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Trump’s statements yesterday drew a line that divides good from evil. There is no moral equivalence. You have a right to know where leadership stands.


Luke Visconti is the founder and CEO of DiversityInc. Although the title of his column is meant to be humorous, the issues he addresses and the answers he gives to questions are serious — and based on his 17 years of experience publishing DiversityInc. Click here to send your own question to Luke.

I saw the president’s press conference live yesterday because I had a premonition that he was going to snap back from what he was apparently forced to read from a teleprompter on Monday.

And he did, to a degree that I didn’t anticipate. President Trump said it plain and clear: The neo-Nazis are ethically equal to the people protesting neo-Nazis.

My publication has a response: No. They are not equal.

On one side there is a group that espouses that white people are superior and all others are inferior. This side fetishizes Hitler and the Nazi regime killing millions of non-“Aryans,” Jews, people with congenital disabilities and gay people. On the other side there are people opposed to killing people and who believe that people are equal.

On one side there is a group who honors the Confederacy, a rebellion that existed simply and solely to maintain slavery. On the other side are people who believe in human rights and that the enslavement of Black people was wrong.

On one side there is a group that cloaks its hate in words like “honoring our heritage.” On the other side are people who know that 55 percent of Black Americans live in the South and that their heritage matters, that Black Lives Matter.

You are on one side or the other. Period. There is no middle ground.

People who draw an equivalence between the violence of Nazis and the violence of people protesting Nazis — or talk of “state rights” — are Nazis themselves. In poker, that’s called a “tell.” There’s no such thing as being “sympathetic” to evil without being evil.

Now we know without a doubt that Trump’s claiming that Barack Obama was not born in the United States — and all of the other vile things he’s said about Mexicans, Muslims, women, Black Americans, people with disabilities, POWs and others — are a pattern that describes exactly how he feels. He is not qualified to be president, and the entire Republican Party needs to take responsibility for this disaster and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

You have the right to ask the people who sought and attained positions of power and authority where they stand, from your town council person to your CEO. Do it anonymously if you feel threatened, but make your voice heard. Let’s make America great.

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  • Americans have always looked to their President as a source of both political and moral leadership. By intentionally electing a non-politician to the Presidency, the Nation indicated that it no longer required political leadership at the top. Now, it is clear that the World can no longer look to the POTUS for any type of moral leadership either.

    • Have often read that liberals seem to be voting, every four years, not for a president, but for a savior. Might explain some of their extreme displeasure with Trump’s narrowest-ever win. Please forgive my crass materialism, but, even tho the All-Democrat American press didn’t hammer on it, when Obama told “Joe the Plumber” that ‘when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody,” I was forewarned not to expect moral leadership from a confiscation-minded, virtue-signaling Obama. I don’t have much to confiscate, but I’ve worked,and I’ve earned, and I’ve donated; don’t need some faddishly-popular empty suit to send more and bigger government giveaway tax collectors around because he thinks it would be more fair, and would get him more votes.

    • GB: I think the people wanted someone who was not a career politician who owed other career politicians. I don’t think they decided they no longer needed or desired a politician. It seems those career long politicians only want to serve themselves instead of the nation. I think people hoped that Mr. Trump would be able to point out those in congress who were not helping the nation since he wouldn’t have to scratch their backs and then the people could vote out those who were unhelpful. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump, as it turns out is only working on his own agenda too.

  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    There are always going to be people who blame victims who fight back in any way, and even people who advocate too forcefully on behalf of victims. I am glad to see you taking a strong stance against such false equivalencies.

  • Yes, you are correct. Something needs to be done or we will see this again.
    My sister and I discuss this all the time since 45 got elected, and we feel that two major points should be addressed- 1: eliminate the Electoral College. This is the second time in 16 years that the popular vote was superseded by the electoral numbers. I read the history of the E.C. and found that it was put in place because of slavery. Remember, only white male landowners could vote. If you didn’t count the slaves in the south, the north would always win because they were more populous So the south was given a 2/5th discount for counting each slave. So the more slaves your state had, the more electoral votes your state would get. Note how many Virginians have been president- because of their slave population. Get rid of this system.. 2: Make it mandatory that anyone running for president show their taxes. If 45 HAD to disclose his taxes, we probably wouldn’t have him as POTUS. Just our thoughts.

    • The EC was put in place in 1787. It was to ensure that the high population states did not dominate the entire country. 3 or 4 states should not decide the presidential election process. Otherwise NY, CA and FL would decide our fates.

      • True, but it became more about trying to, as they saw it, level the field. The south was outnumbered by the north . Black slaves were not given the right to vote, but were counted as a partial person, so that the south would gain parity with the north. This is how Jefferson beat John Adams. Jefferson had slaves, Adams was against slavery..

    • Shouldn’t have said 2/5th discount. I meant they gain 2/5th of a person for every slave. So not a discount, but an extra perk

  • I would just be happy as a clam if we were given decent choices in a Presidential Election !

  • Charlottesville and Donald Trump:
    This should be a rather simple thing for the president. Charlottesville owns that statue. It is in their park, in their town. If they want to throw it away, it is their concern and nobody else needs to get involved. It’s the same as when you clean your garage; if you want to toss out some old keepsake, it is up to you and you alone, unless there is a possibility of contamination if you put it in the trash. Your neighbors should not get involved unless you ask for help.
    All those anti-everybody clowns who showed up had no business there at all. It is not their town, not their park. Those students, however, go to school there, live there, and pay taxes there.
    If those racist fools want a statue, they can build their own park, on their own land, and they can set it up. Then they can all stare at it until they go blind.
    When they show up in ANY town as a mob, with anti-American flags and weapons and torches, they are not coming to talk. For the President of the United States to give them any credibility is totally un-American. It is not their town, it is not their rodeo, and they were not invited.
    They had no business in that town, and it was horribly wrong for Trump to give them any credit except for accessory to murder. And if this president accepts what they did, and praises that mob, he is also an accessory to murder. Impeach him for un-American activities and accessory to murder and get it over with. And if this congress won’t do that, they have to go, too.

  • Karl Strandberg

    We had those who argued for giving Trump a chance. He has had more than enough chances to prove his worthiness as president of the United States, and has ‘muffed’ all of them! Now what?

  • I would amend the headline to: There is no Middle Ground for Human Rights (period)

  • It seems to me that the conflict that is raging is about perceived power and lack of it. The so-called “Blood and soil” folks are angry seeing much of their lives change with jobs moving overseas. Naming blacks and the reason for this is wrong and so far from the truth. The US Civil War was a horrific event. The South lost. Even Robert E. Lee asked that no monument be constructed in his image. He felt the country could only proceed if it buried the past and all vestiges of it.

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