Interracial Marriage Becoming the Norm in U.S.: Report

The report’s findings include that Black men with a bachelor’s degree are more than twice as likely as Black women to intermarry.

A scene from the 2016 film “Loving,” which celebrates the commitment of Richard and Mildred Loving (portrayed by Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga).

Interracial marriage is on the rise, making more than a fivefold increase since 1967, when only 3 percent of newlyweds were intermarried, according to a Pew Research Center report released Thursday. However, interracial marriage is more accepted by Democrats than Republicans, and Black men and Asian women are more likely to marry someone of a different race.

In 2015, 17 percent of all newlyweds in the country had a spouse of a different race or ethnicity — the growth coinciding “with shifting societal norms as Americans have become accepting of marriages involving spouses of different races and ethnicities, even within their own families,” according to the report.

The 17 percent represents one-in-six newlyweds, while, more broadly, among all married people in 2015,  one-in-10, about 11 million, were intermarried, according to Pew.

Asians were most likely to intermarry, with 29 percent of newlywed Asians married to someone of a different race or ethnicity, followed by Hispanics at 27 percent, Blacks at 18 percent and whites at 11 percent, according to the authors.

When looking at the data of Black newlyweds in the U.S., researchers found that intermarriage is twice as common for Black men as it is for Black women.

“While about one-fourth of recently married Black men (24 percent) have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity, this share is 12 percent among recently married Black women,” according to the analysis.

And the difference between Black men and women regarding intermarriage also increases with education.

“For those with a high school diploma or less, 17 percent of men vs. 10 percent of women are intermarried, while among those with a bachelor’s degree, Black men are more than twice as likely as Black women to intermarry (30 percent vs. 13 percent),” state researchers.

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College-Educated Black Women Least Likely to Have a Well-Educated Spouse

A report on social mobility by The Brookings Institution takes a look at the decline of marriage in the U.S., focusing on Black college-educated women.

In 2015, The Brookings Institution published a Social Mobility Memo called “Single Black female BA seeks educated husband: Race, assortative mating and inequality.”

It indicated that a large percentage of Black women with college degrees remain unmarried because they seek to only wed a Black, college-educated man.

The study found that married Black women who are college graduates are much more likely to have a husband with a lower level of education (58 percent), compared to whites of a similar background (48 percent).

The authors also noted that the racial gaps in our society offer the “greatest equity challenges of the 21st Century,” more so than the marriage gaps.

Inequality toward Black men in America has contributed to the difference in education levels between Black men and women — for example, the racial gap in U.S. arrest rates.

The Pew study released Thursday also found that Asian women are far more likely to intermarry than Asian men. In 2015, just over one-third (36 percent) of newlywed Asian women had a spouse of a different race or ethnicity, while 21 percent of newlywed Asian men had a spouse of a different race.

Loving vs. Virginia

In 1967, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) represented Mildred Jeter, who was Black, and her childhood sweetheart, white construction worker Richard Loving, in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Loving vs. Virginia. The couple was unable to lawfully reside in the state together due to laws banning marriage between Blacks and whites.

The Court ruled that marriage across racial lines was legal throughout the country. Until this ruling, interracial marriages were forbidden in many states.

The Pew report, which is an analysis of Pew surveys, U.S. Census Bureau data and data from the research group NORC at the University of Chicago, was released to mark 50 years since the landmark case.

More Key Findings:

    • About half (49 percent) of Democrats and Independents who lean toward the Democratic Party say the growing number of people of different races marrying each other is a good thing for society. Only 28 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents share that view.
    • Among newlyweds, intermarriage is most common for those in their 30s (18 percent). Even so, 13 percent of newlyweds ages 50 and older are married to someone of a different race or ethnicity.
    • White people living in urban areas are more likely to marry someone of a different race or ethnicity than those in non-urban areas. However, Hispanics and Asians are more likely to intermarry if they live in non-urban areas. And for Blacks the intermarriage rates do not vary by place of residence.
    • The most common intermarriages were between a Hispanic and white spouse, at 42 percent. The next most common was between a white and Asian spouse at 15 percent, followed by a multiracial and white spouse at 12 percent.

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  • The headline is somewhat misleading. While interracial marriage is — clearly — increasing, 17% does not make something the “norm.”

      • Its not even becoming the norm. That won’t happen until more than 50% are interracial. It does indicate barriers are being broken at an increasing rate.

        • I couldn’t find a mathematical definition of norm. Perhaps it’s roughly 35%, because we wouldn’t want to describe what little support the president still has as “abmormal”, it wouldn’t be polite.

      • So if murder is up 17% over the last 10 years in Chicago and Baltimore it’s becoming the norm.

        Personally I think interracial marriage abnormal because mine is an interracial marriage and when we go to meeting, parties or school events we’re infrequently in the presence of other interracial couples
        Maybe your perception is biased from attending to many diversity oriented events.

        • Charity Dell

          DON MILLER–“Infrequent” is a better word than “abnormal.” :-)
          Your marriage is not “interracial”, because you married another human being
          in the “race” known as “homo sapiens.”
          Unless you married a woman who possesses DNA from another planet,
          or you possess alien DNA from another planet, you are in an “inter-ethnic” marriage,
          which may be “infrequent” in your area. :-)

    • Charity Dell

      GRANNYBUNNY–Percentages may be higher in certain areas; for example, you often see more
      inter-ethnic marriages in college and university towns and cities. Some metropolitan areas and
      suburban areas may also have higher rates of inter-ethnic marriages, especially if there are
      more ethnocultural groups residing in these areas and the neighborhoods are mixed.

  • Years ago (early 1980s) my now 87 year old Mother said that there would be prejudice in the world until we are all coffee colored – her meaning being when we are all inter or multiracial. I think she’s probably right in a lot of ways, however I fear people will stick pick out and pick on other differences to make themselves feel better with their own lot in life.

    • Charity Dell

      .LHOUGHTON–People will always find some way to “differentiate”, no matter what.
      Look at all the societies where the bulk of the population looks the same–there is always
      some kind of class system and some way in which the have-nots are deprived by the “haves.”

      The fact is, all humans ARE “multiethnic” and all have multiple lines of inheritance from
      both the maternal and paternal lines. The only thing “pure” about any human is their
      HUMANITY. We are all descendants of Africans and all our DNA points back to just
      one couple–nicknamed “Adam” and “Eve”–from whom all our genomes derived.
      We are all variations on a theme.

      • Charity, I agree (as I stated) that people will find ways to differentiate, but Adam and Eve ? I don’t buy into that made up creation story to explain our existence – or is that why you said “nicknamed?”. If you believe the creation story of one man and one woman and it works for you and makes you happy, that’s great.

        • Charity Dell

          LHOUGHTON–The “Adam and Eve” referred to is the one geneticists refer to–the couple from whom
          all modern humans trace their genes/chromosomes. This was the result of the Human Genome
          Project, which took DNA samples from many world populations, in order to establish common origins.
          Although the original Genesis story “works for me and makes me happy”, this “genetic Adam and Eve”
          refers to the couple believed to have been from East Africa, thus the use of the biblical “nickname.”
          I would assume that this “Adam & Eve” would probably correspond to whoever was around after
          the worldwide catastrophic deluge and maybe before the Ice Age.

          • who committed the wrongful acts that chased the African offspring out of Africa? Original sin was from acts of selfishness. Gifted humans are often demonized as disabled. Man didn’t figure this out in the beginning.

    • Kind of sad that one day everyone will all be “coffee colored”
      Is this America, Canada, Europe? The whole world?
      Id rather we preserve the diverity than chase prejudice around the country or world.
      If this is the thinking though we shouldnt be worried about endangered species of frogs (currently hundreds at risk of being eradicated) or i guess any endangered bird. One bird is the same as another if one human is the same as another. Those who buy spefic dog breeds or cat breeds i guess are somewhat prejudice. Descriminating one from another.

        • Charity Dell

          LUKE–Thanks for the link! I knew I’d read similar information, but at another website.

        • The continent of Africa to this day has no declared religion yet it carries beliefs of spirituality and the acceptance of the one supreme being. One needs to support the oral traditions of Africa in order to understand how old these traditions are. If we ascended from the Rift, I am for making it a location of pilgrimage as the Garden of Eden. Africa holds the keys to this discovery. Their next steps will be highly examined and strongly manipulated to balance racial power around the globe. Hopefully Africa will come to its senses and begin the action of repentance for why we began to mistrust each other. If done correctly it will become the center of the world again.

      • Charity Dell

        AMY–Humans will never be all one color or look, because they have incredible genetic diversity.
        All humans are “mixed” humans, composed of differing lines of multiple inheritance. Human
        diversity will always be preserved, as long as humans continue to “mix and mingle” through
        marriage, childbearing, commerce, war, migration, travel, etc.

  • I have several US Citizens black African-American men friends who intermarried. One married a woman from Ethiopia, another from Ghana, and another from Senegal. All from another ethnic group.

    • Charity Dell

      PIANKI–I can guarantee that all these weddings had some GREAT FOOD AND DANCING! :-)

  • Sorry Luke but 17% is not the “norm” or becoming the norm. It is acceptable yes but norm is such a stretch even for you.

    • “Becoming the norm”, “on the rise” and “shifting societal norm” is the language used above. 17% nationwide is significant, especially when the country is rapidly racing to less than 50% white by 2043. Odds are the rate of change will accelerate.

      This trend may not be the case where you live. How is Ted Kaczynski’s cabin?

  • This is the error message: “We had trouble using the URL you provided. Please try again later.”

    I have tried several times.

  • Charity Dell


    1. Our society is too OBSESSED with telling Black women whom to date and marry, and when
    this should occur. Black female “singleness” is not a “condition” to be “improved” or some
    disease that needs a “cure.” Black women have the right to date and marry whomever they
    wish, including non-Black males. Black women also have the right to remain single and/or childless,
    like any other woman who chooses to do so.

    2. Educated Black women are the only people American society EXPECTS to marry
    less educated people than themselves. We’re not supposed to desire men EQUAL
    TO OURSELVES, because any old thing with a Y chromosome is supposed to be
    “enough” for college-educated Black women, despite what we do to obtain masters’
    and doctoral degrees; and what we go through to obtain–and maintain!–professional careers.
    We’ve heard enough tired old arguments about why we should be content to “marry the
    good bus driver” when our counterparts in other ethnic groups fully expect to marry people
    with educations and interests commensurate to their own.

    3. College-educated Black women who marry out tend to marry their educational and
    professional EQUALS. Many have met their mates through professional associations,
    meetings, churches and other social venues (museums, travel groups, hobbies/interest
    groups, the workplace, etc.).

    4. Since the ratio of eligible Black females to eligible Black males is at least 2 or 3 to 1–
    and in some areas, this can be greater–Black females who are serious about marriage
    and starting a family can also look for partners outside the ethnic group. As this is
    occurring more frequently, and the trend is expected to continue, more Black women
    will be able to start families with partners who value what Black women have to

  • This is my thought on the whole thing that is going on. Now we all know that this is a trick of the masses to create a new race. If you have read anything about miscegenation, then you know that this is the plan and it is working in the favor of the masses, they want to create a new race and they have thus far been able to do so. So I say to you that are black and brown, don’t be hoodwinked into thinking that this is okay or the “norm” as the white man says, this is all a trick and us as always have fallen for it. When are we as black people gonna rise up and wake up to what the hell is goings on.

    • Charity Dell

      JAMES MYERS–The “masses” are all humans, and all humans are “miscegenated” in their genetic lines of inheritance.
      We are all born “miscegenated”; marry “miscegenated”; have “miscegenated offspring”; and die “miscegenated.”
      OF THE HUMAN GENOME. What the “white man wants” is irrelevant; MISCEGENATION DEFINES WHAT IT MEANS
      TO BE HUMAN! Most of these “White Is Right” folks have deluded themselves into believing that “miscegenation”
      threatens their Leave It To Beaver Concept of what is means to be “American.” The simple truth remains that
      “white people”–just like other humans–ARE THE PRODUCT OF CENTURIES OF GENETIC MISCEGENATION.
      They cannot “create a new race”, because THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE–Homo sapiens.

      1. All humans are descendants of AFRICANS, regardless of skin color, hair texture, phenotype or eye color.
      Mixed genetic lines DO NOT CANCEL THE AFRICAN ORIGINS OF HUMAN BEINGS. You are a human being

      PLANTS. Mixed genetic lines in living things leads to “hybrid vigor” in living things–resistance to disease, superior
      development of the species; vigorous reproduction; transmission of superior genetic material, transmission
      of traits and abilities, etc. “Purebred” animals and plants tend to lack vigor and typically succumb to disease, genetic
      abnormalities, etc.–JUST LIKE SO-CALLED “PUREBRED” (really “in-bred”) HUMANS.

      3. All human agriculture and animal husbandry DEPENDS UPON MISCEGENATION–the mixing of various genetic
      strains through careful cross-pollination. Without “miscegenation” of plants, for example, crops get wiped out by
      particular pests and/or weather conditions–but cross-bred plants SURVIVE and continue to pass their traits down
      to the next generation of crops.

      4. Without “miscegenation”, we would not enjoy the meat products we do today; nor would we have the astounding
      variety of PETS we love, who are the product of CENTURIES OF MISCEGENATION and selective cross-breeding.
      We have varieties of WOOL because we have varieties of WOOL-BEARING ANIMALS, such as sheep, alpacas,
      llamas, guanacos, vicunas, etc. We enjoy LEATHER PRODUCTS from the MISCEGENATION OF HIDE-BEARING
      ANIMALS, such as cattle and goats.

      5. If you exist at all, it is because YOUR GENES AND CHROMOSOMES ARE THE MARVELOUS RESULT OF
      CENTURIES OF “MISCEGENATION.” This has nothing to do with what “the white man wants” or “says.” The
      ARE “MISCEGENATED.” They live in a mental universe that does not correspond to THE REALITY OF HUMAN
      GENETICS. Populations that do not experience genetic variety through “miscegenation” and exogamy BECOME

      6. If you recall the history of the European Colonial Expansion into the New World, it was the Euro-Americans idea that
      all other ethnic groups were to be ELIMINATED–but they kept IMPORTING AFRICANS (AND IN SOME PLACES,
      HISTORY. “Anti-miscegenation” laws were actually ANTI-LEGAL MARRIAGE LAWS–but “miscegenating” was ALWAYS

      7. Thanks be to GOD, WE HUMANS ARE ALL MISCEGENATED AFRICANS, the successful descendants of Miscegenated
      Africans, whose infinite variety of multiple genetic lines insures the successful preservation of Human Beings everywhere.
      This wholesale “MISCEGENATION” did not start in the New World–it started in antiquity and will continue until
      human history ends on Planet Earth. That precious marvel of Divine Engineering–the Double Helix–produces superior
      results to the Alt-Right “Tribe”, who cannot READ THE DIVINE MEMO sent to all humans through Double Helix:


    • Charity Dell

      JAMES MYERS–All humans are born “miscegenated”, possessing multiple ethnic lines of inheritance.
      Therefore, all AMERICANS are “miscegenated”, just like humans from all the other continents and islands
      of the planet. It is IRRELEVANT what the “white man” says or wants about “miscegenation”, because “white

      1. “New races” cannot exist with humans, unless you can mix humans with some alien DNA.
      The human race is successful PRECISELY BECAUSE IT IS MISCEGENATED.

      2. The DIVINE DOUBLE HELIX makes it possible for “miscegenation” to benefit all humans.
      Apparently, GOD did not receive the memo from the Alt-Right Crystal White Crowd that all humans
      should look alike.

      3. MISCEGENATION is key to HUMAN GENETIC SUCCESS. If you are a human, you are

      4. Later for the Alt-Right Crystal White Crowd! Got genes? :-)

    • Bless your heart! You’ve bought into the notion that “race” is somehow a scientific reality. It’s not, it’s merely a social construct that people use to differentiate among themselves. We’re all one race — home sapiens — occasionally mixed with other human species, such as Neanderthal.

  • Peter Kyle, like most white racists and black Uncle Tom’s like Clarence ThomAss, always arrive at the WRONG CONCLUSIONS! Racial barriers were broken over 300 years ago when hypocritical slave-owning presidents Washington and Jefferson raped and sodomized Black female (and male) slaves! From below the hips, there were NEVER racial barriers between lewd, pedophilic pale white men and women of color (Black, brown or yellow).

    Most Black men with psychotic, inferiority complexes (and no college degrees can’t educate the Uncle Tom out of them) don’t mind reverting back to janitors who dumpster dive to pick up white men’s trash.

    With all the oppression committed by white men and their equally barbaric, savage women over generations, Blacks, Hispanics and Asians have to be psychotically insane to marry these pale- faced perverts. Those who do so dishonor their ancestors, present-day parents and culture. There is hardly anything “lovable” or admirable about white people. A Black person would have to be brain-dead, comatose and psychotically insane to marry a white person.

    Besides, that white rapist plantation slave master already MONGRELIZED enough Africans during slavery. Now, even college-educated Black men are monkeying white men by picking up fat, ugly, uneducated, ignorant racist white women. White slave masters proved that you CAN BE A RACIST AND STILL SLEEP BLACK!! This is what white A meriKKKans call PROGRESS! Blacks get f*cked over while we progress from their labor, jobs, education, etc.

    Blacks who sleep with and marry low-class, perverted, racist whites enter modern VOLUNTARY SLAVERY!

  • How is interracial liaisons BECOMING the norm? It WAS the norm during slavery when white male perverted rapists like slave owning Presidents Washington and Jefferson MONGRELIZED African slave women! AmeriKKKan law allowed them to RAPE, f*ck, and unlawfully cohabitate, but not marry. These master-slave relationships prove that whites can be RACIST AND STILL SLEEP BLACK! These white racists didn’t free any Black female slaves while raping them nightly. Their co-conspirators, white she-devils didn’t free hardly any of her rapist husband’s mongrelized children either.

    Mildred Loving was the female equivalent of Ice T and Black college graduates–picking up white, uneducated “low- lifes.” Psychotically perverted and deranged Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians who marry white rejects are dumpster divers picking up trash that no halfway decent white person would want.

    Most interracial couples are the rejects of both races similar to the garbage-pail kids. Like most Blacks with latent inferiority complexes, by educated Black middle-to-upper class standards, those who marry interracially are considered the worst ni@@ers for betraying their race. Interracial marriage is something that low-life, perverted, psychotically insane Blacks do.

    Blacks who marry whites are usually gay or lesbian because whites practice of sodomy (oral and anal sex) is considered normal in their culture, but deviant and abnormal by decent, moral Blacks. As [C]rapper Ice T and other Black male Sodomites boasts: ” White women LOVE sucking my d@@k!”

    Marrying white is a betrayal to all Black ancestors who suffered, was maimed, lynched and killed by white male and female genocidal maniacs. It’s becoming the norm because AmeriKKKa is so perverted and deviant.

    • Precisely because White slavers raped slaves, most African-American descendants of slaves are of mixed racial heritage. Hating Whites, then, is a form of self-hatred, at least with regard to the portion of oneself that is “White.” And, of course, hatred — of any kind — is an acid that corrodes the vessel containing it. Neither is a healthy way to live ones life. I pray that God will deliver you from the enormous hatred that consumes your soul.

      • GRANNYBUNNY–African-Americans already had incredible genetic diversity prior to the Tran-Atlantic Slave Trade.
        As African slaves came from the ENTIRE continent of Africa, they carried huge gene pools of multiple African lines,
        again, taken from the entire continent. For example, North and West Africans derived from multiple ethnic groups, including many groups with Southern European and Mediterranean heritage–and these genetic lines were also extensively intermixed.

        1. Many Africans from East and Southern Africa ALSO carried Western Asian, Levantine, Arabian and Mesopotamian DNA lines, in addition to Southern Iberian heritage. Unfortunately, most books and illustrators only show dark brown to
        black individuals as Africans, and do NOT portray the incredible variety of ethnic characteristics–eye color, hair length and texture, facial architecture, phenotype, etc.– among the African slaves who arrived here in the New World. Typical illustrations of African slaves conveniently omit the fact that the majority of slaves who entered the New World were NOT just “predominantly West Africans” from the Gold Coast and Bight of Benin. Many Central African, Northern
        and Northwestern Africans were also transported to the New World and dumped into the Caribbean, Central
        America and South America.

        2. While it is certainly true that rape and sexual exploitation of African and Indigenous women was widespread
        (and lasted for over 500 years) in the New World and Caribbean nations, the female Africans who came here
        were already “miscegenated” and “mixed”–as are all Africans–by virtue of their multiple genetic lines they
        had inherited before the introduction of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

  • Read threw the comments and feel for some of you. I have lived all over the world and my wife is black. She Is New Jersey born and raised. I am white and most of my family are Hillbilly’s. I lived and speak Ghana and even speak there language. My adopted family there lovingly call me Bro Kofi. Bro means brother and Kofi means born on Friday. They only see a man, a brother and not a white man. I hear African Americans here speak how they have no connection with their homeland because of slavery. I can’t speak for other countries but Ghanaians have no problem with whites marrying black. In fact most think it is a beautiful thing to people’s coming together. They don’t understand why me and my wife have so many problems at home. The weird looks from people and the haters. All I can say is are home is full of love and only wish we could spread it around so all could feel it. Just because you marry outside your race doesn’t mean you’re a sellout or that you forget who you are. We look at it as a chance to teach and learn. If you come to our home all are welcomed and loved. Depending on what day it is either snoop or Conway might be on the radio. Teach love and not hate. Isn’t that what true diversity is.

    • Charity Dell

      RAY–A few reflections on your thoughts:

      1. Your adopted Ghanaian family was most kind toward you, and they are to be commended for their hospitality and generosity of spirit toward you and your wife. Your positive experience appears to be highly unusual, however.
      Most Ghanaians do regard most African-Americans and Euro-Americans as “foreigners”, just as they would any other non-Ghanaians, and use the word “oburoni/obroni” freely to distinguish outsiders from themselves.

      There are many articles about this Ghanaian tradition available on the internet, including this one:

      This is also reported by American college students–Black and White–who have studied in Ghanaian colleges
      and universities. More liberal-minded Ghanaians may have stated to you they had no objections “with whites
      marrying black”, but does this largesse extend to Ghanaians as well?

      2. Most of us African-Americans CAN re-connect with our various African heritages through genetic testing.
      The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was a 400-year horror show, but it did not succeed in wiping out genetic
      heritage passed down through the Double Helix. For many Africans, however, rejection of African-Americans
      as AFRICANS has to do also with European colonialism’s impact on African populations, countries and
      nation-states. Most Africans cannot, and do not, understand how African diaspora populations consider
      themselves African–because most Africans have never studied about African populations dispersed to
      the New World and/or Asia. All they know of Diaspora Africans is the few Euro-filtered stereotypes they
      have seen in Euro-dominated media.

      African ignorance of Diaspora African populations is just as profound and widespread, as is
      the European and Euro-American ignorance of Diaspora African histories and cultures in
      the New World. Afro-Caribbeans and Afro-Latinos in the New World have distinct histories,
      sociocultural traits and languages developed as a result of the Trans-Atlantic Slave
      Trade; but again, we rarely hear of these cultures, as the Euro-dominated media in most
      of these countries obliterates the African and Indigenous contributions to the societies of these nations.
      In fact, the official governmental “blanqueamiento/branceamento” (“whitening) policies
      and emphasis upon the “mestico/mesticagem” (state of “mixedness”) of their respective
      countries in the Caribbean and the Americas serves to de-emphasize the very Africanity of the cultures in question.

      3. Your experience of the “weird looks from people and the haters” mirrors what many people of color in
      this country experience daily–even if we are not married to someone whose appearance differs from our own!
      My family used to always get these stupid “looks” from people, convinced that my Dad had married a “white”
      lady. My brothers and I all look different, just because of the various genetic heritages we carry. African-Americans
      and Latinos had no problem accepting us as African-American, although my mother was often greeted in
      Spanish by Latino persons in hospitals. But the bulk of the staring came from ignorant Euro-Americans, who carry
      stereotypes of “blackness” in their heads; these stereotypes are based on what is portrayed in the media as

      It is still true that African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Asian-Americans and Native Americans cannot
      live too long without someone questioning our origins, because they refuse to believe that anyone
      who does not look “white” is “truly American.” It never occurs to them that Indigenous peoples are

      • I know alot of Ghanaians but mostly from Accra and maybe because I speak Twi might have helped. Most are very friendly and go out of there way to make you fell welcome. Here in Columbus Ohio we have a large population of them also and they treat me very well also. I do know how mother feels I look Hispanic because of Native American blood. I’m 1/2 and have a dark complexion. We went to Miami last month and they tihink I am from Cuba and in jersey and ny they think I’m Hispanic. I have kind of a hillbilly tone and they look shocked when I talk back. The one thing that really gets me is sometimes when we go out to eat they will ask if it’s separate checks. Even though our daughter has been calling me dad during the meal. So I guess I know how you feel a little. Just wish people could just look at each one as people’s. Someone asked me onetime how was it being married to a black woman I replied I’m married to woman she just happens to be black.

        God bless all

  • John Engelman

    In two generations the percentage of interracial marriages has tripled. If current trends continue, in two more generations half of marriages in the United States will be interracial.

    It is always risky to project current trends into the future. Nevertheless, the growing approval and practice of interracial dating and marriage is unlikely to be reversed. Moreover, interracial marriages produce mixed race children. Mixed race people cannot become unmixed.

    In the past those who condemned miscegenation the loudest were among its most enthusiastic practitioners.
    White slave owners often had children by female Negro slaves. After the slaves were freed white employers continued to do this.

    The growing approval and practice of interracial dating and marriage means that racial consciousness is declining in the United States. This in turn means that the alt right is not a movement that will transform the United States. It is a doomed counter offensive against a social change that is inexorable.

    One does not get places politically by changing people’s minds. One gets places by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist.

  • Vince Dadamo

    So much of interracial dating/marriage is centered around the whites and blacks that people lose site of the fact that there are so many other combinations such as whites and hispanics, whites and asians, etc. While whites and blacks dating/marrying is more mainstream in American acceptance than say 20 years ago, there is still some resistance to the idea.

    Though I did not marry a different race and have been married for 14 years. I’m not in the dating market so it’s immaterial now but as a white male I hearken back and think of three factors (race, politics and religion). Race would not have been a deal breaker for me. Character is at a higher value to me than color. Politics would have mattered to a point. While I married my wife I was a mid-level republican. She was a mid-level Democrat. She still is Democrat. I’m no longer Republican. I have been Libertarian the last six years. The only way politics would have been a deal breaker is if someone was a wingnut, as in super far left or right. Religion, however, would have matter. Whoever I married had to be Catholic like me. I readily admit the Catholic religion has its warts but that is one aspect of my life where I can’t have gray areas. Having said all of this, there are not a large number of blacks or asians that are Catholic so I would not have had a deep pool to chose from. If I did marry outside my race, Hispanic would be the most likely since they have a large Catholic population,

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