NAACP in Houston Denounces ‘White Lives Matter’ Protest

The local White Lives Matter group is connected to the Aryan Renaissance Society, a neo-Nazi group.

The local White Lives Matter group is connected to the Aryan Renaissance Society, a neo-Nazi group.

By Sheryl Estrada

At the NAACP Houston headquarters on Monday, chapter members, community groups and civil rights groups spoke to the public condemning the White Lives Matter protest that took place on Sunday.

Dr. James Douglass, the chapter’s president, said the protesters had a right to free speech but affirmed their message is racist.

“While they criticize the NAACP for not denouncing a movement that has been productive in bringing awareness to the racial disparity in this country, they themselves espoused totally racist positions,” Douglass said.

About 20 White Lives Matter supporters stood in front of the NAACP’s office Sunday to protest against the organization because it has not denounced the Black Lives Matter movement. The group’s organizer said the movement is violent toward white civilians and white police officers.

Some of the protesters were armed with assault rifles and carried Confederate flags. The NAACP said they only found out about the protest the day it took place, and they made sure no one was at the headquarters. 

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According to KPRC-TV, The Anti-Defamation League said the organizers of the rally are tied to the Aryan Renaissance Society, a local white supremacist group.

One of the men with a connection, Scott Lacy, said on Sunday the NAACP is “one of the most racist groups in America.”

14 Words


At the rally, a protester held a sign that read: “14 words.” It refers to the 14 words of the white supremacist creed, which calls for the protection of white people.

“White lives have mattered since Europeans first set foot in the Americas,” U.S. Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) said. “White lives mattered during slavery. White lives mattered during discrimination, which was lawful. Even as discrimination continues today, white lives still matter. Can we say the same of Black lives?”

He also addressed criticism of Black Lives Matter.

“We don’t always support all of the things that happen in these movements but we do support the notion that Black lives matter … we want that taken to the four corners of the Earth,” he said.

Green said he will contact the Department of Justice to ensure it is aware of the protest.

Ashton P. Woods, an activist with BLM in Houston, commented that one of the White Lives Matter protesters was wearing a Trump campaign shirt, and he urged people to vote in the presidential election.

“That ought to tell you who to vote for in November,” Woods said.

 The Story Behind White Lives Matter

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) White Lives Matter is “a small but virulent movement” and its “main activists, to put it plainly, are unvarnished white supremacists.” The Texas-based Aryan Renaissance Society has described itself as the leading force behind the White Lives Matter movement.

The group’s website describes the movement as “dedicated to promotion of the white race and taking positive action as a united voice against issues facing our race.” It writes that issues including homosexuality, mixed relationships and illegal immigration are unraveling the nation.

The SPLC finds that the agenda of the group should be of concern to all Americans:

“WLM activists are hard at work, doing their best to seed yet another racist concept into the consciousness of American whites as they seek to build a whites-only nation. Given the atmosphere in the United States today, that should worry all Americans.”

Two of the major issues White Lives Matter organizers said they have with the Black Lives Matter movement are perceived anti-white and anti-police sentiments.

In a statement on BLM’s website, “11 Major Misconceptions About the Black Lives Matter Movement,” those issues are debunked.

One misconception is that the movement hates white people:

“The statement ‘Black lives matter’ is not an anti-white proposition. Contained within the statement is an unspoken but implied ‘too,’ as in ‘Black lives matter, too,’ which suggests that the statement is one of inclusion rather than exclusion.

“However, those white people who continue to mischaracterize the affirmation of the value of Black life as being anti-white are suggesting that in order for white lives to matter, Black lives cannot. That is a foundational premise of white supremacy. It is antithetical to what the Black Lives Matter movement stands for, which is the simple proposition that ‘black lives also matter.’”

Another misconception is that the movement hates police officers:

“Police officers are people. Their lives have inherent value. This movement is not an anti-people movement; therefore it is not an anti-police-officer movement. Most police officers are just everyday people who want to do their jobs, make a living for their families, and come home safely at the end of their shift. This does not mean, however, that police are not implicated in a system that criminalizes Black people.”

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  • It’s a smoke screen. The only thing that groups like white lives matter, kkk, aryan society do is spread hate and fear. We all know this to be true.

  • The WLM group have Constitutional Protections to demonstrate and voice their opinions. How many times have we known the NAACP to go against the demands of black families on issues dear to them. Blacks themselves could stage the same actions against the NAACP for going against their wishes too. Again WLM have a right to express their feelings.

      • Luke, I don’t support the white supremacists, but they do have a right under the constitution. You can’t just pick and choose who gets to demonstrate. When you let people claim they are intimidated by a thing or a word, it starts to be a very slippery slope on when can and can’t be said or done. There have been many BLM protests where the chants for dead cops were heard. I don’t agree with that but they do have a right to demonstrate.

          • It is constitutionally legal to openly carry fire arms. As long as they are not brandished. The fact that they are slung or holstered supports this. Also Luke, they are not assault rifles. You more than anyone knows this. Confed flags are no different than signs calling for dead cops. Until they commit assault or battery, they are within their rights. As I said, I don’t support this group but you cannot just pick and choose who gets to demonstrate.

          • They are civilian versions of military assault rifles, differing only in semi versus full automatic capability, with the same caliber and magazine capacity.

            Mass murderers have repetitively shown that semi vs. full automatic isn’t as important as magazine capacity when it comes to killing unarmed civilians or children in the case of Sandy Hook.

            Again, the incidences of bad behavior at BLM rallies is mostly a figment of right wing media imagination. Further, the confederate battle flag has been judged a hate symbol and was revived during the Civil Rights Era specifically for intimidation.

            The weight of evidence and time forbids a forced moral equivalence.

          • Luke there is a video on youtube the debunks the mag capacity issue. In it both male and female shooters compared shot time and accuracy between one 30 rd mag, 3 10 rd mags, and 6 5 rd mags. Shot times to fire the 30 rds in some cases was less that the other two times and in most cases only 2-3 seconds more. Accuracy was consistent. Only the media vilifies the 30 rd mags. In reality it takes very little time to change mags. This was done with both pistol and AR15. People intent on doing evil will not be deterred by laws.

    • Sure they have that right. Fact is they are racist evil fear mongers. If I have a meeting for save the whales, doesn’t it seem silly for people to say, hey wait a minute, dogs are important too, when dogs are not in danger? It comparing apples to oranges. Black Lives Matter is a group started by mothers whose Black sons were murdered. They are not a hate gangs set out to eradicate the white race. Can those silly groups say the same? They are not here to help anyone, and each and everyone of them are worthy of nothing but distain!

    • They do have a right to express their feelings but why do they have to express their feelings with guns and confederate flags. Blacks have protested for years without weapons.

  • WLM have Constitutional Protections to demonstrate and voice their opinions. And normal loving, thinking Americans have Constitutional Protections to call them out for what they are – a Terrorist group. They are not better than ISIS or Muslim extremists in our country, yet because of the inconsistencies and hypocrisy in the American system of justice, they are not labeled as such. The whole staged protest of White Lives Matter just proves the point and need for Black Lives Matter. What irony.

    • Did they cut anyone’s head off or burn them alive for their lack of belief in Allah? It was a peaceful demonstration. The journalist at the Mizzou protest met with actual physical threat and contact when the Mizzou prof called in protesters to remove him.

      • Did you read yesterday’s article about the lynching museum? Isn’t that a far more relevant comparison (and it isn’t a crescent and star the KKK burns at their get togethers, ask trump endorser David Duke).

  • Greg Thrasher

    Black Americans are never surprised by White groups which seek to eliminate our presence in America . This is a staple of America yet so is the presence of Black Americans resistance to this hate.

    The beat goes on …


  • If we do not manage what is allowed to be perpetuated in our own country we will have a culture war right here in the US never mind isis. I would like to know what would have happened if we protested with guns. We all know the answer to that question.

    There continues to be a denigration of African Americans and other cultures in our country. The laws in our country do not protect us when necessary and that is why there is protest and unrest in many areas. This is not a new issue we have expereinced this for centuries. We are being projected as the worst cultures in life. We are told that our schools are the worst, the areas we live in are worse than the countries currently in war, our unemplolyment rate is horrific. Our unemployment rates are horrific but I question the fact check on who created this atrocity.

    This is a systemic problem that has existed for centuries and it is not how we are supposed to live as Americans in a Country where so many people come because they believe we are the greatest nation existing. While this is true in many instances, we have a long way to go. If we do not undo some of the hatred that is being perpetuated by some of our representatives, we are going have many more people die because of racisim.

    The media is there to drive ratings, they consistently cover things over and over that perpetuates insanity and drives peoples emotions to heightened levels. Why show these racist comments over and over again. We have allowed and perpetuated insolence towards our president for 8 years. No one president has ever received such vociferous disregard.

    So I say if you want to blame someone for this look in your own back yard. What have you done and what specific actions are you going to put in place to make a difference?

  • Why do the protesters carry “14 Words” signs? Is this not the mantra of a racist organization? Why do they need automatic weapons?

    • Pretty sure they are not automatic weapons. Those require a class 3 license. The normal AR15 is a semi automatic sporting rifle suitable for target or hunting purposes. Its no different than a typical Ruger 10/22 rifle that is typically given to teens as a first gun.

      • Except the AR-15 uses the .223 round, which was developed by the military to cause maximum wounding by utilizing a smaller, lighter weight and faster projectile that tumbles upon entry. The idea being that one wounded person takes three people off the line (two to render aid) and horrific wounds tend to demoralize the rest of the troops.

        In addition, whether the assault rifle is semi or full automatic is secondary to magazine capacity.

        No, open carry of military assault weapons by civilians- and high capacity magazines- are threatening and destabilizing. ESPECIALLY when hate symbols are also displayed.

        The North won that war in 1865. And almost half of the citizens of the Deep South are Black. It’s complete and absolute horse manure to assert those symbols are about “southern heritage.” They’re about HATE.

        • Put a tactical stock on a ruger 10/22 and people will call it an assault rifle. It still takes the .22 round. Granted, projectile and powder weight are different. It will still take a life. I don’t think open carry for demonstration purposes is the way to go. Still, we have that right. Yes you are correct about the round, but .223 is also a hunting/varmint round. Fact is its lighter and soldiers can carry more ammo than .762. the wounding aspect is a plus in war. You are correct. Better to wound than kill an enemy. It still doesn’t make the AR15 an assault rifle. AR stands for Armalite, which developed the first civilian model. Assault weapons are fully automatic, selective fire weapons. That is what makes them assault rifles. No modern army would equip its soldiers with semi auto rifles unless they had no other choice.

          • If you want to argue semantics, then Adam Lanza and Omar Mateen used AR-15s to assault large groups of people, thus it is an “assault rifle”.

        • If adam Lanza had driven a car into the recess area or into the school and killed people, would that have been an assault car?

          • Yes, a car — or any other instrumentality, in fact — used to assault people could be considered an “assault car,” and is considered a “deadly weapon” for purposes of enhancing a resulting criminal charge. The difference between a car and gun, of course, is that cars — unlike guns — have legitimate purposes other than killing and injuring living beings.

      • Seriously Peter – you are arguing semantics here. Who cares if its assault or not. The fact is the reason these people are carrying these weapons is to INTIMIDATE.

        I could understand if they were protesting the right to carry arms…… fine then, go ahead and carry your weapons. But they are not protesting that, they are protesting the BLM movement.

    • These are the 14 words:

      “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

      There’s nothing overtly or covertly racist about them.

      FWIW, I think these protesters are misguided knuckleheads. Dragging a rifle around, just “to prove that you can” is stupid. And I say that as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

      • They don’t want to talk about the other 13 words “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,”. WEll regulated: Registered weapons, storage regulations and inspection, training, testing and licensing, reasonable limitations on use, including forbidding public brandishing for purposes of intimidation.

  • Let’s see…

    We have a racist response to organizers of a movement that was created via a tweet lamenting the killing of unarmed black people. And these same racist protesters, protest in front of a local chapter of one our nations most venerated human rights organizations that was created out of the same conditions as the latter day, BLM. Yet, the racist protesters have a name, but no organizational address or structure, whereby, they can be challenged in return for advancing their racist mission.

    What’s next? The second amendment people taking care of it?

  • A group with no moral compass, and only organized to foster hate and separatism. Then you have those that support hiding behind U.S. laws that were designed without “common sense.” Meaning free speech is both discretionary and bias when it meets the legal system, thats where free speech “applies” to some, and not all. Had the scenario been reversed the media would have played this all day/night for the rest of the month!

    • We are at a crossroads. Do we elect a man who built his support on the shoulders of sexism, racism, religiousism, deceit and fraud? Or his admittedly flawed opponent.

      This protest is a symptom of the greater decision.

      • Maybe we should elect a woman who is linked to corruption, more than 40 conspicuous deaths of friends and business associates who were about to provide information about the nefarious doings of the Clintons? How about the person that turned her back while our Ambassador and his guards were killed?

          • Really? Foster was in his car, shot in the head from the left side. He is right handed. The blast pattern was down, not up. They called it a suicide. What right handed person suicides with their left hand? Many many more examples. People just disappear when they are about to com forward with evidence against the Clinton’s.

        • I guess my question is how many times does a person have to be grilled and questoned by the FBI, GOP, State and others. It has been years that they have tried to do this to her. There were no formal charges applied even with all the years of trying to make something apply, get over it. It is alot of noise and I do not care about that. I care about this country getting on track and trying to mend broken relatonships. If we continue to publicize hate, it will fester and not only will they bring guns out but they will start using them.

          Who cares of the type of gun they use it is a weapon.

          • Charity Dell

            I am soooooooo tired of this E-mails nonsense….why some folks are so OBSESSED WITH EMAILS is beyond comprehension, considering we
            have OTHER issues–such as the DRASTIC EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE–that impact American life!

            Hillary’s emails were certainly no safer on government servers that are
            being attacked and hacked DAILY by cybercriminals, cyberspies and hostile technogeeks, both foreign and domestic. These days, everybody and their cousin is hacking everybody else; and any message encrypted by a human being can be “un-encrypted” by other resourceful technogeeks.

            Now here’s a thought for all the Email-Obsessed Minions in our
            feeble House of Reprehensibles–

            The United States has some of the best engineering colleges and universities on the planet. Why do we not have a way to continuously transport, filter and use FLOOD WATER to relieve drought-stricken areas, replenish exhausted aquifers and extinguish forest fires?

            What is Congress doing about THAT?

            Emails mean nothing if atmospheric and geophysical events–man-made and natural!– are literally shaking your country and eroding its coastlines!

    • That is a moronic argument and that stupid argument is always brought out no matter what tragic event involving a gun happens.

      Guns are made for one purpose and one purpose only – to kill things. There is no other reason for a gun to exist.

      Cars, knives, lamps, even frozen legs of lambs could all be used as potential weapons. But they are neither made specifically for nor purchased by most people to kill things.

      While there are some people who like to collect guns as a hobby, there is really no reason to have a cache of weapons that would rival a small country’s military. And there is no reason for the average citizen to have any weapon that is either an assault weapon or can be modified into an assault weapon that can kill multiple people in a few moments. You don’t need all that weaponry on the off chance you experience a home invasion or an intruder. You don’t need to be armed and dangerous to make a grocery shopping trip – you look like stupid thugs.

      People buy guns to kill things. And because it makes them feel tough and powerful.

      We are not under siege. We are not under military rule. We are not threatened by a tyrannical government.

      Americans are idiots and create hate and fear out of whole cloth since this country was founded. Europeans and other parts of the world that are or have been under government sanctioned military tyranny must laugh themselves silly at us.

      Running around strapped down like a bunch of idiots when you are not in danger, while little children in other parts of the world are being dug out of rubble after a bombing.

      When the Dallas shooting happened, all of you ran like the inner cowards a lot of you are.

      Life is really, really short, find another reason for living than living strapped down and cowering in your closet.

      • Well said, Meh. I couldn’t agree more.

        If it had been BLM activists standing around with guns, does ANYONE think it would have ended well?

        The double standard makes me absolutely sick. The people at this protest ARE thugs and the only reason they did what they did is to spread their message of hate and the ill-begotten idea of white supremacy. They’re inadequate as human beings and so they hide behind their ugly message.

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