Jones Certified U.S. Senate Winner Despite Moore Challenge

Jones is the first Democrat in a quarter of a century to win a Senate seat in Alabama.


(Reuters) — Alabama officials on Thursday certified Democrat Doug Jones the winner of the state’s U.S. Senate race, after a state judge denied a challenge by Republican Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual misconduct with teenage girls while he was in his 30s.

Jones won the vacant seat by about 22,000 votes, or 1.6 percentage points, election officials said. That made him the first Democrat in a quarter of a century to win a Senate seat in Alabama.

The seat was previously held by Republican Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, who was tapped by President Donald Trump as attorney general.

A state canvassing board composed of Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, Gov. Kay Ivey and Attorney General Steve Marshall certified the election results.

Seating Jones will narrow the Republican majority in the Senate to 51 of 100 seats. In a statement, Jones called his victory “a new chapter” and pledged to work with both parties.

Moore declined to concede defeat even after Trump urged him to do so.

He stood by claims of a fraudulent election in a statement released after the certification and said he had no regrets, media outlets reported.

An Alabama judge denied Moore’s request to block certification of the results of the Dec. 12 election in a decision shortly before the canvassing board met.

Moore’s challenge alleged there had been potential voter fraud that denied him a chance of victory. His filing on Wednesday in the Montgomery Circuit Court sought to halt the meeting scheduled to ratify Jones’ win on Thursday.

Moore could ask for a recount, in addition to possible other court challenges, Merrill said in an interview with Fox News Channel. He would have to complete paperwork “within a timed period” and show he has the money for a challenge, Merrill said.

“We’ve not been notified yet of their intention to do that,” Merrill said.

Regarding the claim of voter fraud, Merrill told CNN that more than 100 cases had been reported. “We’ve adjudicated more than 60 of those. We will continue to do that,” he said.

Republican lawmakers in Washington had distanced themselves from Moore and called for him to drop out of the race after several women accused him of sexual assault or misconduct dating back to when they were teenagers and he was in his early 30s.

Moore has denied wrongdoing and Reuters has not been able to independently verify the allegations.

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  • No one wants you no Moore.

    Now go siddown, shutup, and retire
    – you and your “ideals”.

    Don’t let the doorknob!

  • Black relationship with Democrats is anti-Black in its origin and entirety. I see Jones operating like a Red State Democrat. I’m not impressed and easily pleased with any White person coming out of Alabama, even if their affiliations are with the Democrats. This is more of the same hold on power with White people. Believe me when I say Whites in Alabama are content Jones is in office. They see him as one of their own and in turn he sees White Alabamians as their own. The Great Democratic-White-Liberal secret no one on the left ever speaks about. Black people need to stop being gullible and realize there is him being elected and also reelected. He can’t do what’s right and seek a successful reelection. Black Alabamians you’re about to get screwed over.

    • Lee-When it comes to being “SCREWED,” most prefer it upfront, not from the rear as Republicans prefer it. Maybe you believe that carrying a colostomy bag [Republicans] is better than a little jock itch [Democrats]. Black Alabamians are accustomed to being screwed for centuries just like every Black person EVERYWHERE in AmeriKKKa. You’re deluded to think that any white person has your best interests in mind. 43 years in the legal profession with over 25 as a lawyer taught be something in practice what they don’t teach in theory in law school: AmeriKKKans unjust laws are crafted for everyone else to adhere to, except white folKKKs. The whole criminal JUST US system is SCREWED UP, impacting the bowels of justice.

      • ZaziJams, how the hell did you arrive at your conclusion about me thinking “colostomy bag [Republicans] is better than a little jock itch [Democrats]? There’s no part in my post indicating I’m in support of any political party. Furthermore the relationship of trusting White people is not the basis of my position. That’s yours and you keep it. I’m coming from the position of any elected official whether Black or White, Republican or Democrat; you make them work for you. You are delusional believing only Whites will screw over Black people. Politicians period aren’t to be trusted and will only serve you if

        1. Groups vote as a single voting block consistently and in strong significant numbers
        2. Those same groups serve as financial coffers for politicians for purposes of elections and reelections

        Money and voting are what drive politicians. Didn’t need your weird analysis to assist me with that conclusion.

  • Moore gets a bitter taste of Southern poliTRICKS– it’s poetic justice. Ha ha, or as Angela Rye appropriately expressed after tRump’s fired Aunt Jemima (i.e., Omarosa): AHHHHHH!

    He’s getting dished out what he has vomited for years: Behind the scenes, country club justice among the powerful. Too bad he wasn’t invited to this closed-door session that decided HIS FATE. HAAAAAA HAAAAA

  • I guess Moore doesn’t like being irrelevant. Whiny baby that he is. Time for him to get on his horse and ride off into the sunset.

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