Did Porter Lie to the FBI About His Pattern of Abuse?

If Porter lied, it would be a felony.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly with former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter / REUTERS

Rob Porter may be out as President Donald Trump’s staff secretary, but the fact that he was allowed in in the first place is a matter of large concern.

Porter fessed up to taking the now widely circulated photo of his ex-wife’s black eye. But according to Porter, a picture is not worth 1,000 words.

“I took the photos given to the media nearly 15 years ago and the reality behind them is nowhere close to what is being described,” he said in a statement. “I have been transparent and truthful about these vile claims, but I will not further engage publicly with a coordinated smear campaign.”

Whatever reality Porter lives in where the “reality” is something other than he beat his ex-wife, the fact that he took the photo means one of two things: either Porter lied on his application for security clearance, or the White House was already aware of his abusive past.

If Porter lied, that would be a felony.

The FBI spoke with Porter’s two ex-wives, who both said Porter abused them. The FBI passed this information along to the White House, news outlets have reported, so even if the White House did not hear the truth from Porter, they were aware the allegations existed. And the fact that two women confirmed the same story means Porter’s abuse does in fact signify a pattern.

According to the Washington Post:

“In January 2017, when [White House Counsel Donald] McGahn learned of the allegations, he wanted Porter to stay put because he saw the Harvard Law-trained Capitol Hill veteran as a steadying, professional voice in the White House, according to people familiar with the matter. His view didn’t change in June when the FBI flagged some of its findings to the White House. Nor did he act in September when he learned that the domestic violence claims were delaying Porter’s security clearance, or in November when Porter’s former girlfriend contacted him about the allegations, according to these people.”

Only after Colbie Holderness, Porter’s ex-wife, released photos of herself with a black eye — photos Porter admitted to taking — did the White House then act like there was reason to be concerned.

During his brief stint in the White House, Porter may have been working under a temporary security clearance. It seems this may be the new standard for White House staff members, as dozens of them are still awaiting full security clearance, CNN and the Post reported.

CBS News spoke with a former Obama administration official, who said that Porter’s position would have been next to impossible to fill without full security clearance.

“I don’t know how you would do that job without a security clearance,” the unnamed former official said, adding, “I don’t know how anyone could be in that job without a security clearance, unless it is constructed very differently in the Trump administration.”

The news on Porter begs the question: why is security clearance for Jared Trump — and a number of others — being held up?

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  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    In the 1940s, the Republicans crucified a Democratic White House assertedly full of dubious security risks, on MUCH flimsier grounds, and wanted the FBI to be much tougher on such people. Funny how it’s all topsy-turvy now, even though we have more REAL evidence of Russian involvement in putting people into the White House than the old HUAC and J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI ever did.

  • Good Grief, this White House is passing out security clearances like M&M’s. No matter how you cut the cheese, the president is in charge of this. He is the one responsible. This alone is enough for a high crime or misdemeanor. If someone as inefficient or dangerous as Donnie worked for ANY real business, he’d be fired. But, we put him in charge? We have turned the White House into Hotel California. Anyone seeking re-election better figure it out, Trump has cooties.

  • loaded “newspeak” wording. 2 (alleged) incidences do NOT created a pattern. Past time to learn conventional ENGLISH. He may be an ass, but childish hype such as this destroys your credibility.

    • Go beyond what you hear on Fox if you don’t want to be an offensive jerk. Porter himself took the picture of his then-wife’s black eye. His second wife also accused him of wife beating as well as a live-in girlfriend. For reasons the administration has not admitted, Porter did not get his security clearance – either he told his security officer about his wife beating, or he lied about it. It’s part of the disclosure. You don’t get a security clearance if there is information out there that you could be blackmailed about. A photograph that you took of your ex-wife with a giant black eye that you haven’t disclosed is certainly something that you could be blackmailed about. If all of these facts don’t establish a pattern, I don’t know what does.

      Trump spouted off about due process because he’s a lying cheat. Porter has a clear pattern, so does his boss: trump cheated on his first wife with his second wife, took the fifth amendment 97 times in his second divorce, paid a porn star for her silence regarding a dalliance he had on his third wife. Trump could not get a security clearance to eat a hotdog in the Pentagon. Candidates should go through the clearance process before they earn a nomination.

      You are now banned. I only posted your comment so people can see the reason why this is offensive – it’s not about opinion, it’s about facts and you expressing your ignorant opinions in the workplace is disruptive and hurts productivity which means you should be fired. Immediately.

        • I’m here for people like you, not for viewers of the habitual sex offender network (fox). White people (myself included) did not make it uncomfortable enough for bigots, racists, gay bashers, women haters and other creeps, that’s why we ended up with trump.

          I’m not making that mistake again.

          • Neither will I Luke, and I agree with you whole heartedly on how we ended up with Trump in the first place . Good call to ban Alte Kaker his comments were, in my opinion, very inflammatory..

      • Joan C. Thompson

        Your reply is so full of truth. I felt sorry for Ivana, because Trump brought the chorus girl ,Marlo Maples and moved her into The Trump Tower, while still married to Ivana. Is that not adultery? He took pregnant Marlo to Japan and he wasn’t married to her. Well, the yard child received 2 million from adultery father Then there is a question about the third wife’s background. So, one can understand where Trump’s answer about Porter came from . It used to be one couldn’t get a divorce in New York using adultery..

  • After reading a piece written by Porter’s first wife, in which she says that not only was she and the second wife abused, but a former girl friend – a 3rd woman- reached out to both of the ex wives with troubling questions seems that this guy was gaslighting all of these women. She really took offense with KellyAnne Conway saying that while she believes the women, she believes that Hope Hicks, the present girlfriend, and a member of 45’s inner circle as White House communications director, is a strong woman of “excellent instinct” and smarts. Also, Huckabee-Sanders won’t say if 45 believes the women or not. Well, if Hicks has such great instincts, she wouldn’t be in a relationship with this creep. And if there was no substance to these allegations, Porter would have received his security clearance by now. This is a White House full of sexual deviants and predators. Since it comes from the top(45), what can you expect from the subordinates?

    • I think it’s important to point out that there was “due process“. That’s what the security clearance was – a process. Porter (and Jared) failed it. Considering there was no talk of charging Porter with a felony for lying on his security clearance application, I would have to assume that he admitted punching his wife in the eye and acknowledged that there was a photograph of the damage – that his wife forced him to take. Anyone reviewing an application with something like that on it would turn to the person and say I’m very sorry but this is never going to work.

      If you watch Fox, you will see that trump’s base has been taught to not trust the FBI. It’s amazing world – it was the FBI that threw the election to trump.

  • Joan C. Thompson

    So, the FBI doesn’t do adequate background checks-how about Home Caregivers. I have had to deal with over 30 and two were caregivers-the rest lied ,cheat , and steal due to the fact that they are not professionally trained, poor pay, and non existence background checks. They arrive at one’s home with backgrounds of domestic violence, theft, prostitution, forgery, credit card abuse I have been spat on ,smashed into a TV, dumped at a hospital and had to sleep on a stretcher at Baylor hospital, money stolen from account, cell phone and computer broken into, mail opened, clothes, jewelry , and furniture plus paintings stolen.. The situation is so bad that I have done TV shows with investigating reporters from ABC and Fox News.Mr. Schultz, director of Homestead ,left me in bed and told the caregiver “To let Mrs. Thompson ROT in her chair.’ The day before my WW11 husband’s military funeral..

  • When you work for a misogynistic sleezebag and you’re WHITE and/or MALE, you can still get away with felonious or treasonous acts without any consequences. tRump openly intimidated himself during his campaign by childishly calling on Russia to investigate “Killary” Clinton. Now, he can’t be held accountable for his collusive treasonous role?

    Security clearances or any other job qualifications are NOT necessary to work for tRump, the only thing that is required of his staff was what his modern BlacKKK slave Omarosa said: Bowing down at his feet. Being any one of the following qualifies you for a position in tRump’s incompetent cabinet: Az-kisser, philanderer, wife-beater, pedophile, sexual harasser, Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemima.

    General Kelly has to admit to being lazy, incompetent, reckless or prejudiced in failing to investigate Porter and other cabinet members. I believe tRump is a wife-beater; he fits the profile with his delicate “small hands.” Balling them up as fists makes him feel more powerful. Rich men who can’t keep wives happy–something is seriously wrong. Kelly intentionally attempted to cover up because to indict Porter would be hypocritical when tRump was guilty of the same thing.

  • I’m a very low level federal employee – a secretary in an agency not widely known and which I will not name here as this is not the point. The point is that I had to undergo and PASS the security clearance process – and mine was low end as I do not handle anything classified. If I did not pass that background check by the time I was to go onboard…. I would of been told not to let the door hit me in the ass. How do all these people working IN the White House directly with POTUS and these people do not have their background checks completed…. and those that did are still working without a completed Security Clearance????: I do not understand it. I really don’t other than to look at who had the final word on these people… POTUS himself. If he wants you… he’ll overlook just about anything. If he doesn’t like you or you can ‘t benefit him in some way… well then your fired. This whole administration is ridiculous.

    • When trump was flying around in his corporate jets during the campaign, it was widely reported that the registrations were expired, he used his foundation for everything from buying paintings of himself to paying for his son’s Boy Scout dues. He’s been sued by more people than anyone I’ve ever heard of. There are mechanics liens on his hotel in Washington for not paying contractors. He waited to pay the porn star until the election, because he was such a cheapskate, she had already given an interview to a web publication.

      My point is this is a man who is never felt it necessary to follow the rules – to the point that if he wasn’t elected president he could not get a security clearance to eat a hotdog in the Pentagon. His office knew that Porter punched his ex-wife in the eye, he knows why Jared can’t get a security clearance – but he doesn’t feel like the rules apply to him.

      • They don’t. The fact that he is POTUS says it all. Like I have said before, those of us in New York knew him for what he was(and still is), a rich boy who rode his daddy’s coat tails for everything he has. He was handed the presidency by the same FBI that he is now having issue with. Where are the tax returns? Being sued left and right. Adultery and defiler of women. I totally agree when you said that all candidates should go through a security clearance before being allowed to run for president. It also should be mandatory to show taxes. If it was, he wouldn’t be elected dog catcher. But 45 had soooo many obvious flaws that it is amazing to me that he won. Wow, I forgot liar, also.
        I was discussing this with my sister and she said something: that history shows us is that all great world powers seem to come unraveled sooner or later. Look at Rome, Great Britain and so on. It seems that the USA is in the downward spiral that those others suffered before them

        • It doesn’t have to be that way. Trump channeled hate. He spoke directly to the id of stupid old scared white people.

          But there is something about the human spirit that makes hate an unsustainable way of leading.

          And if the next winning candidate is a third-party candidate and takes decision-making away from old fossils like Schumer and Pelosi, we may see an American revival.

          The news talks of deficits as if current spending habits are somehow etched in stone. Just starting with the defense budget and the budget of 17 intelligence agencies will give us enough money to fix every societal disparity we have and unlock the productivity of millions of Americans. We don’t need to disarm or make ourselves blind to threats; we do have to get rid of World War II thinking in armaments and redundancies and fiefdoms in intelligence. There is hundreds of billions of dollars of waste. The founders were quite clear in their disdain of a standing army. We didn’t have a major standing army until after World War II. When World War II started we had the 17th largest army, behind Argentina. Today, our fleet is centered on the weapons that won WW2, we have 12 nuclear powered aircraft carriers, the latest ones are over 100,000 tons and perfect missile bait for the latest generation of Chinese technology. A waste of time and money.

          Money that could be put to use building infrastructure and training and educating our citizens.

          Everyone should keep in mind that Mexico and Canada spend far less of their GDP on “defense” – the last country to invade Mexico and Canada was the United States (1914, 1812).

          • Funny that you mention China, becuz my sister thinks that will be the next great world power. Also, you said what I have thought since that crazy budget was passed, mainly that it is not written in stone. Just like 45 is busy dismantling all that Obama had put in place, that budget can be over turned. The fact that these people have mortgaged their children’s futures should be enough to see future change happen. As for your last statement about Canada and Mexico, maybe they both should be building a wall against the USA! lol

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