Kevin Spacey Tries to Cover His Sexual Perversion by Announcing He is Gay

“Coming out as a gay man is not the same thing as coming out as someone who preyed on a 14-year-old. Conflating those things is disgusting,” tweeted movie critic Richard Lawson.


When actor Anthony Rapp alleged Sunday that Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance toward him 30 years ago when Rapp was just 14 years old, Spacey dismissed it as “drunken behavior” he couldn’t recall and apologized to Rapp in a tweet. And in the next sentence, Spacey took the opportunity to publicly come out as a gay man — and in the process provided perceived validation to LGBT critics conflating homosexuality with sexual deviancy.

“It was really rather offensive, because sexual harassment and sexual orientation are completely different topics,” said a senior executive at a DiversityInc Top 50 company and member of the LGBT community choosing to remain anonymous as not to appear to be speaking on behalf of his company. “By coming out, he was trying to gain sympathy as a deflection of a past wrong. That’s something Donald Trump would do.”

“The way he came out, it was the wrong [way] to do it, and it only hurts the LGBT community,” he said, adding that “study after study after study has shown that there is no correlation between either being gay or being straight. All [Spacey] does is just [bring] back the stereotype.”

That sentiment was echoed by many in the LGBT community, with some rebuking Spacey more harshly than others.

“Coming out as a gay man is not the same thing as coming out as someone who preyed on a 14-year-old. Conflating those things is disgusting,” tweeted Vanity Fair movie critic Richard Lawson in a series of early morning tweets Monday. “This exposes the gay community to a million tired old criticisms and conspiracies. … The distance we’ve had to walk to get away from the notion that we’re all pedophiles is significant. … For a famous person to deflect these accusations with a long-in-the-making coming out is so cruel to his supposed new community it stings. … How dare you implicate us all in this.”

While gay rights organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign have yet to officially weigh in, Sarah Kate Ellis, president of GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), responded in a series of tweets of her own:

“Coming out stories should not be used to deflect from allegations of sexual assault. This isn’t a coming out story about Spacey, but a story of survivorship by Anthony Rapp & those who speak out about unwanted sexual advances. … The media and public should not gloss over that.”

For its part, GLAAD’s official Twitter account posted screenshots of two news articles showing headlines reporting Spacey’s coming out, with the comment: “Here’s what NOT to do when reporting on Anthony Rapp’s allegations against Kevin Spacey.”

Comedian Wanda Sykes, who is gay and a vocal civil rights advocate, tweeted in response to Spacey: “No no no no no! You do not get to ‘choose’ to hide under the rainbow! Kick rocks!”

Writer James Hamblin in The Atlantic Monday laid out what seems to be the consensus among many: “Adopting a marginalized identity in a moment like this does more than bleed the meaning out of an apology. It sucker-punches the entire marginalized group. It sets back fights for civil rights — in these cases, respectively, non-heterosexual people and mentally ill people, burdened for generations by baseless stereotypes pertaining to pedophilia and violence. As writer Shanelle Little saw it, ‘Kevin Spacey willfully harmed a child and then turned and painted a target on the gay community’s back.’”

However, others in the LGBT community, such as a senior executive at a different Top 50 company, are waiting for more facts.

“This unfolding situation may be that the accuser has gone public as a way to encourage others to come forward in this environment full of sexual harassment issues, and there may be much more to this story in coming days/weeks which could influence how this is viewed,” she said. “Nevertheless, while I do not support the way Kevin Spacey chose to come out, I also do no admonish it.”

The executive was sympathetic to Spacey’s general decision to publicly come out.

“First, it’s a shame that it takes a terrible event like being accused of sexual misconduct to prompt someone [to come] out in the first place. We still live in a world where being gay receives such condemnation, ridicule and backlash — especially for those who are in the public spotlight.

“Second, at least he owned the misconduct and came out — rather than being outed by public opinion or continuing to hide. I do not think we can judge how someone comes out; it is one of the most personal and difficult decisions a person makes.”

According to his interview in BuzzFeed, Rapp met Spacey while they were working together on Broadway. Rapp said he was at a party at Spacey’s apartment in 1986, where Spacey — who was 26 when Rapp was 14 — carried him to a bed and climbed on top of him.

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  • The critics are right.

    Shame, shame, shame on you Kevin Spacey.

    You played coy for decades, which was your right to privacy, but to now declare your sexual orientation to excuse and deflect from your behavior preying on a teenager, well that’s just as conniving and lowlife as your character on TV.

    What other skeletons are in your closet?

  • I don’t “do” Twitter, so have not seen the exact text of Spacey’s tweet, which would be most informative. Did he “come out” in order to clarify why he might have made advances toward another man and that he wasn’t denying it because it was a same-sex encounter? Or, was he attempting to deflect attention away from the young man’s being underage by “hiding under the rainbow”?

    • Why the soft approach by the media and Diversity. His “sexual perversion”! Give me a break.
      This is not getting turned on by women with big ears. Kevin Spacey is an admitted child molester.
      Child molestation is not a perversion it’s a sick criminal act.
      Don’t know if there is a statute of limitations on child molestation but if not he should be prosecuted.

  • Kevin Canessa

    Perhaps most disturbing is that Spacey took it another step further by saying he “chooses” to live as a gay man, another stereotype the right uses against the LGBT community — as if to suggest being gay is a choice. It is not and by saying so, Spacey has set things back for us again. This is simply deplorable.

      • Kevin Canessa

        And Luke, could you just imagine for a second that a proper comparison could ever be made to the words of Kevin Spacey and Trump? Two weeks ago, we would have been laughed off the planet for making such an assertion. Thank you for covering this topic the way it needs to be covered.

  • I enjoy very much the daily articles from Diversity Inc., and I share them with others. I was dismayed to see the headline in the Kevin Spacey story because it used the term, “perversion.” While I do understand that this word is used within the proper context, it is an unfortunate choice because it only serves to underscore the attitude of a certain section of society that sees LGBTQ+ individuals as being “perverts.” The article is spot-on, and the lede from Richard Lawson is excellent because it discusses how Spacey’s coming out is a distraction from the real story at hand: the assault allegations against a 14-year-old minor in 1986. I just wish another word besides “perversion” could have been used in the headline. Thanks.

    • I understand your point, but the perversion is child molestation. Spacey chose the reprehensible path of suddenly becoming brave about his orientation, as if that would give him cover for his crime. Much like Weinberg going to “rehab” for one week. Disgusting.

      • Perversion is the right word. He is a pervert for assaulting a 14-year old; whether the child was a girl or boy and whether he considers himself heterosexual, homosexual or bi-sexual. I suspect that this is not an isolated incident.

          • True—-he admitted and owned up to what he did (which according to Rapp, was a attempted assault while Spacey was drunk at the time—that dosen’t excuse in any way, shape,form or fashion what he tried to do to the then-teenage-Rapp, though), but the fact is, I already figured out he was gay years ago, and that he just didn’t want to be public about it. But yeah, he should not have picked this moment to out himself—horribly bad timing on his part.

  • Kevin Spacey hypocrisy is the same thing that happens with priests in the Catholic church, the late Baptist Bishop Eddie Long, and Ted Haggert who hide behind the cross or church. True Christians can’t judge homosexuals as pedophiles because we have just as many hiding in the church.

    Many homosexuals who are survivors of child sexual abuse know that their rapists identified as deceptive “heterosexual” married men and/or women with children. Any heterosexual who points a finger at homosexuals being pedophiles will see three fingers pointing back at just as many closeted heterosexuals.

    Spacey unscrupulously did what Seattle’s mayor, Ed Murray did–deny until his own cousin accused him of molesting him when he was a teenager. These child rapists (calling them “pedophiles” and “molesters” is too mild) are very psychotically insane and sick. No gay person should give Spacey ANY CREDENCE or UNDERSTANDING! Like the rapist Mayor Murray, you don’t get caught and then confess or come out.

    There are many homosexuals who wouldn’t sexually abuse a child. There are many drunks and drug addicts who wouldn’t blame being too high to recall sexually abusing of a child. There are just as many pedophiles hiding in the church as there are hiding behind the rainbow. As a born-again Christian, I’ve seen just as many potentially perverted pedophile, adulterous, drunken homosexual preachers, deacons, etc., in the church than at any gay bar.

    • David Andersen

      for the first time ever, I am right with ZaziJams….well put. In fact…perfectly put!

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