Philando Settlement Marred by More Law Enforcement Racism

"She'll have that spent in six months on crack cocaine … I hope she loses all her state and county aid now she has this cash," Deputy Tom McBroom tweeted about Diamond Reynolds.

Diamond Reynolds / YOUTUBE

The St. Anthony City Council in Minnesota voted to give Diamond Reynolds $675,000 as part of a total $800,000 settlement for her emotional distress and wrongful arrest following the fatal officer-involved shooting of her boyfriend, Philando Castile. In response, a Rice County sheriff’s deputy, who is also a city council member, took to social media to say that Reynolds would spend her settlement on crack cocaine.

“She’ll have that spent in six months on crack cocaine … I hope she loses all her state and county aid now she has this cash,” Tom McBroom tweeted on Tuesday, hours after the settlement was reached.

The $125,000 of Reynolds’ settlement is from the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust and the city of Roseville.

In response to McBroom’s tweets, obtained by City Pages, a Twitter user asked:

“What leads you to that conclusion? I’m guessing stereotypes.”

He replied: “History.”

Tom McBroom

Along with serving in law enforcement, McBroom is an elected official in Elysian, Minn., a small southwestern Minnesota town.

Reynolds’ lawyer, Michael Padden, called McBroom’s comments “racist” and “false.”

“It is sad and disturbing that a member of law enforcement not only has these thoughts, but then articulates them on social media for the whole world to see,” Padden said in a statement on Friday.

“Ms. Reynolds has never used crack cocaine nor does she have any convictions her entire life for any drug related offenses. One then has to reasonably wonder: how did Sgt. McBroom come up with this?

“Is it solely due to the fact that Ms. Reynolds is African American?”

Reynolds was in the passenger seat and her 4-year-old daughter was in the backseat of the car when Jeronimo Yanez, then a St. Anthony Police Department officer, killed her boyfriend during a traffic stop on July 6, 2016 in a suburb of St. Paul, Minn. Yanez fired his weapon into Castile’s car seven times. Reynolds used Facebook Live to share the incident.

Even though Castile had a permit to carry a firearm and informed the officer of this fact, Yanez was acquitted of manslaughter charges in June. Following the acquittal, a video made available shows footage of Reynolds, handcuffed, in the backseat of a police squad car with her daughter. Reynolds pleaded with her viewers on Facebook Live to pray for her. She also repeatedly asked to be removed from handcuffs so she could hold her child.

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‘It's OK, I'm Right Here with You,' 4-Year-Old with Philando Castile Tells Mom in Squad Car

Video shows the girl comforting her mother Diamond Reynolds in a police car following the shooting death of Castile.

CBS Minnesota reports that jurors did not see the video of Reynolds in the squad car, citing that prosecutors chose to focus more on the dashcam footage from Yanez’s car.

In regard to the tweets, City Pages reported that when initially contacting McBroom to confirm his identity, he replied, “Who said I was law enforcement or council member. I’m a general contractor. Wrong person. Sorry.”

But he later called and admitted to denying his identity, “Just to screw with you. Because I can.”

McBroom said his comments weren’t racist. He said he thought purchasing crack cocaine was popular in cities.

“I have friends of mine in the Minneapolis Police Department. And you know, that’s an epidemic up there, crack cocaine and opioids.”

Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn said he learned about McBroom’s tweets Wednesday evening.

“I just want to say the comments don’t reflect the beliefs or opinions of anybody here at the sheriff’s office in our administration or patrol,” Dunn said, according to the StarTribune.

A court still must approve Reynolds’ settlement. Once approved, a portion of it will be placed into a trust for her daughter and her future educational needs, the city’s statement said.

Reynolds said last week that the settlement shows what she and her daughter endured “was wrong.” While no amount of money can erase the pain of losing Castile, she said, “I do hope closing this chapter will allow us to get our lives back and move forward.”

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  • He seems to have a problem with this woman whose boyfriend was killed by law enforcement??

  • I don’t know Diamond Reynolds. However, I saw the video she live-streamed after the shooting, as well as the video of her in handcuffs afterward, and have read extensively about the case. When I saw the videos, my immediate impression was that she must be the strongest person who ever lived, in order to calmly speak truth to power: insisting on what actually happened to the officer who had just murdered her fiancée — who was dying beside her — while the officer continued shakily pointing his gun at her and her daughter. I hope she turns around and sues this scumbag officer for slander, and that he loses his job. Racist law enforcement officers are the main reason why African-Americans like Philandro Castille continue to be — wrongfully — executed by police.

    • Thank you for saying the truth Grannybunny! I would sue this sheriff department again for that tweet. So everyone that comes from a Minnesota city is on crack or opioids? I assume that’s white people as well! Crap is astonishing

    • Amen. She deserves more for what her and her child has to live with the rest of their lives. That sheriff needs fired and no benefits. He’s full of hate and IMO dangerous as racists as he is. He’s a problem and hope they sue him. Let him lose all. How does he no if she gets anything an if she does it’s none of his business. This makes my blood boil. You said it much better than I could have. She stayed so strong for her life and her childs. My heart breaks for them.

  • This man is a city council member and a law enforcement officer. Why has he not been suspended, at the very least, or fired, which is what should happen. He did not know this women from a can of beans, but he can say this about her on social media? She should sue him for defamation.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with Fran and grannybunny. How is this piece of racist garbage still on the job holding with a badge and gun??? and a city council member to boot!!?? Time to give HIM the boot! I hope she sues his dumb ass for everything he’s worth. This is a clear case of bias slander!

    • Michael Klumper

      If he had siad something of the sort about our President there would have been a massive twitter response that he should be fired.

  • An ignorant animal with a badge. A person’s life is not a joking matter. I pray nothing as horrible as this ever happens in your life.

  • And this asshole is in law enforcement meaning he’s licensed to carry a gun. I’d take a portion of the settlement money and sue McBroom for slander / defamation, whichever is appropriate, just to mess with him – because I could.

  • Given the opioid epidemic among whites, he’s got to be joking, besides being a racist idiot. Now if anyone ever brings suit against him, their lawyer will have his very public comments as evidence of his lack of character and racist leanings. What a dumbass.
    Hope he hasn’t sexually harassed anyone. Because history tells me he has.

  • So, if this is history, according McBroom, we can safely say that police officers are racists. As that is history as well. The idiocy of his statements is overwhelming.

  • He needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! How can you do your job as a public servant and have so much hate in your heart?? I can’t be done.

  • “McBroom said his comments weren’t racist. He said he thought purchasing crack cocaine was popular in cities.”

    He must not be aware of cocaine, opiod, heroin, crack cocaine, and meth being “popular” everywhere.


  • This is exactly the kind of foolishness that created the environment of shooting Black males during traffic stops.

  • I also want to add, it’s this type of callous disregard for Black lives that caused the initial incident. He is comfortable making a hateful comment about someone whose loved one was killed in front of them.

    Hateful. Creates the current climate of disrespect for law enforcement.

  • Guess he dont realize thats Slander, and Defamation of Character hes setting himself up for

  • Phil Lawless

    What conceivable reason would a decent human being have to do with such calumny. How in the world can you so judge another human being like this. I suggest that you reform your life to become a gentler, less judgmental person. You might be happier. Do unto others…

  • Katherine Gard

    What a complete douche bag. He shoukd be removed from his job and his political office.

  • Sgt . Mcbroom is a punk and a racist that should be sued for defamation of character . This mother and moaner need to heal from terrible act and not toyed with and humiliated . We had a Dallas prosecutor insult , berate and threaten a uber driver say ” I’ll have the police come fuck you up “! 😂😂😂 She was fired and as a man of color I’m glad ! You don’t need people like her or Mcbroom in no parts of law enforcement because of their arrogance ,ignorance and sense of entitlement ! What kind of justice would I get ?

  • What’s in your wallet? Race card. Always someone playing the race card. Didn’t obutthole do enough to damage racial relations?

  • The fact that this man holds such a powerful position and has carelessly memorialized his inner feelings on a public forum is indicative of why blacks feel untrustworthy of police. To slander someone who has endured such profound brutality at the hands of someone we hold public trust to is disgusting. No matter how much money you throw at her her life will forever be changed. No amount of compensation will change that. All Americans should be outraged at the travesty of justice playing out in every city across this once great nation. This is the very thing Colin Kaepernick was protesting to which he was ostracized. I still have hope. I believe in the indomitable spirit of America that this will bring us all to the table of understanding. Love conquers hate.

    • Also I’d like to note that how do you trust the inner thoughts of a man? How can you know what they are thinking or what their past actions have been? The blue wall of silence is real. They most definitely protect their own. The trust between citizens and cops is no longer a gap. It’s the Grand Canyon! Are all cops like that? Hell no. The only real way to police the police is to hold the supervisors accountable as well. It will motivate the police to police their own. Sad really. There was a generation years ago that lived by principle.

      • The only way to stop this is for good police to out the trash. They work and talk with them every day and the so called “Good Police” now exactly who they are.

    • 👏 Colin has helped bring awareness but until people like Mcbroom are held accountable the hate will continue sadly

  • And THIS is why we take a knee .. this woman sat by her husband with a gun pointed at her and her daughter as their boyfriend/father bleed out and died in front of them .. How DARE this piece of trash say anything!! Fire him.. how is this NOT a fireable offense.. if he Miss characterizes this mother then how can he affectively be an officer.. he seems like he would be the next officer to murder a civilian in a bogus traffic stop

  • This is an unacceptable statement by a police offficer and an elected official, How can he still have a job?

  • Obviously this Moron wasn’t raised properly. But just because his mother was a failure it does not give him an excuse for being a total asshole. We can just assume he had no father in his life because if he would have had a real man in his life he probably wouldn’t have turned into such a disgusting animal. So it can’t be blamed on his parents or lack thereof. The bottom line is that he is just a piece of garbage. He has no business being a police officer or city council member. He should be fired immediately. To defame this young lady who witnessed the love of her life being executed by another racist police officer is unconscionable. Personally I think they should expand the death penalty to cover an idiot like this so called officer.

    • I blame the mamas of racist. They now exactly how their children and husbands’ think and what they are up to. They never step in and say this is some bullshit. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

  • McBoom’s comments are disgusting, and he shouldn’t be in law enforcement. A man is murdered for no reason in front of his family, then you talk crap about them? I seriously don’t know how these people live with themselves.

  • This piece of shit should not have a job. Also him and his family should stop smoking or snorting meth. Oops was that a stereotype

  • yahbaraka ben ysrayl

    She should not have settled this soon, the shit her and her daughter went through deserves much more than what she got. Of course this is why that moron made such comments. I hope his kids die from OVERDOSE.

  • Juanita White

    Wow, racism in this country is so thick that it can be cut with a jagged edged sword. If she was white, I wonder if he would have mentioned heroin or meth. Officer Broom is a sad, pathetic piece of shit

  • LoverOfTruths

    What sane, and morally healthy individuals would work with this Animaniac copper? Who can conciously work around, look at, or even laugh with such a subhuman? Other than, someone who shares his views, beliefs, and characteristics. #PunishItSpeedily. I pray to God, he meets fate asap. Prayer

  • Unfortunately, Rice county Minnesota is home to the largest prison in the MNDOC at Faribault. Many people in that county are tainted by the fact that at every moment of every day, there are 2500 convicted felons in residence there. I’m NOT defending this jackhole’s comments; however I’m not surprised that this is his mindset. Sad.

  • Only thought is we gotta stop making stupid Mf’s and their ignorant comments famous. Just politely retain a lawyer and show him his words has consequences. He’s adding to the emotional distress of an already effed up situation.

  • Why was this Cop” that puled the trigger not convicted for manslaughter and 2 counts of reckless endangerment? The “Cop admitted in court he pulled the trigger because of something that never happened. Something he imagined.

  • You can email Tom McBroom’s boss at the Rice County Sheriff’s office:
    This guy SHOULD BE FIRED. How absolutely insensitive and blatantly racist can you be?!

  • Not safe coming from work. The fact this sad man can’t acknowledge the value of the individuals inside the car while having the job description that requires judgement says it all. Odds are he will be shot by a white criminal.

  • One and only

    Another lawsuit for slander on the sheriff department and discrimination, every black person is not on drugs. Their are some black educated scholars, and the one he was talking about might be more educated than him. He needs to stop discrimination and love and stop let the corrupt cops get away with murder.

  • Mr. McBroom, NEWS ALERT, There Are More CAUCASIAN CRACK HEADS Now A Days Then It Is African American, YOU BOMB RACIST ASS PRICK….

  • Tom McBroom meant what he said. Out
    Of the heart the mouth speaks. While he’s wishing Evil on Diamond, his last day on earth could be any moment. (figuratively speaking)

  • She didn’t even get what his life was worth and if I was her I would sue that rasist sheriff. She needs to move and never look back because they r gonna make her life a living hell. Sterotyped is another name for nigger hater. Get out of that counyt. State for that matter.

  • It’s sad the amount of HATE that fills this individuals heart and mind. I don’t want anyone of his character protecting me…One of the reasons I’d rather not call on the authorities if i’m in need of help! He should be ashamed of himself; but instead he’s probably teaching this filth to his seeds.

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