NRA Ad Calls for Violence Toward ‘Black and Brown’ People, Says Tamika Mallory

“The video is very dangerous and threatening to people who are practicing their First Amendment rights in this country,” Mallory, Women’s March co-president, told DiversityInc.

A screenshot from the NRA video, "Freedom's Safest Place."


Women’s March Co-President Tamika D. Mallory is spearheading a movement against the National Rifle Association’s recent ad, “Freedom’s Safest Place” that portrays protesters in America as the enemy, which she says is a “dangerous” call to arms for its members.

Tamika Mallory received the “Shine A Light Award” at the BET Awards on June 25 for her work in uplifting the voices of Black women.

Mallory is a social justice activist who worked with New York City officials and closely with the Obama Administration as an advocate for issues surrounding civil rights, equal rights for women, health care, gun violence and police misconduct.

In a phone interview with DiversityInc, she said several people made her aware of the NRA ad when it was first released.

“Initially, I thought, honestly, that it might have been like a joke, it wasn’t real,” she commented. “After I realized the ad was in fact an NRA ad, I immediately recognized that it was very dangerous.

“That particular ad was calling on violence toward people who look like me — Black and brown folk, number one, then of course people who are protesters.

“The video is very dangerous and threatening to people who are practicing their First Amendment rights in this country.”

Dana Loesch, who serves as the NRA’s special assistant to the executive vice president for public communication, is featured in the ad, which Mallory said uses “us versus them” rhetoric. Loesch refers to protesters only as “they.”

“They use their ex-president to endorse the resistance, all to make them march, make them protest, make them scream racism and sexism and xenophobia and homophobia and to smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports,” Loesch says during part of the ad.

“Immediately we had an internal conversation about the video after Women’s March members saw it all at the same time,” Mallory said.

The members decided “it should not be something that we keep quiet,” she said. “Folks need to know for their own safety that there is in fact a war against us.”

Mallory penned an open letter to NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre on June 28 with three demands:

“One being that they would pull the video down from their official site,” she explained.

“The second being that they would apologize for ever creating a video like that in the first place.

“And then, of course, the third request is that they would use this as an opportunity to, instead of having such a dangerous and harmful video, use their voice and their influence to speak on behalf of Philando Castile.”

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Video Shows Philando Castile Did Not Have to Die

Video Shows Philando Castile Did Not Have to Die

Dashcam video shows what happened before police killed Castile during a traffic stop.

On July 6, 2016, Philando Castile was shot multiple times during a traffic stop in Minnesota after he told the officer he had a firearm. Castile, who was a registered firearm owner, died from his injuries. The officer involved was acquitted of the criminal charges last month.

Women’s March, the grassroots movement that organized what became a global protest the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, stated the letter sent to LaPierre about the NRA ad “was decried by many card-carrying NRA members and some Republican legislators as well.”

Mallory said the organization did not receive a direct response from LaPierre regarding the letter. The NRA issued a second video July 1 titled, “We Don’t Apologize for Telling the Truth.”

The video also specifically addresses Mallory:

“I’m talking to you Tamika Mallory. You wrote a letter to the NRA on behalf of the Women’s March claiming our ‘Clenched Fist of Truth’ ad was an attack on minority communities. You call it dangerous and demand it to be taken down? I’m here to tell you not a chance.”

Who are ‘They’?

In an interview Sunday on CNN’s “New Day Weekend,” Mallory and Loesch had at times a heated debated regarding the purpose of the NRA’s ad and the organization’s stance on Castile’s death.

“Who is the  ‘they’ that you all refer to in the ad?” host Christi Paul asked Loesch.

“Those are the people who think somehow peaceful protest is the exact same thing as the violent riots,” she responded.

“All of the footage that is shown in the ad came to fruition by the concern of the millions of NRA members that ‘they’ are the people who actually engage in the riots or who sanction them by silence.”

In July 2016, the NRA released a statement following Castile’s death stating the reports from Minnesota are “troubling and must be thoroughly investigated,” and “rest assured the NRA will have more to say once all the facts are known.”

Paul asked Loesch, “The facts are now known, the case if over, why haven’t we heard from the NRA?”

Loesch responded, in part:

“Do I believe that Philando Castile deserved to lose his life over a stop? I absolutely do not. I also think this is why we have things like NRA Carry Guard, not only to reach out to citizens to go over what to do during stops like this, but also to work with law enforcement so that they understand what citizens are experiencing.”

Paul asked Loesch, “You’re speaking for the NRA and what you are saying this morning is a formal statement on their part?”

She replied that she is the national spokesperson and, “It’s a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided.”

Mallory said the effort that was put into the NRA’s ad should be mirrored in voicing an opinion over Castile death.

“She speaks about the concealed carry record being in your pocket,” Mallory said. “Black people are not allowed to reach for their concealed carry record because if we reach anywhere, we are shot and killed, and that does not happen to white people.”

“White people are not allowed, either,” Loesch replied. “I don’t think this is a racial issue.”

Planned Mass Demonstration

The Women’s March announced that a mass demonstration is scheduled to take place on Friday. Protesters will march 17 miles from NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Va., to the Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington, D.C., to protest NRA’s “incendiary and racist actions.” The following day, a rally will take place at the DOJ.

“I think that people have to look at legislators who support the NRA, legislators who are not standing up and speaking out against this type of rhetoric,” Mallory told DiversityInc. “You have to make a decision, particularly as we have the midterm elections coming up, whether or not these are the candidates you want to support.”

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  • There you go again Luke. Allowing your writers to inflame. This ad did nothing of what is displayed in the article. So you would want rioters, disruptive individuals, and people who advocate violence to just get away with it? That is not protest and you know it and they have absolutely no right to do that. Every heard of peaceful assembly allowed in the Constitution. I searched but there is nothing about violent and assaults being allowed during peaceful assemblies.

    Nowhere did the ad state they were going after black and brown people. That is outright racist on your part to allow that statement. You think that only black and brown people protest? You know, it is getting tiresome to see what you allow on your site but I will continue to monitor and spread the “clinched fist of truth” as the ad states. What do you think that means? Truth! Not the lies you promulgate week after week with deceptive article titles. Many of us Patriots and those of us who are trying diligently to improve race relations are running into barriers like you who just want division to continue. Makes good business for you but not so good for the people who want to make a real difference.

    • Puhleeze. I was a competitive rifle shooter (rated Master by the NRA). I know what the NRA used to be about (shooting sports) and what it has turned into: a racist gun selling machine and lobby for irresponsible gun manufacturers.

      They spent nine years smearing President Obama with all sorts to nonsense about him confiscating guns – which caused a multi-billion dollar boom in gun sales. Whipping up fear – fear of Black and Brown marauders. Ignoring the fact that 84% of whites who are murdered are murdered by other white people – and like the white nutcase that shot up Congress’ softball practice. They advocate for fewer and fewer ways to “well regulate” the “militia” to the tune of tens of thousands of lawfully owned guns killing people every year. Far more than “Muslim Extremists”.

      • Not only are members of the spoke about group using guns to cause havoc but now using cars to crash into people’s homes. Voter’s ID and automobile insurance are out of reach due to slavery too huh?

        • No but if a minority person reaches for their wallet (to get their license) or glove box (to get their registration and insurance card), they have a much higher possibility of being shot than do their white counterparts.

      • The NRA has had to ratchet up its political arm is response the Bloomberg’s of the world that are unabashed about their goal to limit and ban firearms. You cannot deny there is a large liberal segment that wants nothing more than the total disarming of the USA. That is what the NRA and other like organizations are fighting. Luke you can comment about the thousands of lives taken each year by guns. Its noting but hyperbole. If we limited or banned everything that took lives in large scale we would be eating with our hands, walking instead of driving, and swimming pools would be a thing of the past. The vast majority of fire arm deaths are via suicide. That would happen without guns. People bent upon killing (themselves or others) will always find a way.

        • Bloomberg is a private citizen. No prominent politician is advocating confiscation, which is an impossibility anyway (too many guns in circulation). It’s fear mongering to sell guns, plain and simple.

    • As a African American United States Citizen and Life Member of the NRA, I see this article as profoundly ignorant. Wonder how long it will be before Putin and Donald gets the blame too.

  • They “they” she is talking about are the Democrats and liberal media. She says fight the violence with the clenched fist of truth. Where does that come off as advocating violence against people of color?

  • Tamika was ineffective in the O’Bama administration in advocating for Black unemployment and black lives KKKilled by KKKops. Why would any Black woman participate in a racist white woman’s march? Your participation gave a white racist like Loesch to help raise more white sexists and racists like those MRS thugs.

    You’re naive to waste ink asking white psychopaths and sociopaths to apologize. O’Bama should apologize for pretending to be a “Black” president and for selling out Blacks and doing more for the perverted white LGBTQPedophiles.

    Tamika needs to stop being stupid, come out of her dream and be schooled by older Blacks like me: Whites and racism go hand in hand like whites and guns (dogs and other perversions are tied for second).

    Just like the plantation SLAVE masters, white racist *itches like Loesch (lash) knows how to crack a whip and raise their sons to be racist and sexist like tRump, Pence, David Duke and every white person’s favorite-Hitler.

    With their KKKlan leaders, white racism is open and mainstream. One on one, they are cowards.

    • Once again, I am stunned by your level of hatred toward just about everybody. Your comments are SO offensive. Not all white people are racist, and not all women who march are racist. I am a white woman – I am not racist and did not raise my son to be racist. Do you not understand that your attitude and blanket statements feed into the struggles with race relations in the country? There are a lot of racists – I agree with you there. But being a Black person who spouts hatred toward everybody is damaging, too. Listen to yourself, condemning everybody who isn’t just like you. According to you, not only are slave masters, Trump, David Duke, and KKK horrible human beings (all of which I absolutely agree with, obviously) – but you also condemn all white people, white women who march, white women who raise sons, anybody LGBTQ, and any “stupid” Black woman who doesn’t think/act like you. Regardless of her skin color, I could never be friends with a woman who thinks and says the things that you say. To state that Hitler is “every white person’s favorite” is not just offensive – it is outright ridiculous. You have to know that with few exceptions, regardless of a person’s skin color, everybody believes that he was detestable.
      The problem being addressed here is with the NRA. As much as I’d like to believe that they didn’t intend to be prejudicial with that ad – it certainly looks like it to me. Who is pictured here? Primarily folks with darker skin. The constant references to “they” certainly seem to point at the folks who were involved in the protests when cops shot Black men. I know there is a Constitutional right to bear arms – but the NRA is too big and too powerful. They can buy enough votes to keep gun records ridiculously limited, make it ridiculously easy to buy guns even if you’re a criminal, and somehow make it possible to own the type of weapons that are ridiculous to have in society.
      Let’s direct the negativity where it should be directed.

        • The gang that couldn’t beat a Russian propped up fraud? Who couldn’t beat a guy who has been sued by thousands of customers, contractors and partners?

          Pelosi hasn’t had a single win since she lost Congress.

          Clinton is a two time washed up loser.

          • Trump has done more in his first 6 months than BHO did in 8 years. Its really going to hurt when they cannot find anything and he gets his agenda through, economy hums, deficit reduces, taxes reduce. Corporations repatriate trillions of off shore dollars.

        • I can’t insert a comment below (under your comment about Trump doing more in six months than Obama in eight years), so I’ll do so here. Ditto to Luke – hahahaha. Trump is an orange idiot Twitter-bully who has no business being POTUS. He’s a business man, and he claims he’s relying on his success in business as a way to run the country. (“Success” being what?… repeatedly filing bankruptcy, being sued, not paying contractors and employees, etc, etc.) WHAT.A.JOKE. He has no idea what he’s doing. Not only does he look ridiculous – he sounds ridiculous. He constantly repeats himself…even when it was stupid the first time it came out of his mouth. He is an embarrassment to this country. He hasn’t done anything good. Tax reductions will apply only to the ultra-rich (maybe that’s where you fall so you appreciate the tax cuts?). Ultimately, he will do harm in SO many ways in addition to the racism and prejudice he’s unleashed.. We should all be afraid of his impacts on the country and the results of his Presidency.

  • How can anyone who has watched violent protest after violent protest by the left, combined with the all of the violent themes by the liberal entertainers complain about the clenched fist of truth. They are mad because they cannot overcome the truth. Its the left that is committing these violent acts. Riots, threats, assassinations of LEO’s. There were millions of people upset with the socialist direction of BHO. We did not riot, we did not behead him in effigy. We rallied and overcame.

    • You’re watching too much of the sex offender network (fox). There are no widespread ‘liberal’ violent protests. Any violence that has occurred is dwarfed by the 93 gun deaths that take place in this country every single day.

      The Republicans had a lot of Russian help in that “rallied and overcame”. Keep in mind that the president won 3 states by less than 1% and Florida by 1.4%. He lost the total popular vote by 3 million and more young people voted for third-party candidate than Hillary needed to win. 10% fewer Democrats voted than four years previous. Hillary was a spectacularly unsuccessful candidate both times she ran for president. She’s a privileged, selfish, entitled cypher. If Bernie had not had the nomination stolen from him, he would’ve one. There’s a reason your boy keeps bringing her up – he’s obsessed with the fact that he didn’t win larger than he did against the worst Democratic candidate since Dukakis. He should be- without Russian help, he would be back to ripping off contractors and customers – and running tawdry “beauty contests.”

      I will also remind you that the President Trump was birther in chief – prolonging the lie that the President Obama was not born in the United States longer than anyone on the national stage. Trump did everything he could to delegitimize and deamonize President Obama, who enjoyed spectacular approval ratings compared to Fredo’s dad. It was pandering to racists – and it worked. With the help of the kleptocracy that is the former Soviet Union.

  • Please do not under estimate “they.” These are not the days of slavery. You do not want to go there.

  • I heard an NRA ad on the radio this morning that made me sick. I live in Dallas. On July 7, 2016, a sniper shot a bunch of people during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest in Dallas, where I live. This was the day after Philando Castile was murdered. The shooter — a Black veteran — was specifically targeting law enforcement, but a couple of protesters were hit too. Five officers died: 4 from the Dallas Police Department and 1 Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer. To the best of my knowledge, no one, up until this ad, has claimed that the sniper was affiliated with BLM. The police negotiated with the shooter for hours before explosives were used to kill him, so they gleaned some knowledge of his motives. The consensus was that he was a disgruntled lone-wolf, who had been planning some type of mass shooting for a long time and seized on the BLM event as his opportunity. The NRA ad was voiced by the widow of one of the murdered officers, urging people to donate their cars to benefit NRA. She referred to the protest as a demonstration against the police, which may have been her — and her deceased husband’s (God rest his soul!) — opinion, but was not the consensus of most of us in Dallas. Most of us saw a lot of “Kumbaya-type” moments at the protest — between demonstrators and Police — and a lot of cooperation and mutual protection and defense activities after the shooting started and in the days afterward. She said the NRA Backs the Blue — who doesn’t, including a lot of BLM supporters? — with not a single word about NRA’s possible role in the sniper’s ability to accumulate his lethal arsenal. The “us-vs.-them” racism in the spot was unmistakable. Ironically, my boys and I almost didn’t go to the protest, for fear that some White NRA Member would open fire on the BLM supporters. In addition, there were several “open-carry” nuts walking around with big, scary-looking, guns, but none of them ended up firing them.

  • Tamara and her reverse racist protesters are the ones that are Disruptive, Destructive, and Delusional! Protesters that inorder to get their point across destroy property, break windows, cause fires that burn down buildings, block roadways causing some deaths when ambulances can’t get through in the way to the hospital, disrupt cities in their daily routines and cost a lot of money in city services such as police details and clean up crews after the protest! They wear their BLM t-shirts, their ANTIFA masks, and often drag their young children into the mix! A lot of these people are those that aren’t working but, collect benefits and people that demand things that they know nothing about! Recently a newscaster went to one of these protest marches and asked individuals why they are protesting, half of them couldn’t put two sensical sentences of understanding what the protest was actually about! For the most part these protests have been more destructive than constructive!

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