Minorities Have too Much Influence, Trump Supporters Say: Poll

Numbers echo the proven narrative that Trump supporters are in favor of white men maintaining societal influence and power.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released this week found that 38 percent of Trump supporters believe minorities have too much influence in society, while only 9 percent of Hillary Clinton supporters feel that way. In fact, 67 percent of Clinton supporters feel minorities have too little influence, something only 17 percent of Trump supporters think.

For the poll, respondents were asked “whether you think [each group] has too (much) influence in the country these days, too (little) influence, or about the right amount.”

Women Men Whites Minorities
Trump supporters
Too much 8% 20 8 38
About right 69 68 64 38
Too little 21 8 21 17
Women Men Whites Minorities
Clinton supporters
Too much 6 50 53 9
About right 35 37 37 21
Too little 58 10 7 67

The beliefs of Trump supporters persist despite statistics that show otherwise. According to a recent report released by the U.S. Census whites make, on average, a higher salary than Blacks or Hispanics. And men continue to fare better than women.

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The “about right” influence is not seen in the workplace, either. Blacks, Latinos and Asians hold just 22.5 percent of management roles — and only 13 percent of senior management roles — in U.S. companies overall. (Among the DiversityInc Top 10, Blacks, Latinos and Asians hold 31.2 percent of management roles and 18.3 percent of senior management roles.)

And despite making up just over half of the population, women do not boast impressive numbers either, holding just 39 percent of management roles — and only 28.8 percent of senior management roles — in U.S. companies overall. (Among the Top 10, women hold 47.6 percent of management roles and 39.2 percent of senior management roles.)

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According to the survey release, “majorities of Hillary Clinton’s supporters believe minorities and women have too little influence in American society, while half say men and whites have too much influence. For all his outsider appeal, Donald Trump’s supporters, by contrast, are far more apt to endorse the status quo in this regard.”

Past research also reflects this observation. A Pew Research Center study released earlier this year found a correlation that links negative feelings regarding diversity, as well as Islamophobia, to “warm feelings” toward Trump. The survey, which polled Republican and Republican-leaning voters, found that, overall, those who support Trump tend to be less supportive of diversity. The survey asked if having the majority of the country being Black, Asian and Latino — which the Census predicts will be the case over the next three decades — is “bad for the country” or “good/neither good nor bad for the country.” For respondents who said it’s bad, nearly 50 percent report very warm feelings for Trump, with an additional 16 percent saying they have warm feelings.

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Another study released earlier this year, published by Western Political Science Association and Salon.com, found the same pattern and concluded that Trump supporters specifically had more negative feelings about diversity when compared even to supporters of other Republican candidates. “The results are pretty clear: … Trump supporters really dislike many groups in America,” the study’s authors write. “For these voters, Trump’s blend of casual racism and muscular nativism is the core of his appeal.”

Per the findings, Trump supporters were more likely than supporters of other Republican candidates to have negative feelings toward Latinos, Muslims and feminists. (Negative feelings toward Blacks were not statistically different compared to those of Republicans supporting other candidates.)

According to the authors, “We find that what drives support for Trump is the mistaken belief that the government serves the interests of Blacks, rather than whites.”

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  • What the White people are saying is that they are unhappy and afraid that minorities are beginning to show, and prove to them, that their approval of them is not necessary any longer. Face it, we do not need White people’s approval to live in this country. The more we realized this, the better we will be to each other as well.

  • If they think minorities have too much influence now, they’ll really be bent out of shape if minorities ever attain true equality in this World.

  • Bob "Hubba Jubba" Moss

    The main impact of this post makes it quite clear to me; White folks who resent the presence of non White Americans in a land boasting its pride for freedom. liberty and justice for all, automatically qualify themselves as racist in nature. Their heroic Presidential choice and his numerous negative and unethical rants and raves have let the cat out of the bag; the friendly fakers have knocked down the closet walls, and now openly display their once hidden hateful and non-christian (failure to love their neighbors as themselves) like ways. Regardless of who wins the election, everyone hang tight; watch your backs; because evil and violent times are surely ahead. If the fakers have their way (win or lose) their main goal will be to take the Country back to where things were back in the B4JR (before Jackie Robinson) era!!!!!! I’m just saying.

  • Until we recognize that some whites are being led to believe people of color are the problem and not the concentration of wealth, polls like this will continue. It is easy to blame those perceived to be below you. If only they could walk in the steps of those folks they believe have it so good, they will realize that the grass is not always greener.

  • I agree with MelRod, grannybunny, Ron and Hubba; if the grass is greener for minorities, it gets HARDER TO CUT! Racist whites have reason to be afraid now because every minority who came to this country in chains or on a banana boat, have CAUGHT UP with their dumb, uneducated, lazy, entitled azzes. Now, they have to WORK HARD like every Black, Asian, and Latino and EARN a living instead of it being handed to them on a white privileged silver platter! Contemporary white male and female plantation owners have to pay FAIR WAGES instead of SLAVE WAGES they’ve been accustomed to paying on the past!

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