EY, Monsanto CEOs Join Paradigm for Parity Coalition

The companies have made a commitment to achieve gender equality in corporate leadership roles.

EY (No. 3 on the Diversity Top 50 Companies list) KeyCorp (No. 44) and Monsanto (No. 43)  joined The Paradigm for Parity coalition on February 15 to support gender parity to corporate leadership.

Since the coalition’s launch by a diverse group of current and former CEOs and business leaders in December 2016, a total of 34 companies have now taken the pledge. Accenture (No. 15 ) is one of the original member companies.

Companies in the coalition are committed to achieving a new norm in corporate leadership: one in which women and men have equal power, status and opportunity.  The ultimate goal is to achieve full gender parity by 2030, with a near-term goal of women holding at least 30 percent of senior roles.

“Empowering women is a smart thing for business. Profitability, ROI, innovation — all increase when women are part of an organization’s senior leadership. Building a pipeline of female talent – within EY and in business at large – is an economic imperative,” said Global Chairman and CEO of EY Mark Weinberger.

“We can’t grow our businesses, jobs and the global economy if we leave 50 percent of the workforce behind. We are proud to support the Paradigm for Parity coalition to advance this agenda.”

The coalition created the Paradigm for Parity 5-Point Action Plan.

“Based on extensive research and best practices, this is the first set of specific actions that, when concurrently implemented, will catalyze change and enable companies to more effectively increase the number of women of all backgrounds in leadership positions.

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The Paradigm for Parity coalition was founded by a group of women with distinguished careers who want to leverage their track records to help all companies benefit from the proven success of gender parity in leadership. The group is led by Jewelle Bickford, Partner, Evercore Partners, Ellen Kullman, former Chairman and CEO, DuPont and Sandra Beach Lin, retired CEO and President, Calisolar Inc.

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