Marriott’s Career Concierge: A Virtual Assistant for Job Seekers

"MC" for Facebook Messenger is powered by data-driven logic and specialized algorithms to create a more personalized experience for job seekers.

Marriott International is No. 8 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies list

(Originally published on LinkedIn)

You ever have something unexpected happen to you at the worst possible moment and all you can muster is an incredulous “You’ve got to be kidding me” — only not as politely? Well, just listen to this story about a job seeker – we’ll call her Mary – who encountered a bizarre obstacle on her way to a job interview.

David Rodriguez, Executive Vice President & Global Chief HR Officer, Marriott International

Mary drove her car to the job interview that morning. Perhaps she was a little nervous thinking about how much she wanted to land the job and what questions she might be asked. And then it happened. She parked the car and got out – only with her thumb still inside!

Mary’s keys were already in her purse. She yelled for help but no one came to her aid. Unbelievably, people who passed by just looked at her and kept on their way. Mary finally managed to twist and turn, got the car keys out and freed herself. She barely looked at her thumb knowing it would probably only make it hurt worse.

Mary made it just in time for her interview for a social media manager position. And as you probably guessed, during the interview she was asked to take an editorial writing test. Probably with a combination of embarrassment and soreness, she explained why she couldn’t take the test and instead offered to come back the next day to take it. The recruiter got Mary a cup of ice water so she could soak her thumb while they finished the interview. While everyone in the office was compassionate, Mary left that day thinking this job was not meant to be.

The next day she got a call from the company and was offered the job – without having to take a writing test. Why? The caller told Mary that anyone who could stay as calm and collected as she was in that situation was someone who they would want to help them build their digital brand. Mary was with the company for three years and left as assistant director of marketing.

Not every job interviewer encounters unexpected obstacles like the one Mary experienced, and it is also true that there are not always happy endings. But companies do owe it to job seekers to make the process as easy and seamless as possible. And that’s why we created “MC” – aka the Marriott Careers chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

Powered by data-driven logic and specialized algorithms, the hospitality industry’s first virtual assistant for job seekers creates a more personalized and efficient experience while delivering several other benefits to users who have an interest in a Marriott career. Want to know where’s the coolest bartender job opening at one of our W Hotels or want to find a great marketing job with our Ritz-Carlton brand? Just ask MC, day or night, 365 days a year and it’ll get you started on your exciting Marriott career journey. Check out more about MC here … and thumbs up to you!

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