Emmy Winners Throw Jabs at Trump, Spicer Wheels into Spotlight

Host Stephen Colbert took shots at President Donald Trump; Sean Spicer made a surprise appearance; and Trump won an Emmy — sort of.


(Reuters) — The Emmy awards show was peppered with political jokes and pointed speeches on Sunday, as host Stephen Colbert took shots at President Donald Trump, Sean Spicer made a surprise appearance and Trump won an Emmy — sort of.

Alec Baldwin, who won a comedy supporting actor Emmy for parodying Trump on NBC’s sketch series “Saturday Night Live,” accepted his award on stage and said, “I suppose I should say, at long last Mr. President, here is your Emmy.”

Trump’s lack of an Emmy win during his long-running stint hosting NBC’s “The Apprentice” and “The Celebrity Apprentice” has been a sore spot for the now president, who has bemoaned not winning in previous years.

Colbert opened Sunday’s Emmys ceremony with a musical number that touched on climate change and news media and included Julia Louis-Dreyfus, dressed as her foul-mouthed fictitious president Selina Meyer from “Veep,” singing “Imagine if your president was not beloved by Nazis.”

Colbert later poked fun at Trump, calling him “the biggest TV star of the last year,” and criticizing the television academy for not previously giving Trump an Emmy award.

“Why didn’t you give him an Emmy? If he had won an Emmy, I bet he wouldn’t have run for president,” Colbert quipped.

Many of the stars taking the Emmys stage on Sunday also threw jabs at the president.

Donald Glover, who won two Emmys including best comedy actor for his FX show “Atlanta,” joked on stage, “I want to thank Trump for making Black people number one on the most oppressed list, he’s the reason I’m up here I think.”

Louis-Dreyfus, who won best comedy actress for a record sixth time for her role as Meyer on “Veep,” said of the upcoming season, “We did have whole storyline about an impeachment, but we abandoned that because we were worried that someone else might get to it first.”

Former White House press secretary Spicer walked onto the Emmy stage wheeling a podium and stunning the star-studded audience, including Melissa McCarthy, who won a guest actress Emmy for portraying him on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

“This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period, both in person and around the world,” Spicer said while pointing his finger at Colbert.

“Wow, that really soothes my fragile ego,” the host deadpanned, before pointing at Spicer and saying, “Melissa McCarthy everyone, give it up,” as Spicer laughed and shook his head.

Spicer burst onto the public stage in January as Trump’s first press secretary, with a scolding rant against reporters accusing them of lowballing the size of the Inauguration Day crowd. He left the White House this summer, sparking a flurry of speculation as to his next career move.

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    • According to Variety, early results are 9.6 million vs. 9.7 million for the early results last year. Results are adjusted for time zone difference later in the day. What won’t be adjusted is the number of people would’ve watched if they have power in Florida and Texas.

      Ultimately, I couldn’t care less about the Emmys when we have a real life dumpster fire in the white supremacist house.

      • My point is that awards shows are becoming echo chambers for nitwits. Sort of like a certain left-wing smear site that masquerades as a business resource site.

        • That’s what the habitual sex offender network (fox) told you think. And you will obey. Or you’ll lose your membership in the “manipulated by the billionaires” coalition, you know, the one with the white supremacist orange clown figurehead – you know, the guy that David Duke likes.

          And whatever you think of my website, you are here, I am not on your website. And you keep coming back because, deep in your heart, you know I’m right. And it drives you crazy, because you have to give up the BS they put in your head. Think about it – how would a failed casino operator know Wilbur Ross or Rex Tillerson or four guys from Goldman Sachs? They would not wipe their feet on his porcine head before last November. All that stuff about “make America great again” is baloney. It’s “rape America for the billionaires again”, while your dear leader is busy playing with himself in the early morning, tweeting videos about hitting a woman in the back with a golf ball. What a spray tanned neurotic orange fraud.

          Mueller’s coming.

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