nov. 18)
Anti-immigrant 280
Anti-Black 187
Anti-Semitic 100
Anti-LGBT 95
Anti-Muslim 49
Trump — General* 43
Anti-woman 40
White nationalist** 32
Anti-Trump 23
Other*** 18

* Per the report: “The category ‘Trump-General’ refers to incidents in which harassers invoked Trump’s name but did not make their motivations clear.”

** “White nationalist” refers to “the language, literature, and symbols of white nationalism [that] have cropped up throughout the country” since Trump’s election, as well as recruiting efforts for the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other white supremacy groups.

*** “Other” incidents refer to those that targeted Asian Americans, Native Americans or people with disabilities

Most incidents have occurred in public spaces, and a large number occurred in K-12 schools — even more than at colleges and universities.

Hate Incident by Location Number of Incidents (Nov. 8 – Nov. 18)
Public spaces 206
K-12 183
Workplace/retail 162
University 140
Private places 109
Other public spaces 51
Places of worship 16

“Black students are encountering disturbing echoes of Jim Crow segregation, including multiple reports of Black children being told to go to the back of the bus,” the report states. “In St. Louis, Missouri, a school basketball team chanted ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ and told Black team members to move to the back of the bus. When a student of color got on a public bus in New York, one of her classmates asked, ‘Aren’t you supposed to be sitting in the back of the bus now? Trump is president!’”

Other incidents have also included “whites” and “colored” being written in schools above sinks, water fountains and urinals.

At least one reported incident has occurred in nearly every state, with the exception of North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii and Wyoming. California has the highest number — 99 — followed by New York with 69.

The spike was highest in the first three days after the election, with more than 100 incidents occurring per day. For the most part, the numbers then trickled down.

In an interview, Trump claimed he was “surprised to hear” about the spike in hate incidents. Many reported incidents were directly related to the election, with many being at the hands of Trump supporters (and a significantly smaller amount targeting them). And while not all reported incidents bore Trump’s name specifically, the president-elect has no reason to be surprised they are occurring, according to the SPLC:

“In his November 23 interview with The New York Times, Trump claimed he had no idea why white supremacists — the so-called ‘alt right’ — had been ‘energized’ by his campaign. Again, it’s no mystery. Both the harassment since the election and the energy on the radical right are the predictable results of the campaign that Trump waged for the presidency — a campaign marked by incendiary racial statements, the stoking of white racial resentment, and attacks on so-called ‘political correctness.’”

In an interview with Reuters, Cohen said the president-elect “needs to speak forcefully and repeatedly against bigotry.”

“What we’d like to see Mr. Trump do is acknowledge that his own words have fueled the outbreak of hate that we’re seeing. He needs to take responsibility and stop pretending he’s surprised,” he said.

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  • Iris Carolina Carrillo Thompson

    Mr.,Trump did not bring these children to grow up hating. It is up to parents,teachers as children are being taught. It is late once they are grown.
    If anyone is to blame, blame the Clintons for creating hate. Give people hand-outs and keep them voting for her,these people may not have the hand-outs now.

    • One of the reasons Hillary Clinton lost was lingering mistrust over the 1994 welfare reform signed by her husband, President Clinton. I would think there was also lingering mistrust from the LGBT community over DADT. Hillary didn’t move her strategy or messaging out of that decade – a big mistake, but she still won the popular vote by 2,700,000 people.

      Please take your fake news nonsense back to the Russian websites. Look up! It’s a “chem trail”!

    • Charity Dell

      IRIS–This deep-seated HATE against non-white people was NOT started by the Clintons
      or Trump, although Trump benefits from the racist “Alt-Right White-Is-Right” crowd
      who mistakenly believe that his election “entitles them” to harass people who do not look
      like them.

      This ethno-hate began in the 1500’s when the European colonial powers–England, France, Holland, Portugal, Spain–began their CONQUEST of the New World and decided to forcibly remove, enslave, rape and massacre the Indigenous peoples and civilizations in the Caribbean and the Americas. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade imported millions of
      Africans to replace the Indigenous SLAVES who had died from exposure to European
      disease. If you want to curse the SOURCE of the hatred, start with the EUROPEANS
      who visited their cruelty upon the New World!

      500 YEARS in ALL the Americas AND the Caribbean. There is no nation in the Americas
      that has not been affected by the hatred of the Euro-Elites toward everything
      considered “non-white” or “non-Euro.”

      To this day, the New World nations are dominated by the descendants of these
      Euro-Elites, who still believe that non-white people are “inferior”. Indigenous and African-descended peoples are STILL systematically disenfranchised in EVERY arena of
      life–education, employment, housing, legal rights, politics, basic services, access to higher
      education–in 99% of all New World countries, ESPECIALLY in Latin America.

      Lest you think this only exists in Los Estados Unidos, just look at advertising in Latin
      American media in those countries–mostly BLANCO-LATINOS are shown, even in some
      of the soccer ads. Children’s commercials in Latin American media typically
      feature BLANCO chicos and chicas–never African- or Indigenous-descent children!
      Telemundo and Univision have VERY few news reporters of color, and you rarely
      see what Latin America’s diverse populations REALLY look like, unless you visit
      these countries. The contrast between the POPULATION and WHAT BROADCAST
      MEDIA PORTRAY is shocking–even the pictures on hair color and shampoo
      bottles feature women with extremely pale skins and European features!

      Look at the heads of state in most Latin American countries and look at WHO CONTROLS
      COMMERCE AND LAW in Latin America–99.9% brancos y blancos–this is the clear
      effect of SYSTEMATIC RACISMO practiced in all the Americas, and the result of
      “blanqueamiento/branqueamento”* policies that controlled immigration in these countries.

      *Blanqueamiento–“whitening” (Spanish)
      Branqueamento– “whitening” (Portuguese)

      The Euro-Elites created and still maintain an unfair regime of SYSTEMATIC
      DISCRIMINATION and DISENFRANCHISEMENT against people of color, or anyone
      considered “non-white” in the United States. The playing field has NEVER
      been fair for those of us who do not carry a WHITE CARD–and no amount of
      hard work and multiple degrees COMPLETELY ERASES THE DAMAGE INFLICTED
      UPON those of us who carry the “RACE CARDS” we inherited at birth!

  • noneofurebusiness

    ANYTHING that the Left Wing Marxist Control Freaks at the Southern Poverty Law Center disseminates should be viewed with much suspicion! Morris Dees, who is the “daddy” of the SPLC, is a noted Marxist and has a VERY CHECKERED PAST when it comes to compliance with the law, especially when it comes to women! As far as “Hate Crimes” are concerned, I believe that we need to take particular note of all of the Left Wing Marxist civil turmoil that was carried out after the election when Donald J. Trump kicked Hillary Rodham Clinton’s donkey!

    • Don’t quote your Russian-generated fake news nonsense here. Marxist. How silly.

      Morris Dees is a great lawyer and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by about 2.7 million people.

  • The Southern Poverty Law Center has a hate crime “self reporting” form on it’s website. These are not verified in any way and should not be accepted as accurate.

    • Because people are reporting fake hate crimes? Hahahaha. You must have the same degree in philosophy as the president elect when he claims millions of undocumented workers voted when he won.

    • brock needleman

      So are they saying it is a hate crime to say the name Trump? How come there is not a class for people who used the name Hilary, or Obama, or Jim or any name. This seems like a deliberate targeting by this news outlet. Makes any “statistics” they post suspect.

    • GRANNYBUNNY–So sad,but TRUE! But just think of the SHOCK the xenophobes
      receive when their “victims and prey” STRIKE BACK and REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE
      IN THEIR OWN VICTIMIZATION! :-0 Surprise, surprise, surprise!

      1. These New American Xenophobes just didn’t read the memo that
      announced that other Americans will not accept their behavior
      and will not lie down to be trampled.

      2. Xenophobia that results in harassment and violence will be met with
      equal or greater FORCE. Xenophobes can expect not only to be
      RESISTED, but to spend time in emergency surgery and to be
      SUED. Other Crazed Xenophobes should purchase their cemetery
      plots now and/or make their final arrangements, including updating
      life insurance policies and naming beneficiaries on revised wills.

      3. Some of these xenophobes will discover that Other Americans ALSO
      exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and hasten their appointment
      with The Grim Reaper. I understand that the Grim Reaper does not
      honor White Cards.

      This is, after all, America! :-)

  • Luke,

    You destroy any credibilty you may have when you claim its impossible that any online “hate” submissions might be fake. There is plenty of incentive for partisans to demonize Trump by making stuff up – and there have been verifiable hoaxes reported to the police already, so how can you dismiss anonymous internet reporting of such??

    • It’s not impossible, but let’s be realistic. One candidate almost lost to a socialist from a state with less than 0.2% of the national population, then goes on to say nothing of importance, picks a man passed over twice before with zero charisma for a running mate and goes on to lose against a guy who re-tweets neo nazi propaganda – the worst bigot to run since George Wallace. Who is responsible for whipping up people into committing hate crimes?


      • Using Ad hominem attacks to avoid answering the question don’t help your case

        • You can criticize me, but please use facts and links and a relative argument.

          One candidate drew huge crowds by appealing to racism and sexism. His opponent drew small crowds by carefully avoiding any hint of “controversy” on her positions by babbling about nothing. (all the while dodging bullets about emails and foundation donations and daughter’s $600,000 job and husband’s leaning on the AG and trusted advisor with pervert husband and more email problems and on and on)

          Are there fake reports? Of course there are. Is one side energized more than the other? Of course it is. Which do you think is doing more of the damage – the side that didn’t turn out to vote because they were disappointed in their candidate? Or the one that promised a return to the “glory days” when women and non white people “knew their place” (which is EXACTLY what you see acted out in the Delta and Starbucks videos.

          Let’s all chant: USA USA USA USA

          On the wings of old undereducated poor white people, angry about their position in life, whipped up by Russian fake news websites, we get Sarah Palin (!) to run the VA, oh, you didn’t like Hillary talking to Goldman Sachs? Now you have Goldman Sachs running the Treasury. Strip assets, export jobs and load up with debt “turn around expert” billionaire Wilbur Ross running Commerce, Amway billionaire and voucher proponent DeVoss running education.

          The billionaire club is going to lookout for the little guy after a lifetime of stepping on their heads. Hahahaha. Just wait, we’ll be in a new war before the congressional elections. Daddy Warbucks needs a new villa and a yacht to get there. Time to build some new weapons. And ground some of the suckers’ children into bloody mush. But we will “Thank You For Your Service.” Thank you so much we’ll put a nincompoop in charge of the VA.

          And the hate reports are all fake? Come on.

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