Kellyanne Conway Meets with African Ambassadors, Fails to Address Trump’s ‘Sh**hole’ Comments

Tone deaf? Or more pandering to his U.S. racist base?


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway met with about 100 ambassadors on Tuesday, including many from African nations that President Donald Trump reportedly called “sh**hole” countries.

In the wake of Trump’s comments that created a diplomatic firestorm in Africa, many of the African ambassadors in attendance expected Conway to address the matter, but instead she only talked about Trump’s agenda, and didn’t mention anything pertaining to Africa.

The meeting that took place at the Blair House in Washington, D.C. was part of a speaking series organized by the State Department’s Office of the Chief of Protocol. Invitations were sent to all members of the diplomatic corps in Washington, D.C. Conway, who coined the term, “alternative facts,” previewed Trump’s State of the Union address and focused on his achievements in his first year in office, according to Foreign Policy (FP).

But her talk left some African ambassadors “confused and bewildered, according to two people in attendance and two sources briefed on the meeting,” FP reports, as the Trump administration hasn’t directly addressed the offensive comments reportedly made in the meeting on immigration Jan. 11.

Just days prior to Conway’s talk, Trump sent a letter to the African Union (AU) on Jan. 25 regarding its 30th annual summit, where he said, “The United States profoundly respects the partnerships we share with the African Union, member states, and citizens across the continent.”

The letter doesn’t mention Trump’s comments about Africa. African ambassadors attending Conway’s meeting were expecting a follow up to the letter or even talk of African policy as they said Trump’s vulgar comment was the hot topic of backroom conversations at the AU’s annual summit.

One African ambassador, who wanted to remain anonymous, told FP that perhaps Conway’s meeting was positive because at least someone from Trump’s inner circle “actually met” with them.

In contradiction to the diplomacy in Trump’s letter to the AU, the president reportedly shunned the idea of hearing the Congressional Black Caucus’ thoughts on immigration in regard to Africa at the Jan. 11 immigration meeting.

“Trump was curt and dismissive, saying he was not making immigration policy to cater to the CBC and did not particularly care about that bloc’s demands,” according to The Washington Post.

“’You’ve got to be joking,’ one adviser said, describing Trump’s reaction.”

Some members of the CBC wore kente cloth to the SOTU to protest Trump’s reported comments:

CBC Chairman Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) said in a statement on Jan. 11:

“President Trump is clearly more concerned with ending the future flow of immigrants from Africa and the African diaspora than providing relief to Dreamers who came here through no fault of their own.”

Richmond said the president has “injected his racist policies” into immigration negotiations, “mainly his unreasonable demands to completely end the Diversity Visa Program.”

He continued, “This program greatly benefits immigrants from African countries and provides an opportunity for them to achieve the American Dream.”

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  • Whether or not Conway missed an opportunity, the assembled ambassadors likewise missed the opportunity to be subjected to more of Conway’s BS. The Queen of Alternative Facts is utterly incapable of clarifying anything.

    • Truth and respect have a hard time flowing out of the mouths of anyone in this administration. Their actions, comments and other questionable behaviors speak louder than anything these folks could ever say. This administration is a disgrace from top to bottom. All in it will forever carry the stain and stench of being aligned with tRump.

  • 1. She’s arrogant and thinks heads of state from shit hole countries are beneath her 2. She is dumber than a rock and 3. Why did he send he. These women in these public relation type positions are the typical talking head and need to stfu.

  • Why anyone would waste their time talking to her is a mystery. Time wasted is something you can never get back.

    • Buzz off bigot. You love trump. Good for you. Go over to Stormfront or Breitbart to find friends.

      By the way, your fuhrer is at Mar-a-lago this weekend where your porn star paying, 5 children from 3 mothers, draft dodger hero hires H2B visa people instead of hiring Americans.

  • I really don’t pay attention to Trump’s minions. I don’t waste my time reading lies and stupidities.

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