GOP Candidate for State House Calls Attorney General Candidate ‘Lesbo,’ Uses N-Word

The Republicans stand by Burt Minor.


Burt Minor, a Republican candidate for the Illinois House, says he has been “greatly misrepresented” in a meeting with an attorney general candidate where he asked if she was “a lesbo” and repeatedly used the n-word. And despite calls to remove himself from the race, Minor has refused to do so.

Minor met last fall with Erika Harold, a Republican candidate for Illinois attorney general, and asked, “Are you a lesbo?” Harold told Minor the question was offensive. He then repeatedly used a racial slur in front of Harold and her assistant.

Peter Breen, the House Republican floor leader, sent a letter to fellow Republicans and said that Minor confirmed the conversation took place. According to Breen, Minor went so far as to blame the situation on Harold:

“He explained this away by claiming that Ms. Harold ‘wanted him to ask the question’ about her sexual orientation and claiming that Ms. Harold asked him to say the full n-word. Suffice it to say, this is not how the other participants to the meeting heard or understood the statements, nor how they reported those statements to others both immediately after the meeting occurred and consistently in the months since.”

In a statement of his own Minor said he was “unaware” that he “might have made Erika uncomfortable.” He repeatedly called the incident a “misunderstanding” and said, “I wish those who rushed to judgment would have gotten all the facts first.”

But according to Harold, it was not a misunderstanding. It was offensive and, unfortunately, part of a pattern.

“I think that when you are a Black woman running for office, you do face comments that are objectionable and it’s very important that we change that within our culture,” she told The Grio. “I never spoke with the governor, but I did speak with a few people within the party and understood there were people who were telling him that he should not be a candidate for this office.”

Harold is an accomplished woman. She was crowned Miss America in 2003 and used her winnings to fund her tuition for Harvard Law School. According to her website, in 2015 the Illinois Supreme Court appointed her to serve on its Committee on Equality. She is also a commissioner on the court’s Commission on Professionalism, as well as a member of the national board of directors of Prison Fellowship, where she serves as a proponent for criminal justice reform. Her name appeared on the 2017 Emerging Lawyers list.

The Chicago Tribune endorsed Harold, praising her for her “drive, approachability and eloquence.”

Despite her achievements, Harold has been no stranger to attacks. In 2013 while Harold was running for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District a GOP chairman called her a “street walker” and “love child” for the Democratic Party.

Jim Allen, who stepped down as chairman after the comments went public, wrote in an email to Republican News Watch.

“Rodney Davis will win and the love child of the D.N.C. will be back in Shitcago by May of 2014 working for some law firm that needs to meet their quota for minority hires,” he wrote, adding, “Now, miss queen is being used like a street walker and her pimps are the DEMOCRAT PARTY and RINO REPUBLICANS.”

Breen sent a letter to fellow Republicans whose names have been linked to Minor, requesting them to withdraw any endorsements for Minor “because he is not fit to serve as a Republican nominee for the General Assembly.”

In response to Minor’s statement Breen released one of his own, calling out Minor not only for his comments about Harold but for being a liar:

“Burt Minor should take ownership of his outrageous and offensive statements, apologize for making them, and return to private life away from any public involvement with the Republican Party.

“Burt Minor lied in his fundraising solicitations by claiming the endorsements of numerous elected officials who had never given him permission to use their name, including falsely claiming an endorsement from our Republican Leader Jim Durkin. His accusations today are more lies.”

Both Breen and Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner have called on Minor to exit the race. But he has made no indication that he will.


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  • Michael J. "Orange Mike" Lowrey

    Why do people like candidate Harold remain in the former party of Lincoln, now the party of Jeff Davis and David Duke?

    • That’s agood question. Basically most of these republicans—the white ones,mainly—are jumping on the trumpf bandwagons so that they can see their own agendas pushed through,and get some power, and simply because they’re glad to see a white man back in the WH, no matter how, unqualified,backwards, and ignorant he is. They still haven’t gotten over the fact that a black man was president for eight years, and that a woman more qualified to be president than the current one came pretty close to being president herself. Because of trumpf, now every bigot feels they can just crawl out of the closet and vent their hateful racist views. You’d think this arrogant racist punk Minor would have at least tried to be friendly to a fellow republican, but nope, apparently he couldn’t stand the thought of a mere black woman challenging him in a race, and just had to be disrespectful to her. She needs to switch from any party who would support anyone like this racist fool, and real quick. Because I seriously doubt he’s the first one she’s come aross who’s like that.

  • GOP has become an immoral and vile party.It is to be expected in the era of misogynist racist-in-chief in the WH.

    • “ Become “ ? In the movie “ Scareface “ there is a scene where Tony Montana is drunk in a restaurant , arguing with his wife . He beats and shouts at her . He then turns on the patrons of the restaurant and says “ Say goodnight to the bad guy cause you’ll never see another bad guy like me . Meaning he’s Transparent . He also says to the patrons “ You’re not good . You just know how to “ Hide “ . So , there’s always a visible bad guy that you can point to and there’s always a made up bad guy that you can point at . However; the hidden bad guy is the most dangerous of them all . The Republican Party of morals and values have always been “ The Bad Guy “ .

  • It’s amazing and disturbing to watch the destruction of the GOP party. From the Orange Lying Man on down. Burt Minor sounds like the epitome of a racist punk – trying to remain relevant when it’s clear he has no relevancy at all. Notice the number of women stepping forward to challenge the status quo. I applaud them and wish them well in their battle against this kind of filth.

    • Frank McCloskey

      The outright bigotry on display is numbing. When one also considers the lack of response from our President on Russia meddling in our elections, his total disregard of rule of law, separation of Legeslative power, his blatant undermining of our free press, and his beyond pale personal business and family conflicts of interests, as examples, I believe our democracy is at a tipping point…meaning a breaking point or break through point. Those not resisting are the problem.

  • I think as always white men when confronted after making such racist comments are quick to say their comments are taken out of context or are quickly to blame the person with whom the racist remarks are directed towards!

  • It amaze me how Republicans put themselves higher than Democrats. They paint us in so many negatives ways. When they talk about what is wrong in the country they blame in all on democrats or other races of people.They feel they are smarter, run businesses better, and better policy makers. They think they have morals and democrats don’t. They are truly racist but a lot of them think they are not just listen to how they address situations going on in this country. This is the very reason black people and others prefer to be Democrats when we once were Republican and don’t let me start with the black republicans.

    • The Republican Party is dying of old age. Barack Obama (especially running against a charlatan like trump) would have been elected to a third term in a landslide if it were legal.

      Hillary was truly incompetent.

      The only things the Republicans have left are attracting stupid and fearful people through hate speech, voter suppression and gerrymandering. I saw a panel of four “conservatives” two weeks ago trying to associate trump with (long dead) William Buckley. The ONLY thing the two white men have in common is racism.

      • I had heard about this, but didn’t know the facts to this degree. As a black woman in my 70’s, It is soo[oo tiring to see this STUFF GOING ON.

        • Demographics of our country are at a tipping point, there’s nothing anyone can do. I think both political parties are doomed. The Democrats are holding onto fossils like Pelosi, Schumer and Feinstein. I can’t believe they lost the last presidential election by picking the one candidate who was capable of losing.

          Read “Brown is The New White” by Professor Steve Phillips.

  • What I think is sad is when people like Michael Steele and Ms . Harold align themselves with a racist party like the republicans that uses them as tokens . How can you get a democracy out of a republic . America is messed up ; as a black man there are people that report the news that feel the same way as this devil . Blacks don’t hate nobody , we can’t trust people that we share our heart and soul with that can hide their true feelings while smiling in your face and shaking your hand . You people that report the news don’t even or never call out the haters ( racist ) that sit beside you in your own profession . People stop raising your children to be bigots and racist ! The true God is Love

  • Bobby Ralston

    It’s pretty obvious that the republican party is he party of crooks, hucksters, cheats and liars now, but he saddest thing is that they continually advance the most vile, stupid, ignorant, obsolete racist fogies as the standard bearers for their party.

    This part will be completely done within ten years. The Democrats will take the business oriented economic conservatives, we’ll have a sizable and growing labor/left wing party, and these old-guard racists and white supremacists will get to simmer in their own hate as the rump party they deserve to be.

  • What is wrong with these grown men? We are well past the new millennium. And you are still speaking to and about women this way. It’s time you come into this century or be left behind. Because no matter what you do we are here and we are staying. But you sirs will be the ones going. Remember Alabama?

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