N.C. Gov. Blocks LGBT Rights Statewide

"This legislation is literally the most anti-LGBT legislation in the country."

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) took a big step backwards on LGBT rights on Wednesday evening by signing House Bill 2, or the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, which forbids transgender people from using public bathrooms that correspond to their gender identities.

According to the bill, “Public agencies shall require every multiple occupancy bathroom or changing facility to be designated for and only used by persons based on their biological sex.” The legislature defines a person’s biological sex as what is listed on his or her birth certificate. The bill will therefore not affect transgender people who are able to update their birth certificates to reflect the gender they identify with.

Following the House’s vote, which passed the bill 82-26, Democratic members of the Senate walked out of the session in protest. The remaining members voted to pass the bill 32-0.

This statewide ruling came about to reverse recent action taken in the city of Charlotte, which just passed a measure granting transgender people the right to use the bathroom designated for their appropriate gender. Because Charlotte’s ordinance would have gone into effect April 1, the General Assembly (controlled by the Republicans) claims Wednesday’s session — which cost $42,000 to hold — was necessary for the safety of North Carolina residents.

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts issued a statement Wednesday following the ruling, calling the General Assembly “on the wrong side of progress.”

“I am appalled with the General Assembly’s actions today,” she stated. “It has passed a bill that is worse than what we have seen in Indiana and Georgia and other states. This legislation is literally the most anti-LGBT legislation in the country. It sanctions discrimination against the LGBT community.”

She also “urge[d] the governor to veto [the] bill.”

In Indiana, Senate Bill 35 makes it a Class A Misdemeanor for transgender people to use the bathroom for the gender they identify as. This could result in a year in jail and $5,000 in fines. Meanwhile, Georgia lawmakers have numerous “religious freedom” bills under consideration that would allow businesses to legally discriminate against LGBT people.

But Gov. McCrory tweeted Wednesday night defending his signage of the bill.

The state’s House Speaker Tim Moore claims the bill is about “privacy.”

“The way the ordinance was written by City Council in Charlotte, it would have allowed a man to go into a bathroom, locker or any changing facility, where women are — even if he was a man,” Moore said. “We were concerned. Obviously there is the security risk of a sexual predator, but there is the issue of privacy.”

While proponents for this bill and similar ones that have come before it insist these measures are for the safety of cisgender people, however, statistics have repeatedly proven that the risk of a transgender person being assaulted in a bathroom is actually much greater than that of a transgender person being the perpetrator in a bathroom assault.

But the legislature goes further than just restrooms, according to Rep. Rodney Moore (D-Charlotte).

“This is really not about bathrooms,” he said. “This is about fear.”

State Rep. Dean Arp (R-Monroe) called the bill “common sense”; however, Executive Director of Equality NC Chris Sgro said common sense would be the exact opposite.

“Senator Berger and Speaker Moore should be ashamed of misleading their members to vote for the worst anti-LGBT legislation in the nation, which is sweeping beyond comprehension,” Sgro said. “Protections for LGBT people against discrimination are common sense. This special session, where Berger and Moore rammed through hastily-crafted legislation, was a farce of public policy.”

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a group dedicated to LGBT rights, planned a rally in protest for Thursday. HRC President Chad Griffin called the signing of the bill “a direct attack on the rights, well-being and dignity of hundreds of thousands of LGBT North Carolinians and visitors to the state.”

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  • I will be brutally honest that I’m conflicted on this one. I do have a concern about privacy issues. I have a wife and two daughters and sharing a public facility with someone who looks like a man but identifies as a woman concerns me. I have no personal issues about transgenders, but the restroom problem is not easy for me to reconcile.

    • If we’re going to speculate on hypotheticals, here’s one to ponder: I’ll bet they already shared the bathroom with a transgender person that you couldn’t tell was transgender….and nothing happened.

    • If transgender people follow this absurd law, your wife and daughters would often share a public facility with someone who “looks like a man.”

    • If a person identifies as a woman they will look like a woman you idiot! Even if their birth certificate says male. You should be more concerned about your wife and daughter now because the law requires that they will have to change in the same locker room as a man because his birth certificates says female. I hope you’re prepared to explain that one to your impressionable child. Transgender individuals don’t look like the sex they were born. They pull it off remarkably well.

      • Exactly. We’re all people – nobody wants controversy when they have to “go”. People are already using the bathroom they know won’t cause problems.

        Yet another solution seeking a problem, like voter ID – anything to avoid bursting the bubble that your failures aren’t your fault – it’s the Mexicans and Muslims that are the problem, Christians are being persecuted (despite being 70% of the population) and the 1% of our population that are transgender are such a problem (all of a sudden) that it requires a special session of the legislature. Hey, worked for Hitler and it’s working for trump.

  • Geez, people have to produce a birth certificate in order to go to the bathroom? This is worse than Soviet Russia!

  • There is something really, really wrong going on in North Carolina. And that is sad because I have had nothing but wonderful experiences there with the people who call NC home. Their legislators need to step it up and get with the program. As an alternative, the good people of NC should change the people that are in power at the next possible opportunity.

  • As a female I totally agree with the policy for privacy and protection reasons and it was my immediate concern when it all started. Not necessarily protection from a transgender but from someone posing as a transgender to get access to the female restroom and do harm. There is nothing to protect the women when we say anyone can come into the restrooms no questions asked. That to me makes no common sense and our rights are just as important. Reality is even if you are transgender you are still biologically the male or female that you were born to be and nothing can change that.

    • Monique Matthews

      Jay Bee,

      Well if someone is going to dress up into order to access a bathroom “to do harm”, what’s stopping them from doing it now? Plus who is going to “police” the bathroom? Also, in some, it’s may be hard to detect one’s true gender.

      • Given the amount of travel I’ve done, I’m quite certain I’ve shared the bathroom with transgender people …. and nothing happened.

  • Monique Matthews

    As a mother, I would find it difficult explaining to my daughter, why a “man” was using ladies restroom. Vice versa, my husband would surely have an issue explaining why a “lady” was in the men’s bathroom.

      • Monique Matthews


        No we are not looking into stalls… I meant as if we were washing our hands or waiting for a stall. A transgender individual normally “dresses” for the gender. Hence, a person “born male” may have on a dress, heels and make-up, as they wait for a bathroom stall. Surely, my 7-year old would wonder “why” a woman was in the men’s bathroom.

        • I’d assume a transgender person wants the same privacy as everyone else, so they’re already using bathrooms in a way that won’t create problems.

          It’s a lot like DADT in the military, there were gay people in the military since George Washington, they handled the situation as they had to. And they were always there.

          • Monique Matthews

            Luke, just for clarification, my comments come from a perspective of support of the transgender community. They should be able to select which bathroom is appropriate for them.

          • Regardless of how much traveling you’ve done, with over 40 years in the legal profession this is a SAFETY and PRIVACY issue for women. If you’ve seen in your travels as much perversion I’ve encountered in sex crimes by deviants, this would NOT be a common sense issue!! Having their birth certificates changed is too simple a test, but when these males cut off their penis, that should be the definitive “gender identity” test!! Men call women “b*tches”, but in my personal experience with transgender males, they take that pejorative term to its original meaning. They are cruel and denigrate biological women for naturally possessing what they’re hypocritically afraid to get surgically. There’s the real FEAR! Statistically, almost all peeping toms are MALE, which makes heterosexuals alleged “fear” valid; how many girls do you know have mirrors to peep under a boys pants?! What’s worse is that this is a ONE-SIDED argument that solely benefits male imperialists and supremacists; even when they fraudulently identify as female, other Neanderthal males exert their male supremacy rights to do so against the objection from females. It’s a man’s world and if we now want to take over a woman’s restroom, we will exert our POWER over them!! You don’t hear lesbians who identify as “male” wanting to go into a men’s restroom/locker room because they know they’ll get RAPED!! Legally, since males with a penis can be charged with RAPING girls and women, then the standard test as to whether they can have the privilege of INVADING OUR PRIVATE SPACES should be CASTRATION or EMASCULATION. Prove your conviction if it means so much to you–get your boyfriend to pay for the surgery!! If this is an equality issue, then get equal with a vagina. In my personal encounters, these are some of the most women-hating males and we don’t want these transgendered thugs coming into our private spaces creating dissension and DRAMA!! They are the LGBT version of Trump supporters: Crazy supremacists, hate-filled and deranged. As an African American, just like the white supremacist slave masters who were allowed to be as lewd and lascivious with black slaves, this is another example of white perverted AmeriKKKans passing laws that benefit their pathological, psychotic perversions. Besides, how stupid can these “males” be–who would WANT to wait in a long line near a woman’s restroom when they can get immediate access in a men’s room?? Why? They know that their safety is imperiled because they would get RAPED in a men’s restroom; most men prefer to do the raping rather than be raped–it’s a male power trip!! This is the trillioned example of white perversion and the reason it’s time for anyone righteous to leave European-dominated cultures. Just to be fair, the [ugly, dog-faced]white lesbians are the WORST sexual harassers on jobs; people like you are giving them more white supremacist power to be just like their former lewd and lascivious white plantation slave masters. I know that whites have no respect for anyone’s rights or opinions except those that BENEFIT THEM–I doubt if you will print my comments because in your twisted mind, it does not comport with YOUR alleged “moderation” requirements.

    • I hope you’re prepared to explain it now that this law has passed. There will be more “men” in your locker room now because their birth certificate says female. A transgender individual looks like the sex they identify with, not the sex on their birth certificate. I just hope they’ve had reassignment surgery because if not then you’ll have A LOT of explaining to do to that impressionable child.

      • Please disregard my reply. I too misunderstood your original post Monique. So relieved to see there still are people with common sense in this world ;)

  • Carol Dawson

    I am saddened by these steps backwards by North Carolina, as well as Indiana and Georgia. Who really knows who it is next to them in most restrooms anyway, especially if the individual chooses to use a stall (which is the case for all women’s restrooms)?! Just curious how this scenario will play out…a person who was born a women, but who has now transgendered as a man walks into the women’s restroom (because the state of North Carolina has required this by law) appearing as a man, dressed as a man, mannerisms of a man, etc. – hmmmmm…I think that would cause much more of a stir than this person using the restroom that deem appropriate to their current identifiable gender.

  • What problem is the North Carolina legislature reacting to? I have yet to read or even hear that anyone has raised a complaint over sharing a bathroom with a transgender person. Rather than wasting time with this made up problem, they need to refocus their priorities and try to solve some real problems for the folks in North Carolina, such as the economy, rising costs of healthcare, better public education….. Get back to Republican fundamentals by staying out of people’s lives.

  • This seems like it can affect more than transgender individuals. What about those whose intersex or gender is fluid? What about families and caregivers to children and adults with disabilities? My son with multiple disabilities goes into the women’s bathroom with me because he needs a certain level of support. He’s nine now and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. There is no way I would ever let him go into a bathroom “according to biological sex” and I’m certain I am not the only person either. It doesn’t sound like they care about how this affects anyone else but their own status quo wants. Why they gotta oppress and repress everyone with their Fuddy-duddiness!

  • I think that we can solve this situation by having stalls in both bathrooms. I particularly don’t like using the wide open stalls anyway. It will be more expensive but will allow people to worry about the other major problems in this country. I wonder what Trump’s answer to this is???

  • Bathrooms have stalls which are private so what is the big deal for a trans-person to be in there? The funny thing is a trans could be in there and you wouldn’t know it anyway based on how they look.

    • Exactly, anyone who uses public facilities has likely been in the bathroom with a transgender person. Transgender people are used to doing what they have to do in order to live without controversy or confrontation in a hostile world.

      It’s amazing to me that people allow themselves to be bamboozled into worrying about things that aren’t a problem – like this issue, Christian “oppression”, sharia law, the presdent’s birth certificate (and religion), the new black panther party and voter ID.

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