Obama Is a ‘Flea,’ Should Be Arrested for Making Fun of Trump, Says Fox Business Anchor

“I mean, he should be brought back by the Marshals,” according to Fox’s Lou Dobbs.


A member of the Fox family has once again attacked former President Barack Obama, this time calling him an insect that should be sent to jail for a comment directed at President Donald Trump.

Lou Dobbs, anchor of “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Fox Business, made the comments on his show on Friday.

According to Dobbs, Obama was “railing against” Trump during a leadership summit in India.

“How nice that the President of the United States has all of these, I don’t know, fleas just trying to scratch anywhere they can,” Dobbs said.

Later he said:

“I think U.S. Marshals should follow him, and any times he wants to go follow the president like he is, and behave — I mean, this is just bad manners, it’s boorish, it’s absurd. He doesn’t realize how foolish he looks. I mean, he should be brought back by the Marshals. Isn’t there some law that says presidents shouldn’t be attacking sitting presidents?”

Dobbs’ guest, Steve Forbes — editor-in-chief of his family’s namesake magazine — said that Obama is irrelevant.

“What he hasn’t gotten used to is he doesn’t matter anymore,” Forbes said, saying Obama can achieve “publicity” but not create “policy.”

For his part, Forbes was an unsuccessful candidate for president during the Republican primaries in 1996 and 2000. He never quite made it to the Oval Office.

Obama, who spent two terms in the White House, over the weekend wrapped up a five-day world tour, during which he made several speeches and met with other leaders from around the world. During a stop in New Delhi, India, the former president addressed a remark that his wife, Michelle, had made at an event in Toronto earlier in the week. Both Obamas referenced Trump, but neither mentioned the current president by name.

The former first lady said during the speech in Canada (which was “a sold-out few-thousand-person throng,” according to Page Six) that it is “never a good idea” to “tweet from bed” — an apparent dig at Trump’s late night and early morning Twitter habit.

And her husband quipped while in New Delhi, “I actually have more [Twitter followers] than other people who use it more often.”

“Don’t say the first thing that pops into your head, just have a little bit of an edit function, that’s wise for life generally,” Obama also advised. “You see people getting in all kinds of trouble because they just send out some tweet and then they’re trying to erase it afterwards but somebody’s screenshot[ted] it and they’re embarrassed.”

The Chicago Tribune described Obama’s international trip as part of “a longstanding tradition” where former presidents journey around the world, meeting with foreign leaders and raising money and awareness for various causes and foundations. In Obama’s case, there may be a bit more work involved when making such trips.

“But Obama’s trip may garner particular attention, given that many foreign countries are still uncertain about Trump’s foreign policy and may look to his predecessor to help explain America’s current direction,” the publication noted.

During his excursion, the former president also met with the Dalai Lama.

According to The Washington Post, a spokesperson for the Dalai Lama reported that the religious leader of Tibet said to Obama, “You are not only a former U.S. president but you are a Nobel laureate, you are young and you can do a lot. We should fulfill our aspiration for world peace. Maybe my generation will not see the results, but your generation will definitely see the results.”

Dobbs, meanwhile, throughout the weekend continued his comments, which he said were “a joke.”

Joe Walsh, a Republican former congressman and current conservative talk radio host, said on Twitter that while he “can’t stand Obama,” Dobbs’ remarks were “just plain dangerous.”

“if you can’t take a joke, Joe, you might work on your sense of humor. if you have one,” Dobbs retaliated.

But to call for a former president’s arrest can hardly be considered a joke, Walsh noted in a responding tweet.

Obama has largely stayed out of the public eye since his departure from the White House earlier this year. He has made several criticisms of Trump but has rarely referenced the current president specifically by name.

The same cannot be said for other former presidents who have attacked Trump — but no one appeared to call for their arrests.

Both former Presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush have taken specific, pointed jabs against Trump.

In “The Last Republicans,” a new book by historian Mark Updegrove, H.W. Bush called Trump “a blowhard.”

“This guy doesn’t know what it means to be president,” the elder Bush added.

According to CNN, Bush also said to Updegrove in May 2016, “I don’t like him. I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s a blowhard. And I’m not too excited about him being a leader.”

George W. Bush, Bush’s son, similarly told the historian, “As you know from looking at my family, [humility] is a certain heritage. That’s what they expect, and we’re not seeing that [in Trump].”

The younger Bush also publicly said that he did not vote for Trump.

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  • The Bushes have said much worse about Trump, but Dobbs didn’t call them “fleas.” Oh, wait, they’re White; never mind…

    • GRANNYBUNNY–How WHITE do you have to be to be right? Well, now, let’s see:

      1. Alpine White; Arctic/Antarctic White; Arctic Fox White; Ptarmigan White; Avalanche White.
      2. Angel Food Cake White.
      3. Alt-Right White.
      4. Baby Seal Coat White. Bald Eagle White.
      5. Blizzard White. Hail White.
      6. Frosty White.

      All them Whites.

      • Charity Dell, that list is hilarious! Given the racist undertones, Pantone should have declared “Alt-Right White” the color of the year for 2017. Unfortunately, Sherwin Williams did have “Alabaster White” as their color of the year for 2016 and we all saw how that turned out. I bet “Alt-Right White” would have sold out at Sherwin Williams in Trump states had they chosen that for 2017 instead of “Poised Taupe”.

  • Well what do we expect from Fox News? And Trump wants to call media, except Fox News, fake news. Fox News is the definition of fake news.

  • FOX anchors calling former president Obama irrelevant? Isn’t that ironic. No one can be more irrelevant that Fox so-called news. I think they’re jealous cause their guy in the WH now has a pathetic approval rating.

  • Lol Lou “Dotard” Dobbs, is a nonsensical old coot, playing to the cheap seats.

    He’s all shtick.

  • I kind of wish I weren’t being exposed to this stuff. I’m really beginning to feel ashamed to be an American. We are the laughing stock of the entire globe.

  • Apparently Trump can’t create policy either since he’s been in the WH for nearly a year without any legislative success.

    • Charity Dell

      Jfoster13–Don’t start me laughing! LOL
      Now, you know that #45 never received ANY graduate-level education (Trump University doesn’t count),
      because ANYONE, you know, can just run to be Prezzy-dent. :-)

      • The following Presidents had no college:
        George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, and Harry Truman.

        • PAC- Like tRump and Boy George Bush, these prezzes were lily white and racist. That’s the ONLY QUALIFICATION for AmeriKKKan presidents and other white rulers all over the world, including Hitler (a failed art major like our current failed filed-for-bankruptcy-bailouts “businessman” prez).

          • Being lily white and racist were not the only qualifications for Washington, Lincoln and Truman; otherwise, they would have been no more qualified than Trump. I’m not knowledgeable about the others to comment.

        • True, but they had wisdom. Wisdom is more fundamental than knowledge. Our current president doesn’t seem to have neither

  • Lou Dobbs and Steve Forbes are just jealous they never made to the office of the Presidency. Also, President Obama is growing in popularity since leaving office and will be requested to speak more than they could ever imagine.

  • But it was okay that the squatter spent how many years calling Obama’s birthplace and grades into question. Gotcha.

  • Even rabid dogs take a break from barking every now and then. When will trump’s rabid dogs get tired of hearing themselves and their drivel? I’m sure Obama gives a happy…
    Since trump was never mentioned by name, it takes one to know one.
    Just keep gaslighting him, Obamas.
    They’re private citizens and can say whatever the hell they want. If they call trump a liar, cheat, and conman, it will only be fact and he’d have to prove he’s not.

    • I find it useful to imagine trump’s words in the mouth of every cheating, lying landlord I’ve ever known (almost all of them), because that’s what he is, with a candy coating of reality TV star.

      Think about it: “We’ll fix it” “Trust me” “build that wall”.

      Another thing to think about: did President Obama bamboozle trump by warning him about Flynn? I’d like to think so. Good advice coming from a Black man would be reflexively rejected by a racist.

      • I wonder how many fleas, roaches and mice live in tRump’s Starrette, government-subsidized, Section 8 housing projects in Brooklyn? Even with a 4% interest, he’ll get his buddy Uncle Ben Carson at HUD to negotiate a good deal. Like his late father, a hypocrite, con artist and government welfare cheat, they don’t mind skimming, scamming and eating government cheese (aka government money and handouts)!

        • I’d have done it in a heartbeat. It’s the perfect setup. Use a addled old racist’s own racism to cause him to fail by doing the right thing.

          Then you look at your wife as you’re watching CNN covering the latest trumpster fire over breakfast, shrug, and with a straight face say “I told him to watch out”, take a sip of coffee, then spit it out laughing.

  • Joe Walsh, What’s dangerous is your distaste for Obama and your acceptance of Lou Dobbs. Food for thought: Whatever deviance you have for Obama is dangerous.

  • Dubbs is just mad that there’s nothing they can do to President Obama but make their same old stale comments about him and his family. Name spelled that way intentional (Dubbs)

  • Old, opinionated geezers like Lou Dobbs [and tRump] are the reason employers don’t want to hire seniors. Old white men and other racists like them [David Duke, Bannion, O’Riley and Ailes] LOVE to ARREST and LOCK UP Black men, even if they are former presidents.

    Jimmy Carter can go all over the world PRETENDING to promote demoCrazy, but no one talks about arresting him. I wish O’Bama was a flea on tRump’s head to bite him every time he had a STUPID thought and the bite would prevent it from coming out his BIG mouth. A flea on tRump’s scrotum might prevent him from grabbing women by their genitalia or tweeting in bed–he’d be too busy scratching.

    Boy George Bushwacker’s family is NOT known for their “humility”, but the other word that ends in “ITY”: Stupidity. The low level of INTELLIGENCE between these two alleged Ivy-league educated families (i.e., Bushes and tRump’s) truly makes them a “bunch of DEPLORABLES”. The tRump and Boy George Bush’s malaprops and vocabulary-deficiencies are a DISGRACE to “LIDDLE” children. Even “Rocket Man” and “Pochantas” Warren know how to spell LITTLE. If similar DUMB ASS white AmeriKKKans were ARRESTED for illiteracy, the jails wouldn’t have room for all the Blacks railroaded through the JUST US system.

    • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

      ZaziJams, I’m an opinionated old geezer (64 this week), a bubba born and bred; and I want nothing to do with any of this crowd.

  • KKK, get over it. Mr. Obama has made history and it’s nothing you can do about it. Teach #45 to get over it, and ask a smart man such as Mr. Obama how to run this country. LOL.

  • So now you want to arrest people for Making fun of this idiot.. fuck Trump the sexual assaulting republicans and their supporters

  • Dear Fox News get over it! President Barrack OBAMA is not thinking about you. Crooked ass Trump or any of fox new or the orange idiots followers. A bunch of racist, commie loving pedophiles, sexual assault ass followers. Trump ALWAYS has Mr Obamas name in his mouth. He doesnt care what he says ot ro who he says it to. This pathological liar can poiny fingerd at no one!!

  • Now damn talking making fun of someone. President Obama and his family had to endure with 8 years of racist ass comments. So whomever posted this artical needs to unplug his head from BITCHBOY’S ass and breathe. Because being stuck in someone’s ass cavity can make someone’s mind be in disarray. Prayer will not help but a GOOD BEAT DOWN for fox news business anchor. Get a damn life and leave him alone. You afraid that Mrs. Obama will be running in 2020. Is that’s the only reason you people keeping the name Obama in y’all filty mouths.

  • Trump Is the one who should be in jail, the idiot not only have speaked ill not only against Bracket Obama, the idiot have descredited the American institutions like CIA and FBI among many others. Besides that how can a country’s citizens be slender by foreigner corporation like Fox News who’s a property of Rupert Murdock an Australian(aquired US citizenship to be able to make more business in the country).

  • Why it’s alright for POTUS to criticize everyone he can but we can’t criticize him?I think his is a worthless piece of S__T

  • What an insulting thing to say about a former president. It’s not that Obama made it up. Trump loves to Tweet in the morning. He doesn’t deny it. Thus, to call a former president a flea for referring to something so trivial suggests a deeper kind of hate

  • The baby boomers (most not all just like everything else) have destroyed this country and since more than half of Fox’s viewers are dinosaurs, they’ll be irrelevant soon…..not soon enough but, soon and what just is it they think they’ve been calling Obama for the last 9-10 years now? We’re all supposed to like Trump but, not Obama? Sure, we’ll all get right on that 🙄

  • And trump is a parasite who should b eradicated 4 destroying/ruining all the ideals that make the US what it is.

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