Fox News Readers Bash Obama’s Daughter With Racial Slurs, ‘Ape,’ ‘Monkey’

The right-wing media outlet removed the comments section of the article after readers shamed the president’s daughter with a mass influx of racist comments, including calling her a racial slur and hoping the young woman gets AIDS.

Malia Obama

Fox News disabled the comments section of an article by the Associated Press about President Barack Obama’s 17-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, after readers flooded the post with racist comments, calling her a racial slur, an “ape,” a “monkey” and accusing her of not deserving her entry to the university but getting it thanks to “Black privilege.”

The brief AP article reveals the president’s daughter’s decision to attend Harvard University, like her father, in 2017 after taking a year off from school.

Cruel, racist comments, which were screenshotted prior to being removed, immediately followed. posted some shots several hours after the original article was published:

“I wonder if she applied as a muDslime..or a foreign student..or just a Ni@@er.”

“Hopefully she gets cancer/aids or one of those colored diseases.”

“Another academically challenged affirmative-action parasite steals a place from a qualified White or Asian student.”

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Users also attacked other members of the Obama family, including First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been the subject of many crude comments in the past.

“I’m sure she’s being fed a stem of celery with two grain muffins for lunch as accorded by her man-thing mother, Sasquatch.”

“Probably staying out for a year so she can help her parents carry out the furniture and dinnerware when they leave the White House,” one user wrote, to which another responded, “Typical.”

A satirical op-ed that appeared in the Chicago Tribune, “Malia Obama’s suspicious gap year,” poked fun at the conservatives who are slamming the young woman for taking a year off between high school and college and are saying she didn’t earn her spot at the prestigious university:

“It’s a well-established fact that Malia is the first child of a president to ever get into Harvard, a clear-cut sign that the fix is in. (The news site Vox did report that, according to the book “America’s Royalty,” 22 presidential children have attended Harvard, but c’mon, are you going to trust liberal facts?),” the article reads.

But the joke went over the heads of some commenters, who attacked the president’s daughter once again:

“Malia will have her Harvard transcripts buried, just like Chewbacca and the WH Muslim. As for the gap year, my guess is she will get some heavy tutoring to try to match up at Harvard. If she looks like she won’t cut it, Malia goes somewhere outside the US to hide her further. Gap year, sure. By the way, ever hear either daughter ever talk? Can they?” one user wrote.

“Doesn’t have the grades, can’t do the work, needs extensive tutoring to have a chance at ANY college, unless Affirmative Action and sealing her transcripts can be arranged (very likely!) Phony Birth Certificate, sealed transcripts from Harvard AND Columbia, ‘gap year’, see a pattern?” questioned another.

This is not the first time the conservative media has attacked Malia Obama. Three years ago, when she was just 14, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros called into question the young woman’s sex life after Obama stated he supported providing Plan B to girls as young as 15.

“Are they gonna put her on birth control?” Tantaros questioned. “Because he’s very concerned with contraceptives and pharmaceuticals that are going in the mouths of everybody else’s 15-year-old daughter.”

The Obama family is not the first family in the White House to face harsh words from the public (with Rush Limbaugh previously calling Chelsea Clinton a dog when she was just 12 years old and describing Amy Carter as “the most unattractive presidential daughter in the history of this country”). However, the Obamas have faced an unprecedented slew of racism thrown their way in addition to simply a mean-spirited media.

After Thanksgiving in 2014, Elizabeth Lauten, a former communications director for State Rep. Stephen Lee Fincher (Tenn.), bashed Malia Obama and younger sister Sasha Obama, who were 16 and 13 at the time, for their outfits and facial expressions at the annual turkey pardoning.

“Try showing a little class,” Lauten wrote. “Rise to the occasion. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar.”

The family has also been compared — negatively — to White House families before them. Mad World News posted an article about the girls around Thanksgiving 2014 as well.

“I don’t think you would have ever seen the Bush daughters in dresses that short,” the article wrote. “Class is completely absent from this White House.”

Malia Obama has faced backlash from the media since her father first took office. At just 11 years old, she was called “a typical street whore” and “ghetto street trash” after wearing a shirt with a peace sign on it.

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  • Does Fox News think that it’s OK for its commentators to make all their smarmy comments, insults and slurs, but not for their readers to do so? What a double standard!

    • I started to read this article and started thinking so what look at how many White people got in that didn’t earn it… That’s a reality don’t get mad now..

      • Sure white people get insulted, but not insulted on the basis of their race. Racial insults empower and spread the negative mythology around black people that is racism. Whites do not get those kind of insults? When did Bush daughters get the kind of insults that Malia received? When did any presidential child get these kinds of insults? Answer: never.

        • Regina McGlashen

          What are you talking about? Michelle already inferred that Trumps boy was autistic, meaning he acted that way to her. Like she is a medical diagnostician! A lot of the criticism comes from the entitlements that these children ( whoever they are) have been treated with perks that were not only unjustified, but illegal. Remember when Michelle named Malia as a staff member to get her spring vacation on the taxpayers dime? The only time I have seen Malia smiling is on a luxury vacation or with a drink in her hand or her ass hanging out. I do not even believe these girls are their children.What kind of mother never talks about their children’s early years or her pregnancy, especially when mom is trying to cuddle up to the masses like she is a normal mom and wife? Have you ever seen a picture of those children before they came into the white house? Has anyone discovered their birth certificates? Even with a friend of the family as midwife,births have to be registered. Do they look anything like Obama or Michael? ANSWER:: NO to all! This is not a racist resentful attitude,it is a taxpayers anger at having to be used to the tune of 84 million dollars for vacations and all the lies and deceit we have tolerated because of the liberal disease running rampant.

  • Well,
    no matter what they say she is still in. It would make sense that a young woman from very well educated parents would be smart enough to get into Harvard. Or is that too hard for anyone to understand. If you’re smart….your children will be smart too hard to comprehend for stupid racists.
    Please…all the class went out of the White House when the Bush daughters became damn lushes. Alcoholics, yes…

  • It is one thing to disagree with a President’s position and party, but it is unconscionable, cowardly, and un-American to go after a President’s children. The fact that this accomplished young woman is entering into Harvard has nothing to do with her Father’s politics. If you think African American’s are benefiting from affirmative action disproportionately from other represented groups, do the math.

  • I find this type of statements disgusting . Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America, duly elected,and he and his family deserve to be respected.

    • I so agree, Mr. Wilson! I am shocked, disgusted, saddened, and horrified that these decent people have been subjected to such vitriol. Where is the decorum in this country? Why do those with hate-filled hearts get such opportunity to spew their filth? On-line comments need to be moderated constantly and those that are not constructive or well-thought should be deleted immediately!

      I feel so bad for President Obama and his family. I have never understood what it is in some people that make them act this way.

      As an American, I hang my head in shame at this totally undeserved ugliness.

      • Melvin Hughes

        I say to the people of this USA this country remember the God, that made us all equal in his eyes. he’s not sleep this country has been a blessed country God is a forgiving and loving God but he even gets your tired of the hatred. the malice that discrimination why do you think this country is going through so much.with its leaders. We have dropped the ball. We must be accountable to God if it personal one day we’ll stand before God and give account of actions and our words grace and mercy be with us all. May God bless the righteous people of this world because there are some good people in this world I wouldn’t be caught saying some the things I hear being said today in this world .you know everything you think you can’t say because you can’t take them back once you say it .don’t leave that kind of Legacy behind people.

  • NOTthatSurprised

    Those comments are DEPLORABLE. Each of those people should be investigated and disciplined for spewing such hatred unfitting for a Presidential Family. Very low brow and clearly limited. Neither of them I sure had the honor of receiving an acceptance to Harvard.

  • It is amazing that we have to deal with type of ignorance. Just sad that people are so cruel in this world.

  • Karen Hernandez

    It would seem that there are some “Americans” who were so carefully taught and are so deeply inclined to making hate speech and racist comments toward people of color that they cannot be stopped from polluting the airwaves, the internet or social media. Hopefully it is not a sign of a recurring moral cancer that is again going to sweep across America—because if that is the case, we will never live up to the Dream of Dr. King. Sometimes I feel that we are never going to get to the Mountaintop…much less the Promised Land— of behaving like a Beloved Community. I pray this isn’t so—but I have seen this national embarrassment recur too many times in my 65 years of trying to understand what is wrong with America that we can’t just love one another. We cannot claim to be a Christian nation until we can love one another as the ONE HUMAN FAMILY that we are. I express my deep apology to the Obama family and all families across America that have had to deal with xenophobia of any nature. We are better that that. Right?

  • The people who would question, criticize or bash Malia Obama are people who would never be able to go to Harvard. They probably would have hard time getting into any college.

    • Unfortunately there are some. Look at Ted Cruz (Princeton, Harvard Law). I’ve met my share professionally and at the educational institutions I have attended.

    • Freedom of Speech means Freedom from sensors, protection from ideologies that disagree with you or with me. Sometimes speech carries tones of anger and even hate. Sweet words sometimes carry undertones of hate. Name calling isn’t justified and that means for everyone not just for those on the offensive but those on the defensive. We can see the truth in many public faces. Its easy to see whats occurring with some people just by witnessing their character and behavior for years.

  • WOW. The foolishness continues. Fox is definitely the channel of racists. Very foolish people. who think that that kind of attitude is cute or funny. And no wonder why some of us African Americans have chips on our shoulders. Even when we do the right thing, there are still clowns trying to make us feel like second class citizens.

  • The people who would question, criticize or bash Malia Obama people who would never be able to go to Harvard. They probably would have hard time getting into any college.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation

  • Let all of America’s ugliness hang out.

    Black people have known this all along. In the past, we were dismissed as being “too sensitive”, accused of misunderstanding a comment, a look, told we were out and out lying.

    Faux News, what cowards for disabling the comments. Let everyone see who and what is your constituency.

    Trump supporters, unable to accept that their lot in life lies with them. Have they been bumped from Harvard? No, the closest they’ll get is writing ” Harvard ” in their vile comments.

    As Trump were say, LOSERS!!!!

    Here’s a tip for those losers: study hard, don’t do drugs, delay gratification, use birth control, work hard, save your money, invest when you can -Life will be much more satisfying.

    • I find it amusing when FOX is embarrassed of the audience it cultivated or when trump’s party is humiliated by the out of control monster it spawned.

    • My sentiments exactly Luke.
      Let the world see what is really going on here..
      We African Americans have been traveling down this ugly road that doesn’t seem to have no end.
      But, finally the world is beginning to see what we have been enduring in the USA since the time of slavery.
      None of this comes as a surprise to most African Americans, we know exactly how half of the country feels about us, the President, the First Lady and their children. .
      I vividly remember those Black children who had US Marshals accompanying them into schools all across the country because of the hatred.
      But we will never let those racist bigots stop us or slow us down from achieving our dreams.

  • Cowards, the whole lot of them. Hiding behind their computers instead of their white sheets.

  • Strange there wasn’t the same outburst when children of our other Presidents were admitted to ivy league colleges. We have our former president who attended Yale and Harvard and some of his teachers said he was a “D” student, although his father said he was a “C” student. Yet the outcry for President Obama’s child (not knowing her GPA) is “black privilege!” We expect to hear crude and racial slurs from those folks who grow and live in that lifestyle (such a pity to have those feelings), but what is more atrocious is when the media publishes it and soils the day for civilized people.

  • It seems to me all trash is what we get when we have rude idiot running for President. Reading those remarks sound like something Trump. Maybe even the Klue Klax Clan.

  • If these remarks are inflammatory wait until after the presidential elections if trump wins. Racism is alive and well in the United States and has never flickered, just hid. If they say that about the President’s daughter what is being said about just regular young ladies and families. I know a professor at Harvard who graduated from there and is African American. He has regular seminars at Harvard for minorities. didn’t someone say her father graduated from there? That alone gives an applicant an advantage. One of the comments says something about giving affirmative action spots to Asian, weren’t some of the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor graduates of United States universities? But really, intelligence doesn’t have anything to do with what college/university you go to? After all she has attended the most advanced schools during the last 8 years wouldn’t that help at all? Other groups of people take a life time out from higher education and live in their parents basements. But I will just sip my tea and watch the elections and wait

  • We can do without viewing statements of the No-class “white class” and what they spout out…….. it’s not of any substance.

  • This is very sad indeed. Let those children be, kindly. Everybody has a family and so does our President. You may dislike him, his ideas, ideology or policies, but keep his family out of your criticism and radar of “Racist remarks”. What has that poor child done to us? Nothing. If she has the wit, intelligence and money to go and study at Harvard, then so be it. Why complain?

  • It’s so upsetting to hear of all the mean, racist comments surrounding the Obama family, especially the girls. Children should never be part of the hate speak spewed by these small minded people.

    The Obama girls have behaved with the dignity their position dictates. Unlike other White House children who drink and party all night under the watchful eye of the Secret Service. It doesn’t bother me that I haven’t heard their voices. I voted for their father not them, I want to hear what he has to say.

    The fact that Malia is going to Harvard is fantastic. She’s doing something with her life and I’m sure we will hear great things about her. And I’m offended that Fox readers discount the fact that she has highly educated, intelligent parents. She got into Harvard because she deserves it. To cite affirmative action as the reason she got in is ignorant. The group that has benefitted most from affirmative action is white women.

    • Thanks and VERY VERY well said Linda. You have one of the Bush children highly addicted to cocaine and was found with a large amount of the drug and that was swept under the rug. You didn’t hear black person calling him a cokehead.

      Just remember no matter who you are, how rich or poor, there’s always going to be a hole in the ground waiting for you and the evil ones will all go straight to hell.

  • Please don’t forget that these are the same people who think Trump will “make America great again”. The racial hatred is on overdrive unfortunately and every one of these comments depicts ignorant, trashy and extremely and low classed individuals.

  • Who are the corporate sponsors of fox news? Since their readers and employees are so evil, mean and hate-filled, did I mention racist… I will refuse to buy any product or service that sponsors fox news. Perhaps if they’re hit in the pocket those stupid ignorant people will sit down and shut up and leave the Obamas alone. Or better still, fox will have to shut down because of a lack of money to pay its stupid employees. And speaking of the Bush girls, didn’t they get into trouble by getting drunk. The Obama girls are beautiful, classy, smart and everything young American girls should aspire to be. White girls can take some lessons from the Obama girls.

  • Not a Fox problem–it is America’s problem…racism has been around long before Fox ever existed…I see it every day and quite frankly, it is alarming. Look at the emails from the Sony liberal executives…it is everywhere

  • Harvard is also the school that President Obama’s wife, Dr. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the U.S. graduated from law school. This racist U.S.D.A. certified racist vitriol in the 21st century is proof that, instead of having a DREAM, Dr. Martin Luther King should have exposed the NIGHTMARE of being black or Latino in AmeriKKKa, as Malcolm X did. Who would want to be “brothers” and “sisters” to these callow racist white bigots. It is further proof that poor, white, hillbilly trailer park trash and their twins, liberal white supremacists in AmeriKKKa are jealous that former slaves have surPASSED them educationally. They are still arrogantly ignorant, asinine, and in denial about their inferiority. Being called a monkey or ape by a bunch of subterranean white racist snakes is a compliment–they’re a higher species. This is typical AmeriKKKan-inbred racism combined with jealously of African [American] genius, class, and sophistication. Unfortunately, if [half-black and white] Pres. Obama had challenged white racism or spoken against racism during his feckless 8-year reign, maybe he could have converted some of these white bigots. His weak appeasement to white bigots’ sensibilities over an 8-year period didn’t protect his own family from unconscionable racist insults. The normal AmeriKKKan has always been a RABID RACIST and will continue eternally–it’s in the European’s DNA. Only naïve people think that having a dream will not turn into a nightmare. Instead of Obama complimenting “this great AmeriKKKan nation,” he should have told the truth about its hate-filled, ugly, racist, ignorant, asinine, hypocritical, and fraudulent Christian beginnings. Too bad we as brainwashed African AmeriKKKans didn’t listen to Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey. Most white AmeriKKKans are extremely insecure when blacks are better educated, have access to the same opportunities, and possess higher academic degrees. If you white cracKKKers weren’t so lazy and dumb, you could get into Harvard too–doubt if you would be smart enough to graduate like Pres. and First Lady Obama did, especially with her growing up in your genocidal ghetto on the South side of Chicago. Just when racist AmeriKKKans thought that this violent ghetto would destroy First Lady Obama, she surPASSED even the white elite living in the suburbs!! This is where many of this white racist anger emanates from: JEALOUSY! Even Rush “lynchboy” Limbaugh, being dumb and ignorant, couldn’t get into Harvard unless his racist judge father paid someone to admit him. Rush is the son of a judge–this is why there is no justice, but JUST US–look at what the judge spawned!

      • While I agree that the post is a bit “intense,” you should try to understand the feeling behind it: anger, frustration, hopelessness, etc. It appears that things will never change, and that’s very disheartening. No matter what we, as black people, do, we will never seem to be equal to whites in this country. Not hate, grannybunny, but hurt.

    • Right?! People who make comments like that do not understand the issue at all . . . and never will because they are not smart enough to grasp it.

  • I am saddened to see the ugliness faced by the Little Rock Nine, young and old, repeated against these young Black girls almost 60 years later. We’ve not made as much progress as I had hoped.

  • carmen becker

    People who are writing negative comments; you must realize the amount of racists slurs are coming from people who are disturbed.
    they will never know how it feels to be happy for anyone, regardless of what color or what religion or what culture they come from.
    The negativity is just letting the world know that racists, jealousy and down right hatred is still with us.
    However, our growth and good character as minorities will continue!!!!

  • It is disheartening that adults feel compelled and that it is okay to ridicule and children of elected officials, especially the President of the United States. To attack them on their physical appearance, speculate or attempt to diminish their achievements without basis of facts. Obama’s daughters are not the first to be criticized or mocked. Maybe, just maybe they will be the last. The adults who target children should be ashamed of themselves, but that would require a conscious.

  • I pray for those living in darkness and hatred to somehow find the light. We’ve got to keep believing in reconciliation even when it seems hopeless.

  • Calvin Twyman

    These comments are so very disturbing and at the same time so very sad. I thought we Americans had come a long way forward during the last half of the 20th century but obviously we have fallen back during the early 21st century. When I attended VA Tech between 1968-1972 I experienced the legacy of the old south for the first time where the confederate flag and Dixie were prominently displayed and played during all sporting events. I heard very strong southern drawls and mountain twang accents which were strange to my ears. However, I never heard the kind of negative comments I read in this article, I found the people I had direct contact with, most of whom were from Virginia, but also North Carolina, Tennessee, West VA, Maryland, Pennsylvania and NJ warm and open. We were able to talk with each other with respect and we enjoyed each other though I was the first black student many of them had known. After college I found an open and warm working environment in Northern VA where I made many new friends with people from all parts of the world. I was even best man for of one of my buddies who happened to be white. I felt racism was dissolving. But since the emergence first of right wing talk radio, then Fox News and also the internet which has allowed those who harbored the old racist hatred to go underground and rally and now to re-emerge, I fear we are on a new trend line that will take us back if we let it. People of goodwill must stand together in all our diversity to stop this tide if we are to keep America strong. United we stand, divided we fall.

  • I am speechless )o: There are no words to express how disturbing these comments are. I wish President Obama, Mrs. Obama, and their beautiful daughters all the best.

  • Come on people….Kids should always be off limits……America needs to get back to respecting one another……

  • She is beautiful, smart, and carries herself with pride and respect. Way to go!

  • Why!! I find some of those comments disturbing but this is the world we live in a lot of people have serious mental health issues and to see someone whether black purple or unlike them has a problem with achievement so the sit behind words on a computer I’m sorry maybe when you can make the grades or get a job you can too be somebody ok

  • Wow…this is beyond sickening! Truth is, it has never went away and now it is just getting worse! As a mother it hurts me to watch my children deal with hurtful issues and people, and we are not in an elite position. However, this is traumatizing to have such nonsense broadcasted to the world. As a human being with a heart to support and protect what is right…I pray these two young ladies continue to be brilliant, beautiful, good hearted, strong, full of life, young ladies who will use the words of pathetic cowards to motivate them to grow into even stronger, more brilliant, amazing women!!! As for for the cowards that have nothing to do with their time but try and destroy and hate on children, you are all pathetic. Remember our younger generation will be taking care of us in the near future. I can only hope in your dier need, one of the children you attempted to humilate, are the only ones available and able to help you! Without a doubt, because of strength, dignity and intelligence they will do what is right. Keep that in mind when your attempting to humilate someone due to your own lack of intelligence and motivation to seek opportunity.

  • Fox news fans……….this does not surprise me. these fans are the uneducated, the same as the Trump base. What we really see here is fear from the uneducated. I draw contrast to how the Klan got its start. Uneducated, poor who want to be better or feel better than someone else. They resent/fear our president (Educated black man) and his wife (Educated black woman). So the fear is identical to what they fear about Malia. Keep in mind these individuals will not even have the intellectual capacity to even work for her…….except maybe clean her house or car. What the ignorant ones want is a first lady that is trashy, something they can relate too. They cannot relate to her parents as they KNOW they are not on the same level. This is the basis of their hate

  • The comments are not made by creatures from space. That are your parents and grandparents, your neighbors, members of your church, your kids, doctors, lawyers, journalists, police, shop workers, every sort. Pray.

  • The comments are not made by creatures from space. They are your parents and grandparents, your neighbors, members of your church, your kids, doctors, lawyers, journalists, police, shop workers, every sort. Pray.Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • We will never be able to stop those infant minded no-souls from blurting out ignorance and hatred, but we can stop TRUMP!!!

  • Most racists are whites?All those hateful comments.. Whites… Try to find better things to do other than hating….I still love y’all tho

  • Is clear Harvard recognized our President as Alumni ONE of 8
    As President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said : “One of the worst things in the world is being the child of a president,”; he told an aide in 1934. “It’s a terrible life they lead.” FDR was convinced that all the press attention combined with the public’s high expectations was bound to have a detrimental impact.

    Then add to be the daughter (Female Minority) of the first real Black American President (Double Minority) trying to survive In the world were FOX is everywhere and its racist tentacles too

  • Freeda_Slaves

    Ignorance has no boundaries. Unfortunately, our wonderful country is full of ignorant, disenfranchised people who believe that their condition is not of their own making, primarily because they believe they belong to the privileged class. It’s so sad that they don’t really know that their true enemy is themselves. Get up off of your lazy behind and do something. Stop blaming those who decide to get an education and live a productive life for your failings in life. If you don’t have a job, unfortunately the economy does not provide many jobs for unskilled, unemployable people. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Middle Easterners, and whomever else decides to take advantage of the opportunities afforded them in this country have a right to utilize those advantages to the best of their ability. It is a well documented fact that 1) there are more poor White people on state welfare rolls than any other race; 2) Whites commit more crimes both white and blue collar than any other race in this country; 3) Whites isolate themselves in communities that are full of hatred and bigotry more than any other race of people in this country; and 4) Whites have the highest self-made egotistical ideology about their own self importance than any other race of people on the planet. So the fact that they called this beautiful young woman out of her name is no surprise. Black people have always known what’s in the hearts of many White people in America. Welcome to what we have had to deal with for centuries. And, yet…Still We Rise!

  • Freeda_Slaves

    One correction: 1) state food stamp rolls, not welfare. In fact, the percentage of welfare recipients (welfare benefits) are almost equal among Whites and Blacks with less than 1% difference, according to official federal government statistics. Considering the disadvantages Blacks have endured and overcome during past 150 years, that percentage is definitely low and speaks to our tenacity and diligent efforts to succeed in spite of strong opposition.

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