Officer Who Killed Unarmed Terence Crutcher Returns to Duty

The jury that acquitted her recommended she never patrol again.


Betty Shelby shot and killed unarmed Terence Crutcher in 2016 after his car broke down. Two years later, she is now actively patrolling as a sheriff’s deputy.

Following the trial, in which a jury acquitted Shelby in 40-year-old Crutcher’s death, she remained briefly with the Tulsa Police Department. Eventually she resigned and became an unpaid reserve deputy with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Department. Now she is a full-time, active deputy.

All twelve jurors of the jury who acquitted Shelby wrote a letter to Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan stating that she should never be a patrol officer again. According to The Frontier, one juror said during an interview, “He said he felt that Shelby ‘was a fearful person,’ and that the jury agreed someone with that mindset should not be on patrol.”

But according to Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton, it’s okay because Shelby has at least one Black supporter in her corner.

“Not to make this a black or white or racial deal, but one gentleman, a black gentleman, approached Betty at QuikTrip and struck up a conversation with her and said ‘I know who you are and I appreciate what you do,’” Walton told The Frontier. “No reason at all for us not to support her.”

Walton said that Shelby is “doing her job and doing a good one.”

The case was also expunged from Shelby’s record. For employment purposes, it is as if Crutcher never existed at all. Shelby’s defense attorney, Shannon McMurray, said the decision will help “to have that smear on her name removed from public view,” the Associated Press reported.

Prosecuting attorney Kevin Gray explained during the trial that “Crutcher was never aggressive toward police or actually produced a gun, and that Shelby was merely ‘guessing’ that he had one.”

Her guess cost Crutcher his life.

Police initially lied about the circumstances surrounding the shooting, saying Crutcher approached officers from the side of the road after another officer arrived. Video shows that Crutcher was walking toward officers with his hands up initially. Later as Crutcher appeared to put his hands on the roof of his SUV on the driver’s side, one officer fired his Taser, and shortly after, Shelby shot him.

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    • Sad. Cause We All Make Mistakes Just We All Get Judge Differently. N Those Killing Of Police Officers Shooting Unarm Men Is Wrong Bottom Line. N Yall No This

  • Gee, what a surprise. Another Black man killed by a cop, who carries on as usual. Kind of like Mr. Crutcher never existed at all. It’s all so depressing.

    • Not at all Mary ! She literally makes me sick to my stomach when I see her face . The one thing that I remembered about her was , the way she walks into a room “ Disgusting “ ! What discusses me even more is that her record is Sealed as if she were a juvenile offender . As if it never happened . Yuck ! She is the Poster Child for “ The Deplorables “ !

  • So Rogers County Sheriff want to take on a liability for thir Department and the County. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Who was this one black supporter? His name and address should be pasted on the front page of the local papers so he can express to his neighbors, friends and family his support for a killer!

  • A serious problem in this country is that cops love other cops so much, they are willing to pretty much hire any bad one that someone else fires. Would be nice if they loved the citizens this much. There would probably be less shootings.

  • Very strange how murder by Police Officer is accepted in most cases. Very strange how most of the victims are people of color. This young mans crime was his car broke down, the punishment should not have been death.

  • This murderer should lose her job immediately…and everything else. Pauperize her. She is a monster who does not deserve anything decent.

  • James Johnson

    Nobody that’s a Black AmeriKKKan is surprised. White cops know that they have the judicial system, and their communities support. Oklahoma has a history of this, but yet this is the Bible Belt something to think about

  • Wicked bitch should be in jail but they might acquit her but her conscience wont and if she has children I pray a curse follows her children and children’s children, I pray she never forgets the dead man’s cries or screams..

  • Kimberly Villegas

    Too many second chances in these type of cases. She regained her freedom. Another job choice should be mandatory. I believe it’s just another classic case that black lives don’t matter.

  • SCARY!!!! A deputy with a black cloud over her head.
    She’s “brave” enough to go back to duty but arrogant that her inappropriate actions could come back to haunt her.
    Take responsibility for your actions and live up to them! Change your error ways!!

  • Joanne Fragher

    Only in America…This innocent black man is killed by another dirty cop getting away with murder.His crime,his car broke down.I have absolutely zero faith in cops or the system that allows this atrocities too continue time after time…

  • She was way to quick on the trigger. Granted his behavior we’re alarming but her lack of confidence and poor physical and mental condition caused her to be scared and resort to deadly force. This is a failure of screening at hiring. But she was probably part of a quota when hired. This makes her almost untouchable regardless of incompetence.

  • Anthony Allen

    There are no good cops. Its a racist institution and has been from its inception. If Terrence Crutcher had been my people this article would not have been neccessary. You feel me ?

  • Just like Tupac said in his music 20 years ago. police kill another black man and he’s a hero??Ain’t no justice, for us!!

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