Nielsen Around The World Launches

Nielsen's 40,000 associates are dedicated to meeting shoppers and viewers wherever they are.

Nielsen (No. 41 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list) is all about the numbers. Its team of 40,000 associates is dedicated to meeting shoppers and viewers wherever they are — from rural villages to bustling cities and everything in between, in more than 100 countries around the world.

Nielsen’s ability to deliver high-quality data sourced from those countries relies on innovative technologies, rigorous science and passionate people in the field every day, in all conditions.

The company is proud to highlight these stories through Nielsen Around the World, an interactive map and ongoing series of bite-sized videos and photos that illustrate what it takes to capture and analyze the data that underpins our best-in-class global measurement. It’s your opportunity to see behind the scenes, from counting sales in open-air street markets to building trusted relationships with consumers and finding creative ways to overcome infrastructure challenges with technology.

For example: In Indonesia’s Moluccas Island area, world-renowned for its spices, small stores pepper hundreds of tiny islands. The clip below shows how our teams overcome these stores’ lack of internet connectivity, island-hopping by boat to gather sales numbers in this small yet important market.


Meanwhile, in Poland, Nielsen’s team provides wearable technology for respondents to use while shopping. These eye-tracking glasses help our clients understand how shoppers see their products in advertisements and on store shelves.

You can keep up with this initiative by bookmarking, following #NielsenAroundtheWorld or our official Nielsen accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and subscribing toNielsen’s company page on LinkedIn.

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